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I used to live in Bidar of Karnataka, along with my mom Renuka, 45 yrs and my elder s****r Preethi, 24 yrs. My dad expired long back when I was a k** and we used to get good income from agriculture which helped for our studies and everything. My mom is very religious and she always used to do pooja’s and visit temples and also baba’s, which she believed as god. My mom was very strict in her religious behavior.

My mom though in her forties maintained good body. She had good physique, long hair, and fair complexion and in a way she was really hot woman of her age. Though my mom covered her body by wrapping saree anyone would easily make out her figure by seeing her busty firm breasts, lean waist and nice curvy ass.

My s****r discontinued her studies when she was 20 and from then she used be with my mother and help her in the house hold.

Preethi was perfect daughter to my mom. She was hot and steamy. She had amazing bodyline too. Her breasts were firm just like my mother but not busty though. She was beautiful and sexy.

I was lucky enough to watch such beauties around me and also used to enjoy it as i****t thoughts were running in my mind right from the beginning of my adulthood. But due to over religiousness in the f****y I never stepped forward for any thing worse, but just used to watch them and masturbate dreaming and fantasizing about them.

Sometimes I used to watch my mom getting dressed after taking bath. And sometimes I used to enjoy my s****r’s cleavage when she serves food for me. Though I lived with two beauties, I was very much inclined towards my s****r preethi. As she used to treat me as a younger k** b*****r and never mind in being naked around me in our bedroom. She used to undress in front of me and I also used to pass her towel into bathroom when she forgets after taking shower.

I used to see her private parts without any fear and then masturbate later. Even she didn’t mind me looking at her and she often used to laugh when I sometimes stare at her open bare breasts and round buttocks. It was all daily routine for me. But my mom was strict with us and never allowed us to sl**p together and also used to warn us to maintain body distance as I sometimes used to hug my didi casually.

I hated my mom when she implements such rules but though I liked her body too. It was all fun. Thoughts of reaching their beauties began to grow day by day.

My mom used to frequently visit some temples every week and also a saint called shubhkalp baba, which lives 40km away from bidar. She used to visit this swamy ji every month without fail. Every time she used to go all alone by some means and stay their for 2-3 days and come back after performing special pooja’s.

I often used to ask her what was she doing pooja’s about. She used to tell me that swamiji performed some special pooja’s for widow women. Sometimes my mom even took some widows along with her to swamiji. I had no idea what she was doing and never payed attention.

Once it happened that my mom made some food and sweets as part of pooja and asked me to accompany her to carry the parcel.

I was free for that weekend and was compulsed to help her, so I went along with her. It was just an hour’s journey into a small village. At the outskirts of the village was a temple on a hill. So my mom and I climbed up the hill, there was no transportation facility up the hill. Actually very few people know about the mandir on the hill.

Then when we both entered the temple, it was all ruined old temple.

It seemed no one visited this temple as it was dusty. Inside the temple were only two rooms, one had the idol of nude goddess, and some oil lamps all over the place. It was around 7 o’clock in the evening and almost dark. Then I placed the parcel in the second room behind the main room with the idol. Then the swamiji entered the room, my moms face was glowing seeing him, I never saw such a glow in my mom’s strict face.

Even he gave a sarcastic smile. He was tall and strong. He was around 35 yrs. He had long hair and his body was like a b**st with heavy hair.

Then my mom asked me to leave. I was surprised. The temple seemed to be abandoned and there were no equipment or pooja materials around the room for doing pooja. Then what the hell is this guy going to do with my mom? was the question raised in my mind.

This was first time I doubted my mom or else she never behaved such a way that created a doubt. This was first time. Then I climbed down the hill.

I was about to go back to my home but doubts raised in my mind were not allowing me to leave. I then decided to go back and see what was happening over there.

I went back to the temple on the hill; it was all dark, just a small oil lamp glowing in the second room behind the idol.

There was a slit in between the rocks with which the temple was made. And I could see what’s happening inside. Then I went close to the slit and peeped inside. The swamiji was sitting on the mat and I was looking for my mom, and there she came, walking towards him. I was shocked to see my mom totally wet and covered by a small piece of cotton cloth just enough to wrap her body from breasts to upper thighs.

The cloth was so wet that I could see my moms long erect nipples, from it. The cloth was sticked totally onto my mom’s body. She was so sexy being wet. It was cold and also night. My mom’s lips were shivering. She stood before swamiji, and he was uttering some mantra’s. He was also naked with just a piece of cloth around his waist. He was enjoying the view of my mom’s body.

Then he told my mom,” Renuka, you are a female and you always need a company of a man for sexual needs. You lost your husband. And as a gift from god I will serve you with sexual favors, just imagine me as your husband and unleash yourself, be yourself. ” Saying this he asked her to start doing what ever she liked to. I was shocked and was standing numb by seeing all this.

Then my mom dropped her wet cloth on her body. Now I was seeing my mom’s full body naked for the first time. She was so hot my god. My dick was getting hard. Her breasts were still firm and round at this age. Her pussy was hairy. Her body was perfect. I had a full hard-on by this time. Then swami stood up and dropped his cloth. To my surprise he had a thick long cock.

He was tall around 6 feet and strong and my mom was 5’4 and lean.

Then my mom caught his penis and jerked it for a while and then started sucking it. She was sucking it with such eagerness and the way she was looking into the eyes of swamiji was so slutty and horny. I was enjoying the show expect she being my mom. After that he made my mom sit on his lap, and started sucking her boobs.

My mom slowly started moaning in pleasure. He was thoroughly sucking along her big long erect nipples. He was pulling her nipples by holding them between his teeth. Then he caught my mom’s long hair and kissed on her shivering lips. Even she caught his head tightly in pleasure while kissing. I did not believe my eyes while this was going on.

Then he placed my mom onto the mat, and asked her whether she was satisfied.

Then my mom told him that this was not enough at all. Then she started focing him, asking him to fuck her. In fact she was elaborating what she wanted. She was asking him to fuck her badly, and tear her pussy. She in between mentioned that it’s been a month that they both had sex.

Then the swamiji lifted her both legs apart and kneeled in front of her hairy cunt.

Then he rubbed his dick’s head on the vaginal lips of my mom. My mom was pleading him not to delay. Then swamiji pushed his cock inside her. He pushed it with pressure and started giving strokes. My mom, Renuka was already in heaven by this time. She was moaning in pleasure. She was kind of small in body proportion with him and his heavy strokes with thick long penis seemed to already destroy my mom’s cunt.

He continued fucking her, in between he moaned saying,” what a cunt you have Renuka, it’s still tight and you seem like a young girl to me”. He fucked her hard and continuously, and when he was almost done he asked my mom, whether to serve her with the cum, she readily accepted. Then he began fucking her heavily, even my mom squirted at the pleasure given by him. She moaned aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ouuuuchhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhh, wowwww,

She shouted when she was squirting, i am done, iam done.

aaaahh. ,, aaahhhh. Then when the swamiji was done he removed his wet dripping penis and pushed it into my moms mouth till neck deep, and blowed out all the cum. She swallowed all of it.

To be continued in part 2.

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