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Martha’s Anal Adventure

Not long after sucking Jerry’s cock in public and breaking her commercial sex barrier, Martha agreed with Chad to work the occasional shift in her brothel’s rooms, rather than just at the desk. Most days, she was still behind the front desk, taking money, bringing water and coffee, lighting the cigarettes of customers waiting for their girl to be free. But, on a few occasions, she worked short shifts on quiet days, doing half hour quickie appointments with here-today-gone-tomorrow punters, just passing through town, or occasionally working the gloryhole at the end of the long, red painted corridor, teasing veiny anonymous shafts to sperm-lashing orgasms.

With this little extra work on the side, Martha had a little more cash and a lot more excitement in her life.

On a quiet Tuesday afternoon, Martha was booked as a duo with her friend Sylvia. Sylvia, in her early 40s, was a lesbian who only had sex with men for the money; in her private life, only women held her attention for any length of time. She had kept half an eye on pretty blonde Martha for some time, never expecting much to come of it; younger people didn’t value experience as much as she remebered doing in her 20s.

It would have shocked the older lesbian to know what had been in Martha’s vivid fantasy life; her young collegaue had often masturbated urgently over the thought of Sylvia’s touch, and being probed by her lapping, pierced tongue.

But the customer, who was called Derek, hadn’t paid $300 to hear about inner fantasy worlds. He nodded curtly to the two girls as he entered their room. The room, painted livid red and black, had a full length mirror running along one wall, and on either side of a whirring circular fan that whoofed lazily on the ceiling.

The room was hot and sultry, and Derek sweated a little as he undressed.

“Well, girls”, he smiled as his trousers came off, revealing a bent and stubby shaved cock emerging into a hard on, “let’s see how you get on together. When you feel like it, I will join you”.

Sylvia curved her head onto Martha’s shoulder and the two shared a long, lingering kiss. Sylvia pulled back a peach negligee strap to reveal Martha’s pendulous left breast, and began to circle a finger around her broad, round, swelling nipple.

Responding with a suppressed sigh, the two kissed more passionately and clothes began to be shed. Sylvia was delighted by the hardening, big-aureolad nipples of her partner. Slowly, she pushed Martha back and began to dot a line of kisses from her big tits, down through her belly button and to the top of her underwear. With a soft gliding swoosh, the last piece of clothing was swept away, revealing a thin triangle of blonde hair.

After a few caresses, and with much of her fanstasy becoming true, Syliva, with an excited whimper, began to circle her tongue in a figure of eight around Martha’s glistening clitoris.

The younger lady gasped as successive waves of hardening nerve ending pleasure churned through her. Derek, meanwhile, had seen enough, and with his thickly veined penis full extended, he walked across to the bed, knelt over Martha’s face. He threw his head back, clenching his teeth with excitement, as Martha began to suck him.

Positions changed with increasing rapidity. Her mouth filled with Martha’s salty juices, Sylvia bagn to probe lower and lower down her vulva. Martha turned over, her mouth full of a now reclining Derek’s cock, and shivered with sock and surprise as Sylvia, holding her tight buttocks open, began to probe her ringpiece with her tongue. Sylvia had really turned herself on with her new partners young body, and she wanted to know every part of it.

In this experiemntal and exciting lovemaking Derek, the paying punter, was little more than a pain in the arse.

For Martha, this was about to become true. The young blonde had teased Derek’s dick to a bl**d-surging hardness and he was wary of cumming hard in her mouth, before he wanted to. Derek pulled out, suddenly, and stood up, figuring that he might not last much longer and deciding to break one of his own taboos.

“That was an amazing blowjob, blondie”, he said, his legs wobbling and his face glistening with sweat. “Now, if Sylvia will only stop licking you, I’m going to fuck your arse”.

Martha whimpered. It had been a long time since someone had last f***ed a cock up there- an apathetic old boyfriend occasionally came in her arse once in a while. But that was four or five years ago and it had seen no action since.

Slightly worried, she turned round to Sylvia, who winked and nodded. “Don’t worry” she said with a reassuring smile and wink. “Derek is a gent. “

Martha, not very convinced, turned again to the red headboard at the top of their bed. Burying her head in her crossed arms, she peeked sneakily in the mirror; squirmed as Syliva smeared her bottom with vaseline, making sure her arsehole was as slippy and receptive as it could be.

The experienced lesbian then turned and sucked Derek back to maximum hardness with a few bobs of her head and flicks of her tongue, wanking him with a vaseline smeared hand as she gently tugged him towards the wide open Martha.

Martha turned away from the mirror as she felt Sylvia hold her arse cheeks as far apart as they could go for Derek’s bulging, slippy cock. “Ready Martha?” asked Sylvia, as casually as if she were asking if she wanted milk in her coffee.

Before she could answer, Martha grimaced as she felt the punter’s bulging arrowhead firmly push its way into her bottom, past her protesting and spasming muscles and deeper deeper into her rectum.

Sylvia encouraged Derek, her palms firmly cupping Martha’s spread buttocks. “Come on, boy”, she half shouted, “fuck it. fuck it hard”.

Derek obliged, his flat pelvis slapping rhythmically against Martha’s shuddering arsecheeks. She cried out in pain, then in pleasure.

Waves of nerve-shredded agony were replaced alternately by deep, intense pleasure as the punter quickened his pace and began to drop beads of sweat onto her back. For the watching Sylvia, it was an indescribable thrill to watch Derek’s fat cock pumping in and out of Martha’s slackening arse.

With such a wonderful series of sights and sensations it was no surprise that Derek wasnt going to last very long. In a spasm of pain Martha felt his relentless rhythm quicken to its decisive moment; he pulled out suddenly and screaming incoherently, hurled pointed javelins of thing semen all over Martha’s relieved back and on Sylvia’s upturned face.

“What a fucking” gasped the shocked Derek, his body still convulsed in orgasmic spasms, as Sylvia took the opportunity to taste his cock straighrt from her younger partner’s arse. Derek rubbed the last of his load, marinaded in the taste of Martha’s arse, straight into her mouth.

Most of the time, punts were forgotten by the girls as soon as the ounter had done up his trousers and left in a shamefaced, depressed hurry; this was one of the rare exceptions.

Syvlia and Martha enjoyed causal relations for months afterwards, with the older lesbian broadening Martha’s experiences with many earth shattering oral orgasms and long, lingering, probng, rimming 69s. But the most intense sex they had was still when Sylvia took on Derek’s role, and mercillessly fucked Martha’s bottom with her ten inch strap on, thrilling as her younger partner yelped and her own pelvis slapped on her soft, rhytmically pumping arsecheeks, just as Derek’s had doen the first time they had sex together.

Thanks to Sylvia, and the whim of Derek, Martha began to regard anal more as a pleasure, than something to be endured.

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