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Mature man seeks mature woman who loves sex

Erotic fantasy plays a big part in my sex life and sharing fantasies
with a like-minded lover is a pleasure that is so wonderful, so thrilling,
it’s almost beyond description. I’m looking for a very special woman who
has the same interests. A woman who would love — no, a woman who would
adore — to indulge in all forms of sexual fantasies about children, with
very, very few limits, if, indeed, any at all.

Does the idea of making love, having sex, fucking, masturbating, and
talking openly and freely about children excite you? Is your heart racing
as you read this? If it is then it’s just possible that you might be the
woman I’m looking for.

I’m looking for a real life, romantic relationship with a single woman,
who lives in the UK and shares my passion for child fantasies.

You may
think it’s rather shallow to look for love based on something like this,
but sex plays a very big part in our lives and if, like me, you really
enjoy perverted child fantasies, then it’s entirely possible that we’ll
have lots of other things in common too. Why not?

In my dreams the woman I’m looking for loves reading erotic child sex
stories and loves masturbating while dreaming of children having sex and
being used in all sorts of different imaginary situations and scenarios.

The more perverse and depraved the fantasy, the more it turns you on — and
yet, even the simplest of things, like imagining kissing a child, can drive
you wild.

Well doesn’t it? It’s so sweet, so vanilla, but just because you enjoy
the more extreme perversions, it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t enjoy
the eroticism of sweet and simple things too.

Can you imagine kissing an
eight year old? Mouths open, lips hot, tongues probing — the child
willing, horny, aroused.

There’s no rush. There’s plenty of time to get the bondage equipment
out later. We can take our time. There are no limits, except those set by
our own imaginations. Is your pulse racing?

So, would you like to have a special male friend who will write erotic
stories about children just for you? Just the way you like them? Would
you enjoy a caring, loving relationship with someone who, in bed, can take
you to the deepest depths of depravity simply from the thoughts we share
and the words we whisper excitedly into each other’s ears?

To us it’s like a d**g, it’s the most thrilling and exciting thing we
could ever dream of, and yet everything we do is entirely legal and safe.

All we’re doing is secretly sharing our perverted fantasies. We’re two
adults, and no one else is involved except the characters we create in our
fertile imaginations. Characters whose ages are more often defined by
single digits than two. By numbers like 9, 8, 7…

When we’re alone together nothing in our secret fantasy world is off
limits and our appetite for sharing and exploring our desires together is

We can be oh, so very depraved with our shared thoughts and

If you’re interested and want to know more then email me. I know you’re
out there somewhere. My special lady. My perverted soul mate. Come to
me. You want it as much as I do, and I’m here for you — waiting.

Ultimately I’m looking for a woman who wants a real life relationship.

I’m looking for love, for a caring relationship, or at the very least a
very special friendship. At first we can take our time getting to know
each other by email, by chatting online, and then on Skype or on the phone.
Phone sex can be so much fun.

Let’s indulge our fantasies together! If you’re anything at all like me
then that thought will be thrilling to you.

I can fill your fantasy world
with lots and lots of boys and girls, and just the way you like them, all
mixed up with very, very perverse thoughts and ideas. What are you waiting

All I ask is that you don’t write to me and suggest anything at all that
might be i*****l. All I’m looking for is a woman to share my fantasies

A simple pleasure, yet to me an immesnsely exciting, yet legal one.

I’m friendly, caring, reasonably intelligent and have a very laid back
attitude to life. I have a broad range of interests that include, cooking,
eating out, going to the pub, being with friends, history, travel, the
seaside, walking in the country, reading, cinemas, science, writing…

The woman I’m looking for will also be friendly, caring and intelligent.

Looks and age are unimportant. I’m more interested in your perverted mind,
although you will also have a nice personality, and, like me, a wide range
of interests. I’m 52, but you can be older or a bit younger.

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