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me and wife never knew my mate was bisexual

me and ann had been married at the age of 18 and where now both 32 and we had experimented and loved to set up scenarios with people we knew and had fantasised off fucking
this night we had been clubbing and invited two couples and a girl we knew back to ours outside i met an old workmate and his mate and he asked if they could come back ann said yes wispering to me my mate allan was sexy even though he was about fifty i told her he had been to a swingers club liz fell out with john and he vanished as liz said he was probably away with some tart as i said to her never as she was so sexy she replied saying not to him he has not touched me in weeks liz was about 5ft 6 with long straight black hair a curvy size 12 with lovly tits and nipples when hard and visible and ann and me had said how horny it would be to try get her to fuck me
i said to liz at ours i thought john would be fucking her every chance he had saying i would laughing she said even when they do fuck he wants to fuck our neighbour i said we also played games like that liz asked who i fantasised of saying wisper it so i said i would love to kiss and stroke her saying ann got horny also thinking of that we joked and i went to see ann telling her later ann and liz sat giggling as liz went to the loo ann wispered she thought liz may be up for it about 4 30 most had crashed out and ann showed liz a room for her to sleep saying she was off to bed wispering to liz as they laughed going to the loo i popped in to ann and she told me she said to liz she could fuck me saying to her i noticed her and allan getting close saying i will get him to fuck her
i went to him and said he could fuck her discreetly as i went to my office and put porn on having a joint liz came in and laughed asking for a joint as we smoked talking as i said about the girl in the porn saying how sexy she was telling her how her see through lacy panties did it for me showing her hairy bush liz asked if i liked hairy pussies and said the hairier the better asking if she was smooth
she said she was to hairy saying she hung out the side of her panties i said john is lucky saying next he will be saying she talks dirty laughing saying to her it was my ideal woman and likes kissing a lot saying ann does not kiss much liz said like john i said to her fancy a quick snog liz said ann will go nuts
i told her she would be ok with it if she found out saying to her to sit on my lap as i took her hand pulling her over as she showed no resistance and sat with her legs over the side of me as i kissed her licking her lips and probing her mouth with my tongue she held me kissing me hard as i ran my hand up her thighs saying she was sexy feeling her flesh above her stockings and rubbing her crotch witch was so wet fingering her i told her to go to the room and as we stripped i fucked her for two hours then went back to my office where allan was watching porn wanking with his trousers at his ankles and top of he was a hairy guy he was sniffing poppers and gave me some it was then i noticed it was gay porn he had on saying did i like cock i said to him dont tell ann please he said the porn reminded him of the wank he had to me as he stroked his fat cock passing poppers telling me he would tell me to suck him sliding in and out slowly telling me to imagine it i got horny and took poppers as i sat down closing my eyes feeling him take my hand putting it on his hard cock it was solid and very thick as he gave me poppers i thought of it in my mouth getting horny saying to him he asked could he put it in my mouth i said ok as he eased in and out slowly saying to me yes my darling suck me so horny sucking him he said yes its good saying he cums fast if his balls get rubbed saying rub them you want my load giving me poppers as i rubbed his huge sack feeling him stiffen saying here it is as he came in my mouth.

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