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MEMORIES #9: Lisa Love-1

Lisa is like my dream come true: as pretty as my best friend so far here, but not a shy lesbian
Lisa is far geographically, but so close to my heart and mind, my intuition about her is right!

Les lives only an hour by train from me, but she still has not got the guts to meet me in real
Les sometimes sits on my lap to play together – she knows I will pleasure and sexy satisfy her

Les only dares to be with me virtually to consume my love – never offering anything in return
Lisa only dreams about one thing: finally be able to talk with me while we look at each other

Lisa longs to meet me in real – she is smart has a strong will, so she soon succeeds in it
Lisa Love loves me for many things and she loves me to make our love story publicly known!

Lisa Love’s long longing for a love visit for a few months to me in old Amsterdam

Let me introduce Lisa Love to you: tall, dark blonde, slender, blue eyes, firm small breasts
Let me skip how we met, that is a too sad story – as our first mutual friend died in surgery

Let me only tell that our friend was a wonderful young woman who surely lives in Heaven now
Let me confess that I’m not religious at all, but I know some are in Heaven, like my parents

Lisa likes my idea that our friend there up in Heaven is continuously smiling as our love grows
Lisa, I don’t know yet how religious she is, only that she loves me so much, and her hot blows!

Lisa is as smart looking as she is in her mind – good in analytical thinking she is a great girl
Lisa is skipping university – in order to help her dad making ends meet in programming projects!

Lisa – a bit of her history – her story – to explain the situation and our chances

Lisa lived in Russia when we started our contact, only rarely she could write with me – secretly
Lisa followed her folks to Georgia as they did not feel safe there any longer: political problems

Lisa’s looks are from her mom’s side, who is Ukrainian and her dad is from Georgia – like the song
Lisa’s dad probably had it long time at the back of his mind: soul evergreen Georgia on my mind

Lisa Love loves her folks with all her heart – but she also fell in love with me, her ‘granddad’
Lisa so smart as I am – so luckily we found a way to speed up our mutual future by modern means

Lisa and I brood on a programming plan to help her escape her misery and poverty

As a matter of fact, I am very close to this programming world, almost all my friends are good at it
As I am very talented to avoid any bosses and c(r)apitalist bullshit, I did manage to stay out of it

As a matter of fact, I have a handful of friends who are all number one in their field: the top dogs!
One was world champ for three years in a row, another is leading specialist in PROLOG, third free Prof

As a matter of fact, I am not good in setting up any deals, only in matching my friends world wide
I asked Lisa to present her talents and offer her services to those of them resident in Amsterdam

As a matter of fact it did not take Lisa long to get an invitation to a pilot project for a few months
I offer Lisa my guest room and to teach her the game of Go, the last board game in which humans rule!

As a matter of fact, all my friends the top programmers are very talented and devoted strong players
I happen to know Bruno ‘Bouzou’ is Paris who did the breakthrough, programs get very strong nowadays

Lisa and I get what we wanted for so long, and much faster than we could have dreamt

Lisa and I had often fantasized about our first weekend together – only making love of course
Lisa and I could not have been more wrong, as we talked hugged and kissed, also made some love

Lisa and I make love a few times every day after first weekend together, when she wakes up she is hot
Lisa likes an orgasm whenever she got stuck at some programming problem – and I am always available!

Lisa loves my attitude as a professional unemployed job avoider – I only write for free, like here
Lisa loves my availability at every moment I am awake – in case of need she wakes me up delicately

Lisa loves to suck my mighty manhood – a big brown banana – to its full length and power to shoot
Lisa loves to have me in all her available hot horny holy holes – praise the Lord for all three!

Lisa and I have our religion, rituals and rules: often on camera, but never recorded

Lisa and I practise our rituals and particularly peculiar religion: every day and night we ‘pray’
Lisa and I: I can write only about us for the rest of my life, but my readers want more variation

Let me summarise: perfect looks, perfect love – no need to tie her up if we play my dominance game
Lisa offers ultimate satisfaction to me and herself: she can come hard from hard anal penetration!

Lisa has only one taboo: being recorded on camera – not even a photo from our nudist beach visits!
Lisa and I found a sexy alternative: many mirrors and closed circuit cameras when we make love here

Lisa and I – she is only twenty, the youngest at home, she works hard to bring her folks as well
Lisa and I – the future is ours, she only just started as a young woman, at fourty at full power

Lisa and I, I will try to keep up good shape and help her ripen to her best sexual shape next years!
Lisa and I, I will be very busy for the next twenty years or more to stay in shape for her in our bed.

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