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Missy’s Revenge

Missy grew up in a very poor f****y, and lived most of her young years in the projects. Her f****y’s small apartment complex was in one of the worst parts of town.

Missy’s mother had left when she was only five years old and she barely remembered her. Her father drank every meal, and spent all of his money on alcohol. Missy and her s****r had to wear hand me down clothing, and were often un-bathed and unruly.

She rarely had time to play with the other c***dren who were mostly black. Once in a great while she would take a risk and steal some change from her fathers laundry, so she could walk to the corner market for a treat. She spent plenty of time alone just fantasizing about how things might be when she got older.

After Missy finished High School she met Jason, a rugged white man with little money, yet much more than Missy was use to.

The first time they met she knew he was her guy, he was the man she would marry. It was love at first site, if there is such a thing, and then moved in together quite quickly catapulting their relationship to a new level.

Jason’s place wasn’t much, but it was a castle compared to what Missy had learned to call home. Jason treated Missy well and told her constantly how much he loved her.

Missy was so in love she trusted Jason and never thought he could ever do anything wrong.

Until one day when everything changed.

Jason had gone to the pool hall to spend time this his buddy’s and Missy decided to drop in and surprise him. Missy walked down the filthy smoke filled steps to the basement of a small corner store. As Missy reached the bottom of the steps, she made out the shadow of two people, they were locked in a passionate kiss in a corner booth.

As she got closer she recognized one of them as Jason.

Her heart sunk, and she gulped down a hard lump in her throat. She approached the two of them and began spouting obscenities. Missy was outraged, she had never felt such hurt, anger and betrayal.

“You fucking slut, you nasty fucking whore!” she shouted above the juke box. As the tears welled up in her eyes she dumped Jason’s beer in his lap, and slapped the woman across the face.

The rage she felt was so overwhelming she wanted to hurt everyone, even herself.

Jason’s secret girl got up and ran out in tears. “You said it was over between you and her,” she shouted, as Jason began begging for forgiveness. His pleads fell on deaf ears because Missy would never be able to trust him again and she knew it. In that moment both of their lives were changed forever.

“You will be sorry,” Missy told him. “You’ll be very sorry you have fucked me over in such a way. ” Missy vowed then and there, that she would have revenge for Jason’s affair, and the hurt he had inflicted on her.

Missy’s rage began to die and she became aware of many eyes upon her. The d***ks were all quietly watching her outburst, as if they were glued to their own t.

v. sets.

As she scanned the onlookers she noticed three of Jason’s friends, and one other man she did not know. They were huddled around the pull table hanging on Missy’s every word. Truth be told everyone of them had tried without luck to get into Missy’s tight little jeans at some point. They had all secretly longed for the day Missy and Jason would split up, giving them a chance at Missy.

Missy’s pale white skin was flushed red matching her messy, auburn hair, and streaks of dark makeup ran down her cheeks. Her round bottom slightly peaked out from under the way too short, jean skirt she had hurriedly slipped on. Even in her unkempt state she was quite gorgeous, the kind of girl most men would die to have on their shoulder. Missy had always stood out in her predominantly black neighborhood.

After taking in everything that had just taken place, a hopeful young, black man approached Missy. “Hey Honey, how about getting a little revenge with me?” he asked carefully. Missy could feel her face blushing even redder as his eyes floated over body, fixing on her perky little breasts.

Missy had never had sex with a black man, even though she had been around so many of them. She always had wondered what it would be like, but her father hated them, so for her the dark meat was taboo.

Missy flashed her eyes at the stranger and played innocent. “What did you have in mind?” she asked shyly.

Come on girl,” said the dark stranger. The man slid his arm around Missy and pulled her close up against him. Jason tried to jump from his seat but was pushed back down by two other black men.

Missy felt strangely comfortable in the mans arms. “My name is Graspy,” he introduced himself, with a sly smile.

“I’m ready to show my boyfriend how it feels to get fucked over,” Missy announced to the bar. Some of the men cheered, as Missy leaned over and kissed Graspy on the lips very gently.

Graspy pulled the tie on the back of Missy’s tank top, and it slid down over her pink nipples and fell on the dirty floor. Her perky little breasts stood at attention for all to see.

Graspy squeezed a nipple between his black fingers and lowered his head sucking her sweet morsels into his mouth.

“Suck my cock,” Graspy suggested hopefully. “That will teach your man a lesson. ” Missy reached down and unzipped the man’s pants, as hoots of approval echoed through the bar. She reached in and retrieved his black cock, which was already semi hard. She admired the size and color, as her hand up and down the length of his shaft.

Incredibly, with all eyes on her Missy got on her knees on the hard tile floor. She slid her lips over the head of Graspy’s enormous black cock and began to suck it. Jason watched helplessly as his sweet girlfriend sucked her first chocolate dick. She licked Graspy’s black balls with her tongue and sucked them into her mouth. His cock was so big she could only fit part of it in her mouth without gagging, but she slid her lips down the shaft as far as she could.

She had never seen a cock so big, and sucking it was making her horny. Everyone watched and as a group the sexual energy seemed to be taking hold of each of them. Graspy’s black cock disappeared again, and again between Missy’s tightly pressed, lipstick faded lips.

Graspy moaned quietly, with pleasure as Missy consumed him. Her mouth felt wet, and warm as his cock sc****d along her teeth pounded against her throat.

Graspy thrust his hips propelling himself deeper with each slurp from Missy’s mouth. Graspy was working the head of his cock into Missy’s throat.

Missy was enjoying herself so much, she had almost forgotten other people were watching her. She sucked steadily on the tip, and teased his pee-hole with her tongue, as she looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes.

Suddenly without warning, his big dick exploded and he jammed it deep in her throat as he shot hot, white cream down Missy’s throat.

Missy tried to swallow it all, but his cock fired with such a f***e that some leaked out the corner of her mouth. She continued to suck until his dick would release no more of the creamy liquid. Then Graspy pushed her away.

“Give someone else a turn,” he insisted.

Jason’s friend Jarvis was next. He was standing by Graspy with his cock hanging out of his zipper. He hoped Missy would be so into getting revenge, she would start sucking the next cock she saw.

I guess it was his lucky day, cause that is exactly what she did. Like a seasoned whore she reached for Jarvis’s cock and began sucking.

Missy loved the taste of black cock so much, she couldn’t seem to get enough. She bobbed wildly up and down on Jarvis’s tasty wiener, and again sadly, Jason watched. Jarvis put his hands on the back of Missy’s head and held her snuggly in place as he fucked her mouth.

Missy sucked and sucked, till he finally came in her mouth. Jarvis rocked his hips as he sent hot spurts of cum down Missy’s throat.

After each black cock Missy sucked, she looked at Jason. “How does that make you feel asshole?” she taunted.

Missy was so horny she could take it no more. She pulled down her panties, and pulled up her skirt. She hopped up on the table and spread her legs.

Her cute little pink pussy was exposed to all.

“Which one of you b*****rs wants to fuck me?” she asked in a sexiest voice.

Two men approached Missy and one shoved his finger between her legs and up into her wet snatch. He fingered her roughly fingered her for several minutes. Missy didn’t care she liked it rough, she threw her head back and moaned in anxious anticipation.

One of the men positioned himself between her slender thighs, and began inching his black cock inside of her.

All of the men cheered as the mans ass flinched and his cock tour into Missy’s pink pussy. Missy let out a deep gasp, a little surprised at how tightly if filled her. She had never had a cock this big inside of her, and she felt as if her insides would burst.

Jason watched helplessly, and anger turned to tears, as his now x-girlfriend got the best fuck of her young life.

Missy hung on tightly to the sides of the table as the man punished her pussy with each deep, hard, thrust. Finally, he withdrew his shiny, black cock from Missy’s pussy and shot a load of cum all over her red bush.

Missy smiled at Jason, revenge was hers. Missy fucked several men that day, some of them twice. The men formed a line and took turns fucking her until she was too sore to fuck anymore.

Missy walked home tired, cum drenched, and so sore she had to limp. She told me one day she never regretted any of it, dumping Jason was a good thing for her, and the black gravy train she pulled was the best fuck she ever had. I guess that is why they say, “Once you go black you never go back. “.

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