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Mariner + $5

You would think that after 7 months of knowing my Owner I would learn by now what a sadistic asshole he is. But I keep falling for damn pranks, his twisted lil sense of humor.

Well few weeks ago he invited me to a bday party for his s****r in law. It was nice, I was dressed all nice, I really wanted them to like me, so I was all nervous. Make long story short, party was nice and it was moved to a bar.

It was nice, I got a whiskey sour and he got a rum n coke, which he paid for. His hand between my legs was making it hard to enjoy my drink. I’m sitting among his friends trying to smile and look innocent while he is rubbing a finger over my clit. I was really thinking we are going to have a nice innocent night out without him doing something to drive me nuts.

I’m a dumb bitch. He gets bored and tells me lets go, he wants to fuck his stupid hole. I’m looking around hoping no one heard what he said and I feel like every laugh is aimed at me. So we said our good byes, I’m trying not to meet his families eyes cause all I can think about is that they KNOW, lol. The car was parked really far away, these are some walking ppl, halfway to car he pulls me behind a dumpster and makes me give him a bj.

Wasn’t my best bj cause it was too much foot traffic, we were behind a building where ppl cut threw to get to the mariner. He is getting frustrated and threatens that the next person that walks by I’m going to bj them too since it seems like that’s the only way he is going to get his dick sucked. We argue and just start walking back to the car, we have to walk past the mariner to get to his car.

This mariner has a outdoor restaurant which is closed during the winter and is pitched black. Yes, yes I get talked into climbing over the lil mini wooden gate and find myself on hands/knees getting fucked like a dirty slut. He came in me twice, then he had to take pics of my ass/cunt which he posted here. Then he needed one more fuck, he pulls me off the floor and bends me over a bench.

I’m bent feeling his hands on my ass, waiting for him to fuck me again when all of a sudden he starts running, whispering, run bitch hurry up. My pants are round my ankles and I’m struggling to run and pull them up. I fall on my ass twice, he up there whisper yelling for me to come on and I’m to freak to pull up my pants right. I make it to gate with my pants barely over my ass, roll over the gate and rush to his side and I’m ready to run like hell thinking Po Po gonna get us.

He grabs my hand telling me to walk naturally. When we make it to the light, I asked him if he saw police, he says “no, I just wanted to see your fat ass run, thanks for the laugh bitch. ” He starts laughing his ass off. I’m so fucking pissed, I fell, feels like I got a splinter in my ass and he did all that for shits and giggles. That’s not the worst part.

We get to his car, which is parked in front of his b*o’s house, there where two guys there that he knew. They were running late and they asked for directions to the bar, somehow the two guys and I ended up in the back of his truck. I’m giving them both a bj. It was fun, til afterwards they handed my Owner $2. 50 each. One of the guys, he was BUILT, hmmmm, says he thought it was worth more than 2.

50 and they leave. I turn to my owner and I’m like WTF!? He says, I owned him for the drink.

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