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Introduction: Radha, a lifelong friend and neighbour has hidden feelings toward her massage therapeut Radha is a long time friend and neighbour. I’ve known her and her husband and her daughter Sharmila for more than twenty years. They moved into my neighborhood when I was around seven years old. Sharmila had just been born. My mother used to send me over with cookies and fresh baked pastries. It was her way of welcoming our new neighbors.

Through the years, our families became almost as one. But, as I grew older, I developed other interests and didn’t spend as much time at Radha and Hari’s house as I had when I was in middle school.

It wasn’t until they found out I was going to massage school. They looked forward to me coming over and practicing my talents on them. Sharmila was off in college by then and Radha and Hari enjoyed having me there; sometimes twice a week.

They kept asking if I needed more practice. Even though I couldn’t use them for my practice hours for school credit, I never refused. I used to give massages on a regular basis to both Radha and Hari; more often to Radha than Hari. On many of these occasions Radha seemed more relaxed when Hari was not there. One thing that always sticks in my mind is the fact that Radha was much less modest about displaying her 38D firm breasts when she was alone with me.

They were smooth and flawless tight globes of flesh with scrumptious tan colored areolas. Sometimes when she got cold, her nipples shot right up into my eyes. My dick would be pounding inside my pants. I never thought it could be anything more. They made me feel like family; like the son they never had.

Radha would purposefully tug the sheet down to her waist to exhibit her wares when Hari was not home.

She knew it had an arousing affect on me. The first time she did this I tried covering her up. As I did, I couldn’t help myself from saying, “Radha, you have such beautiful breasts. I envy Hari. ”

I could feel my face rapidly warm. “I wish Hari appreciated them as much as you seem to,” she said, as she pulled the sheet back down to her waist. I didn’t pull it back up.

Radha caught me every time my gaze drifted to her breasts. It was hard not to notice her nipples harden as I massaged the front of her. Just as I was finishing a light massage on her tummy, she said, “Pete, would you like to touch them?” With a lump in my throat, I stuttered, “Radha, I don’t know if I should. It doesn’t seem right. You’re almost like a mother to me. ”

“I want you to touch my breasts, Pete.

” “Well, if it’s O. K. with you. ” My hands automatically were drawn from her tummy to her breasts. I didn’t just touch them. I began to massage them, softly squeezing the firm flesh. Turning and kneading each breast with both hands and finally finishing off of each hardened nipple with several twists and tugs. I couldn’t believe how much Radha was thrilled by that upper body treatment. Her breathing became a little faster and a smile spread across her face.

“Pete, that felt so nice!”

On successive visits alone with Radha, she always requested the same type of massage as the previous ones. She felt more comfortable now with no sheet at all. She would lie on my table with only her panties. I became comfortable with this also. Too relaxed, because on almost every session, I found my hands moving closer and closer to that furry mound when doing her tummy.

My fingers did brush across the top of her bush several times.

My hands continued up her legs further than ever. The atmosphere had changed. There was an aroma of sexual excitement in the room. Radha’s nipples were peaked and her crotch had become damp on these later sessions. Radha moaned a lot and was very satisfied. She never stopped me from moving closer and closer to her pussy. She truly enjoyed it.

This went on for several years and then abruptly ceased.

Harold passed away from cancer. He was only in his late 40?s. All massage sessions stopped for almost two years. Around this same time, Sharmila, who had married just out of college, had left her cheating husband of 4 years and moved back home with mother. Sharmila was now about 26, maybe 27 and Radha was still in her 40s not quite to 50 yet.

I was somewhere in the middle like the older brother and the older son.

For an older woman as I thought back then, all women, even one year older than me were considered older women; Radha took good care of her body. She would go to aerobics classes several times a week. She had the body of someone in their mid thirties; nothing was sagging which made it difficult to tell her age.

She was a tall brunette, about 5’ 7” and weighed about 145. Green eyes, an average size nose, and full lips and a perfect smile. Any extra weight she carried was probably in her voluptuous, creamy 38D breasts. She had wide round hips and a bubble butt shaped tight ass and long legs to make her the perfect woman for any man. She had it all.

I never hesitated to go over her house and give her and Hari their monthly massage; or just Radha alone.

Hari on the other hand was just an average guy, average looks, but you don’t want to hear about Hari. Sharmila was a younger twin of her mother. The only differences were a little smaller all around; solid uplifted 38C’s and 130lbs. , same shape except younger and tighter skin. The same green eyes and hair only slightly lighter. She no longer appeared to be too young to play with as she was when we were both kids.

Shortly after Sharmila moved home the massage sessions began again. Sharmila had convinced her mother that she should call Pete and get back on track with the massages she used to enjoy so much. The only difference now, Sharmila joined in and both mother and daughter enjoyed a monthly massage. There were no private massages as in the past. Mother and daughter would usually take turns to see who would go first.

Radha was back to work and Sharmila also worked. Saturdays were their sleep late day and also their massage day.

Usually Radha would go first. I would set up in the dining room as always where the morning sun would pour in. Radha and Sharmila loved to feel the warmth from the sun on their naked skin. Radha had more aches and pains probably from an uncomfortable mattress or maybe just from diminished circulation from age.

So mom usually won the choice of going first. Sharmila really didn’t mind because she was usually out late on Friday night, and slept late anyway. She needed her eight hours.

She also didn’t have to wait long because by the time she would wake up; I’d just about be done with mom. If Sharmila got up early, she would sit around waiting for her turn with just her bathrobe having a cup of coffee, going over yesterday’s mail.

Sometimes she’d sit in the darkened TV room opposite the dining room just relaxing with her coffee. Well last night was no exception; Radha told me that Sharmila was out until 4 this morning so there was no question as to who was going first.

Today for some reason, Radha’s back was unusually tight and sore and she asked if I could do a little extra on her lower back. No problem I told her.

After the basic back side of her massage I returned to her lower back. Her muscles were still very tight so I suggested that I use a massaging vibrator on some of the really tight knots to loosen them up a bit. I use this massager called a magic wand and it sends vibrations very deep into the muscles. Sometimes I even put a towel over the head to reduce injuring any sensitive areas.

It’s that strong.

I was massaging with the vibrator and rocking her lower back and hips at the same time. I asked if she minded if I went just under the top elastic of her panties to massage the top of her buttocks and hips. She agreed and that seem to help. I continued rocking and using my wand because Radha kept saying how nice that felt. I could feel her moving her hips at the same time I was rocking her.

I finished with her back and asked if she would turn over so I could continue the massage. I had to excuse myself because I think I drank too much coffee before I came over. I had to go to the bathroom down the hallway and through the kitchen.

I was saying to myself, “Sharmila must be still sleeping. The TV was off in the living room and she’s not in the kitchen.

” My eyes were still blinded from the bright sunlight. It was possible Sharmila could have been in the TV room, but I didn’t think so. After all it wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet. And I know I don’t get up unless I get my 8 hours.

When I finished washing up in the bathroom, I thought I heard my vibrator, thinking I must have left it on next to Radha. As I approached the doorway to the dining room, the buzzing sound of my vibrator and Radha’s verbalizations of pleasure were undeniable.

Her eyes were closed, legs spread and my Hitachi magic wand was pounding away at low speed against her mound; doing something I didn’t realize it was made for. Before Radha opened her eyes and caught me gawking at her, I quickly backed out of sight to avoid an embarrassing situation, and went back toward the bathroom and made some noise like I was just coming out of the bathroom.

She was still covered with the sheet, so I figured all was back to normal.

After all, it is only natural to have a release when you feel the need. Apparently Radha didn’t have a release. I came back too soon and she was left in a very aroused condition. “Sorry I took so long, I wasn’t feeling well, But whatever it was it went away”. She said “That’s quite all right. I was just relaxing from that great back massage you had just given me”. “I’m glad I could make you feel more relaxed from relieving the tension and stiffness in your lower back.

” I replied. I thought to myself, “The back treatment wasn’t the only thing that helped her relax. ” My dick was becoming aroused. The air was thick with excitement.

In all the excitement and interruptions I forgot to close the dining room door. I started doing the front of Radha’s shoulders with light caressing strokes and then another surprise. She softly said, “Pete, I want you to gently massage my breasts and nipples”.

And before I could comprehend what she was saying, she turned down the sheet to her upper thighs. After the initial shock of seeing her voluptuous breasts and totally aroused nipples, it was like old times. Then I looked down to where the edge of the sheet lay across her upper thighs. I saw that her panties had also been removed and Radha was displaying a neatly trimmed patch of dark fur. She must have done this while I was in the bathroom.

I could feel my cock growing.

I reminded her, “This isn’t kosher you know!” She said “Have you forgotten? Pete, I’ve known you a long time now and I fully trust you to be the gentleman that you are; you are almost family. I’ve missed your gentle caresses. You always made me feel so good. When you are done with my breasts, I want you to touch between my legs. I want you to feel my wetness.

” God, I was stunned, I never heard Radha talk like that. I was already feeling my own wetness. And without thinking I told Radha that I would be honored to fulfill her request. After giving her a long soothing and arousing breast massage, this massage progressed fairly clumsily and quickly.

This isn’t the first time I had ever given anyone an erotic massage, but this was different. This was Radha; this felt like I was massaging my mother.

Somehow it didn’t feel right.

From her upper front massage I went down to her feet and before I began working up her leg, she kicked the sheet off the rest of her. There was Radha lying stark naked. She had been like a mother to me and she has treated me like a son. I never realized she felt this attraction to me. She parted her legs as I started on her right foot and moved her left leg off the edge of the table exposing her vulva.

As I worked up to her thigh, Radha had readjusted her position and moved her legs further apart exposing her wet and sensitive labia and clitoris. She was still very much aroused from my magic wand. The thoughts of ‘wrong’ and ‘mother’ quickly dissolved. The fragrance of excitement clouded my senses. My swollen dripping cock took over the rest of this massage.

When I got to the top of her leg I continued on to her vulva as she requested.

She had been producing a good amount of her own lubricant. When I put a little pressure on her labia she would let out a soft oh Pete that feels good and I could feel her moisture increasing near her lower part of her labia next to her vagina. The aroma of her excitement was intoxicating. I could feel the heat emanating from between her inner thighs as my hands neared her neatly trimmed dark patch of hair.

At this point I knew this mother-son relationship was going to be much closer than I ever could have imagined. My throbbing boner sensed it also.

I went to her right leg and pursued the same movements gently gliding my hands up to her top and inner thigh. Going further than ever before, the palms of my hand on her inner thigh kept rising until the fingers gently drove into her labia.

Drops of slippery moisture oozed between her lips. The palm of my right hand continued up her thigh over her hip bone and circled back across her hair sending torrents of sexual pleasure through her tummy. I watched as she put both hands on her breasts and gave her nipples a little pinch and a twist. She was moaning and groaning from the warm sensations coursing her body. It had been a long time.

I stopped for a few seconds and retrieved a bottle of Astroglide personal lubricant from my bag. It was just the right temperature from being in the sunlight pouring through the large windows. Radha turned to see what I was getting. She had a wide smile of appreciation for my choice of lube. I completely forgot about my throbbing cock pointing at her face as I turned around. I could feel myself reddening, but Radha never said a word about it.

Maybe she didn’t notice. “Yeah, right!” I thought. She let out a soft moan as I dowsed her mound and lips with this warm fluid. It tremendously added to her slipperiness and intensified her pleasure for things to come.

I continued pleasuring her vulva for more than a half hour with special attention to her quite swollen clitoris and lips. Gripping her lips with my slick thumb and fingers, I moved my hand up and down the length of her pinched lips.

Each upward stroke ended with Radha giving a little twitch and an ooh or an aah as my soft liquid covered fingers gently jammed into the base if her swollen clit. Soon it became too intense. The slow pulsing of pleasure every time my fingers returned from their upward slide on her labia to slam against the under side and side of her clit was driving her into convulsions.

She couldn’t take the intermittent stabbing at her clit and begged for me to rub it continuously.

She was on the verge of something her pussy hadn’t felt for years Soft and slow continuous manipulations on her little nub brought her closer. She was shaking and moving her hips. I could see her tensing and releasing. Her breathing became different; she would take a breath and hold it. Her head was moving spastically from side to side. Her hips were moving from side to side and every so often when my fingers slid off her clit toward her hot quivering vagina her butt would lift up to meet them.

I teased her several times by allowing two and three fingers into the outer rim of her steamy opening as she lifted to meet them. Radha needed release. She was having many little shivers and shudders. She was going to come soon. She was going to come hard. I’ve gone this far; I didn’t want to disappoint her

While still massaging her clitoris with my thumb, I slowly spread her slick lips as I inched down to her hot inviting canal.

I gently guided two fingers into her and began slowly ironing out the wrinkles and folds of her vaginal wall while moving my super slippery thumb faster and harder against her engorged clit. Radha was dripping wetness. My pants were not dry either. I was tickling and pinching her nipples with my left hand when her hips came up off the table; her toes curled and she let out a little squeal. She shuddered as she gripped the sides of the table.

I could feel her vagina contracting on my two fingers. She came long and hard. I almost did too. With her vagina contracting and squeezing my fingers I began fantasizing that she would be milking my swollen dick instead of my fingers. I could feel my cock dribbling an immense amount of slippery precum. The tip of my dick was rubbing against the cold wet spot in my sweat pants.

My cock had been oozing precum in a steady stream.

I think I had a few peaks and valleys of arousal giving this massage to my motherly friend. A short while later Radha got up and facing me still fully naked and gave me a big hug and said “Thank you, Pete”. I could feel her warmth from her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were stabbing easily through my T-shirt. I was still feeling a little uneasy having done this. Sharmila could have walked right in-then what.

While Radha still had her arms around me I felt her abdomen moving closer, putting pressure on the huge wet bulge in my pants. My throbbing cock instinctively twitched and I knew she felt it. I could feel my face turning red. “God, I’m gonna get in trouble for this. ” It’s all I could think about.

Then Radha, in a throaty whisper, hissed in my ear, “Fuck me, Pete!” She turned around, still unsteady and waddled toward the table and bent over the end.

Radha spread her legs as wide as she could and said “Pete, come here and do me slow and deep”. That was it; Sharmila was still sleeping; the hell with it I thought. There goes my career. I pulled out the stiffest boner I ever saw. It was throbbing and still dripping precum. Radha grabbed her buttocks and spread her cheeks. What a sight. Her lips still swollen, sweet slippery nectar still flooding her vulva.

Her vagina was gaping open begging me to enter. I couldn’t help myself I was being drawn uncontrollably ever so slowly toward that hot steaming opening. I moved toward her from behind and ever so slowly planted the dripping head of my ready-to-blow penis on her vulva. We were both slippery as I held my thick cock and slid it up and down between her hot smooth slickness. Her lips felt so hot on my cold wet head.

Her labia just about smothered my head rubbing her fluids, my fluids and some remnant Astroglide over it. I almost came just from that.

After thoroughly oiling my head and shaft, I placed my hands on hers and her hips and proceeded deep inside. Radha just let out a pleasant moan when I took her. She was one hot mother. She was tight for a woman her age, but maybe that was due to her workouts at her aerobic classes that kept her in good shape.

Maybe it was from lack of use. Slowly at first I inched my thick cock into her. After several short strokes, I sank my meat all the way to her cervix. She was still having contractions from her powerful orgasm. I had to take my mind off these fantasies. Oh, God was she hot and juicy! It took all the control I could muster to keep from letting go. As I sank my fat cock into her now stretched pussy, she let go of her butt cheeks and gripped both sides of the table.

She held tight as I slowly began to pump. All the way out and all the way in. I didn’t get more than a few strokes before I had to stop. She tried to back in to me on each thrust. Gripping tightly and moaning obscenities and sounds of total lust. My mind was streaming with pleasure. Thoughts of what the future may bring. Radha was squeezing my cock as I stood buried motionless behind her.

This was her Saturday for sure. Once again I had to stop for a few seconds to try and gain some composure before riding her long and slow the way she asked. It wasn’t easy with her hot cunt still contracting; whether from her earlier climax or on purpose. She said deeper and I obliged. My balls were bumping her clitoris making little slapping and sucking sounds. I suddenly felt her vagina tightening around my throbbing pole.

She relaxed and then constricted her slippery tube around me again. She thrust her tight as against my member as she readied herself for the big one. I, at the same time held her hip bones and pulled her toward me to allow me deep entry. She was now gripping the sides of the table, I knew what was coming.

She had about a half a dozen or more huge contractions, I couldn’t bear it any longer watching that gleaming shaft bury itself deep into Radha’s convulsing vagina and pull out with the outer rim of Radha’s vagina still wrapped around the tip.

It gave the impression of being attached to me. It didn’t want to let it go.

As I thought to myself, “Radha my beloved friend and neighbour and mother. ” I gave one last hard and deep thrust and emptied myself deep inside her. I stood motionless gripping her hips tightly as my cock convulsed for several minutes. I can’t remember ever having come so hard or so long. I never knew my dear friend felt this way about me all these years.

With each throb of my ejaculation Radha squeezed me and milked me. She kept squeezing and contracting her vagina on me until I was done. I guess she wanted every drop. I was drained as I slowly withdrew my still semi soft glistening penis from her still pulsing vagina. She slowly backed off the table and turned around and knelt down and open her mouth and and softly took my last few clinging drops in her mouth and then thanked me again.

She put on her robe and went in the kitchen for a coffee.

I was starting to come back to where I was. It was much later than I thought. I was much weaker than I thought also. My legs were still a little wobbly from Radha and I wasn’t sure if I could do another massage so soon. The bright sun had moved from the dining room and into the still some what darkened TV room.

I was thinking. “Is Sharmila still sleeping? She should be up by now. ” While I was cleaning off the table getting it prepared for Sharmila I caught a flash from the corner of my eye in the TV room. It was Sharmila putting her bathrobe back on and the flash was a glistening wet dildo being placed in her pocket. She slipped out the door at the far end of the room. Right then I thought, “Had Sharmila had seen everything right from the beginning when her mother first took my magic wand? By the appearance of that wet slippery toy in her pocket she really enjoyed watching her mother and me.

Perhaps she enjoyed my performance as well. ”

I never let her know that I saw her in the TV room. Radha never knew either. I went for a coffee with Radha in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of Sharmila running back up stairs to her room. She showed herself in the kitchen about ten minutes later and said she was sorry for getting up so late, but she was out late.

Didn’t feel like getting a massage today. I said that’s quite all right and said next time. Radha said, “Thank you so much, Son” as she kissed me and good-bye until next time. Let me tell you about all the next times.

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