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Mes fantasmes avec Reva (en anglais) My Fantasies

Ce sont mes fantasmes inspirés par la déesse Reva exquis de photographies. C’est une sorte de journal érotique écrite en anglais parce qu’elle parle l’anglais. Veuillez pardonner les erreurs éventuelles dans grammar ;b

These are my fantasies inspired by the goddess Reva’s exquisite photographs. I will post the photograph that inspired my dirty thought. This is a sort of erotic journal written in english because she speaks english and these are comments to her pictures.

Please forgive any errors in grammar. Enjoy and adore her:

This is the pictures that inspired:

You are simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love your body’s curves, your beautiful eyes. I even love the hat. You are adorable. I would love to get naked in that park with you and frolic and play with each other. Mmm, are there swings or a teeter totter(is that what it is called?) to play on.

Just picture all the men we would drive crazy, me pushing you on the swing, your curvy body gliding almost weightless over their heads. Your pussy peeking out from the swing seat. I push you higher and they all ohh and ahhh. Then we could go to the monkey bars and swing around and tangle up with each other. Mmmm, then you would lay on one side of the merry go round and I on the other.

On our backs and we spin slowly and all of these hands would caress and squeeze our bodies. Pinch out nipples. Woman and man all around us, squeezing and groping out bodies. Then we get on out knees and are next to each other and they slowly spin us and there are cocks and pussies for us to suck. We both suck cocks together, you taking a head in your mouth and I lick the balls.

Then I kiss up your neck to your face and you take the head out of your mouth and switch to sucking up and down the side of the shaft. I am on the other side. We are face to face with only a cock between us. We slide out sexy lips along it until we start to kiss and suck at the same time. Mmm, would your husband like to be this lucky man.

Would he take us both by the hair and slide his cock between our lips or would he just let us do it. Then you switch to sucking his balls and I take his throbbing cock in my mouth. I feel the head on the roof of my mouth and then to the back of my throat and it makes me close my eyes. I feel your teeth on my neck and then move to my nipples.

His cock is sliding and forcing to my throat as you suck my nipples and I feel his hand on my ass. Then yours between my legs to my pussy. I am in heaven now. Being shared by you is amazing. Then you stop to lay down. You pull me on top of you, head to toe. I take his cock out of my mouth and start to suck your pussy. He climbs up and kneels over your face.

You suck his cock as I eat your pussy. Everyone is still watching and now a crowd has gatheres. You tell them to play with our nipples if they want so all of a sudden you have a cock in your mouth, my tongue in your pussy and 10 or 12 hands rubbing your body, squeezing your nipples. I feel your husband climb around to your pussy and his cock is now pressed against my face, trying to find its home in your pussy.

I stop licking your clit as you are just about to squirt and take his beautiful cock in my hand, it’s beautiful head and perfect curve is ready to make you squirt. I want it in me so bad but I want you to have pleasure more. I shove him in you and you scream. He fucks you deep and hard as your nipples are abused by dozens of pinching fingers. You love it.

You explode on him almost immediately. It splashes up on his stomach and I lick it off then I pull his cock out and take it in my mouth. It tasts wonderful, his cum, so salty and thick mixed with your tart, hot juice. Mmmm. He takes two handfuls of my hair and starts to fuck my face, his cock forcing the remaining cum down my throat and I am amazed as he stays hard.

I feel your hands on my tits from behind, massaging my firm breasts and squeezing my nipples. You pull me and turn me around so I am on top of you. “he is still hard” I say. “I know” you moan “One of the many reasons I love this man. Watch this” Before I can think I feel his cock enter my wet, tight pussy. He fills me in a perfect way. His shape is perfect.

We kiss and I moan in your mouth. He alternates 10-11 strokes in me and then puts himself and also some of my juice deep inside you for 10-11 thrusts and repeats. We are kissing the whole time, our tits grinding against each other. Our nipples rubbing. Then you climb out from under me and I lie down and pull me on top of me. Your back against my tits. Our pussies are sandwiched, one upon the other.

He begins to finger you furiously and you begin to writhe and then he starts to lap my pussy at the same time. Sucking my clit and flicking it with his amazing tongue. He IS A SEX TOY! We both squirt about the same time and he stops only to shove his cock inside my pussy, I drench him. He thrusts hard and deep in me while he fingers your clit. I am playing with your nipples from underneath and sucking your neck.

I am about to explode and his cock and your body bring me to the most immense orgasm I’ve ever known. He pulls out and shoves his cock into your sore pussy for one last squirt. He slams you deep and fast, I keep rubbing your body and all the spectators are now rubbing your stomach and hips and shoulders and tits. Nipples are pulled, twisted and pinched. You explode and I feel you run all over my throbbing spent cunt.

Then he pulls out his beautiful cock and climbs up by our faces and I take his cock in my hand, still wet from our pussies, and your take his head in your mouth. I jerk him off as you play with his balls and suck. Soon he moans and I jerk his cock until he cums three big spurts of cum in your mouth. I need some now though so as you are swallowing his load I pull his cock out of your mouth and jerk it towards my face.

I get the first squirt on my forehead but then take his cock in my mouth for the final few squeezes. His load I keep on my tongue and just enjoy the taste of it all, your saliva, your cum his cum. I swallow and them you and I kiss. It is the we hear applause. Just another day at the park with Reva ;b.

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