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Michelle’s first ever spanking and anal

We meet here in the net quickly spotted how our kinks fit and agree upon a sexy scenario for us
We are opposite ages, first kink we share, also into anal for second and like to prove our point

Her pride is to prove me I would not need the help of that little blue pill for our first meeting
My pride is to prove spanking is hot fun for foreplay, especially if an anal creampie is our goal

Strange start out of the blue

Michelle requests my friendship out of the blue, no preceding message, didn’t she read my profile?
Michelle’s profile does not provide much of a clue – I decide to write her a private message first
Michelle only allows friends to write her I notice – so finally I accept her friends’ invitation!

Michelle clearly upsets my mind, the lines above is how I remember how we got started to talk here
Michelle responds in fact to a message I wrote her – after spotting her profile picture somewhere
Michelle hardly shares any information at her profile for non-friends, so I express my curiousity

Michelle responds quite fast, telling me my profile doesn’t show much of me – so I protest at her!
Michelle means private pictures, while I refer to all the information, versed stories I share here
Michelle likes our conversation, agrees to become friends – so I can finally see her full profile!

Sunny start sharing to take a tan in Spring

Michelle logs off for the night – I take my time to write what I do like at her page and looks
Michelle and I met a fortnight back and ten days later she responds me during a sunny afternoon
Michelle likes my compliments tells how she lives top floor and enjoys the sun at her bare skin

Michelle enjoys how our talk tanning naked quickly becomes more intimate, open, honest and horny
Michelle seems to be especially aroused by the idea of seducing elder me into hard sex with her!
Michelle hardly can believe how long I haven’t made love to young woman of only twenty-something

Sexy successes in the net with warm women

Michelle loves though to learn about my sexy successes in virtual making love to my girlfriends
Michelle is amazed how many lesbian girls get wet and hot from reading my seductive warm words!
Michelle is curious in trying my abilities in this realm, later perhaps as well in a real visit

Michelle’s heated heart melts more for me after my tale of my last close encounter – a threesome
Michelle seems to understand how it started wonderful but ended unfinished in our embarrassement
Michelle relates her last threesome, also with a couple, not thirty-plus like mine, more my age!

Sexy scenario for first time ever for us together

Michelle likes elder men and assures me she will not fail to make my member rise mighty and big
Michelle is getting wet as I tell I want her to pose and let me inspect her before I touch her!
Michelle is into anal sex as well – taking turns, we tell our wishes for our first ever meeting

Michelle will act as we agreed: strip for me and pose – let me inspect her intimately from close
Michelle hardly can wait till I will touch her, she feels my breath at her twat as she bends over
Michelle smells so very sexy – I can’t resist any longer to lick and kiss her hairy horny snatch!

Sexy scenario works wonderfully well to warm her up for more

Michelle feels how I pull her cheeks apart and try to enter her rose so sexy smelling sphinxter
Michelle feels how both the tip of my tongue and nose try to get inside while I finger her slit
Michelle feels her first orgasm building up very fast – she comes wet and hard right in my face

Michelle is really hot now for more – she turns around to take me – tells me to present myself
Michelle wants me lower myself in my sofa, legs up in the air and lift my bums towards her face
Michelle kneels down in front of me, she starts to milk my member while rimming my tight twinkle

Sexy sweet spanking Michele ma belle at her beautiful bottom

Michelle helps a hot hand to build my power to take her hard later, as she wants me to so dearly
Michelle gets ready to bend over my lap as soon she is pleased by the size of my big brown banana
Michelle is very wet and waiting for her initiation into sweet spanking for sexual satisfaction!

Michelle is tight for the start – she relaxes under my caresses of her silk thighs, bums and plum
Michelle giggles as I softly slap her ass, slowly I intensify a bit more firmer hits in her first
Michelle feels how her bums warm while I watch how they turn to pink by my hot hands hitting them

Sweet sexy seduction to come from franticay spanking and caressing

Michelle loves the breaks I take – to caress her there again to wipe the heat a bit off her bums
Michelle loves how I carefully check with a finger sliding down her slit how warm and wet she is
Michelle loves how I use her own cute juice to smoothen her sphinxter for my painless penetration

Michelle longs now to be taken in her tight ass but her butt has to endure more of my colouring
Michelle squeaks and struggles at my lap as her ass slowly turns red from some severe spanking
Michelle is amazed how it all turns up the burning heat, also felt inside her longing fat twat

Sweet sexy explosion for the first time in her lower bowels causes creampie coming

Michelle moans the moment the tip of my banana knocks at her back door: can I enter please?
Michelle opens her sexy sphinxter a bit and lets my tip slide inside – soon more, with ease
Michelle lets her muscles do the job – my balls bang her slit at her clit and that is it!

Michelle feels the foxy right rhymth and bangs her bottom back at me as I ram her randy ass
Michelle feels my coming coming by my moaning and more pounding – pomping former vingin ass
Michelle my belle sexploses with me, slowly I withdraw, seed drips down slit – lovely lass!.

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