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Me And My Dad Marry My Aunt And Her Daughter

I am going to tell about how my dad fucked my hot married aunt while my mom watched. Well this story took place when I was studying in class 12. My aunt who had a 18 year old daughter had come to stay with us during the vacation. She was very much depressed these days since her husband was an alcoholic and I later came to know that she hadn’t been fucked in ten years.

She was one hot piece. I still wonder how come my uncle never wanted to fuck her. Since her daughter was also in hostel she thought it better to stay with us. Things went on normally. Everyday my dad used to fuck my hot mom. One night when I woke up to go to the bathroom I heard sounds from my parents sound and I knew that they were humping each other. But what surprised me was that my aunt was peeping through the keyhole and was fingering her pussy.

I then realized that she was hungry for a cock.

After they stopped she went back to her room. The same thing continued for many days. During these days her attitude towards my father changed. She used to always to show off her cleavage whenever he was around and her nightgowns were always loosely worn. I always used to fantasize her on top of my father. One day when I was studying I heard low voices and I decided to snoop.

It was my aunt talking to my mom. She was saying how her husband stopped fucking her ten years ago and how she wanted to leave him. She also told that she wanted to have sex with my dad and if possible marry him. My mom was surprised but later even she felt that was a good idea. So she told my aunt that she would talk that night. My aunt was very happy.

Later that night, I found my aunt again peeping. The next day, my dad took a day off and my mom asked me to go out for a movie. I knew their plan so I said OK. But actually I went to the back of our house to where the ventilation to my parent’s bedroom opened. I removed the glass slabs. No one was there. I thought they must be enjoying in the hall or the other room.

But then my dad entered. He was wearing only his inner. After a few minutes, my aunt came with my mom accompanying her. My mom went and sat on a chair while my aunt went to the bed and sat on my dad’s lap. They stroked each other and then lip locked. Meanwhile my mom had spread her thighs and was rubbing her panties. Then my dad slowly started removing her blouse and sari.

She was wearing a white bra. Her delicious breasts were oozing out of the bra.

He started to run his hands all over her body. He then removed her petticoat. Her pink panties were already dripping wet. He unhooked her bra and started sucking on her pink nipples. He slid his other hand inside her panties and started to rub her. She was letting out soft moans. My mom’s chair was already white with her fluid.

My dad then threw her on the bed and started squeezing her breasts. He then took out his cock and rubbed it between her breasts. He then sat on top of her breasts and inserts his cock inside her mouth. She began sucking it. He then came inside her mouth and she drank it all. Now he removed her completely wet panties and threw it to my mom who began smelling it.

He then began licking her love hole and then started tongue fucking her.

She came all over his face. He then stroked her pussy with his cock and then slowly inserted it. She gave out a loud cry since it was tight. He then began moving up and down. She was giving out moans and he began fucking her faster. My mom had a third orgasm. He then took her in the doggy style and began fucking her. Her titties were shaking vigorously and he caught hold of it.

He then licked her ass hole. Once it was well lubricated her inserted his cock in one go and began fucking her.

After one hour my mom also joined in the action and they had an amazing threesome. Then after three hours of hot sex, they collapsed on the bed. I then went to a nearby shop and then went home after some time. They acted normal. That night I went to see what my aunt was doing but she wasn’t there in her room.

Instead my mom was there. I then realized that my aunt was with my dad. So for two weeks they had amazing sex whenever they got a chance. My aunt then went back to her house. But after a week she came back. She said that she had divorced her husband and since we had no other relatives, she had come to stay with us. Her daughter would also leave her hostel and would join us in a week.

That night when I peeped through my parent’s room, I could hear that they were talking. When I listened I found out that my dad was going to marry my aunt. I was very excited. The next morning they told me. I told that I already knew of it. So next week when my cousin came we went shopping for new dresses and then they got married at a temple nearby. When we went home, my parents and my new mom cum aunt went to the bedroom to celebrate first night.

While we were talking my cousin said that I should also marry my mom and her mom. I asked her if it was possible. She said I could ask my dad. I said OK.

The next morning when I asked my dad, he said he was fine with the idea. He also said that he was going to marry my cousin. So that day we all went to the temple and I married my mom and my aunt and my dad married my cousin.

We went home happy that day. I went to the bedroom with my two new wives while my dad went with his new wife cum daughter. That night I had wild sex with my wives. I fucked both of them for hours until they were tired. The next day I fucked my cousin as well. Now most of the time, we don’t wear any dress while we are home. We always fuck each other.

Now all three of them are pregnant but we still have sex.

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