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Mom Dom – Part 2

Read Part 1 first.
A strange series of events had turned my mother into a dominatrix (read part 1) and now she was beating the crap out of me abusing me verbally and physically.
“You motherfucker! Your asshole is bigger than mine and I was a whore for 10 years!” she said running her index finger roughly along my anus, pulling it open.

I heard her spit and then a wet blob landed on rim of my asshole, still in her grip. Her saliva started flowing inside me. I squirmed.
“Stay still you cunt” she barked.
I stayed but looked up in the full length mirror in front of me.
She was smiling.
“I know what to do with you. “
She stood up. I looked at her leather clad body.
Her hair was still in a tight bun.

Her face was flushed and her cheeks had gone red. Her big beautiful hazel eyes were opened wide and her smile formed crow’s feet around them. Her pouty lips were painted bright red that looked incredibly sexy against her pale skin.
She had a small chin and pierced ears. I could see wrinkles around her mouth and on her throat which was glowing against the black, shiny, skin tight leather she had on.

The top was so tight that her big bosom could barely stay in it leading to a huge cleavage. The long sleeves ended in shiny red gloves covering her hands. Her pants were same – black patented leather that could barely contain her 55″ hips and thunderous thighs. Finally she had knee high boots with 6″ heels. Standing up, I could barely come up to her breasts. I felt useless, pathetic, even more than she told me I was.

“Mom..” I whispered. I was still on all fours, my ass exposed to her.
“WHAT?” she growled. She had a paddle in her hand.
I opened my mouth and “SMACK!” came the paddle down on my soft hips.
“ouuuuch!” I yelped and looked up in the mirror.
She was smiling as she held the paddle up.
I wanted to plead with her and tried again.

” and the paddle came down again.
I stopped trying and let my mother paddle my rear trying my best to contain my groans.
Finally she got tired and put her leather clad foot on my ass and pushed me forward. I fell flat on my face. With no compassion she climbed on my ass but thankfully didn’t push her heels. I felt her 175 lbs on my ass. I sucked my breath in and tried not to yell out in pain.

I looked up, trying to breathe and saw her smiling as she looked at herself in the mirror, standing on her only son’s ass, abusing his body. She looked happy.
“I think I look sexy. ” she said.
“Yes mother” I agreed hoping that’d make her happy enough to get off me.
“What gave you the idea that I need you to tell me I am beautiful?”
“Sorry mom!” I said afraid that this would lead to more pain.

She looked at me and then smiled maliciously.
“You want to know what I think about you?”
I was too scared to say anything and kept my face down, buried in the carpet.
“LOOK AT ME YOU SHIT!” she yelled again.
I looked up in the mirror. She squatted half way and unzipped her pants from her groin all the way around to her asshole.
She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I could see her huge cunt lips and smell her musky ass aroma.
She squatted a bit further and then let loose. A jet of fresh water escaped my my mother’s cunt and landed on my ass, some of it flowing into my still open asshole. I watched mesmerized. More and more water, bathed me. She didn’t stop. She moved her ass back and forth covering my back and thighs.
Then she got off my ass and positioned her feet on either side of my chest.

“TURN OVER” she commanded.
There was no point in trying to defy her. I did as she said and stared at her 7″ long and 3″ pussy. Large labia hung on either side of her gaping hole and drops of dew were shining as they dropped on my chest.
She smiled again, baring her teeth and scooted a few inches forward.
Then the gush hit my face. I turned my face trying to avoid it.

“LOOK AT ME!” her voice echoed in the small room.
My head snapped back. I sucked in all the air I could and looked up at my mother’s half naked body. She squatted further and put her hands on either side of her pussy, pulling her lips apart. Almost in slow motion, the river of her loins burst forth through the cunt lips and fell toward my face. As it hit my mouth, I closed my eyes.

Her aim was perfect. The aromatic sweet and savory brine slid down my throat rather easily. I opened my eyes again and gulped as fast as possible. She scooted a bit more. I saw the hypnotic sway of her hips as she aimed at my eyes and long hair. I enjoyed the warm shower my Mother blessed me with. I was drenched but satisfied.
“There” at last she said.
“That’s what I think about you.

Now get up and clean this mess you made you fuck. “
“Yes Mother” I said slowly and sat up.
Golden nectar of my mother dripped down my hair, nose and ears. I licked my lips and turned around to look at the teenaged slut in the mirror staring back at me.

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