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Melissa and Missy

Melissa and Brad had been dating since her sophomore year at college. Brad being a year ahead of Melissa moved back to his hometown to manage his father’s business. At first he emailed and texted her everyday. Melissa knew in her heart she was going to marry him someday. Suddenly his emails and texts became scarcer and when they spoke on the phone he seemed distant and evasive. Something was wrong. Despite having planned a trip to visit her family during spring break, Melissa decided to make a surprise visit to Brad in his hometown.

After she finished her last final exam, she hit the beauty salon, and the lingerie store. She found the perfect green bra and panties. They would go well with her long straight red hair, green eyes and freckled complexion. Arriving at her studio apartment Melissa showered before slipping on the the new bra and panties. Over this she wore a black and white blouse and black skirt.
It took an almost five hour drive to get to Brad’s parents home.

It was a large home in a fancy neighborhood. Melissa reapplied her lipstick before getting out of the car. She made her way up to the well lit house. Suddenly the front door opened and out walked several people Melissa did not know followed by Brad with his arm around a woman who appeared to be close to Melissa’s age. Brad leaned in to kiss the woman before looking up to see Melissa. His face turned white.

He tried to speak but nothing came out. Melissa rushed up to Brad and slapped him hard before being slapped herself by the other woman. The other woman tried to slap Melissa a second time but Melissa managed to grab her arms. It was the first time that Melissa was able to get a good look at this other woman. The woman had long curly red hair, hazel eyes and a freckled complexion similar to Melissa’s.

Melissa managed to push the woman off balance followed by a slap and a punch that left the woman with a bloody nose. She was about to punch her again when she was grabbed by Brad. Brad’s father went to the aid of the woman. “Are you alright Missy” He asked the woman.
Missy? Missy? Melissa thought to herself. Brad’s high school sweetheart. Brad’s father turned to Melissa. “Who the hell are you” He demanded.

“I am…was his girlfriend” Melissa growled. With this she turned and kicked Brad in the balls. Pulling free from Brad, Melissa turned and stormed back to her car.
As Melissa sped off, she cranked up the stereo. I can’t wait to get back home she thought to herself. What a nightmare. A pair of blinking lights and sirens on the opposite side of the freeway made Melissa slow down. Don’t need a speeding ticket on top of this day.

Had she been paying attention Melissa might have spotted the car that had followed her since she left Brad’s. The rest of the drive back to campus was uneventful. Melissa pulled into her parking spot and sighed. Some wine and a nice bath will soothe some of this pain. Once she was inside her studio, she took some wine and chocolate into the bathroom and placed them near the tub. Suddenly someone started knocking on the front door.

Who the hell??? Melissa yelled out. The knocking continued. Almost frantic. Melissa was in no mood for any shit and was intent on telling the knocker off. Without thinking she threw open the door and received a nasty slap in the face. Missy!!! Melissa quickly recovered and seeing red went on the offensive jumping onto Missy. The women traded several punches and slaps before stepping back from each other to regroup. “Nobody tries to steal my man and get away with it bitch” Misty screamed.

“he was my man” Melissa screamed back.
Normally this kind of commotion would have attracted all the buildings residents but it was spring break and the building was deserted except for the two women bent on beating the hell out each other. With a growl both women jumped into each other slapping and punching. Melissa managed to get Missy into a headlock and was trying to f***e her to the ground while Missy was trying to break out and trip Melissa.

While struggling about they fell back against Melissa’s door and into her studio and onto the floor. Melissa jumped on Missy and they fell down again with Melissa on top of Missy. She slapped Missy several times before Missy managed to grab her hands. Melissa tried to press Missy’s hands to the floor, while she struggled to do this, their legs became tangled. As the struggle continued their skirts rode up on their waists and their panties started rubbing together.

While their arms struggled, they looked into each others eyes. “You didn’t know that we were engaged” Missy asked. “He told me that you were just a high school sweetheart, nothing more” Melissa replied. Tears formed in Missy’s eyes. “I thought..I hoped his player days were behind him” Missy cried. “Looks like he played both of us” Melissa responded. Tears formed in Melissa’s eyes too. For a long moment they just looked at each other.

The struggle between them had ceased. Suddenly Melissa leaned in and kissed Missy. As she finished the kiss, Melissa felt Missy’s hands on her head, pulling her back in for another kiss. The kiss intensified to the point where they began to lick each others lips and soon they were locked in a passionate french kiss. Their hands were caressing each others body. Melissa broke the kiss and began necking Missy. She felt Missy’s hands on her blouse, trying to pull it up.

Melissa sat up to take it off. Missy sat up too and began to remove her own blouse and then proceed to remove her bra. Seeing this, Melissa removed her own bra. Melissa decided to take it a step further and slipped her panties off. Missy followed suit with her panties, tossing them onto Melissa’s.
The two women jumped into each other’s arms kissing, and caressing their bodies. Melissa pulled Missy up and led her to the bed.

Missy pushed Melissa down onto the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her with a passion she had never felt before. Melissa tried to wrestle her way on top as they made out. Finally they ended up on their sides with their tits pressed together and legs tangled up as they had been earlier but now there weren’t any skirts or panties to get in the way. They ground their pussies on each others thighs.

Missy rubbed her right nipple into Melissa’s left nipple. They took turns sucking, licking and nibbling on each others tits and nipples. As they tangled their legs together, their pussies moved closer together. Melissa’s hand reached down and started to caress Missy’s pussy. Missy responded by caressing Melissa’s pussy. Soon both women were jilling themselves and each others. Juices mixed on their hands. Neither woman had ever been so turned on. Suddenly Melissa had an urge she could not resist.

She moved her legs between Missy’s and pressed down while grabbing Missy’s ass and pulling it forward. The outer lips of their pussies touched. Missy froze. Her eyes went wide, then narrowed. She rocked her hips and angled them to allow for more contact. Missy reached between her legs and caressed her pussy. She spread her lips and pushed towards Melissa. Melissa copied her and spread her own lips while pushing towards Missy. Their pussies melted together.

Juices flowed into and mixed within their pussies. They came over and over again. Melissa pulled Missy into her. They looked into each others eyes. They knew they had found the perfect lover.

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