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Me and mom

I was on my way home Friday night at about close to midnight when I received a call from my mom.
My mom loves to smoke weeds. Mom ask me if I can get her some weeds , she forgot buy some earlier in the day from Marijuana Ckub store. She has medical marijuana card.

I went to see one of my buddy who has connection and get some for her before I stop at her house.

I arrived at her house and went straight to her room and gave her what she ask for.

Mom want me to spend the night with her, because it was to late night. I take her invitation and changed my clothes and laydown next to her in bed.

We smokes and talks and watch porn video.

Out of the blue, mom asked me a silly questions as we watch a video son eating his mother pussy.

Honey, do you like eats pussy……..?

Yeah, lol. Why mom ?

I have Been married to your dad for forty something years, but not once he eat my pussy. He said it’s dirty. but he enjoyed and loves for me to suck his cock.
And I loves the taste of your dad cum in my mouth……….

That bitch pussy so lucky got licks by her own son ( referring to video we watched).

Mom, you too can be a lucky bitch if you wants me eats your pussy………( I laughed and smile).

Yea right, you are my son…… only happen in the movies. Mom said.

So, if I am not your son, you let me eats your pussy at this very minutes?

Maybe……….., mom laugh.

I look at my mom nighty………, she is wearing see through nighty.

Mom wear nothing under her nighty.

Mom, forget the fact I am your son. The bottom line is you never experiences your pussy being licks and eats.

And you don’t know how it feels mom.

I made Joanna cumms and having many orgasms when i eats her pussy. And she moaned louds when she cumms.

Mom paused, smoke her weed and continued watching video.

I silent , and continued watching the video also.

Honey, if I let you eats my pussy, promises me not to tell anyone’s,and don’t ask me to fuck. I am your mother remember…..

Off course. Why would I do that, telling people I eats and fuck my mom pussy.

Mom silent …………….

I moved closer to mom thigh, mom closed her eyes as I uncovered her pussy from her nighty…….

I rub mom pussy up and down slowly for a few minutes…….., I than spread her pussy lips and saw my mom pussy glossy.

Mom pussy wet from me rubbing her pussy with my palm.

I stick my index finger inside her wet pussy. Mom moaned a little…….

I stick my tongue inside mom pussy and began eating her out slowly and gently………….

Less than a minute, mom cumms……….., I continued eating her out, brushed my tongue up and down her pussy.

Mom screams , moaned and calling my name many times.

I eats my mom pussy for more than 30 minutes…….., the bed spread now wet from her lovely cumms.

I stopped , and stick my 1 finger inside her pussy and began finger fucking her, mom love it very much. I stick 1 more finger and another finger. Now 3 fingers fucking her. Mom going wild, pulling my hair and her body moved like a worms.

I stop pleasing her pussy and laydown next to her for a breaks.

Oooh honey that was fantastic ……………..

Mom saw the bulge in my underwear, and said:” I see you have a hard on ………. , honey!”

Mom slid her hand and grabbed my cock. Mom eyes were wide open as she discovered my cock is huge.

Oooh my god. How big is your cock honey? I know is a way bigger than your dad, mom can tell you that,

I don’t know.

Mom removed my underwear to see how big exactly my cock was.

Mom lower her head and put my cock in her mouth and began sucking it.

Mom enjoyed sucking and licking my cock……………

I never have a big cock in my mouth……….

You never have one in your pussy either mom………, I said and smile.

It is your if you wants………,and your pussy have double pleasure.

Noooooo, honey. Mom stop sucking my cock and continued with her statement. I let you eats pussy and not fucking my pussy.

Mom than back laydown next to me.

Honey, I likes how you eats my pussy, but I can’t have you fuck me.

I am your mother, your dad fuck me and made you from fucking my pussy.

Yea you right……. ,I said.

I get up and kneel in between my mom pussy with my hard cock pointed.

Honey, what are you doing’?

Mom covered her heavenly hole with both of her hands.

I removed her hands, and stick my hard cock inside her pussy lip.

Mom beg me to,pull it out…….., but I ignored.

Slowly I stick my cock in her heavenly hole.

Mom eyes were wide open and both of her hands grabbed the bedspread

Oooooooh my god you have a big cock honey.

Please I beg you to pull it out.

Slowly and gently I stroke my cock in and out her pussy………….

Mom stop resisting, Honey please fuck mommy slowly…………

Ooohhhh my god. Your cock bigger than your daddy. Mommy love it ……

I loves your pussy mom, is warmth and tight.

Of course, your dady often fuck this pussy……and your cock is well big.

I continued fucking my mom, made her cumms many times.

After more than 1 hour of fucking my mom, I stop and llaydown rest next to her.

Mom than lower her head and began sucking my cock and taste her own pussy from her cumms and mine.

My cock well hard , I ordered my mom to sit on me.

She grabbed my hard cock and guided to her pussy hole, and lower her body and we began fucking again.

It want take that long, mom cumms again and again and again.

We fuck all night long until day break.

Before I leave home, I fuck her again in the garage.

Mom suggest me to move back in again with her and let me sleep in her room when my dad is away.

Mom said, if your dad home, you moved back in to your room and be a good son.

When your dad is away you are my husband , because you fill his duty as a husband, which is fucking me and other.

These went well, until one unfortunate day my dad went home early and caught us fucking in the living room.

The funniest about it , my dad did not catch us in the first day. He is been knowing knowing for awhile but never say a word we fucking,but watching.

My dad enjoyed watching me fucking his wife or my moms. He made video uf us fucking ……and watching it at work.

I am no longer sleep alone in my room when my dad at home, my dad let me fucks my mom at any given day I feel and also mom, she lwill open her pussy and have me fuck her anywhere in the house. I sleep with parents and we both fucking my mom.

I have the freedom to fuck my mom 24/7.

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