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Liza was born on an island south of Asia. Women had a single purpose which was to serve the man. They were used to bear babies and have sex with their husbands. Liza’s mom had already birthed f******n c***dren. The c***dren were raised learning sex was very common. Men fucked women all the time as that is what the female body was for. It was a man’s pride to have many c***dren. Liza’s father had taken the oldest daughter and she was used to birth babies for a f****y friend who had a wife too ill to have babies.

She had already given him three and he wanted at least twelve. He fucked the s****r in bed with he and his wife till he would knock her up. Soon as she was healed from the birth he would start fucking her again. Even though the wife could not bear c***dren he still fucked her in the bed with the s****r there. He would fuck each of them every night. When she was knocked up with a baby and her tits filled with milk the man loved to suck them and make his wife suck them.

The men always shaved the women’s pussies and he had shaved his wife and the s****r and loved to lick them. He would lick the s****r as his wife sucked his cock. He also loved fucking the s****r in the kitchen. He would bend her over the table and lift her long dress and pull her panties down and fuck her right there. He also fucked her over the wood pile in the yard and loved to unbutton the front of her dress and suck her tits before he would fuck her outside.

He also would strip her naked and fuck her outside. Several times he had taken her to his wood shop and stripped her naked and sat her on a bench and fucked her many times during the day. She was his to use as he needed. He needed a lot of sex.

When Liza was just sixteen her dad gave her in marriage to a man thirty years older than her. It was time for her to start giving babies.

The man was wealthy and owned two whore houses in their town. Men who had their wives knocked up would fuck the whores till the wife was ready to breed again. Liza’s husband had two whores he kept at his house and they only fucked him and put on sex shows between the two to entertain him. They had huge tits and big asses and were nasty and slutty. He had them do a lot of dirty sex for him.

He had their nipples and pussy lips pierced so he could pull them around with chains. He kept them in his sex room and would go down and visit them. The room was set up with chains and hooks and many vibrating cock toys. He loved to attach a chain to the hoops in their nipples and connect it to a hook in the wall or ceiling and pull it tight till the nipples were stretched real tight.

Then he would attach their feel to hooks on the floor and when they could not move he would first whip them then fuck them. He loved to tie one of their faces to the others pussy and leave her there all day and she had to eat pussy and drink piss. Then the next day he would switch them and let the other eat pussy and drink piss.

By the time Liza was eighteen she had given her husband three babies.

The first night she was with him he stripped her naked and she saw her first cock. He was very thick and it hurt when he first fucked her. That night he fucked her three times. He loved sucking on her tits and then the next day he fucked her three more times. He loved licking her shaved pussy and if he wasn’t fucking her he was licking her pussy. He told her to cook naked so he could also fuck her there if he desired.

He would only wear a robe and be naked beneath it so he could open it and shove his cock in her any time he wanted. He had taught her to suck his cock and he loved to open his robe and point to his cock and she knew to get down and suck him. He would fill her mouth with his cum then lick her pussy and make her cum many times. He loved fucking and licking her sexy body.

Her tits were big and full and firm and she had big pussy lips that he loved to suck on. He loved to spread her pussy lips and suck them as he fingered her cunt. He would finger fuck her so long and make her cum so often that the bed or chair would be wet with her cum. He also loved to finger fuck her as he sucked her big tits. He could make her cum easy and loved feeling her cum in his mouth or on his fingers.

Just before her nineteenth birthday she was knocked up with his fourth c***d. Her tits were huge and heavy with milk. She was still nursing her last c***d and he nursed too. He had women take care of the babies and c***dren and all she had to do was nurse and bare him more babies. Soon as she knew she was knocked up he then began eating her pussy and having her suck his cock.

Some nights she would have a baby attached to a tit as he ate her pussy. Then he would suck the other tit for the warm milk. She was much hornier during pregnancy and wanted his face in her cunt all the time. He then decided to bring a whore in to lick and tongue fuck her pussy as she sucked his cock. At first Liza was not sure about the whore but she knew to obey him so she went with it and she was happy to suck his big thick cock.

The naked whore came in and Liza looked at her huge tits and sexy hips. He laid Liza down and told the whore to please his wife and make her cum. As he watched the whore lick and suck and tongue Liza’s cunt and clit his cock got rock hard. He liked seeing the whore with his wife. Liza was cumming fast and the whore was lapping all the cum from her throbbing cunt.

The whore’s face was covered with the cum of Liza. He then pushed the whore’s face tight to Liza and demanded she tongue her cunt hard for Liza’s pleasure.

Then he pushed his cock in Liza’s mouth and she sucked him better and harder than she ever had. Having the whore eating her pussy and tongue fucking her was really turning her on and she was sucking his cock like a crazy person.

He had cum once and Liza was still sucking and he knew he was going to cum again and maybe more as Liza was sucking cock like she had never had one before. He kept the naked whore in their room for over four hours and it was steady cunt licking and cock sucking. At one point Liza had crossed her legs and held the whore tight to her cunt as the whore licked and tongued her.

Liza also had every inch of her husband’s cock deep in her mouth and throat giving him the strongest sucking he had ever had. He stayed hard with the cum flowing for his sexy wife. When he finally let the whore go back to her room her pussy was also dripping and her face covered in Liza’s cum. Then he got in bed with Liza and told her he had a surprise for her.

He then spread her legs and pushed a finger in her ass. As he finger fucked her ass his cock got rock hard again. He got two fingers in the sexy ass and then he pushed his cock in her tight asshole and began fucking her easy so not to hurt her or the baby.

He was fucking her easy when he heard Liza cum. She loved his cock in her ass and he then fucked her harder.

He loved the feel of his cock inside her tight warm ass and she liked it too. He then began rubbing her pussy as he ass fucked her and finally put two fingers in the well licked cunt and finger fucked her. This made Liza go insane and she now wanted more. He pushed every inch of his big thick cock deep in her ass and now had three fingers in her cunt and was fucking both holes as Liza moaned and told him she loved it.

Even after he filled her ass with cum he kept fucking her. She did not want him to stop. Finally he pulled his cock from her ass and then he kept finger fucking her cunt as he then licked her ass and sucked his cum out. Liza reached down and pressed his head tight to her ass letting him know she liked that. He kept fingering her cunt as he ate her asshole. It was a long night of fingering and licking and sucking between them.

All during her pregnancy he fucked her ass or had the whore lick her pussy. The sex was great. After Liza gave birth to the fourth baby he continued to fuck her ass till he could fuck her cunt. Soon as he could cunt fuck her he kept her knocked up every year with a baby. He took turns tongue fucking her cunt and ass or cock fucking her ass when he had the whore tonging her cunt.

Liza got so she liked the whore licking and sucking her pussy. Her husband would rub the whore’s face all over Liza’s cunt and then the whore would suck her and tongue her till Liza had cum pouring out of her. She would suck her husband’s big cock for hours and swallow his cum. She got knocked up easy. He just had to stick his cock in her and she was with c***d. By the time she was twenty six she she had ten babies.

All together she she had eighteen babies. She had two sets of twins. She was now using the whore every day to lick her cunt and she and her husband fucked all the time. At thirty five she was at the peak of her sex drive and she could not get enough. If she wasn’t fucking she was sucking. If her husband wasn’t around she used the whore. She loved being knocked up and loved being fucked.

His favorite breakfast was pussy and pancakes. Hers was cock and syrup.

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