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Milwaukee cuckhold vacation 2

As the maid came in Judy came even harder. When the maid walked in far enough, she said, “Oh I can come back later. ” Judy said, “No please stay and do what you need to do. ” I could hear the maid going around the rom doing things. Judy kept pounding my face with her pussy and pinching and playing. I could hear the maid move into the room we were in and Judy started telling me about some of the things she had done.

It sounded like the maid was still milling close by and Judy said, “by the way this is the second time Susan has come to clean and walked in while I was having an orgasm. ” I heard the maid cough. Judy said, “Susan now do you believe me about how small his penis is. ” Susan laughed and said, “I didn’t but I do now. ” Then she added, “Do you need any help?”

Judy stopped and got off and I hear more kissing.

5 minutes later bodies are on the bed and bouncing around. I hear Susan and Judy grunting an groaning. About an hour later and they had both cum several times, Judy has Susan pinching my nipples as she is playing with my cock again. Susan said, “I want to make sure I don’t pinch too hard. ” Judy said, “he likes it hard so do it as hard as you want. : Susan started pinching harder.

Judy said, “you should have seen the sissy cocksucker taking a 10 inch black cock. ” Susan gasped and said, “did you really have him do that. ” Judy said, “he’ll do whatever I want as long as I jerk him off every couple of weeks and tell him about all the fun I am having. ” Susan said, “I need my husband to be like that, will he really do anything?” Judy said, “anything, why do you have something in mind?” They stopped playing with me and started whispering.

I heard movement that sounded like someone getting dressed and then a door closing.

I waited and Judy said, “Susan said she knows a lot of people who have never seen a sissy cocksucker and she was hoping to show them you and make some money. ” I said “what do you mean?” Judy said, “she is going to charge a small amount to let people see. ”

Judy went back to massaging my cock and said, “we just need to wait a little bit.

” I heard another knock at the door and it opened and someone said, “housekeeping. ” Judy said, “Please come in” I heard Susan’s voice again and she said, “how long do we have?” Judy said, “As long as you want, how many do you have?” Susan said, “A bunch”

Over the next three to four hours I laid there while 7-10 people came in. Some of them would get on the bed with Susan and Judy.

I heard some male voices and some female voices. I was able to hear this orgy and it was exciting hearing so many different people cum.

Several people came over and played with my nipples at Judy’s invitation. Many people made comments about my under-endowed penis. Judy would regale them that they shouldn’t feel sorry as she was happy and content as she was able to have many lovers and all she had to do with me was tell me about what she has done and jerk me off every couple of weeks.

I was taken to the bathroom every so often and one of the last times a female asked, “can I take him?” She pulled me into the bathroom by my nipple and had me stand in front of the toilet and she worked my penis a little bit to make it harder so she could help me aim into the toilet.. When she was done she wiped her hand across my mouth and took me back so I could be restrained again.

Susan said to Judy, “this has all been fantastic and I was able to make some money. People cannot believe how small he is. ” Judy said, “anytime, do you have anyone else?” Susan hemmed and hawed a little bit and said “just two personal requests”. Judy said, “Ok what are they?” Susan said, “my husband is here and I know he is bi and I always wanted to see him with another guy.

” Judy said, “let’s do that now. ”

I heard the door open again and someone came in. I then heard this timid voice say, “Susan are you sure you want his?” Susan laughed and said, “Steve, I know you are bi and I want to see it. ” They undid my restraints again but left the eye mask on. I heard pants unzipping and next thing I know there is someone on the bed with me and I hear Steve say, “wow he does have a small dick” as he fondled me.

He leaned over and started biting my nipples and Judy chimes in, “be as rough as you want. ” He started biting harder and then someone takes my hand and puts it on this medium sized penis which was kind of limp. I massaged it a little and it grew and he was breathing heavier. I was made to get on my knees and Steve is there in front of me waiting to get his cock sucked.

I started licking the tip and slowly circling as I went up and down the shaft. He grabbed my head and held it down so I could keep going at his cock. He was moaning and telling me not to stop. All of a sudden I hear these grunting noises and his load is flowing into my mouth and just going and going.

In the background I hear Susan say, “wow I have never seen him come like that.

” After Steve stopped and recovered Susan said to him, “wow you must have like that. ” Steve said, ”ok, I’m bi, I owe you for letting me do that. ” Susan said, “well we may have to change some things, luckily Judy has given me some advice. ”

I heard Steve give his wife a kiss and leave. Then I heard Judy say “you had one more request. ” Susan, said, “give me 5 minutes”.

I had been retrained back on the bed and Judy was pinching my nipples while giving advice on how to cuckold Steve. There was a knock as the door and I heard a voice say, “why are you wearing lingerie?” Then Susan goes, “Judy this is”…………….

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