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Mistress Calls

The phone rang, he looked at the name on the screen, it was her, he looked at the clock the time read 1. 30am he rubbed his eyes before answering the call, before he even heard her voice he knew what would be said, he pressed the answer button and a seductive, assertive voice resonated on the other end “where are you?” the voice said “In bed” he replied wearily, “come here now!” the voice demanded, he knew that any kind of protest would be met with anger and revulsion and protest is not what he wanted to do anyway.

This woman, this voice was like a goddess to him and he worshipped every part of her, she would call at obscure times and he would make himself immediately available to her, her “little toy” she called him. He climbed out of bed and dressed; he grabbed his car and house keys and headed out the door. The drive seemed to take forever but when he turned the corner towards her apartment he could feel his heart beat rapidly increase and his genitals twitch.

He parked the car and walked to the entrance of her apartment block, he pressed the buzzer and her voice answered “Toy?” it enquired “here” he replied, the door opened and he wandered inside.

The lift seemed to take its time and he could feel his palms getting moist, the twitching and beating had intensified and he was feeling light headed. The door to the lift opened and he walked down the hall towards her apartment door, he knocked on the door and it opened to reveal a tall, athletic looking brunette dressed head to toe in a one piece, see through, black cat suit, her hair cascading from her shoulders.

She stood aside and motioned for him to enter the apartment, with his eyes gazing at the floor he stepped inside.

“Take your clothes off” she demanded, he fumbled with his shirt and pants and dropped them to the floor, standing there in just his underwear, “kneel” she ordered and he dropped to his knees, “I want you to follow me and kiss my feet” she said, as she started to walk towards the kitchen, he did as she asked and could already feel himself becoming hard.

She fixed herself a drink and made her way to the large couch in the open plan living room, he continued to kiss and lick her feet, she lay on the couch and flicked her hair to expose her breasts underneath her cat suit “you want to touch me, don’t you?” she asked, he nodded “well you can’t” she replied “no where but my feet, because your pathetic and don’t deserve to touch me anywhere else” the words out of her mouth made him harder, he wanted her so badly.

After 15 minutes she stood up and pushed him aside, she walked out of the room and returned with a maids outfit, dog collar and handcuffs, “put these on” she demanded as she threw the items at him, he picked the items off the floor and started to put them on, when the collar was on she walked behind him, grabbed it tightly and pulled him towards her.

“you like being my toy don’t you” she whispered in his ear, “yes” he replied as she nipped his neck with her teeth “yes mistress” she corrected “yes mistress” he replied, “louder” she demanded, “yes mistress” he replied again in a louder voice, “LOUDER” she cried “YES MISTRESS I LIKE BEING YOUR TOY” he screamed, “good boy” she whispered “now walk around like my little dog and bark for me” he did as he was asked, he knew any refusal would be met with punishment, something he secretly hoped for.

She whistled him to come over to where she was sat “good boy” she cooed as he sat in front of her, her hand slowly slid under his dress and started to caress his genitals “oh your such a good boy” she cooed again as she continued to caress him, his member became instantly harder , he could feel himself tempted to grab her but he knew this would be a huge mistake, she continued to rub his genitals as she slowly started to touch herself, she slid two fingers inside herself, his face was in perfect alignment with her fingers and he could feel the heat emanating from her, he lurched forward and she slapped him away “BAD BOY” she shouted and smacked him again.

“bend over” she cried and he instantly moved onto all fours, she hit him hard and he could feel his backside tingling with every smack, she did it again and again and again, until he could feel that he was red raw, “now lie on your back toy” he rolled onto his back and she tied his wrists to his waist and then to his feet so he couldn’t move or touch, “now your completely helpless aren’t you toy”, “Yes” he replied, “YES MISTRESS” she screamed and he felt her hands squeeze his genitals tight, he winced.

“Yes Mistress” he corrected, “your mine you know, all mine and I can do whatever I like with you” she unzipped her suit to reveal her naked body and started to straddle him, she inserted her fingers into herself and started to gyrate them, he could feel her juice dripping onto him and he wished she would move higher so that it could fall into his mouth, he loved they way she tasted.

After twenty minutes of touching herself and him being completely unable to touch her, she seemed to grow bored “Toy do you want to fuck me ?” she asked “yes mistress” he replied” “I can’t here you, Louder” she said “YES MISTRESS, PLEASE LET ME FUCK YOU”, her face twitched into a slight smile and she untied his hands “I want you to fuck me so good that I make my whole bed wet, do you understand ?” “yes mistress” he replied, she lead him to the bedroom and bent herself over the bed, exposing her pink naked flesh, he inserted himself into her slowly and began to move, he could feel her wetness and her heat, he instantly became harder and her cry of pleasure suggested she had felt it to.

He fucked her harder and harder as she screamed for more, she squirted all over him and he could feel his climax building, just as he was about to finish she pulled him out of her, dropped to her knees, his juice fell on her face and in her mouth as he breathed out a groan of satisfaction, she winked at him, stood up and to his disbelief kissed him, spitting his juice into his mouth, “now swallow” she said, he did as he was told, she smiled at him and he sat exhausted onto the bed, “now get out” she said in passive tone.

He looked around for his belongings, “my clothes?” he enquired, “They’re my clothes now” she replied and she pushed him out of the door, throwing his car keys and wallet after him, he hastily picked them up and contemplated the long and embarrassing walk to the car, as he entered the lift he smiled, “well played girl” he whispered to himself and the doors closed.

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