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Me And My Gf In Bangalore Lost Our Virginity

Hi all I’m Raj today m going to narrate my first sex story with my gf Munu (her nick name) which happened in July 2012. I’m a average guy with a dick of 6” and she had boobs of size 36. I and my gf were from North East India, she was studying in Tamil Nadu and me in Bangalore. We were in a relationship for 5 months. We decided to have sex as we used to have phone sex.

So she came to Bangalore, I went to railway station to pick her up. She was wearing salwar kamez was looking damn hot. We drove towards my home in my 2 wheeler she held me tightly so that I could feel her boobs. We reached home. After we reached I showed her my home (rented) Then I proceed to kiss her to which she responded well. I gave her a tight hug and grabber her in my arms.

Then we smooch for 10mins we were just lost in our selves. After smooching I took her to my bedroom I pushed her in the bed and again started to smooch tough it was our first time but we were behaving as if we were experience due to our knowledge we got from ISS and other porn sites.

After smooching, I touched her big boobs; she gave a low moan. I asked if I can remove her dress to which she just smiled and I got the green signal.

I initiated to remove her dress. She was there in bra; a white color. I just UN-hooked it and there was the big melons I grabbed the right boob and sucked the left boob like a mad dog and she was giving moans aaahhh aaahhhh. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then I started to suck the right boob and hold the left boob. Then I licked her arm pit the mixed smell of her deo and sweat was driving me crazy.

After that I removed her pant she was in her sexy blue panty she was already wet. I immediately removed her panty and started to play with her cleanly shaved pussy. I made an agreement with her that I’ll lick her pussy if it’s clean and does not emit any foul smell. I found her pussy really attractive pink in color clean and no foul smell. I kissed her like anything.

I started to insert my finger to which she responding with moans aaahhhhhhhh.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Raj come on etc. then I started to lick her pussy and she was screaming like hell; in no time she cummed on my face. I licked every single drop the taste of her love juice was incredible. By the time my dick was rock hard. Then I asked her to undress me she immediately took charge of the game undressed me she kissed my nipples. In no time my dick was inside her mouth she was giving me awesome blow job; after few minutes I told m going to cum to which she ignore and I cum in her.

Then we rested for some time and asked if she was ready to which she just smiled I got the green signal. I got into missionary position and started to rub my dick on her pussy. Then I asked her Munu, are u ready she said yes please tear off my virginity. Her words gave me full power; then I tried to insert my dick in her pussy but it was very tight as she was virgin.

Then I put some Vaseline on her pussy as well as on my dick and again started trying to break her virginity; after some try I could insert the tip of my dick; then I gave a big jerk and half of my dick was inside her, she gave a huge scream, tears rolled out of her eyes and asked me withdraw my dick to which I refused.

I slowly started to stroke to and fro she was screaming in top of her voice.

Aaahhhhhaaaa aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then she told that now she is bit comfortable and liking the strokes. But she was screaming in the same way ahhhhh. Aahhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me hard. I kissed her and increased my pace. After fucking for 10-15mins I told her that m going to cum; she asked me cum inside her. In no time I cummed inside her. She hugged me tightly and said Thank you. After that I withdraw my penis from her pussy my penis became red with her bleed there was also bleed in my bed, I felt really awesome as I fucked my virgin gf Munu.

Her pussy was dripping bleed and my sperm and her cum as well.

Then we rested for some time and asked her how she is feeling. Then we precede to the bathroom we to take bath. We were all naked. I started to put soap all over her body in her pussy in her boobs. Then she took the soap and put on me. We were under the shower and were enjoying every moment; I ask her bend down so that I can fuck her in doggy position.

I fucked her in doggy position and again released full load inside her. She was using abusing words like fuck me bastard, make me pregnant etc. We hugged each other for long under the shower. Then we wiped each other’s body I kissed her fresh clean pussy it was no more virgin. Then she wanted to dress up to which I refused but she begged me so I just allowed to wear only a short and sleeveless tee without any bra panty.

Then we ordered her favourite food. She was with me for 2 days and we didn’t waste time in roaming around we just fucked, fucked and fucked each other. After that she visited Bangalore 3 more times and the other story will be posted soon depending on your feedback.

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