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moment of truth

Marco had called me, as usual, at the most rotten time. But I guess that’s how ex-boyfriends are. I was on my way out for a night of clubbing with my friends so I was totally dressed to impress. Short skirt, high heels, low-cut top that just barely covered me. Yup, the combination of my breasts and my Asian looks were hard to beat.

But like I said, Marco called right as I was leaving my apartment and told me to come to some hotel.

He said there was a problem and it needed to be solved right away. Maybe I was being dumb, but I agreed to meet him. It did make me a little nervous to meet him at a hotel though.

When I got there, I was a little surprised. The hotel was the nicest in town. I had heard the rooms were going for more than $300 a night. I was really wondering what Marco was up to.

I went inside and found the elevators and went to the 8th floor. Marco had said the room was at the end of the hall and to just come on in.

I found the door and it was open a crack. I could hear soft music playing and it seemed like the lights were turned down low. I was thinking, great, I hope Marco isn’t trying to pull some romantic stunt — he and I were definitely OVER.

I pushed the door open and went in. The room was huge. And beautiful. There was the most gorgeous furniture I had ever seen. There were fresh flowers everywhere and candles all around too. And there was Marco, sitting at the far side of the room, smoking a cigar.

"Well Christine, welcome. I’m glad you made it. It’s very important to me that we figure out a little problem that has come up.


"Marco, this is a very nice room and hotel. Why are we here to talk about some problem? And on a Saturday night too!! I have places to be so tell me what’s going on. "

He looked at me with an odd smile. Little alarms started going off in my head.

"Christine, Christine. You are so impatient sometimes. "

"Okay, here is the situation. Do you remember the $10,000 that I loaned you so that you could but that Lexus you’ve been driving? Well, I have run into a situation and that money is kind of a problem for me now.


He saw the look of disgust on my face.

"Now just hold on," he said as he held his hands up at me. "It’s not like you are going to lose your car or anything. I don’t even want the money back from you. "

I was hearing big alarms now.

"What do you want Marco?"

He looked at me very directly, right into my eyes.

"I need some help with my business, the one I have on the side. "

Now I knew this was trouble. Marco had a little e****t service thing going. It was small, he only had 3 or 4 girls at a time, but I knew he made a lot of money from it. I knew about it when we were together, but I didn’t get involved.

"Are you in some trouble? What do you need me for?"

As the words left my mouth, a very pretty girl came out of the bedroom.

She was blonde, very curvy, and had a very sweet smile. She looked about my age, 23 or so.

Marco stepped towards her and took her hand and led her towards me.

"Christine, I would like you to meet Cherie. "

The girl stepped to me, put a hand on my shoulder and then kissed my cheek. It surprised me a little as I had never seen her before.

I was thinking she was one of Marco’s e****ts.

"Nice to meet you Cherie. Do you work for Marco. "

She smiled and looked down at the floor.

"No, no Christine. Cherie is not one of girls. In fact, Cherie is actually a very good customer of mine. "

I looked from Marco to Christine. She looked back at me, still smiling. I could not help but be impressed at how pretty she was.

I was trying to figure out how this girl could be a customer of Marco’s. I had no idea he had any male employees.

"I’m confused. Why am I here and what has this got to do with my car? And why is Cherie here?

Marco took my arm and led me to the couch so we could sit. Cherie followed and took a spot behind me.

"Okay, to make a long story short," Marco began, "Cherie has been a customer of mine for about 2 years.

About six months ago, she invested in a little project that I had going. In fact, she put in $10,000. Well, the little project didn’t work out, it bombed in fact. And now I owe her her money back with interest. "

"I still do not see what this has to do with me. "

"Christine, I gave you $10,000 for your car. "

I just looked at him, waiting to see where this was going.

"I need to pay that money back to Cherie, but thankfully, Cherie is willing to work out an arrangement so that everyone will be happy in the end. "

"i’m still not seeing how this involves me Marco. "

"Christine, I gave you 10 grand in cash. "

"Yes, but I don’t have 10 grand to give it back!"

He looked at me for a few moments.

"Yes I know," he said.

"But you do have something that I can use to pay back Cherie. "

"And what is that?"

He looked at me again.

"You Christine. You. I have you. "

I stared at him and I’m sure I had a look of utter bewilderment on my face.

"You are going to work for me Christine. You’re going to be one of my girls. Or, if you choose not to do that, I will be f***ed to exercise the lien I have on your car and have it repossessed.


"What!?? Marco, please, you can’t take my car. I love that car. I can find a way to pay you back the money. "

"I’m sure you can Christine, but you see, the money is not the real thing that I want. I want you. Or rather, Cherie wants you. "

Cherie wants me? I turned and looked at her. She Was turned slightly towards me and leaning back very comfortably.

My mind was racing trying to figure this out. Marco owed this girl money, the same amount I had taken from him. Now he wants me to work for him to pay it back. And this girl wants me? How is this happening?

"I know what you are thinking Christine. You see, Cherie likes to sample my girls from time to time. But lately, none of my girls were willing to play with her.

Just not that way they said. So we were talking in my office one day and she noticed the picture I have of you. She told me right then. She wanted you. Otherwise, she would come after me legally. I had no choice. "

I had no idea what to say and then I noticed him looking at me very darkly. Cherie got up from the couch and strolled to a window across the room.

The light was outlining her body as she walked so that I could see her body right through her clothes. She was very beautiful.

"And you have no choice either Christine. You have no idea. Cherie wants you, you are going to belong to her. At least until you pay back all the money. "

I started to speak, but Cherie spoke for the first time.

"He’s right Christine.

You are a very beautiful girl. And now that I have seen you in person, I want you even more. Of course, if you choose to not cooperate, then I’m sure that not only will you lose your car, but there will be other repercussions for you. Perhaps at your job or with your landlord. That would be to bad. "

I looked at her and she just smiled.

"Really Christine.

This is really very simple for you. I will need you to come here to this room on one or two days per week. Sometimes, I will be here alone. Sometimes, some girls I know will be here. "

I swallowed hard.

"What do you want with me?" I asked very quietly. I think I knew the answer.

She did not reply. Instead she walked across the room to me.

Her hands went to my waist and held me. her fingers found their way under the hem of my top. She stroked my skin. I felt chill all of a sudden. She leaned close to me, her lips finding mine. She kissed me lightly at first, then with more desire. I tried to pull back.

"please, I’m not like this. I’ve never done this. There must be some way to figure this out," I whispered.

Her face was inches from mine.

"No Christine, there’s really not. You do belong to me now. And I will make you want to be mine, you’ll see. "

Her mouth closed over mine before I could say anything more. Her tongue found mine. Her mouth was so soft. Her arms went around me pulling her to her. I could feel my breasts push against hers. I tried to push her away but she held me to tight.

I couldn’t pull away from her. Her tongue moved over mine, teasing it, pushing at it. finally, she pulled back from me.

"Christine, do you want to keep your car? Do you want to have everything be okay at work and at your apartment? Because, really there’s no need to upset your life. "

I looked at her for more than a moment. I looked down at the floor. Then I nodded to her.

"Then follow me into the bedroom Christine and I will make you my own. "

She began to walk towards the bedroom door as I stood there. She stopped halfway and looked at me. She smiled at me and lifted her hand to me. I hesitated for a moment and then I walked to her. I knew I had no choice. She and Marco had trapped me and now this girl was my master.

She was going to take me herself right now. And from what she had said, very soon, she would share me with her friends. A chill ran through me at the thought.

She took my hand as she turned to Marco.

"You may watch if you choose Marco, but you may not participate in any way. Christine is mine now and you will never touch her again. "

I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

I had just met this girl 20 minutes ago. I had not seen Marco in 3 months. And now, I was going into this girl’s bedroom so that she could do whatever she wants to me. I knew I had no choice. I loved my job and I did not want to lose my car. I had just moved into my apartment, I couldn’t afford to move again so soon. I had to go along with her and so I let her lead me into her bedroom.

She had my hand very softly and led me to the foot of a giant bed that was made up very beautifully. She turned to face me, her body inches from mine. Her finger went under my chin and lifted my face to hers. Her soft lips caressed mine and her tongue softly stroked at me. I felt my mouth open and I let her kiss me again. I was again surprised at how soft and sweet her kisses were.

She pulled me to her as she kissed and nibbled at my lips.

I tried again to stop her.

"Please…..don’t do this…..I’m…not like…. this. "

But all she did was make a small sound and her mouth closed over mine again. Her arms were around me holding me so tightly. I had never kissed a girl before and I had to admit to myself that the situation was having an effect on me.

For them to close their trap on me, leaving me no choice but to go along, and now the soft, seductive way she was treating me, it was getting hard to resist her.

She pulled back slightly so that her hands could find the front of my top. She undid the 4 buttons and slowly pulled it open and then over my shoulders. She let it fall down my arms to the floor.

Her hands went behind my back and I felt her pull at the clasp on my bra. Moments later, I felt it loosen and then she took the straps down my shoulders, down my arms, and she dropped in on the floor.

My breasts were naked before her and she stared at them, almost licking her lips. Her hands reached to them and she lightly traced her long fingernails over them. The sensation of it gave me a chill and I let out a sharp breath.

She looked up at me as her fingers kept teasing my breasts.

"You like that don’t you Christine. "

Did I nod yes to her? I wasn’t even sure myself.

"I’ve been with girls before who have been reluctant. But once I start to strip them and caress their bodies, they always become very willing. "

Was that happening to me? I wasn’t sure. I knew I shouldn’t be here with her.

If I let her continue, then she would control me, make me her own. I had to try and stop her.

"Cherie, I’m begging you. Please let me go. I will get some money somehow to pay you back. I can’t be an e****t for you. Please, don’t turn me into your…"

My voice caught and I gasped as her mouth closed over one of my nipples and sucked down on it firmly.

I gasped again as her teeth nibbled at me. Her mouth pulled away and then went to my other breast, sucking it in and licking at it.

"OH my god," was all I could say as her mouth went from one of my breasts to the other. She was devouring me, her mouth sucking at me, her tongue licking me. My hands were on her shoulders trying to push her away, but she held me so tight.

I could not get away from her. And I knew that I could not let her go on — she was overwhelming me and I had to stop her.

I watched as she was sucking at me. My breasts had always been very sensitive, but now they seemed 10 times more so. Each time she pulled away and went from one to the other, I could not stop myself from gasping as her mouth would close on me.

I could see her saliva making my skin shimmer and I could feel it running down the curve of my breasts onto my bare stomach. My nipples were so hard, so erect. I had to stop this.

I pushed at her again as hard as I could.

"No, stop, please. I can’t let you do this to me. I am not this way. I won’t let you seduce me. "

But as I pushed at her, she had been tugging at my skirt and I suddenly felt it slide down my legs.

Her fingers touched on the cloth of the thong I was wearing and rubbed me lightly. I could feel myself and knew I was wet. Her face came to mine and she whispered to me.

"Christine, why are you denying what you want. Your pussy is wet, you know you want me to take you. And that’s what I’m going to do right now. "

She stepped back from me, letting me stand there almost naked and breathing heavily.

I could not deny how she was making me feel, what she was doing to me. She started to undress herself very slowly. I must have been staring at her, she was so beautiful. She let me watch her as she slowly made herself naked for me. When she was finished, she stood facing me, almost in a pose. I had never seen a girl like her — I could not deny the way she was making me feel.

She reached a hand out, calling me to her. I felt myself moving towards her. She reached to my small panties and pulled at the string tied on one side. I watched as she removed the last bit of clothing I had on and I let her do it. Then, she put her arms around me again and began to kiss me again. As she did, her body swayed from side to side causing our bare breasts to rub softly against each other.

I could feel her hard nipples against my own sensitive nubs. I was so overwhelmed by it all, I was having trouble standing. She whispered to me again.

"Christine, I think you are ready for me now. I know that I am ready for you. You are so beautiful and I think you feel the same way as me. I want to put you on the bed and have you. But I won’t do it unless you want it too.

This is your moment of truth Christine. Tell me now — do you belong to me? Do you want to be taken?"

I was looking right at her eyes, at her lovely face, and I heard myself say it.

"yes. "

She smiled at me and kissed me again and then led me to the bed. She pushed me down and spread my legs slightly. Then she crawled over me as she let a hand trace up and down my naked body.

I looked up at her and still could hardly believe that this girl now owned me. I knew I would come to her when she wanted me. I knew I would let her have her way with me. I did truly belong to her. And I knew she was going to take me as her own — right now.

Her mouth kissed at my neck, at my shoulders, and to the curve of my breasts.

I was breathing heavily as I watched her wonderful lips return to my aching nipples. She licked and teased me as I squirmed beneath her. Her mouth went lower, kissing at the undercurve of my firm breasts, down my smooth stomach, her tongue probing into my belly button.

But still she went lower. And she went very slowly. I could feel her tongue licking at my freshly shaved skin as her fingers massaged my legs.

Then I felt her tongue slowly trace down the tender folds of my sex. She was about to take me and I wanted her to do it. I moved my legs wider apart as if to beg her to take me. But still she used her tongue to tease me. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

"Take me!" I screamed at her. "Please, I can’t take anymore!"

I wanted to say more, but her tongue shoved deep inside me and once again, the sound caught in my throat.

My head reared back and my body arched as I felt her begin to fuck me. My hands shot towards each side of the bed and grabbed at the covers as my hips bucked wildly underneath her. Her tongue was licking at me, diving inside me, and then out again as her lips would suck at my tender folds.

If there was any doubt left in my mind, I knew it was gone now.

I would come here anytime this girl wanted me. And I would let her strip me and fuck me as she wanted. And I was going to let her friends take me too. I would do whatever it took to make her want me.

When I came, I screamed like I had never done before. She lifted my hips off the bed as the sensation rolled through me and pushed her tongue harder and deeper.

I came again immediately. But still she did not stop. She made me cum again and again and again as her tongue tortured my pussy. I must have finally passed out because I suddenly opened my eyes and she was laying with me slowing stroking me. I looked around and I could see that Marco had left.

"We’re alone now. "

"Did I pass out?"

"yes, you’ve been asl**p more than an hour.


She smiled at me as I stared into her eyes.

"I’ve never felt that way before. "

"Don’t worry Christine, you will feel that way many more times. Your debt to me will take some time to be settled. Until then, you are mine to do with as I please. "

As she was speaking, she gently rolled me onto my back again, her hands pushing my legs apart.

She was going to take me again and I was going to let her. I truly did belong to her.

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