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mom get pregnant by son

Mom got scared and started crying. Dad looked at her with disgust and then walked away to his room. Mom immediately said sorry to him and gotup from the bed covering herself with the blanket.

She then looked at me and cried as I went and hugged her. I was consoling her for a while and then dad got changed and went out again looking at us.

“Stop him!” mom said “I want to talk to him!” struggling to get away from me.

“No mom! He is not in talking mood!” I said trying to cling on to her.

“Stop him! I want to say I am sorry!” mom said.

“You don’t have to!” I said. “You have done nothing wrong!”

“No I have made a big mistake!”

That remark hurt me and I didnot like it.

I facefully threw her on the bed as she screamed and fell.

I then facefully pulled off the blanket off her and threw it away. I then leaned on her and cupped her cunt and pushed my finger in. I then said “It was I who gave you pleasure lastnight mother when your lovely husband was busy fucking your sister! It was I that gave you company and took care of your carnal passion!” I pushed my finger into her cunt and said “You didnot make a mistake mother! I did for accepting you as my lover!”

I then withdrew my finger from her cunt and went away to my closet to pickup some clothes.

I then took shower, wore them and went outside. Mom was still on bed where I left her.

I went to the farm where I saw dad taking care of business. He saw me when I went to talk to the workers. After an hour so, we were alone.

“I thought you were too busy rooting her!” he said.

“No dad! I thought it is better to take a break!” I said.

“Never thought your mother will allow you to..” he said.

“Not me either!” I said. “I guess she has her desires too!”

“Oh good! She has somebody to take care of her!” he said sarcastically.

I kept quiet.

“Is your mom still crying?” he asked.

“She was when I came out!”

We went back to work. At lunch aunty sent some lunch for dad so he did not join me to home.

I went alone.

Mom was silent until we sat on the table to eat. “Your dad didn’t come?” mom asked.

“No. Aunty has sent him some lunch. ” I said.

“She is trying hard to have my husband isn’t she?”

“She already has your husband mom!”

Mom was silent when I kept eating. “Did she send all the food or just curries?” she asked.

“She sent all mom!” I said.

Mom sat with me and started eating too. We quietly ate the food for a while.

“I am sorry I said something to you this morning!” mom said looking at me.

“Its ok!” I said without looking at her.

“So are you still angry with me?” she asked.

“No!” I said and kept eating.

We both finished the same time and cleared the table later.

I got ready to go back to work but mom told me to wait for dessert.

“What dessert?” I asked her.

“This dessert!” she said taking off her saree.

I was angry with her but I was horny too!

She tookoff her saree and then came to me and hugged me. We then went to her bedroom. She then opened her blouse while I took off her pettycoat and we fucked.

After we finished, I then laid on the bed lazy.

“Probably your dad would not get this dessert would he? she asked smiling at me.

“No mom!” I said. “Her daughter brought him the lunch. So he would not get this dessert unless…”

“Unless what?” she asked.

“Unless he is fucking her too!” I said.

“You are a big pervert Anand!” mom said. “She is only five!”

“Well, they have holes too!” I said.

“You are fucking your mother desn’t mean the whole village is corrupt!” she said.

“If he can fuck your sister, he can give that k** same sex lessons too!” I said.

Mom kept quiet.

“Why have you removed the blanket off me if you weren’t gonna fuck me this morning?” she asked.

“Just to assure you who is the boss here!” I said smiling.

“You think I don’t know that? Live in my shoes and tell me Anand! I was stark naked on my son’s bed when my husband walked in! Is there anything more humiliating? What would you do?”

“I would call my son and ask him to fuck me infront of him!” I said smiling.

“wah…wah…easy to say…hard to do…” she said.

“Atleast now he knows who is your real husband!” I said.

“And I didnot tell a word about it either!”

“Male talk!” she said. “Proud even when they conquer their mother’s vagina!”

“Mother’s vagina is the ultimate object to conquer mother!” I said. “The best moment of any man’s life is to see his mother getting off his bed with his semen dripping off her cunt!”

“Like now!” she said getting up. “Probably you should get going! We don’t want your dad to get more furious!”

“He probably would have guessed it by now mother! But I better go!” I said gettingup the bed as well.

I started dressing up while mom also got up and hooked her blouse and set her pettycoat.

“Why have you done this with me mom?” I asked her.

“Done what?” she asked.

“Having sex!”

“Well, I have to keep my man happy! There are lots of jackals out there!” she said.

“So you regard me as your man huh?” I asked her.

“You are not certainly behaving like my son…so..” she said.

“Then give your man a kiss before he leaves!” I said and went and held her by her midriff. She then gave her lips as we both kissed and then I left the house.

I quickly got to the farm but dad already knew I was late. I quickly got back to work and an hour later, we got to talk.

“Looks like you got lucky this afternoon too!” he said.

“Well, I told her you got lunch from aunty!”

“You are quick to use your opportunities!” he said smiling.

“I have my ways dad!” I said.

Dad eased off a lot that evening and he was not the same person he was in the morning. Dad came home that evening and started patching the wounds with mom. When we were sitting for dinner, aunty’s daughter came probably to spy on dad and find out if he is going to her place.

Dad hesitated. I sensed he was thinking of staying back. We asked the girl to have dinner with us. After dinner, dad and I went outside and talked.

“Probably you should go dad!” I started the discussions.

“But your mother will not like it!”

“Yes but you have only this week to spend nights with her!”

“Your mother will be furious!”

“She knows it now dad! It doesn’t make much difference! She will be normal when you get back her next week!”

“Sounds like you are more interested on me going there than me!” he said.

I came out of closet. I said “I worked very hard for the past few days with mom! She is slowly coming my way dad! If you stay with her tonight, it will ruin my chances! You are luckly dad! You get both mom and aunty! And I want mom only! Give us a week dad! Once you get back we both know mom will get back to you! Till then atleast give me an opportunity to get her think my way!”

“It is interesting how you ask me to let you sleep with my wife!” dad said.

“Because you are my dad! I want to be straight forward than run it as a secret!” I said.

“Well, Ok! I don’t want to know anymore! I will just think that I am leaving my wife with my son alone!”

“Thanks dad!” I said. After a while we went back in.

Dad said to mom he is going to aunty’s and went away with the girl.

Mom said nothing until then. After he left she cried.

“He was well and good until that girl came!” she said.

I kept quiet.

“He was even saying he will have sex with me!” she said.

“I told him to go mom!” I confessed.

“You? Why? Didn’t I give you what you wanted?” she asked.

“Dad has only this week to sleep with aunty mom! And I need to spend some time with you too!”

“But why would it change if your dad is with me?”

“Then you will sleep with him!”

“He is my husband Anand!” mom screamed.

” He owns me and I have been sleeping with him for 20 years now!”

“Thats why I told him to go to where he likes!”

“You told my husband to go away to sleep with his wife and he accepted?”

“Otherwise he wouldn’t have gone mom!”

“No I don’t believe you!” she said.

“Face it mom!” I said. “Dad doesn’t like to sleep with you! He patched things with you because he was mean to you in the morning.

Then he left!”

“But he was promising me to be with me tonight!” she said.

“Now you know the power of your son mom! It was me who told him to go and he went!”

“No husband will leave his wife for somebody to enjoy!” mom said.

“Yours did!”

Mom kept quiet.

“Mom!” I said. “Its not worth rolling back to dad! I know you had a long relationship but the cracks are widening now.

You have to move on to newer things. If you keep going back, you are bound to get hurt!”

“See the future mom!” I continued. “And the future is infront of you! We might be mother and son but we are destined! Dad’s era in this house is over and my era has begun. But you will not change! You are the woman of this house and you will be the woman of this house.

You are my mother but I am giving you more responsibilities. You have kept dad and his bed warm! Now I have taken dad’s place so you will keep me and my bed warm!”

Mom looked at me seriously and said “How can you say words like that to your mother?”

“I am telling you the reality mother!” I said. “When you are pissed off with dad, you come and sleep with me and give me ‘dessert’ treats.

But when he comes and says some sweet things, you tread behind him and we become a taboo again!”

“He is my husband Anand! What can I do?”

“Thats why he is using you mother!” I said. “And you are not realising it!”

“May be! But I am his wife!”

I shook my head vigoursly “No matter what, you will keep saying the same thing!”

I paused and said going towards her “If he is such a great husband for you then ask him to come and rescue you!” I went and pulled off her pallu from her chest.

Mom stood there motionless while I gawked at her blouse covered breasts. Then I said looking at her”He will not come mother! Because I told him to do so! Because he is busy fucking your lovely sister! Face it mom! I am the only one for you. I am the one who will protect you and I am the one who will pillage you. Dad is just your husband for the world!”

I paused for a while and said “I tried to make you understand! I tried to make you feel comfortable and be happy with me! But you are more used to be fucked and be told.

And thats what I will do!”

I then took off my sarong and said at her showing my erect cock “See this mom! This is aching for you for long time now! Now come, kneel before me and suck your son!”

Mom was shocked hearing it. But I was adamant and yelled at her “COME! NOW!”

Mom came quickly and knelt before me. I then took my dick and shoved it into her mouth saying “I wanted you to be my lover mother! But I will make you my concubine! Now Suck!”

Mom slowly started sucking my dick.

The feeling was great! I never thought I will get my mother to suck for me. All that happened as I wanted to humiliate her. But I enjoyed every bit of it! I was so excited, I started fucking her mouth until I cummed in it.

Once I finished, I went to the bathroom for a piss. Mom joined me and cleaned her mouth.

Once we got back from bathroom, she went to her bedroom.

I knocked on the door and opened it as she was removing her saree and said “You will sleep with me!” I paused and said “Naked! Remove your clothes here and come to my room naked!”

I then went the lounge picked my sarong and went to my room. Few minutes later mom came to my room naked. She then closed the room door and got into the bed covering herself with a blanket.

I switched off the light and laid straight on the top of her by lifting the blanket. I then spread her legs and fucked her. I deposited my cum and went to sleep beside her. Mom got up and went to bathroom and came back to sleep.

The next day morning I was woken up when dad came home and mom was shocked seeing him and quickly covered up. “Its ok!” dad said as he saw his wife naked again on his son’s bed and went to his bedroom.

Mom tried to getup but soon realised her dress is in her bedroom. “Want some breakfast?” she asked dad from the bed itself. He said yes. So mom got up and went to her room pulling off the blanket from me and wrapping around her. I smiled at her situation.

When I gotup and finished my pissing, shitting and brushing, dad finished his breakfast. They both were very silent. I wanted to humiliate mother further and make her realise I am the boss.

So I called on mom to join me saying to dad “You have to excuse me dad! I want my breakfast on my bed!”

Mom looked at dad suspiciously.

“Its ok!” dad said. “I am finished and will be leaving soon anyway!”

While dad watched, I called mom to join me again.

“Won’t you say anything while he is asking your wife to go to his bedroom?” mom jeered at dad.

“Why would I stop a slut when she shamelessly displays herself naked on his bed?” dad replied.

“So Its all my fault! You and your son has nothing to do with it!” she said.

“Even if he approaches, where was your shame?” he asked.

“Where was my shame? Brutally ****d thats where! You were supposed to protect me! Where were you when when your son f***ebly disrobed me and ****d me? You were enjoying with your own slut! My shame was gone when my husband didnot come to protect me! My own son disrobed me and challenged me to get you to save me! But you were busy in somebody else’s bed!” Mom kept crying.

Dad looked at me seriously. I kept quiet.

“You do all and blame me for it! You fuck around with that bitch and doesn’t take care for your own wife?”

“That bitch is taking care of me better than you have all your life!” dad said furiously.

“Then go and live with her you bastard!” mom spilled out.

“I already am!” dad said getting up.

“Its much better than coming to this hell hole anyway. “

Mom was shocked.

Dad continued “You know what? You deserve everything Anand is giving you! I would encourage him and even when he ****s you infront of me I will not help you!” he said going to the sync to wash his hands.

That was what I wanted to hear! Before mom could say anything I went and grabbed mom from back and lifted her up saying to dad “Thats what I wanted to hear dad!” and took her to her bedroom.

Mom screamed to leave her and asked dad to interfere but I carried her into the bedroom and closed the doors. Mom didnot protest while inside and she herself lifted her pettycoat to give access to her cunt. I then fucked her.

Twenty minutes later, I opened the doors and came out. Dad was still in the house. I did not expected him to be at home but felt great I fucking his wife while he was still at home.

Before Dad left, he made a point to her that she is a slut and she deserves what she is getting. We both then dressed and went to work.


I guess I felt a bit bad for treating mom like that! But I guessed we have all been using each other to gain something. I have been using dad to get mom. Mom has been using me to get her husband back and dad has been using us to escape to his lover.

Mom looked happy and well when I went home that afternoon for lunch. Without my initiation, after our lunch, she told me to sleep a bit and closed all the doors and windows. She then went to her bedroom as I followed her. We had sex and then slept for a while before I went back to the farm. Dad came home for dinner that evening but soon vanished. Mom was dejected a bit but changed her expression on her face when she saw me.

I went to her, hugged her, and we both walked to her bedroom. Half an hour later, as usual, mom went out naked for a piss after our sex.

That night I also showed her all the mrdouble stories and other i****t sites on the net. I told her I got the inspiration from them. She couldn’t believe all those existed before and said she would explore further during her freetime. We stopped surfing around 10pm and went back to bed when mom got horny watching all the stuff.

From that day to the day we heard my uncle arrived home, we became close lovers. I finally achieved my goal of transforming mom into my dick seeking slut. Mom was very dissappointed on that day when uncle came back and after our sex at lunch, mom confessed she will miss our hot moments. I told mom to leave dad and I will protect her from him. But she said she is still his wife and she has to do her duties.

I was a bit dejected too and mom didnot let me go to work that afternoon.

Infact mom started cooking our dinner about 5pm with her cunt freshly filled again with my semen. Dad arrived around 7pm when we had our dinner. We were all back to our usual family talk. Around 9pm dad took mom to their bedroom. They closed their door. An hour later, I went to my room. I kept the door open anticipating mom would come to me that night.

It never happened and the sun was out. I could not get her for lunch either as dad was with us all the time and I didnot dare to ask mom. Instead, I satisfied my hunger by m*****ing her and wanking myself. But that evening, after dinner, as usual mom and dad went to their room. Helf an hour later, dad opened the door and called me out. I came to see him and he said mom was asking for me and he walked out of the room.

He then went to the bathroom. As I went into the room, mom told me to close the door after me. I closed the door and went to her. She was lying on her back naked on the bed. As she saw me she said “Thought you might want to fuck me! You have got used to my cunt for the past few days and would be hard for you! I am seeing your frustration too!” and smiled at me.

I said nothing and as a mouse who saw a piece of cheese, I took off my sarong, got up the bed and inserted my already hard dick into her cunt and started fucking her. Her cunt was very loose as it was pouring with her’s and dad’s juices but it didn’t bother me as I fucked her. For me, the moment of getting mom’s cunt was enough for me. I fucked her just like a whore.

No emotion no passion. Just raw sex. Looking at her face was the only thing that reminded me I was fucking my mother! Few minutes later, I shot my load into her too combining my juices with my parents’ and collapsed on her.

Mom gotup and went to bathroom once my cock wilted. A little later, I gotup and wrapped my sarong and went out. Dad was sitting in the lounge watching tv.

I felt guilt as well as proud seeing him that way. So helpless and pretending ignorant while I fucked his wife on his bed. Whoelse needs anythingelse?

Since that day, without my involvement, things started getting better. Two days later, after getting fucked by dad, mom came to my room and slept with me. After our fuck ofcourse! Mom officially slept every alternate night with me. Slowly she resumed our lunch sessions too! We started it by me staying back after dad left but slowly we developed some guts and left dad alone sometimes in the lounge while I dragged mom into my bedroom.

Dad competed with me for mom initially but fell back as mom demanded more sex and he could not give her. But ofcourse he was fucking both mom and aunty.

But things got different few weeks later when mom found out that she is pregnant with my baby! I expected it and so did she; but she didnot expect it that soon! It took dad three months to get her pregnant with me itseems and mom was under the impression that the same would happen with me.

Little did she know that my sperm are as perberted as I am in impregnating her fertile egg.

Mom was not happy at all and was afraid that the whole village will know. Dad was furious when he heard the news. He threatened mom that he would spill it out and make her a slut in the eyes of the village. He said her sluttiness will also provide a good base for his infidility.

Mom cried and begged him to keep quiet.

But I was never bothered! First of all, the villagers would not do anything as we are their financial backbone and support. And then I loved the fact of my mother getting branded a slut and servicing her own son. But I didnot like the idea of dad using our illicit affair for supporting his. So I acted quickly on spreading the word in the village through my sources.

I spread the affair of dad and aunty first and then rumour that mom has been sleeping around too! When uncle heard the news and took it up with dad and aunty, the word of mom’s bedroom adventures with me also spilled out. Everyone ignored the fact that I ****d mom saying mom’s desperate and she found solice on her son’s bed. By the time I got home in the evening, two homes broke into three.

Uncle threw aunty out and dad left mom as the house belonged to mom! Dad and aunty moved into one of our farm houses. By the time I got home, mom was in the house all by herself. I felt bad for the sake of mom but inside, I was happy as ever. Now the whole village knows my mother fucks me! It is a big blow on mom’s character but atleast she is seen as a victim of the circumstances.

Everyone knows women like mom aren’t slutty type.

As I got into the house, mom started arranging for dinner. I went in, had bath, and changed into a sarong with no shirt on and sat on the table for eating. Mom said she is not hungry so I facefully made her eat by feeding her.

“You shouldn’t worry about all this mom!” I said while eating.

“Why can’t I?” she said.

“My husband moved away with my sister and the whole world knows I am my son’s doxy!”

Before I said anything she continued “Wait until they hear I am pregnant with your baby!” she started crying.

“Nobody will dare say anything mom!” I said consoling her. “This is our village and our people! Nobody will dare question!”

“But people are people! They maynot say on your face but…”

“We have become public news mom!” I said.

“We have to expect all this! Now that dad and aunty moved away!”

Mom kept feeling sad and kept crying. I tried to console her but she didn’t.

I waited until we finished eating. Once we finished eating, I went and washed my hands and mom cleared the dishes from the table.

I came back and sat on the sofa. Once mom completed her stuff she tried to sit on a chair far from me.

“No mom!” I said and tapped my left palm on my left thigh and said “Come and sit here!”

Mom was shocked but I was persistent. She slowly came and sat on my lap. “Thats like my mom!” I said encompassing my hand around her waist and pulling her towards me.

I then took off her pallu off her chest saying “You don’t need this when you are near me!”

I then started opening her blouse hooks and said “Now everyone knows our affair mom! We can make love with our doors open! Even when uninvited guests come in they will take it as normal!”

Mom stopped sobbing by then and said “You should be careful Anand! I am pregnant now!”

“Don’t worry mom!” I said.

“We can do it doggie style!” and started caressing and sucking on her now naked boobs.

Mom kept quiet and took it and few minutes later, we closed the doors and went to her bedroom.


I expected people to talk bad about me because of my affair with mom. But surprisingly not many did! But most of them remarked from a crude sex point. They remarked I am lucky I am at right place right time when my horny mom wanted a dick.

Some said I tactfully took advantage of my father’s affair to lift my mother’s saree. But the best of all was that I finally learnt how to use the most accessable cunt in the house! That was my mother’s cunt! I introduced mother-fucking myself but I realised it is the best kept secret among men in the village. Itseems every horny son in the village targets his mother’s plumpy pussylips. Even the married ones.

The bachelors are desperate as they can’t have sex with single girls of the village. So they go to the most available one! Their mothers! They seduce them, f***e them or even **** them. But finally they fulfil their carnal desire with them. It is the safest because, mom would not report her son’s deeds with anybody and if she gets pregnant by mistake, it is adopted on her legal husband!

It is also common that married men use their mothers for sex.

They use them when their wives are not home or even when they are mensturating. Usually these mothers are post menopausal so no risk of getting pregnant!

I thought I was a bad boy, until I heard all these from others! I thought I am a mother-fucker but most of the men in the village already are! I realised even if I drag mother out and **** her infront of everybody, they would not say a thing!

But I planned better things for mom! On the third month of her pregnancy, I let the whole village know that she is pregnant with my baby! Then we did a celebration for her! It was then, I came to know from mom on how many mothers confessed they carried or carrying their sons’ babies! Some are even carrying their second k**.

Suddenly the whole village looked like an i****t haven for me! I thought I was humiliating mother but things were turning out to be pretty normal for our village. So I tried to get one step higher by getting dad divorce mom! Dad did it happily as he got pretty busy with aunty because uncle left her. Mom, for a week, lived like a divorced woman. Then a week later, I gathered all the elders and expressed my decision of marrying my mother! They were all shocked and tried to make me think twice.

They all asked mom and she refused to get married to me. So they could not agree either. I was surprised mom didnot agree. I said to elders that mom had no right to disagree as she is divorced,already sleeping with me, and carrying my baby!

The elders agreed that mom can’t refuse because she is divorced and carrying my baby. But they said having sex with my mother and getting her pregnant are different to marrying her.

They said a son can make love and impregnate his mother as a mother because his dad legally owns her and her illegitimate and i****tuous offspring can be owned by her husband. But marriage, they said, would change the mother and son relationship forever and also change the relationships in the family tree.

But I insisted on marrying mom! They finally gave up and said it is my decision! My reason for marrying her is not to change the relationship but to see my tied-sutras around mom’s neck.

I wanted to see how my dear mother would transform herself and be my wife before me! I wanted to see how a woman who made me in her womb, used her cunt muscles to push me out, and finally fed me her milk with her breasts would takeoff her clothes and spread her legs apart as a wife. But best of all, I wanted to humiliate her and make her realise I control her whole world including her bedroom.

I wanted to take it to an extent where I can publicly grope my own mother and get away with it.

And I did the next best thing to it that week! On friday that week, I married her in our village temple. I married her before all the village elders and my dad, her former husband! Dad was happy seeing her being humiliated somuch. Villagers expressed no interest initially but some gifts for them made them keen to see how I would marry my own mother! As they watched, tears ran through mom’s eyes when I tied sutras around her neck.

I whispered to her that even gods are endorsing our new relationship and that why they didnot hinder it! As I sat beside her as a proud husband of her for the rest of the ceremony, I felt great becoming my own mother’s husband!

It was interesting how the villagers took to the marriage with the help of some free ‘gifts’ from me. The whole ceremony was performed as it was a typical marriage.

In the evening all the women also arranged our first night bed and adorned it with lots of flowers. Then we both performed final rituals. Then the ladies took mom to the bedroom. I was amazed how a simple ritual of marriage would make i****t so legal! The society itself is e****ting a mother to have sex with her own son!

As they all came back leaving mom inside I walked towards the bedroom.

It was then I heard the ladies remarking like “Your mother is waiting eagerly for you on your bed!”, “Make sure you do more than just drink her breast milk!”, “Satisfy her with your milk not with hers!” and “Make us hear lovers’ squeeks on a mother-son bed!” and kept laughing.

I smiled at them and closed the bedroom door on their face. As I turned around I saw mom sitting like the bride she is on the bed.

She never looked at me as I approached her still putting on a serious face. But she looked great with all her adornments. Her hair was tied with a garland of flowers. I approached her and lined my right hand along her cheek to feel her touch. Then I moved my hand underneath her chin and lift it so that she could see me. Then I slowly moved forward and took her lower lip into my mouth and kissed her.

I then moved my right hand to caress her naked tummy while I entangled my left hand around her.

Mom stayed quiet as I pulled off her saree tangles from below her stomach to loosen her saree. I then pulled off her pallu from her chest and removed her saree. I threw the saree on the floor and gently laid her on the bed while grabbing a handful of her motherly breast.

It was fifteen minutes later, I came to this world from my mother’s sexual heaven as our naked bodies clinged together on the bed with my organ still in mom’s drooling cunt. While I rolled onto her side and rested on my back, I have to say I had as much pleasure in ravishing mom’s motherhood to that of a virgin’s virginity.

That night mom realised she was made to leave dad’s bed only to adorn her son’s bed.

When she was on dad’s bed she did what dad said! And now when she is on my bed, she is doing what I say. I deliberately kept her naked all night. She was ten weeks pregnant then! But she gave me pleasures like a young virgin that night!

The next day morning when our relatives came to cleanup the bed, they saw all the evidence of legal i****t between a mother and her son.

I made sure the blanket had lots of sex juices on it. I even wiped my dick with the blanket. They whispered and laughed among themselves but they never remarked with me.

Since that day, nobody remarked about our relationship either. Atleast with us, they treated me and mom as husband and wife. They even invited us for marriages and ceremonies as husband and wife. As mom’s tummy grew bigger, I intentionally took her out many times just to brandish the evidence of our i****tuous breeding.

I almost paraded her around to show people that my mother is carrying my child.

The day came when she gave birth to a baby girl! The whole village came to see her including my dad and aunty. Mom was very happy seeing the addition! On many occasions she even forgot she gave birth to her own grand daughter. Dad acted as if he got a grand daughter and that made me happy.

As a mark of celebration, I gathered all my cows who gave birth to bulls and I got the son bulls to mount their mothers and impregnate them. Now one by one, they are getting pregnant!

Our mother-son union also prompted many sons and mothers to come forward in the public. Instead of inheriting the i****t pregnancy to their dads, the sons claimed as their own.

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