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Mom Seduced Son When He Came Home And Went To Take

This a real incident happened to me in last year. I am Naresh ( name changed ) I live in banglore with my parents. My mom name is vasundhara ( name changed ) she is around 40. When I was child my mom used to bath me regularlty but this habit was gone when I became adult.

One day I went for hair dress when I came come no one was there only me and mom where there.

After entering home I started going towards bath room suddenly mom called my name and told that you went for hair dress so you don’t bath yourself I will bath you, I told mom that no need I will bath my self but mom not listened my word and told that you take this towel and she hold my hand and took to bath room.

I told there also that I will bath myself but she not listened my word.

Mom was in saree. She took towel from my hand and hanged it near the wall and told me to remove the cloth which I was wearing. At first I felt shy to remove my cloths in front of my mom. Mom was looking at me and told again but I was standing simply and she asked why you are not removing your cloth I said mom I am feeling shy to remove cloths in front of you she laughed and said why you are feeling shy I am your mom and you are my child, you born naked and I have seen you naked many times you remember I bathed you so many years you only told me stop bathing me years back and said you can bath yourself.

You remember that told me that. I said yes mom I remember that.

The she told me to remove my cloth but I was simply standing and looking her she become angry and said I will remove your cloth and started coming towards me and she removed my shirt I was in bhaniyan and pant she removed bhaniyan I was standing have naked in front of my mom. And then mom started pouring water on my me.

While pouring water she told me to remove my pant I have to soap your body but I was not removing my pant. She started applying soap on my body she was applying on my back after few minutes she came to front side by the time she again told me to remove my pant but I have not removed it. she said again you are feeling shy and she removed my pant. I was standing only in my underwear in front of my mom.

She started applying soap to my front porting of my body while she was applying in neck she was standing in front of me putting soap around my neck I was looking her by that her pallu was slipping from her shoulder she was not feeling that within in a second her pallu fell down she noticed that and she removed her hand from my neck started bending to pick her pallu by that I saw her breast seeing that my pennies started increasing in its size mom noticed my pennies is increasing in its size she started observing that holding he pallu in hand she stood and looked my face and gave naughty smile I also smiled back and she put back her pallu on her shoulder but not in an proper manner.

Her pallu was in center of her breasts I observed that and she also noticed and she allowed me to see her breast and she started to soap me in my chest when she was soaping it my pennies increased in its size she noticed it. she slowly moved her hand to my stomach started soaping there by that time I that time there was a difference in her breathing she was looking at my face and suddenly inserted her had in my underwear and started soaping in my pennies and looking in my face I was also looking in her face and our eyes met.

She said my child your pennies is very nice and she started pushing my pennies up and down and I was feeling the pleasure from she noticed it and asked me that you are feeling good na my child I said yes mom I am feeling good mom. she took my pennies in her mouth and started giving blow job in a few minutes I told mom I am cumming she took my cum in her mouth and swallowed it.

Told me that child I love you and I also said love you mom she stood looked my face and said love my child and hugged me I also hugged her and said love you mom we hugged each other tightly.

Mom started asking me do you like that blow job I said yes mom It feels good I like it. She looked my face she kissed me in french manned and our lips joined together and started exploring each other.

Slowing she slid her pallu down i took my hand towards he right breast and started caressing it one after another breast on blouse. The I removed her buttons of her blouse started pressing it we broke our kiss I was pressing her breast and removed bra started licking it on after another. she stared moaning I sucked her breast and started kissing and sucking her placenta her moaning was increasing while sucking her placenta i was rubbing her pussy on her petticoat.

She asked me to stop and stand up and I stood we started kissing after some minutes we broke d our kiss she told rest we later in bed room. She bathed me completely after bath she took me to her bedroom there we hugged and started kissing again while kissing I hold he waist. I bend down removed her petticoat we both were in underwear we looked each other. Mom told me to remove my underwear I removed and she also removed her we kissed each other while kissing I was rubbing her pussy she was moaning she hold my penis and took it near her pussy and inserted it and said start fucking I slowly moving in and out she was moaning saying like you very much my child I was always willing to have sex with today I got chance and said you like son and I yes mom.

slowly we both slept on bed we stared fucking after some time I said mom I cumming she said cum inside I want feel your cum but I said mom she got what I am going to say, she said no need to worry my child I operated it. And I started fucking her hardily and cummed in my mom pussy and she also cummed. I

rested on her body we started kissing each other.

And she said after a long time I cummed that because of you. I am very happy. I also said her that even me mom. she said don’t call me mom when we are alone call me by name i said ok. She asked you like this naresh I said yes vasundara. She was very happy. she asked me we can do this when ever we want naresh I am all yours. I also said I am all your vasundara.

We hugged and kissed again.

After that we woke up and we dressed. And came out of room. From that day onwards we both having sex whenever we want.

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