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me and a friend

sorry about the spelling
no name will be said thru out this

about a month ago are girlfriends broke up with us around week a part so we hanging out at my place and talking but the girls and when we where talking about the girls we realize hoe horny we where so we hear about the lady lager from a friend that’s said he bought one and it’s work its better then your hand he said so we finger we should buy one each so we went online to look at them we ended up liking what we seen it was 60 bucks for one so we each broke out the visa and order them with lube.

we waited a week for them to come in when they came in we finger it worth a try so he when’t to the bath room I whent to my room to give to new toys a try there where great we said to one and then the a their we used them about 4x that day. the next day came and he come over to my house after work we where seating on the chouch and deside to order a pizza while we waiting on the pizza we started to watch a movie about half way thru the movie the pizza showed up we eat the food and the movie was just about over but on the movie there was a seen where it was a bi seen and it started the topic off he said what if we went bi cuz guy are always wiling to get laid I said yea we are but both of us have never done anything like this before except a 4some with are girls so we knew what we had for cocks already look like we end up saying maybe but not now but the maybe the next time we get d***k to getter.

a few days have pass and its now the Friday night I whent to the beer store and grab a 28 of Canadian beer 5. 0 vol I wasn’t a specking him to come over that night cuz he said he had some f****y thing to do. so I got home and his car was in the driveway when I pulled in he was still in the his car I got out with the case of beer and he oh your drinking tonight eh I said yea just a few thou hes I grab a case too well I guess we are getting d***k tonight then eh he said yes he was depress on his girl leaving him they been to getter for 3 and half years I said well lets go inside order some food and we will talk before we start drinking so we were talking and he said life was getting hard for him today was his last day of work I said that’s shity dude what are you going to do he said I have to move out of his place and his mom said he can live with her but he said I prefer not to i’ll have privte time for myself if you know what I mean well I said theres a emety room here if u want it.

he thanked me and said i’ll take if u don’t mind but I cant pay in tell my e. i starts up I said n. p I takes about a month for it to start’s he’s like what do u want a month for rent this month don’t worry about you have to pay your insurance on your car take care of that. back to the story well we ate and strated to drink the beer we where about 6 in each and started talking about the bi thing aging and how far we would go and what not he started by saying I think I would go as far as taking it in the ass but maybe not suck your dick I would and kissing and stroking you off what but u he said how far would u go then I told him the truth I would go all the way cuz I had a gay expairnce when I was younger he was for real I said yes but only once.

he was I have something to tell u to I have had one too I was like so we have both had once eh yep he said now we are about 14 in maybe 16 starting to fell it real good now we look at one their and we started to kiss for a sec we broke apart and said wow I never thought we would do this in a million years then we started kissing aging and then started to take off are closes first are shirts and then we started kissing and lick one ethier body It was getting hotter in here then the pants came off we both had have chubs at that time from kiss and licking are body’s putting are hand on aren legs and move up and down to are cocks fine pulling down are boxers and are cock came out into view he was about 8″ cut I was about 7 1/2″ cut we started to stroke cocks then we both look at echere and said 69 we both said yea as we where sucking are cocks for abit we jerk echere off aging I look a him and said will u fuck me he said sure I grab some lube and came back in the room he said bareback or condom well condom so he put on the condom and whent to town on my ass then jizz he said to me do u want to do the same to me sure I said so I put on the condom and did the same to him and jizz.

ever sent then we have been there for sex when we need it.

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