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MEMORIES #1: Amy Anal

MEMORIES is a series of love letters from many female friends
Memories starts from scratch at the beginning of the alphabet
Memories #1 is from Amy who remembers well her first ever anal


PETER plays the dirty daring “doctor”, as AMY my role is to be his obedient patient “patient”

One summer afternoon during a big thunderstorm, my lover and I decided to explore a mutual fantasy.

We had talked about acting out a doctor-patient scenario and had even gone so far to pick up props.
The rain was pouring relentless, so we figured we would put our time to good use for some role play.

Peter started to gather up the props and set the scene. After closing the curtains, unhooking the phone
I went to the living room and anxiously waited for the “doctor” to call me.

I could hardly wait to see what
Peter had in mind and started to get nervous, just like I do when I consult my real gynacologist!

Then the door opened. There stood Peter in a white lab coat with a stetoscope hanging from his neck.
“Amy, step this way, please. ” Too nervous now, I did not notice he had also installed his cameras!
As I went into the bedroom, I glanced at what Peter had set up for me.

Already I felt getting wet.

Please, change into this”, he said almost clinically – and he handed me a sexy short hospital gown.
I stepped behind the dressing blind in the corner and as I changed I could hear the water running.
It sounded like medical instruments being washed and moved around somewhere in the bathroom.

When I finished and stepped out from behind the blind, I found Peter spreading some towels on our bed.

He motioned for me to lie down. Then he began the examination. He felt my breasts – massaged my belly.
He lifted my legs high, donned rubber gloves and gave me the most sensuous pelvic private exam ever!

Peter finds the source of my problem and finds an unexpected drastic sharp short cure for me

“I believe I found the problem now” he said after quite a while. “Roll over please, my Amy.

Peter took a couple of pillows, bunched them under my pelvis to raise my ass up high in the air.

At his point our little lovely sexy scenario veered off course. Peter had installed his restraints!
Before I knew what was happening I was tied spread-eagled, face-down, and at Peter’s complete mercy.

THWACK! I heard the noise at the same instant I felt the stinging pain of a riding crop across my ass.

I cried out just as Peter cut into my asscheeks again. I begged him to stop, he kept lashing my ass.

My face was wet with tears and my ass felt like the skin had been ripped away, but my pussy was wet!
Surprisingly for me I got very wet indeed, dripping wet! Peter stopped the assault and left the room.

Peter prepares his patient “patient” for further fresh erotic experiences and clean operations

Tied face down as I was, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could hear him preparing something.

A week before, Peter had put a hook to the ceiling over our bed. I had not asked him why, but now,
suddenly, it became all too clear. Peter reached up to the hook and hung a full enema bag on it!

I protested loudly. “Do as the doctor says”, he said soothingly.
Just relax and this won’t hurt at all. ” – “Please!” I begged, to no avail.

First there was the lubricant, which Peter smeared in, on and around my tight virgin sphinxter.

Then the nozzle was inserted in my anus. Soon I felt a flood of water passing, filling my bowels.

After a few minutes I began to get uncomfortably full, I warned Peter that I couldn’t hold any more.
He slapped my sore bottom and told me I’d take all that was in the bag. Then he reached underneath me.

He massaged my bloated belly until the enema bag was empty.

Leaving the nozzle up my asshole and
squeezing my asscheeks together to prevent me from losing a drop of te water, he reached for jelly.

“Relax,” Peter urged as he removed the nozzle from my swollen sphinxter and very quickly
replaced it with an anal plug. The whole thing had gotten to be too much. I started to cry.

Peter is suddenly a very gentle gentleman again offering me a handful of blessed orgasms

Peter turned very gentle.

He untied me, rolled me over and started making love to me, very lovingly.
He brought me to orgasm twice and then led me to the bathroom. I put my hands on the back of the toilet.

I leaned over. Peter rubbed my back and neck and got me relaxed. Then, after pulling the plug out
of my asshole, he left me alone so I could empty my bowels quietly in private before coming back.

When I was done I returned to the bedroom. Peter rubbed lotion on my burning buns and made love to
me again, giving me three more mindshattering orgasms before shooting his creamy come deep into
my clean virgin ass. We collapsed in each others arms and dozed off immediately till next morning.

Personally, I can’t wait until my pervert private “dear dirty doctor” makes another hot house call!.

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