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Mark & Sarah part 1

I’d just broken up with my girlfriend of four years. I was completely gutted, I was going to propose. I had come back early from work one day to hear moans and slaps coming from the bedroom… odd, I thought, so I crept quietly up the stairs. Looking through the open door I could see Tina on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her pussy and slapping her arse. She was squealing with delight.

“Bitch” I thought angrily, “you were always so tame in bed with me. “

Next I hear her moan “fuck me in the arse, Jason, you know that makes me cum”. Her lover pulls his cock out of her pussy and drives it straight into her brown hole. I could watch no more, I never got anal, why should he?

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” I shouted as I flung open the door.

Jason was stationary with his cock in her arse, she was wiggling to get away. Eventually he pulled out and there was shit on the end of his small cock (if I wasn’t so angry it would have been hilarious).

Fuming, I said nothing, but picked up their clothes and threw them into the front garden. Jason was wise and didn’t say a word, after visiting the bathroom he walked out sheepishly and got dressed in the street.

Tina didn’t say anything either. She was crying and shaking, covering her boobs and pussy.

“Well?” I asked finally, looking her right in the eyes.


“You might as well tell the whole truth, I’m kicking you out in half an hour. “

“He’s my ex. We’ve been fucking again for about six months. “

“While fucking me too. Is he clean? Are you?”

“I don’t know”

“I’ve heard enough.

You have half an hour. Get your stuff and get out. I’m calling the clinic for an STD check up”.


Gonorrhoea. The bitch and her ex gave me fucking gonorrhoea. After a course of antibiotics I was clean but with the STD and being thoroughly pissed off at Tina, I hadn’t slept with anyone for six months.

My life had slipped completely. I was failing at work, depressed all the time, sleeping badly and eating poorly.

My friends tried to help and eventually persuaded me to come out for a curry on a Friday night. I didn’t feel like it, but it was easier to say yes than to put up with their attempts.

We went out for a curry and despite my intentions, I started to have a good time. They were all making a huge effort to make me smile and eventually I cracked, grinned and couldn’t stop.

There was a cheer from my friends and some disapproving glances from other tables but I was smiling for the first time in months – it was very the****utic.

Having finished our dinner, my friends persuaded me to go to a club. I hate clubbing at the best of times. It’s too noisy, the drinks are mortgage-bustingly expensive and it’s full of the sort of people I don’t like to hang out with.

But they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Through the doors, past the bouncer, £10 lighter from the entrance fee, I was standing on sticky carpets with tasteless, expensive beer in my hand. My mood was dropping rapidly and I had to leave. I didn’t think my friends would notice so I slipped out thinking I’d walk home. I was two minutes from the club, enjoying the fresh air, when a hand touched my arm.

“Mark? Why are you going?” It was Sarah, one of my group of friends.

“I didn’t like it, I need to go home. “

“I thought as much, do you want to go somewhere and talk? I know a quiet park nearby”.

I allowed myself to be steered towards a small park surrounded my tall trees. There was a single street lamp over a bench and it was very secluded.

We sit side by side on the bench. I realise I hadn’t told my friends what happened with Tina other than we split up. I started to talk it through with Sarah. She was sympathetic and giggled when I described Jason’s cock covered in Tina’s shit.

“Getting their just desserts” she laughed. I did too, it was very funny.

Suddenly we’re smiling at each other and she gives me a friendly hug.

At least it started friendly… we looked at each other again, differently this time, the light above us flickered as something clicked between us.

I leant in to kiss her and our lips made brief but pleasurable contact. We pulled apart and looked at each other again. Then she pulled me back into a tight embrace and full on snog. It started to rain lightly but we hardly noticed we were so into each other.

Kissing lips, tongues, necks, fondling her breasts through her top and her running her hand up my thigh. My cock was straining in my jeans…

“Shall we go somewhere warmer?” my hand on the inside of her thigh, so close to her pussy I could feel the heat.

“No, I want you here on this bench” and she rubbed my cock through my jeans, opening her legs wider. My hand felt her wet pussy through her underwear and she kissed me hard her fingers fumbling at the fly of my jeans.

I undid my jeans while she rummaged in her bag. When my cock was free she was tearing open a condom before rolling it down my prick… the first contact in so long felt soooo good.

“You don’t need to,” I said, “I’m completely clean. “

“Yes, me too, but I’m not on the pill” and she smiled at the look of dawning realisation on my face.

At this point she climbed onto my thighs facing me.

She pulled her knickers to one side and pressed her hot, wet pussy against my cock. She leant in and kissed me tenderly and deeply as she gradually took my manhood inside her. We both moaned loudly as our thighs met, my cock as deep as it would go… then we giggled. Things had rapidly changed between us.

“I’ll probably cum quickly” I warned before she started riding me.

“It’s OK, I don’t care” and she kissed me again before rising up and down slowly, building to a gentle rhythm.

I lifted her top and exposed her breasts, her nipples were hard from the cold and the excitement and she moaned as I toyed with them. I reached around to hold her nice arse and I started to meet her thrusts, my movements becoming urgent. She didn’t hold me back and soon she was gasping quietly in my ear.

“I’m cumming,” she whispered.

“Me too,” I groaned and I felt her body start to spasm slightly and then she stopped moving, her face contorted as she controlled the scream she wanted to let out, her body shaking as her orgasm hit her.

This took me over the edge and I came as well, spurt after spurt into the condom. Her eyes opened and she kissed me hard as our orgasms subsided.

And so we sat, joined at the waist, on the bench in the rain.

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