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Me and Ashley: The Rain Stormy Fucknight

I was working for a 24 hour convenience store in a gas station, as cashier, my shift was the night, from 10pm to 6am.
Usually the night shift is so empty after midnight, because people comes more from 10pm to midnight.
The gas station is in the same block area of where the building i live in is, so is easy for me to go and get back to the work, if i need to catch up anything, just 3 or tops 4 minutes tops walking from my work to home.

Was in early march, the end of summer season, still rain a lot.

During the night, after midnight, my girlfriend Ashley, come in the the small convenience store i work in, my boss ( the manager ), said earlier i must shut down the convenience store, because the rain was heavy and the storm strong, with a blackout, yes the lights went off, and with no power the cashier can´t work so is impossible to register the sellings.

I let Ashley come in because she is my girlfriend, she was so wet due the rain and was knocking on the entrance door of the convenience store yelling my name, asking to get in.
I was wearing a mini skirt jeans and a yellow top ( the same clothes you see in my albums in some of my pics ), it´s summer clothes, the weather so hot.
Ashley was desperate to come in and i opened the door and saw her so wet and her hair dripping water, her clothes too wet, i couldn´t left her out, and i said her > ” Ash, oh my god, what happened to you ? “, she said, “i was going to your home Lis ( my name is Lisa but Asley call me as just Lis ), and the storm got stronger and i knew you work at this gas station, so i´ve decided to stop by, the doorman at your building told me you weren´t at home”.

I opened the door, got a towel to help her get together and feel warmer and i let her inside the store, i told her she can get any drinks she wants and also snacks, i wouldn´t let my girlfriend at her worse, what else i could do..

Ashley got vodka, the skyy vodka brand, iced, and a candy lolipop to suck while she is with me in the store and we are talking to each other, sitted behind the counter, on the floor, the rain doesn´t stop and the lights are still off, at this time Ashley´s clothes, was drying but slowly, i pulled Ashley´s top out also her skirt out too, to she not get a cold due the wet clothes.

We were talking and drinking skyy vodka, we were in the third dose, Ashley just in her bra and panties and her socks, she took off her boots toobecause was so wet…. at this time i kissed Ashley and she kissed me back, was long tongue kiss, and so in love, i start to touch Ashley´s boobs and noticed how she was horny because her nipples were very hard…Ashley was still with her lolipop ( cherry flavour ), in her mouth, Ashley slowly touch my pussy through my panties under my jeans skirt knew i was horny too and was dripping wet, she rubbed my clit and started to take off slowly….

i was touching Ashley´s boobs ( at this time Ashley was with her bra off ), i was kissing her, tongue kiss and also sucking her nipples…..Ashley took my skirt off and slowly taste my pussy lips licking and knew i was dripping wet, very horny…i said oh gosh Ash, don´t stop, i was moaning and it loudly and Ashley slide her cherry lolipop into my pussy…that was heavenly, the lolipop is still iced and my pussy got wetter…Ashley slide off the lolipop and lick and suck it and said > hummmmm your pussy taste like cherry Lis….

hummmmm < Ashley repeat it like 3 or 4 times , with her face onto my pussy and her hand on my boobs…..she made me cum two times, and Ashley said > Good Girl, give me the taste of you, to me have and swallow it < ….

The rain continues and it is now after long minutes, the store still shut…at this time me and Ashley just wearing bra and panties, and the hair just like crazy, like we roll in bed for hours, fucking and very naughty…

My boss knocked the door and i went attend him and let he in the store, he said > you can go home, we will stay close till next morning, the storm might not stop, so is useless to work tonight < … i call Ashley, she came out from behind the counter, just in bra and panties, and nothing else just like me, and my boss was seeing two girls ( me and Ashley ), just in bra and panties outdoors…he said we could go home, my boos smiled, he was a bit happy seeing us this way, but didn´t touch us, we start to run throughout the gas station on the way to my home, i asked Ashley to sl**p in my place tonight, we were a little d***k and laughing, by now we are running on my street on the sidewalk, the rain didn´t stop, we two just in bra and panties, no skirt and top, we noticed we forgot it inside the 24 hour convenience store behind the counter, we would get it in the next day……this night was amazing, we entered my building and running like crazy and when inside home we went to my room and just dropped in the bed, we were tired but very happy that we fucked like two crazy…….

i still miss that night with Ashley, my favorite of all.

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