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Meeting Mistress for the first time

The first time we meet, we will meet each other at a local restaurant in due to the fact we will be playing there, probably at the Knights Inn. I will arrive in a gold colored Buick wearing a dark blue jacket, depending upon the temperature that day. Depending upon if I arrive before you, I will wait outside, or in my car until you arrive so that we can walk in together like a “normal” couple.

We both order our preferred meals and sit down to get to know each other better before the fun begins in the near future. We exchange names, ages, and some brief past history, but not too much to make the other uncomfortable. We eat our breakfasts, I pay the bill, and tip the server, and then we retire to the parking lot. From there I follow you to the hotel so that we can check in to our assigned room for the day.

As we enter the hotel room, I am carrying my duffel bag full of my large dildos lube, leggings and ball gag for your pleasure to use as you see fit. Depending upon whether or not you tell me to arrive with my ass pre-stuffed with a plug or not, I will head off to the rest room. If I am plugged, I will check to see if I am still in the optimum condition to have my ass played with.

If I am not plugged, I will ask you to get comfortable while I give myself an enema, that is unless you decide to do it for me. If this is the fact, I do not say “No” at all, in fact I welcome the opportunity for someone else to play with my asshole other than myself.

After a thourough cleaning, I re-enter the room now completely naked and show off my overwieght body for my Mistress’ approval or disgust, hopefully, the prior.

As I re-enter the room, I find you have changed your clothes into some sort of lingerie, be it cloth, silk, PVC, or best yet, leather.

“Where would you like me, Mistress?” I say to you.
“Right there, bitch. ” Is your response to me. As you approach, I shy away slightly, not sure of what is to come and also thinking to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” You approach, and lightly run your fingertips all over my body.

Head, neck, chest, back, thighs, calves, finally ending with my ass, and by now, rock hard cock.

You push me down to the bed, making sure I land face up with my legs dangling over the edge, feet on the floor. You tell me to stay where I am and don’t follow you with my eyes. I do as I’m told for fear of being punished, which I don’t want, at least not yet.

🙂 You go to the bathroom and return with a glass of warm water, a razor, shave gel, and a towel. You have me raise my hips from the bed and slide the towel underneath me. I have visions of what my wife must go through each time I shave her pussy baby smooth. You splash water on my genital area and add some shave gel to my crotch. I cringe as the cold from the gel hits my skin, but soon settle down as I know what is coming.

You proceed to shave my crotch and balls baby smooth, and every once in a while brush my cock “accidentally” with your hand. After you are done shaving me, I am rock hard and begging for a warm mouth to envelop my cock. At first, you do not satisfy my need for oral sex, but after some slow stroking with your hand, you finally give in and give my cock the attention it deserves and needs.

You only give me 5 strokes with your mouth, as you chuckle and say to me, “You get more later…. if I find you deserving enough. “

“Thank you Mistress. ” is how I respond. With that, you tell me to turn around so my head is now at the corner of the foot of the bed. You blindfold me so my other senses are now heightened. I lay there for what seems like an eternity, but is only 15 seconds.

After that eternity, I sense someone standing over me. I feel your pussy decend on my face and am f***ed to lick your moist pussy. From there you find out exactly how good I feel I am at giving oral sex. My tongue flicks up and down your lips and eventually I find your throbbing clit and flick my tongue up and down; slowly at first, then I increase the tempo. After only 1 minute, which you have been timing, you remove yourself from my face.

“May I have more of you Mistress?” I beg.
“What makes you think you deserve it?” is your response. I do not respond because I don’t want to endanger my chances of giving you the release that I know you are craving deep down.
“On your knees, bitch. ” you order me. I comply with no hesitation. “Head down, ass up, boy. ” I obey, again, with no hesitation.

Again, time seems to crawl when all of a sudden I feel a sharp sting on my left ass cheek along with a loud crack. My brain finally puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that I’ve just been smacked with something. As my mind is absorbing this, another sharp sting and loud smack, this time on my right ass cheek. I cringe in pain as I was not expecting this.

You glance over to the dresser table/TV area to where the toys that I have brought with me are waiting patiently to be put into action.

You choose a toy, I have no idea which one, at first. You lube up my ready and willing ass and proceed to ease that toy into my ass. From the minute that toy goes balls deep, I know which one it is: the Scene Stealer. Two and a half inches of girth and 10 inches of insertable length that I take without even a single moan. You slowly pull it out, and re-insert it balls deep.

I begin to moan with pleasure as you increase the speed with which you fuck me.

A knock at the door. I cringe because I do not know what is happening. “It’s about time. ” Is your response to this (apparently welcome) interuption.
“Mistress, who is it?” I ask.
“You’ll find out” is all you say. “On your back, and head to the foot of the bed…now!” you order me
“Yes Mistress.

I hear the door open and close quickly. A few minutes go by and all of a sudden I sense someone/something hovering over my face again. A hand caresses my face, softly, but I can tell right away, it’s not your hand. The hand finds my mouth and fingers find their way into my mouth. After some 10-15 seconds, the fingers are replaced by something else; a rock hard cock. This is the first time I’ve had a cock in my mouth and I am unsure of what to do.

You sense my aprehention and calm me with your silky voice. As you talk, the cock in my mouth works it’s way further in. The position of your voice has changed as you give my pointers as to what to do. In an effort to help me with giving head to a guy, you begin again to give me head. “See, this is how it’s done. “

I remain blindfolded as I am rolled back over, but am now standing at the foot of the bed bent over.

This “mystery man” slips on a condom and begins to jam his cock in my ass. As I’m bent over, ass up, head down, you slide closer to my mouth so that I can satisfy you as I’m being pounded. I feel the cock throbbing inside of my ass when he stops balls deep in my ass. I moan with pleasure from 2 different ends; 1, from my ass being pounded hard and 2, from your now dripping wet pussy juices flowing onto my tongue.

After 15 minutes or so of having my ass pounded, the man behing me pulls out, tears off the rubber, and jams his cock back inside to shoot his load deep in my ass. I grunt with acceptance and relief that the man has had his release, and by now, so have you; at least 1 orgasm from you, Mistress. The man pulls out his now flaccid cock and has me clean it off for him.

As I proceed to do this, you have grabbed yet another toy and the instant my lips are wrapped around his cock, you jam that toy deep in my ass. Not softly, no, with pure f***e. You continue to fuck me for at

least 10 more minutes as I continue to suck “mystery man’s” not becoming hard again, cock. You remove the dildo from my ass and have me lay down on the bed.

As I get settled, I feel something slide over my cock. A condom. I now feel someone climb on top of me. This someone is you, Mistress. You ease my cock into your willing pussy
and begin to ride. As I fuck you, I hear another condom wrapper being torn open and feel even more weight on top of me. Our “guest” has decided to join in the fun as he enters you from behind, burying himself balls deep in your tight ass.

With every stoke of his cock, I feel it against mine. You moan in pleasure filled pain from the hard DP that you are now receiving. You must know I’m close to blowing my load because you order our guest to get off you and to take my place on the bed. “Climb aboard, bitch. ” you say to me. I do as I’m told and mount his throbbing cock. As I move up and down upon 8.

5 inches of rock hard flesh, you place your face right above my cock so I get an ass full of cock and you get a mouth full of my cock. It does not take long at all for me to blow my load deep down your throat. As I blow my load, our guest blows his load, again after removing the condom so he can breed my hole. I pull myself from his still throbbing cock and again, clean him off.

As I clean his cock, you are preparing your next surprise for me. More lube hits my now open hole and I hear the sound of what I think is a glove being put on. That, in fact, is exactly what it is. I continue to suck our guest’s cock, while you jam your fist into my open ass. As you finally get all 5 fingers in and hold at your wrist, I moan in pleasure.

I pull off of his cock because my mind is elsewhere now. Our guest now proceeds to give me head while you continue to work your hand and forearm deeper into my ass.

It doesn’t take long for me to cum again, this time down the throat of our guest. As I cum you begin to punch fuck me which just increases my pleasure. As you pull your fist from my gaping ass, you take a picture to save as a reminder of what a good fuck I was.

The door opens and closes. You remove my blindfold and allow me to see you for the first time since starting our little endeavor. I stand and gently suck each of your nipples, then move my way down to your pussy and give it 1 or 2 last licks and flicks of my tongue. We shower together and wash each other off. You take my Fat Man plug an jam it into my still gaping hole and tell me to drive home with that plug in and do not remove it for at least an hour.

We get dressed as if nothing ever happened and leave the room together. We meet in the parking lot and exchange phone #’s and say to each other that we have to do this again.

I give you a little peck on the cheek, load up my car and head back home. The whole way back my mind can’t stop thinking about what has just happened and setting a date for our next encounter.


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