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Making My Mess With Tess

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following pornograhpic story, “Making My Mess With Tess” is copyrighted material under my nom de plume Dean Deanhomme. I intend to inlcude this story in a larger collection of material under the copyrighted title, “A Tale of Two Titties: With Apologies to Charles Dickens, a collection of pornographic novellas, short stories, anecdotes and essays, by Dean Denhomme.

Again, I emphasize this is a work of ficton and any resembalance to anyone is purely coincidental.

I will keep this story posted for a couple of months and invite comments, positive or otherwise…

Here we go…enjoy…


There is a clever line in one of Ross Macdonald’s novels. His main character, private detective Archer, visits a psychiatric hospital on behalf of a client. At one point during the visit he notices the attractive social worker Ms. Parish. As she turns to leave the office in which he is sitting, Archer observes to himself—and to the reader—she had hips well made for c***d bearing and associated activities.

Although a breast man, the first thing I noticed about Tess was her ass. Marge and I had moved into the neighborhood only two days before and I was pulling out of my driveway for what must have been the fifteenth trip to Home Depot when I saw Tess, or more accurately, her ass. Tess was in her front yard, bending over to pick up some gardening tool.

Her shorts were tight fitting and offered great definition to her broad bottom. Yep, she had hips well made for c***d bearing and associated activities.

I lingered and drove by slowly enough to see Tess stand and offer a profile. Damn, I said to myself.

Marge and I, in our eighth year of marriage, lived in that neighborhood for four years, until our marriage died of emotional asphyxiation, and I moved out.

During the last two of those years of marital decline, I banged Tess on a regular basis, and, for a couple years after I moved into a townhome a few miles away, we were still at it. In fact, even though she has since divorced and remarried, Tess and I still get together for an occasional fuck.

Tess’ husband at the time, Derek, owned a chain of auto parts stores and fancied himself a hotshot business tycoon.

I suppose he was successful but he was a real asshole. One memorable day, Marge and I came home from a weekend away to find his water hose hooked up to my side faucet. The hose snaked back beneath his back yard gate. The fucker was using my water on his lawn!

I know he hit on Marge, although I am not sure if he actually tapped it.

Let me be clear. Tess was not the cause of my collapsed marriage, more a symptom. While I have developed a full stable of buxom beauties, Tess remains one of my favorites. But it took a while to get to her. We would cross paths at block parties, sometimes at the local grocery store. A couple of times, Marge and I invited a few neighbors over—including Tess and Dickhead—for a barbecue.

One summer day during the week I took off from work to run some errands.

Marge had called to say she would be a little late coming home as she was going to happy hour with some of the girls from her office. Finished with my errands around eleven; I came home, grabbed a beer and my laptop and went out onto the patio. Tess and Derek had a pool and I heard a splash. I sat there a few minutes and, finally, decided I had to take a peek.

I know this sounds a bit perverted, but I couldn’t help myself. I pulled a little bench we had in our garden area over near the fence, stood on it and carefully peered over the top. Damn. I looked just in time to see her coming up out of the pool, at the shallow end, closest to me. Topless, she was sporting an incredible set of what I would later learn were double Es, gorgeous heavy hangers, water raining off her shimmering body.

Tess is 5’2” so those huge honeys hung down so nicely and seeing them all naked like that just sent me into an immediate state of arousal.

Now, at the time, Tess was a bit self-conscious about her weight and tended toward blousy, billowing clothes to hide her hips and tits. And, frankly, without makeup, she is average looking. I don’t mean to sound superficial, but it’s true.

While I appreciated the scene of her ass in the front yard some two years before, and with a breast man’s sense, more than knowing, that she had a big set beneath all her usually overflowing attire, I never really thought about taking a run at her. But that day, everything changed.

I watched her work her way around the pool to her lounge chair, that ample ass shaking and quaking, those big beauties bobbing and bouncing.

I grabbed my crotch and rubbed over my hardness. I appreciated her in a completely new light. Yes, I had a new, fresh ambition; I wanted to tap it and tap it good.

Still, it took a while. I came across her a month later at the nearby grocery store. We chatted a bit, sharing a mutual complaint about a teenager down the street, his noisy motorcycle.

Then, just as I was about to push my cart away she told me Derek was going out of town to a conference next week and would be gone from Tuesday through Friday. Then, incredibly, she told me she knew about Marge going to Dallas to spend some time with her mother. I didn’t know Marge and Tess had talked. Then as she pushed her cart away, she said, “Looks like we’re on our own.

Maybe you could come over for a swim. ”

I was, as you might imagine, in a heightened state of arousal, feverish with anticipation for several days. Unfortunately, Marge didn’t leave until Wednesday morning.

As soon as Marge drove off, I began wondering how I would approach Tess. Should I just go knock on the door? Should I call? I had, after all, their home number.

I agonized for over an hour. I drank coffee, tried to read the paper. Made some work related phone calls—half hearted attempts to focus on something other than the residual memory of Tess’ glimmering, water d****d tits.

Then, around 10:30 my cell phone trilled alive. I didn’t recognize the number but I answered. It was her, “Hey there,” she says, “I see your car in the drive.

I guess Marge made it off okay?”

“How did you get my number?”

“Honey, when you called to invite us over a few months ago. I captured your number. ”


Now, here I have to admit, I am stroking my dick.

“Yes, just in case I would ever need it again.

I didn’t ask. I just waited.

“So, would you like to come over for a swim? It’s really hot outside. ”

“I’ll be right over. ”

“Oh, Duke…. why don’t you just come on in through the gate. I’ll be out back. ”

I quickly donned a bathing suit and a pullover t-shirt advertising my alma mater.

I grabbed a towel.

Tess was sitting in a lawn chair, sipping on a strawberry daiquiri. Her black hair pulled back into a pony tail. White framed sunglasses, a matching two piece bathing suit. The bikini top, a push-up variety, offered a delightful view of her big, bunched up beauties. Big bulges of tit flesh, deep rich cleavage, all burnished bronze and shiny with tanning oil.

Her left leg, equally browned, was crossed over her right. When I came toward her, she uncrossed her leg, offering a most unladylike, but exciting, pose for a moment or two and then crossed the right over the left.

“Bar is open, Duke. Help yourself. ” And she nodded toward the patio door.

I went in and, sure enough, bottles were set out on the kitchen counter like a small future city.

I found the Knob Creek, with a splash of ginger ale—taking a perverse pleasure in drinking Derek’s best bourbon and being able to leer at his woman’s body–returning to the patio with a very generous portion.

We talked a while. Every so often, Tess would sit up and lean forward, offering another breathtaking view of those ballooning boobs—I mentally begged for them to spring free, fall out and drop down.

At this point, I’m rock hard and ready. I sat across from her and there was no hiding the erection. I had a major boner. It hurt and really needed to be let loose.

Tess pushed her sunglasses up onto the top of her head and gave an unabashed, long leer at my crotch.

Well, we flirted for a while, flagrantly.

After a half hour or so, we decided to get into the pool. We entered the water with our drinks, Tess set her cup on the side and I followed suit. She swam around for a while, I watched, mesmerized as her ass would break the surface. At one point, as it happens, a pivotal moment, Tess swam over to me where I stood waist deep, sipping my bourbon.

She picked up her drink and then knelt down into the water—her titties floated up and bobbled on the surface and I audibly gasped.

She did it again, and then giggled, “Duke, did you just whimper?”

I know I blushed—for I probably had whimpered. Those large lovelies were, well, so very lovely.

At this juncture, I am in a truly feverish state of lust.

I just flat out told her, “They’re beautiful. ”

“Are you a breast man Duke?” She feigned being coquettish, sipping her drink and turning her head to the side—all the while keeping an eye on me.

Here, I told a little fib, “Derek has told me you sometimes sunbathe topless. ”

Tess gave a playful little punch on the shoulder, “Oh, did he now?”

I shrugged, “I’m just saying.

She emitted a little laugh and began to move out of the pool, much to my dismay. Tess looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Well, I’d take off my top if I thought you could behave yourself—but, I don’t think you can–. ” She wagged her finger at me.

Tess laughed again, “Oh, you look soooo sad.

I followed her into the house so we could refresh our drinks and as I watched her ass wiggle I just had to grab myself and give my cock a jerk or two beneath the cloth of my swim trunks. To my undying chagrin, she saw my action reflected in the glass of the patio door.

“Duke, you are a very, very naughty boy.

Well, as I said, I was terribly embarrassed. Tess, put on a sleeveless blouse, but left it unbuttoned. I tried to apologize but she waved it off, “Actually, it’s quite flattering. It’s been a long time since a man has gotten horny at the sight of me. ”

While I doubted it then and doubt it now, I nodded.

We went back onto the patio, poolside, but I sensed the moment had passed.

I stayed for another few minutes, and then politely excused myself, “I really need to go before I do something stupid—that is, something else stupid. ”

She chuckled, got up—I opening gaped at her wobbling wonders–and she gave me little peck on the cheek—I remember the smell of coconut and the palpable heat coming off her body.

Needless to say, I went home and promptly jacked off.

But I was still in quite a state. As I had taken off from work the entire day, I went to my favorite bar, then my second favorite, then—well, my third favorite bar. I was trying so hard to get Tess off my mind.

I ate lunch at the third favorite bar, a nice little Irish style pub. I sat at the bar, ogling the bartender Keri, her tits ensconced in a tight fitting t-shirt and her ass squeezed into some tattered jeans with holes and rips strategically located to boost her tips.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, my cellphone came alive. Earlier, I had fielded a handful of business related calls—my secretary had a question or two—a call from one or two friends. So, I almost let this latest call go to voice mail, but then I recognized the number.

“Hey there,” I said, trying to keep my voice calm, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Duke? Where are you, I didn’t see your car in the driveway. ”
“I’m having a bit of lunch. I’m in mid-town. ”

There was a pause and I heard ice cascade as she took a sip of her drink—while I was there she had switched from daiquiris to gin and tonics. Then, she asked, “Do you really, really want to see them?”

“Oh my—are you serious?”

Again with the little, guttural chuckle, “You’d better hurry over before I change my mind.

I am out by the pool again, just come in through the gate. ”

Now, I have a dedicated checking account for my entertainment and usually pay my bar tabs with a debit card. This time, I threw down forty bucks in cash and, on my way home, probably broke a dozen traffic laws.

When I made my way into Tess and Derek’s backyard, there she was.

Tess still wore her two piece bathing suit—yes, the bra top was on, covering those huge honeys. But they did indeed glisten from a mild film of perspiration and tanning oil.

My disappointment at not seeing a pair of bared beauties—naked titties—must have registered. Tess laughed, “Oh baby, don’t worry, I haven’t changed my mind. ”

“I need a fresh drink,” she said, standing up.

I noticed Tess staggered a bit and it occurred to me that she had been drinking throughout the afternoon. Now, I like to think I’m not an opportunist when it comes to taking advantage of women who are d***k or otherwise vulnerable. However, I admit in that particular situation, having already surreptitiously seen those gorgeous, heavy hanging hooters in their glistening glory, not harboring any guilt about fondling and, if the opportunity presented itself, fucking Derek’s wife I determined then and there—as we crossed the threshold into the kitchen–to seize the day.

Yes, I decided to get what I could—on one end of the spectrum it might be merely a new, fresh look at her titties, or at the other end, I might get some afternoon delight, where I could jiggle her jugs, ram her rump, pump her pussy. At that point, I would have settled for anything within that range.

At first, it seemed I would indeed have to accommodate myself to merely viewing those huge honeys.

After taking a sip or two of our drinks—gin for her, bourbon for me—we chatted about where I had been that afternoon. I admitted I had launched onto a bar crawl to take my mind off her body. This seemed to please her and Tess even graced me with a little wiggle and wag of her titties.

“Let’s go back outside,” Tess said and moved toward the door with what I believed to be an exaggerated swish and sway of her ample ass.

When I had left Tess, before going out to commence my pub crawl, I had changed into a pair of chinos over a pair of baggy boxer shorts. So, the bulge in my pants was quite evident. I followed those quaking cheeks back out onto the patio.

Tess told me, “Now, you sit over there and behave yourself. ”

I did as I was told.

She moved a few yards from me—well out of reach I noticed. Tess took a long slug from her gin and tonic and placed the cup with great care onto the armchair of her lounger.

With that curious dexterity peculiar to women, Tess reached behind her to unsnap the bikini top. Time was suspended. Everything took on a heightened glow of light and deeper intensity of heat—an electric moment—as I waited for the unveiling of those massive, awesome fun bags.

When the back strap came lose there was a noticeable slump and drop of her big beauties. She kept them covered while she deftly slipped her arms—one at a time—through the shoulder straps.

At this point, I am crazy with lust—lost in it—needing titties and pussy and the work of a woman’s hands, tongue and lips on my cock.

Then, she did the most magnificent thing.

She turned her titties loose; one big, beautiful, bobbing boob at a time. First, the left one bulged out, flopped free and tumbled down. Then the right one bulged out, flopped free and tumbled down.

Now, up to this point I had been leaning forward in rapt anticipation, but when those huge honeys hopped out I fell back in the lawn chair, involuntarily grabbed my crotch, and yelped, “Oh fuck!”

There they were—huge heavy hanging honeys, tear-drop shaped titties drooping down and slightly out just a few inches above the level of her belly button; pert nipples and areolae the color of damp sand.

Oh so such large lovelies. I stared, I know, slack jawed in awe.

Indulge me here a moment to describe Tess in a little more detail. While I knew she sunbathed topless—for I had myself seen the evidence—it was obvious such exposure was an occasional occurrence. Tess sported some great tan lines around her titties. As the erstwhile reader surely has deduced, Tess was—well, abundant all around.

While she was not—is not—a BBW, she is indeed lush, voluptuous. She had—has–a wonderful pear-like curvature at the waist and hips with a broad bottom.

Now, the thought of being able to see that pale tit flesh that no one else got to see but her husband Derek just set me off—oh how I wanted to go over and latch my lips onto those nipples, the right one, then the left one, the right one and so on and so on.

Oh yes, I wanted get my hands on them; do that juvenile motor boat thing, smack my face with them, bury my face into that plush tit flesh, jiggle and juggle and make them bounce. I wanted take out my cock and give both those big beauties love taps, I longed, ached to bury my hardness in between them. Yes, I wanted to use those fun bags to jack up my
dick and whack away until I popped my load, made my mighty man mess all over that lovely rolling tit terrain.

All of this raced through my mind in a matter of seconds.

But I knew that any precipitous move on my part might shut down all the action. In fact, to confirm my suspicions Tess nearly broke my heart when she said, “Oh Duke, look at you—honey, maybe I should cover them. I mean, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. ” Then she giggled.

“No, no, no, no—leave them out please.

Comfortable that I wasn’t going to rush over and ravish her, Tess sat down and picked up her drink.

We talked a while, very casually. Tess related to me how she liked going topless—she described her and Derek’s honeymoon in Aruba. There used to be a stretch of beach in our area, on the far eastern end of the Taybor Peninsula, east of Galvan Beach, that was designated nudist.

The road was always in a serious state of disrepair that discouraged only the most avid nudist. She told me that Derek and her went down there a few times, but stopped when Derek became upset with how men looked at her.

“That was before I got fat. ”

“You are not fat, honey,” I took a sip of my drink, “you are plush.

And absolutely so damned sexy. ”

As a reward for my compliment she gave her titties another little wiggle and jiggle.

She talked on—a slight slur in the voice, as she was really knocking back the gin and tonics—about her early years with Derek. “The first two or three years, he couldn’t get enough of me; we fucked like minks—whatever the hell that means.

Tess paused, adjusted her tits, moving them about to a more comfortable position.

“If you need some help with those, just let me know. ”

She smiled, “Hmmm, I’ll be sure to let you know. Never know when I might need an extra set of hands,” and she continued her saga. “Well, now I’m pretty sure Derek is banging one of his little Barbie Doll office managers—the one at the west side location.

And, there is this one little girl, a waitress at the Bob’s Big Deck Bar that I think he is fucking. He likes them young and slender these days. ”

Tess seemed wistful, a bit of sadness glided across her face, “I guess it’s true what they say, ‘familiarity breeds contempt. ’” She took another sip and looked at me, evenly. “So, I guess I’ve explained a little of the reason why I’m willing to show my tits to another man.

What’s your story, Duke…apart from being a man why do you want to see another woman’s tits so badly?” She smiled at me, a dazzling smile—mischievous. The sadness was gone, replaced with playfulness.

I explained the progression—regression, really—of my marriage. How Marge had gone through her own transformation; how the fucking—“making love as I phrased it”—had become less and less frequent; how she spent a lot of time at the gym, how she groused about the silliest things.

I suppose Tess and I were attempting to justify what might be happening.

Then, suddenly, abruptly, Tess seemed quite tipsy, bordering on d***k. She set down her drink and then, hefted up both her tits, looked down on them and said, “You know, when we were dating, and the first couple years of our marriage, Derek used to do the naughtiest things to my tits. ” She let them drop and I moaned, renewing my erection.

“Like, uh what kind of things?”

“Oh Duke,” she sighed, even sounded a little annoyed, waved a hand at me in dismissal, “You know what—using them to get off, spraying out his stuff onto them. Although, come to think of it, he hasn’t done that in a long, long time. When we do fuck, he hardly plays with them. ”

Tess seemed to ponder her words, “What about Marge? She seems to have some big ones.

She let you do naughty things with hers?”

It was true. Marge did have a nice set; not nearly as large as Tess’ big beauties, but nicely shaped D-cups. And, yes, Marge let me do the usual naughty things with them until, as I explained to Tess, the last year or so when she seemed to have acquired a revulsion to seeing me cum. I guess I was getting a little d***k as well and my inhibitions were shutting down because I related one memorable afternoon when both Marge and I were home.

I was looking forward to fucking her two or three times, but during the first go at her, I pulled out in time to cum over her breasts and neck. As I maneuvered my way up to straddle her at the waist, I noticed Marge, on her back, did not bunch her tits up as usual but allowed them to grade to the side. Then, just as I am about to unleash my man mess she said in a tone of total disgust, “Dammit, Duke whatever the fuck happened to cuming inside my pussy?”

Undeterred, I had shot out a healthy load onto her tits and neck, but I must admit her outburst had spoiled the mood and dampened my pleasure.

She had promptly struggled out from beneath me, gotten up, gone into the bathroom and slammed the door, locking it. “So much for my afternoon delight,” I said to Tess, gulping down my bourbon. The ice had melted to small pads. I drained the drink. I was mildly appalled at myself that I had revealed something so intimate and potentially revolting to Tess.

I got up, went inside to freshen my drink.

Returning to my place, we sat there in silence for several moments, maybe minutes. A dog barked out several high pitched bursts, a lawn mower grounded over a thick patch, gasped and then came back to high roar. A car swished by out front. I stared at her tits, regaining my interest.

Tess sat up straight, preened a bit, making her tits stand out—she grinned at me and stood, “I’ll be right back, don’t you go anywhere, sweetie.

” She once more waved her lovelies at me.

I took stock of the afternoon. We had gone through a complete cycle from playful flirtation, moving to a little more serious state of sexual brinkmanship, commiserating with each other about our near sexless marriages, rationalizing why it would be okay to move onto extramarital pleasures, and then back to the flirtation.

My cock told me—insistently—it was time to break this cycle come what may, forgive the pun.

It was time to make a move for those tits, that ass, that pussy. If I was rejected, so be it, I could go home and jack off. But I needed some action and I needed it right then!
Evidently Tess had been entertaining similar thoughts.
When she moved to her chair, her titties bobbing, her ass wagging, instead of sitting, Tess set her cup down and turned to face me, “Oh what the hell, let’s go for a swim.

I swallowed and took another drink, “I, uh, have to go next door to get my swim trunks. ” I waved over my chino covered lap and evident erection.

Here, at that precise moment, my sexual world turned on its axis.

“Oh, Duke, baby I think we are way beyond that, don’t you?”

Tess altered her position slightly, aiming her backside my way at about a thirty degree angle, offering up a splendid, pulse raising view of her hips, her ass and her left tit as she slid her bikini bottoms down, dropping them to her ankles.

Tess’ rich body looked so fucking good—that mid-summer tan, that big beautiful bottom, her thunder thighs—all glimmering in the sunlight reflected off her oiled skin.

When Tess turned to give me a full frontal view I again gasped and, yes, whimpered. Incredible. In addition to those big drooping breasts, her slight tummy and rounded, fleshy hips, Tess sported a neatly trimmed bush, a narrow V that pointed to sweet, puffy pussy lips.

A few weeks later, on my birthday, she had arranged for us a day of fucking at the beginning of which Tess revealed one of her gifts to me—a completely shaved pussy.

But that day, it all looked so lovely—Tess was a physical composition of sex personified. It reconfirmed one of my secretly held theories, that some women might never be all that noticeable, but get them naked and they are beautiful.

Tess was just such a woman.

And, as she stepped into the pool, this housewife was a tit man’s dream.

She spread her arms and slipped into the pool, swimming out to the center. Tess dove under and surfaced near the edge, close to where I sat, mesmerized.

“Okay Duke, I’ve shown you mine.

Now it’s your turn to show me yours. ”

For the last ten years, I’ve been on a doctor guided regimen of
testosterone therapy. In addition to feeling healthier, more mentally sharp and energetic in my physical exercising, the treatments of course make for a very active libido. In short, my dick gets hard readily and often. At the time, I was in the second year of this therapy.

So, I was quite proud of my cock and overall physical appearance. Now, I don’t think of myself as necessarily vain, but the reality is, I was not at all embarrassed to shed my clothes in the middle the afternoon.

Further, during my college years a young lady had persuaded me to shave off all my pubic hair. It is a habit I have maintained ever since—frankly it heightens the sensual experience for me—more skin on skin contact.

I peeled off my shirt, to wit, Tess awarded me with a murmur of approval, “Hmm, yummy. ”

Then, I dropped my pants. “You go boy,” Tess encouraged.

Then, I slipped out of my briefs. My cock, rock hard and ready, sprang free.

“Oh my goodness! Turn sideways,” she instructed.

In addition to being a voyeur, I am also an exhibitionist. I loved being regarded appreciatively by this big boobed woman. I gave her a profile view.

“Hmmm, lucky Marge. ”

I dove in and swam quickly to her. When I broke the surface to grab at her, Tess yelped and giggled and tried to get away.

I grabbed her ankle and we had a light hearted little struggle. When she surrendered and moved toward me—I knew then, all my doubts dissolving–it was going to happen. I was going to get to bang Derek’s wife.

I pulled her close, taking her face in my hands, I kissed her. She kissed back. Her lips were full, lush, warm and moist. Her tongue was eager. She moaned and murmured as I tasted her face, her neck, nibbled on her ear lobes.

I loomed over her, looked down onto what I now saw in my lust as her sweet, tanned, lovely suburban housewife’s face and I saw a woman in real need of a little adventure, a little dalliance, a woman in need of a good fucking. I felt my whole person swell at the warm, delicious realization—I was going to get some pussy.

The water was at the level of her shoulders and I enjoyed watching her large lovelies loll around.

I greedily grabbed them, gently squeezed them, and batted them back and forth. The thought—the sensation—of finally being able to touch that set of glorious boobage, the thought—the sensation—of fondling and feeling the titties of Derek’s wife made me, momentarily, a little lust-crazy. After a minute or so of play I maneuvered us until the water was at Tess’ waist and her tits hung free. The water and cool air had hardened her nipples and I helped myself to a few moments to heft up her hooters and suck on them.

As if to further encourage me in my attentions, Tess emitted little love moans and entreaties, “Oh, yes, suck my titties, enjoy my titties. ”

If they looked wonderful from a few yards away, the looked magnificent close up. The veining and the faint stretch marks attested to their naturalness and I was mildly surprised at how heavy each one was, indeed Tess was blessed with a true set of heavy hanging hooters.

I began to roam all over her. I reached behind her and gripped and rubbed over her ass cheeks. For her part, Tess at first kept her hands on my shoulders and upper arms. But after a time, I think she realized my cock beneath the water’s surface was gently bobbing and bumping against her side and roaming over her tummy. She reached down and I sighed as Tess began to fondle my balls and gently, slowly stroke my cock.

Her breathing became quite labored, her groping a little rougher—she rubbed her titties against me, raking them across me. Suddenly, Tess gripped my cock a little too roughly and breathed out, “Fuck me; fuck me now. ”
She pushed me a little further into deeper water, nudged me against the wall of the pool, “Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a cock up inside me, fuck me, dammit.

The wanton woman rose up and wrapped her legs around me. It took a little work, but I managed to make my way inside her warm pussy. There we were, in the middle of a swimming pool, in the middle of the afternoon, the in the middle of a neighborhood of housewives, c***dren playing cowboys and Indians, dogs barking, leaves rustling—there we were, fucking.

It was not my most preferred position, nor the most comfortable, but Tess had been so insistent, so desperate to fuck, I could not resist.

So we humped. She had a vice like grip around my neck with her arms and my waist with her legs. We gasped, and groaned and whimpered and made waves. Her pussy was pleasantly tight.

Tess kept urging me on, “Fuck me, fuck it, oh shit, oh shit, don’t stop, fuck me. ”

And I did. Her titties felt so good, looked so good as she alternated between pressing against me, and loosening her arm’s grip on me—I got to feel them, then see them, over and over.

I held her up by clutching her ass cheeks, such fleshy cheeks, lifting her up and down on my dick. Her face, contorted into an expression that could be interpreted as one exhibiting extreme pain or pleasure, reddened.

Suddenly, she clasped herself so tightly, with arms and legs, “Oh honey, don’t stop fucking me, I am so close—oh shit, oh shit—oh pleeeeaassse!!!”

Tess bucked and humped up and down on my cock, working it furiously.

I was, frankly, taken aback at how quickly and easily she was achieving climax. I didn’t really think we had enough steady, rhythmic pressure on her clit. But cum she did, screaming out a few banshee yelps and barks, putting my neck and hips in a death grip.

Her whole body was racked with spasms for a few seconds. Then, Tess went limp. Her legs loosened and she slipped them free to stand up.

For a while, Tess kept her upper body pressed against me. I rubbed my hands up her back, then moved them around to play with her titties, to knead them in all their glorious heft and nakedness, their bulbous, bulging beauty and bounce.

Tess pushed away a little, looking up into my eyes, searching for something. At first I thought she had slipped into a zone of post-coital guilt and that my play time with her would come to an end.

But then, she again surprised me, “Oh honey, I’m sorry. I needed to fuck so badly. You didn’t cum, did you? Well, we will just have to take care of that. ”

Then, she reached beneath the water and took my cock in hand, kissed me deeply—appreciatively–and said those sweet words every man in fuck mode dreams of hearing, “How do you want me?”

“Oh baby,” at this point, my hands are everywhere, groping and gripping, fondling and feeling tits, hips, ass, pussy lips, “Oh fuck, I want take your pussy from behind.

Want to play with your ass while I fuck you. ”

I maneuvered her to the shallow end of the pool. I turned her around, giving her a gently shove I bent her over at the waist. Her ass, now out of the water, looked incredible—a broad bottom, tanned cheeks—such an inviting view. I took my cock and roamed over it, using my dick to give her little love taps—laying my claim to that piece of gorgeous tail.

“Oh what a damn fine looking ass,” and with my cock, and both hands, I explored all over that rich terrain. Again, the naughty thought of getting my hands, mouth, cock all over her body, getting to put it to her pussy—the fact that she was another man’s wife that I was experiencing, enjoying in full sexual adventure made me groan, made me ache with lust, with primal need.

At this point, Tess is wagging her ass at me, “Give it to me, and fuck me again. I need more of that cock. ”

I reached around to grab some titty. They were hanging down so low; her breasts grazed the surface of the pool water. I moaned as hefted them up, the right one, then the left, “Damn,” I tell her, “If you were my woman I’d keep you naked all the time.

Fuck, what a body. ”

“Oh, I want you to use my body, Duke. Do me, do me good. ”

And then, I did one of my all-time favorite things to do—I slippped my dick inside a velvet-silk soft pussy of a willing big boobed, healthy hipped, ample assed woman. We both gasped as I pushed three quarters of my length into Tess’s pleasure place.

Not that slipping inside her the first time wasn’t nice. It was fun, but the fucking was also a bit frenetic. This time, it was so sweet. It was great. Fucking a lovely woman whose body perfectly matched my one of my physical templates was wonderful. Outdoors, so free, anticipating a number fucks that day.

I began to rhythmically pump away at her—I would push in slowly, then pull almost completely out, in and out, picking up the pace ever so slightly until I was ramming rump, banging butt.

With each heavy, pounding thrust Tess would bark out, punctuating my drives into her with “Oh! Fuck! Dammit! Fuck! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Her titties flopped around in the water, making waves. Her ass cheeks quivered and quaked—reddened with my exertions. Our bodies clapped together and our verbal effusions expressing our pleasure could have easily been heard on the other side of the fences—my wife on one side if she had been at home, Maxwell Clayton on the other side if he had not been at work.

I was fucking her like a mad man! Then, I would slow down again—prolonging the pleasure.
But after a few cycles of regulating the rapidity of my rump ramming, from slow to medium to fast fucking, Tess had begun to follow my rhythm—bucking against me in counter thrust. Eventually, however, she begged me to keep fucking her hard, “Oh shit, keep it going baby—oh fuck I’m gonna cum again! Unh, unh, unh!!! Eeeeeayah, oh shit….

And five or six or so seconds later, I cum like crazy. I feel like a pussy fucking fool. I yell out my joy, I ram Tess, I fuck her, make her ass cheeks ripple and her titties gallop in the water and, in my male pride, maybe make her go cross-eyed.

Thick pulses of pleasure throb through me. I’m proud of my cock, of my fucking, of my load—proud of being able to pound and pummel this woman’s pussy and to bring her to climax a second time.

Slowly, sated, I slip free of her. I bend down and kiss her shoulders, straighten Tess up and with her back still to me, cup those boobs, which overflow in my hands and whisper in her ear, “I want to fuck you all day. ”

Tess reached around, rubbed one hand over my hip, with the other found my cock, still hard, “Hmmm. Just all day?”

I patted her ass as she stepped free of the water, with me close behind.

Again, we refreshed our drinks. I was a little concerned whether or not Tess was getting a little d***k and if she might pass out before I was finished with my fucking. As it happened, I harbored an unfounded fear.

Even though we stood there for a while, drinking, cooling down—I couldn’t keep my hands off her—rubbing over her hips, her ass, gently stroking over her big breasts.

It wasn’t long before I found myself newly aroused.

“Oh my Duke, you’re ready again? Already?”

“It’s you honey. This body—damn. ” I began slowly stroking my dick.

“Unh, unh, baby. ” She said, pointing to my cock, “That’s my job. ”

Tess poured more bourbon into my glass; more gin into hers.

“Come on, Duke, let’s not let that erection go waste!”

Let me say at this point, for the next three or four hours, Tess and I fucked like there was no tomorrow—forgive the cliché but damn it all, it’s true. We seemed to be trying to catch up on all the fucking we each had missed out on the previous year or two. Tess and I alternated between long, languid lovemaking and frenzied, frenetic fucking.

There were times when I would lay on top of her, slowly, methodically moving my cock in and out of her pussy, roaming my hands over her lush body, kissing big titties, sucking on them, reaching under her to grab some ass. She would straddle me and ride me, slowly working her hips and her big breasts would brush over my chest. Then, there were those times when we just simply fuck. Then, we huffed and puffed, she sucked me with vigor, I licked her with fervor.

Throughout the afternoon, I came at her, on her and in her, Tess squealed and moaned with whore-like abandon. It was great sex. It was sweaty sex; noisy sex, raucous sex. It was sweet sex.

After we had freshened our drinks, I followed Tess into the bedroom. She detoured into the bathroom for a few minutes. When she came out, I suspected she had douched. Tess sat down on the edge of the bed, took a drink and then reached for me.

All the while, I’m jacking on my dick.

“Come here, give me that,” and when she touched my cock, fondled my balls, I thought I would lose my load right then and there. Looking down on Tess, her hanging honeys, her hips, her sweet face and wind whipped cloud of dark hair, as she slipped my cock into her mouth it was one of those lovely sights all men dream about and to which we jack off.

I had fucked her pussy, but there it was—my cock in the mouth of Derek’s wife.

Any man I know truly enjoys it when a woman gives his cock some attention with her lips and tongue…but we all know there is cock sucking…and then there is cock sucking. Tess employed the sweet technique of alternating between fucking my dick with lips, tonguing me along the shaft, sucking and licking my balls and then back to gripping me with her lush lips.

The combination of warmth, delicate pressure, along with the soft work of her silky tongue nearly sent me over the edge a couple of times—I had to fight for control. She also used her hands so well, giving my balls butterfly strokes with her fingers, rubbing her hands over my thighs and ass. It was pure sensual delight.

I loved being serviced by her and remember the thought flitting through my dirty mind—Derek, ole buddy, if you could see me now.

I pulled out of her mouth the third time I came close to shooting off.
“Time to do some of those naughty things to these big beauties we talked about,” I reached down and hefted both of them up. Together, we used those pretty titties to work on my cock—jacking me off with them. Now, as the erstwhile reader probably has already discerned, I love fucking pussy and I truly enjoy getting my cock sucked.

But as a tit man I love playing with big boobs and one my life’s great joys is getting my cock hugged by a heavy hanging set of hooters.

I savored the moment, thinking, I may never be here again, so I’m going to get as much fucking and fun out of this woman as possible. I know, it sounds selfish, but I was totally engrossed in my feverish state of lust.

However, the above comments notwithstanding, I still take pride in my ability to pleasure any woman I am with. I let her titties drop and told her, “Lay back baby. ”

And she did. I don’t know how much time I spent down there. But throughout the afternoon, while using my tongue to work on her, I made Tess cum three or four times.

With her first climax, I thought Tess was going to take my head off with the way her thighs gripped me, the way she thrashed about.

When I first went down on her, I took my time, offering up some sweet torture. I kissed along her thighs, smiling at her little moans and groans expressing both her pleasure and anticipation of even great sexual joy. I remember thinking, I love being naked with this woman.

When I got close to her pussy, I realized I had been right about her going into the bathroom—she had indeed freshened up. When my tongue touched her clit the very first time, she gasped and yelped, “Oh fuck!”

For the next several minutes, I licked and lapped over her clit and her pussy lips until my mouth and chin were coated with her moisture—all the while Tess moaned and groaned, grabbed at my hair, alternated between pressing her thighs against me and letting her legs fall limp.

As I’ve mentioned, when Tess came, she came hard. But I hung on for the full ride.

Finally, spent, Tess went limp. Gasping, she chuckled in embarrassment over her lust, her wanton desire for pleasure. We had removed the comforter, so I used the sheet to wipe my face. I stood up, jacking on my dick, looking over the scene of that big boobed, broad bottomed woman whom I just brought to climax.

Tess laid there, luxuriating in her post-coital bliss and stupor.

I love looking at a well pleased woman, and yes, I was proud of my performance.

“Fuck, Duke. Do you have any idea how long it’s been since a man has done that to me? Shit. ”

My ego and my cock swelled with pride.

I leered, “Time for pussy baby. It’s time for me to nail your ass to that bed. ”

“Oh, yes, come on baby. It’s waiting for you. ”

“Damn you look so fucking good down there. ”

“Oh honey,” Tess said as she pressed her titties together while pushing herself further upon the bed, “Then do something about it.

Fuck me, fuck me good, baby. ”

Well, I did. I am proud and pleased to report, that I did indeed fuck her again and I fucked her good.

Now, as any heterosexual man knows, slipping one’s cock inside a warm, moist, amply aroused pussy is one of the life’s dear delights. And so it was with Tess. I mounted her and when I pressed in to that pleasure place we gasped, “Oh fuck that feels so good.

” To which she sighed out, “Oh, I’ve needed some good fucking for so long. Oh that’s good dick. ”

Then, I lay down on top of her. While I had enjoyed fucking her in the pool, frankly the water diluted my sensual experience of her body. Spacing out on top of Tess in that king-sized bed was wonderful—her titties pressed out from between us, her thighs against me, her warmth, her plushness, her hands roaming softly over my back, ass and thighs—oh it all felt so damned good.

And, that pussy, oh that oh so sweet pussy gripped my dick perfectly.

After every ten strokes or so I would extend my arms so I can take in the breathtaking view of the full length of her body, Tess’ tits, her tummy, her hips, my cock slicking in and out of her pussy. Then Tess would pull me back to her.

Whenever I would grope over one of her lovely tits, bunch it up to bury my face in them, or to suck on one of the nipples, Tess would emit a little gasp of pleasure and encourage me, “Oh, yes, get after that titty, they’re out there for you baby.

When I reached down, Tess would accommodate me so sweetly by raising up her hip so I could slide a hand under to grab some ass and she moaned, “Oh, I love those greedy hands all over me, oh yes, get that ass, honey. ”

Here I began to pick up the pace and the bed began to creak. I slipped into what I call my zone, the point of no return.

In my zone, I look over my woman’s body, regardless the position, and I feel so fucking strong and powerful—I want to fuck my woman and I want to fuck her good—when I’m finished with her, I want that woman to feel like she’s the best fucked woman around.

Then, in my lust, I moaned and groaned as worked my dick in and out of her sweet pussy, I roamed my hands anew over Tess’ lush body.

Again taking my perverse pleasure in taking another man’s woman, pleasuring her and being pleasured by her, “Oh, fuck, today these tits, that ass, this pussy is mine to fuck!”

“Oh, yes baby, I’m gonna spread my legs for you, stick my ass up in the air for you today—you get to fuck me as much as you can today,” she said, grunting in time with my thrusts into her, gripping my ass and urging me on with her thighs.

Then, as if to mirror my own prurient thoughts of being naughty with my neighbor’s spouse, Tess nibbled my ear and gasped out, “And those loads you pump out, you cum for me today—those loads are mine, baby. I’m the one making you cum today. ” This urges me further into my frenzy of fucking.

“Oh, I want to fuck you over and over.

“Oh yes Duke, I want you to fuck me over and over. I want you to wear out my pussy. ”
I begin to hammer down on her—we were huffing and puffing, grunting and groaning and the bed creaked at a gallop, the head board started a harsh drumbeat.

“Cum for me baby. ”

And although I wanted to roll around with her, take her from behind again, I simply couldn’t pull out, it felt so damn good.

“Yes, cum baby, I feel it building—oh, I loved feeling you cum when we were out in the pool, I want to feel it again—pump it out, honey. ”

And I did—I slammed fuck her. I blasted my load into her pussy. I went cum creaming crazy once more. Thick throbs of pure pleasure coursed through me and in my desperate need to prolong the sensation I grabbed her right tit and jiggled and jostled it, roamed over her hip and grabbed her ass again.

We kissed deeply, almost painfully.

Finally, spent, I laid out on top of her. As we caught our breath, Tess kept running her hands up and down my back, over my ass and thighs, “Damn, Duke. That’s twice you came hard. Do you always cum like that?”

“Oh, honey, did it hurt you?”

“Oh, hell no! That was great.

Oh fuck that was exciting seeing you cum like that. Wow. ”

“Well, it’s this body of yours. Damn. It works so well for me. ”

We both sighed as I slipped free of her pussy. I rolled off of Tess and she rolled toward me, hefted up her huge honeys and set one of her big beauties onto my chest.

She nestled her head on my shoulder as put my arm around her. We cuddled for a while, quietly stroking over each other’s bodies, awash in our post-coital bliss. Even though sated for the time being, my pleasure center neurons were still firing, my nerve endings still tingling. We both sighed from time to time, knowing we had just experienced some really, really good sex. And, there was probably more to come.

After a few minutes, Tess patted my stomach and said, “I’ll be right back, baby.

Don’t go anywhere. ”

Watching Tess climb out of bed was a dick hardening scene. Those tits wobbled, her ass cheeks mashed as she sat up and turned away from me, then they spread and then they quaked as she walked into the bathroom—well, I couldn’t help myself—I sat up against the headboard and began to jack off to her.

I heard the toilet flush, water ran for a time and then Tess came out wearing a white terry cloth robe that reached down mid-thigh.

Although cinched at the waist, her big boobs bulged.

“Oh, Duke, are you jerking off to me? You are one horny man. ”

She moved to one side of the bed to retrieve her glass. Then, Tess moved to the end of the bed, still watching me jacking on my cock. There, she stopped, turned around, bent over a bit at the waist and pulled up the robe to reveal her gorgeous ass.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I barked out, “Oh damn I need some more of that beautiful ass. ”

Tess laughed—“You are a very naughty boy, I had no idea. ” It was clear to me that she really enjoyed having a man lust after her. She moved to my side of the bed to pick up my glass. I reached for her, but Tess stepped out of reach and giggled, “I’ll be right back baby.

Don’t go too far without me. ”

I listened. I heard her getting ice, but when Tess came back into the room I was a bit surprised. Tess had a bottle of Tanqueray and one of Knob Creek, our glasses and an ice bucket hanging from her arm, “I just thought this way, we’d save time. Give us more time to play. ”

Tess set up our little bar on the dresser.

I was still jacking on my dick, watching her—thinking about slipping inside that pussy again. When she turned to face me, Tess smiled mischievously, “Duke honey, you’re already hard again. My, my. ”

“I’m telling you, it’s that body of yours. I need some more of you—I need some more fucking, now. ”

“Oh, baby, look at you—getting all worked up over me.

Tess moved to the end of the bed. Her big tits bulged and f***ed the top of her robe open into a delightful V shape. The white cotton accentuated her tan. As Tess began to slowly pull the strap loose, I moaned and thought—“Oh, I’m going to get to fuck that again. Tap that ass, jostle those jugs. I am going to get to bang Derek’s wife, again.

When she finally parted the top of the robe, it was a vision of big boobed beauty. Then, she revealed that pussy, that oh so sweet pleasure place, then her wide hips. Tess dropped the robe to the floor and there she was, in all her naked glory. Tess bent forward at the waist, moved her shoulders to make those huge hanging honeys swing and sway.

All I could do was moan, and struggle for control, “Oh, hot fucking damn, they’re so beautiful.

” And they were, pendulous, they wobbled about and Tess would take one in hand, push it up to her, and then let that tit drop. Then, she would do the same with the other one. Incredible.

Tess stood and turned around. She bent over at the waist to display her tanned broad bottom. “Oh, fuck, baby,” I groaned out, “Oh fuck that’s beautiful. Oh fuck that’s beautiful.

Oh I need to fuck you over and over. ”

“Oh honey, I want you to fuck me over and over. ” And she wagged that gorgeous ass at me, reached around and jiggled her cheeks, smacked herself, and jiggled them again.

I watched Tess move back to the dresser, she freshened her drink and took a pretty healthy sip.

Turning back to face she me there was lascivious smile on her face.

“Duke, scoot down and roll over onto your stomach. ”

“Yeah, go on, baby. I’m gonna give you the best tit rub of your life. ”
And she did. No false claims.

I rolled over and sensed Tess moving close.

She bent over and began at my ankles.

Now for all those tit men out there—if you’ve never had your big tittied bed buddy give you a full body rub and brush with her boobs—you have got arrange it.

Tess would dab her tits on me, pressing them so I could feel their heft, then she would raise up a bit so that they were barely touching me, then she would d**** them over me, moving from left to right, right to left.

It was exquisite.

She slowly, oh so slowly, made her way up to my shins, then my thighs. And that darling woman lingered for a while over my ass. Tess brushed her boobies up and down, back and forth over my cheeks, pushing one tit, then the other, in between my legs. Oh yes, exquisite indeed.

All the while she is working me over with those heavy hooters, Tess is cooing and offering up her sweet little endearments, “Oh baby, that feel good honey, you like those titties? Oh yes, these titties are for you today.

Oh I want to spray your loads all over them, baby. ”

Eventually, Tess made her way to the small of my back, then my shoulders and neck. It was such sweet torture as Tess reversed her action and moved back down my body—again lingering over my ass.

After treating my ankles again to her tit brushing, Tess got off the bed and said, “Roll over baby.

I moaned as I did so. My cock was so hard, my need so rampant, my lust so overwhelming. And she was a vision.

“Oh, honey,” she said, watching me as I gave my cock some push pull action, “Don’t cum yet, baby, there’s more pleasure on the way. ”

Tess lifted up my right foot; she pressed the bottom of it against her right tit, then repeated with her left tit.

Then, Tess began that lush breast rub along my ankles. This time, in addition to the delicious tactile feel of those titties moving over my skin—I could now watch those wonderful wobblers. By the time she got to my knees—I was pure putty, except for my throbbing cock.

As she moved them along my thighs, Tess grabbed my wrists to prevent me from groping over her—more of that sweet torture.

As her tits made their way onto my lap, straddling my cock, I bucked up, raising up to greet them. They felt, they looked, so fucking wonderful.

Tess looked up at as she gripped my dick, “Just have to stop here for a little taste, honey. ” Her lush, moist lips closed over my manhood and she fingered over my balls and her tits pressed against me and it all gave a sensual, sensory overload.

Watching that woman’s head bob up and down on my dick, being serviced by Derek’s wife—well, I had all those naughty thoughts.
“Oh, yes, work on that dick baby. Oh you’re beautiful. Look what you do to me—fuck, you have me so hard again. ”

Then, Tess resumed her tit rub. She moved up over my stomach, my chest and then lingered on my face—softly stroking them left to right, right to left.

My hands were now free to roam and I grabbed and groped over her ass, up and down her thighs. I knew I was living out a tit man’s dream.

Eventually, Tess reversed herself and moved back down to my cock where she licked me, playing her tongue over my balls and up my shaft. Then, she hung her huge honeys over me and I began to jack on my dick, making her titties quiver and ripple with the recoil of my hand action.

With my free hand, I batted those fun bags back and forth, made them bounce.

At this point, I am gasping, fully in my zone. The center of my universe is right there—where my hand and cock meet her big, bobbing breasts.

Suddenly, abruptly, Tess changed the dynamic completely. She pulled up and moved off the bed. I was totally lost in lust, “No, come back, bring them baby, oh fuck please bring them back.

Then, I saw the lust in her eyes. The leer, the small smile of triumph—she had mastered me—and she knew it. “Come here baby, pump it all out onto my titties. Give me that load of yours. That spunk is mine. ”

I climbed out of bed as she sat on the edge. Tess bunched up her big beauties for me and fucked in between them for several strokes.

She bent down a bit, lifted my cock free and sucked on me some more. The hot cave of her mouth, that flicking tongue and her moist lips soon brought me to the edge.

“Oh, Tess, that’s the best cock sucking I’ve ever had. ” An assertion that was not, as it happens, far from the truth. Her hands flitted over my thighs and around to stroke over my ass.

With my cock still in her mouth, she cupped my balls and gingerly bounced them, murmuring and mumbling all the time.

I pulled free of her and began jacking away at the beautiful scene of those bunched up beauties. Tess jiggled them for me, bobbed them up and down. “Come on baby, you’ve been wanting to do this since you peered over the fence that day weeks ago.

Even though I was definitely in my zone, this statement drew me up short for a second or two.

“You saw me,” I was groaning and moaning, desperate to cum, but I still had to ask.

“Oh, yes, I caught you. Did you jack off to me that day? Hmm? Did you whip out this big ole dick of yours and whack away at my titties? Hmm? Did you, baby?”

“Oh, yes.

I did. I made my mess to the sight of these titties. ”

“Oh, honey, that makes me so wet—thinking about you jacking off to me. ”

“Oh yes, like right now, oh fuck here it comes, here it comes, bunch ‘em up for me. Oh, fuck they’re beautiful. ”

“Yes, Duke, honey, put it all out there for me.

Today these titties belong to you—mark you territory honey. Glaze them good, baby. ”

Even though I had already cum twice, I spewed a spray of spunk that made me porn star proud. Three thick threads of cum thrust out of my cock and rocketed across that wonderful terrain of those two big titties. The first flew up and flopped across the base of her right tit and shoulder.

The second landed in her deep, rich cleavage and the third laid out a snail trail of slick man juice onto her left tit, from her nipple to about half way up. Then, gobs and blobs of cum flicked and flew all over Tess’ tits.

All throughout, Tess was oohing and ahhhing at the scene, “Oh baby,
look at you go. Yes, yes, oooh, such a big load.

Oh, honey, you’re the man today. Oh, yes, you’re the man. Yes, drain those balls for me. ”

As for me, I feel incredible as spasm after spasm of pleasure giving pulses work through my cock—“Oh, fuck, they’re my titties, they’re my fucking titties. ” I moaned in my lust, “Oh shit, oh shit I want these titties, I want to own these titties. ”

Finally, spent and sated, gasping for air, I looked down onto the archipelago of cum I had just sprayed and splattered onto Tess’ splendid set of tits.

“Oh, honey. Damn Duke, look at all that. I’m going to have to hose these off. Baby, we really got you worked up. ”

Tess stood and kissed me, gripped my cock and stroked it few times. I gripped her ass and thought, “Yes, baby, that’s my load all over those huge honeys. You came for me. ”

We cleaned up and Tess prepared fresh drinks.

I sat up in bed, leaned against the headboard and watched her. She again donned the bathrobe, tying it loosely at the waist. Bringing our drinks over, Tess climbed in bed beside me, sitting Indian style. Her big titties were half covered.

“Listen honey,” she sipped her drink, “I had told my stepdaughter and her husband I would go over to their place tonight for dinner. Oh, now, don’t pout.

I’m going to call and cancel. But I do have to go into work tomorrow morning. ”

I remember my cock stirred at the promise of more and more attention throughout the afternoon and into the night.

Tess worked three days a week with Derek’s business. His chain of auto parts stores had grown to the point where he could no longer work out of his maiden store, but had rented office space from a low rise building not far from our neighborhood.

Her job was to manage the bookkeeping.

I too, I told her, needed to go in to my office in the morning. At the time, I was in the process of selling my company. My German partner and I held two very important patents to which access was sought by oil companies the world over. While it would take another year and a half to finalize the sale of my company, thus making me a fairly wealthy man, at the time I still put in a lot of long hours either at the office or travelling around the globe.

But for the next several hours, I was intent on getting as much fucking out of this plush bodied woman as possible.

We chatted a while. Tess talked about her step daughter and her husband and their two k**s. She went into a little more detail about life with Derek—Tess realized that if they ever divorced there would be a hot contest for money.

She was listed as a member of the board of directors and was an officer of the company. At the time, I thought that was a little more information than I needed.

While she knew about Derek’s past, present and numerous dalliances, Tess insisted she had been faithful until I had entered into the picture.

I shared a bit more about Marge and I admitted to fooling around with a couple female business associates—yes, I told a little lie in that I implied these romps occurred years ago.

But eventually, after fifteen or twenty minutes or so, I again began to focus on those titties. Half covered by the bathrobe, they bobbled about gently whenever she moved, and on occasion the aureole of one or the other would peak out. I reached in, working my right hand into the gap in the robe’s top and cupped her left tit, then the right, back and forth—hefting them up.

This action, being able to fondle and feel those huge honeys brought my cock to full attention. Tess looked over at my dick, “Oh Duke. Look at you—getting all horny again. Damn baby. ”

She began rubbing along my thighs, over my abdomen—moving so close to my cock and balls but not quite touching them. I moaned, begging her in my mind grip my dick and stroke it.

I pulled the robe open to reveal those magnificent fun bags, her tummy and pussy. I set down my drink and pulled her a little closer, letting my hands roam free all over that warm female flesh. I jiggled her jugs, bounced them a bit, and made them wobble around.

For her part, Tess worked on my dick, hand jobbing me until I was really hard.

Then, she moved down and sweetly kissed my cock, sucked on it a few strokes, her pretty head bobbing up and down while I grabbed some ass, patted some ass.

“These tits may be yours today baby, but this is mine. ” And she went down on me again. I laid back, possessively keeping my hand on her bottom, stroking over her hip as I savored being serviced by Derek’s wife.

Presently, she rose up, still working me with her hand, “Wow, now it’s really, really hard. I think I deserve a little reward, or–,” she leered at me, “in this case, I think I deserve a big reward. ”

Watching Tess rise up and straddle me was another tit man’s vision. Those thunder thighs, her swinging, wobbling wonders; it was such a splendid view.

And when she slipped my dick inside her, we both gasped and moaned at the intimate sensation of pleasure, the lusty anticipation of an impending and magnificent fuck.

She rode me good. Alternating between slow gyrations and gentle rocking and then rapid and randy grinding, Tess went into her own zone. My cock was her tool. She would sit up straight and work me in deep, then she would lean forward and let her tits press, pool on my chest or face, brushing them forward, but essentially, Tess was getting her some dick.

I roamed all over her with my hands. At one point Tess asked me in a raspy whisper if it felt good to wit I replied, “Oh honey, I’ve got one of your big beautiful ass cheeks in one hand, a big beautiful titty in the other and my cock up in you pussy—of course it feels good. So fucking good. ”

When Tess would sit up on me, I would gently bat her boobs about, make them wobble, bunch them up and let them drop.

I would give her ass some love pats, loving that smacking sound, her gasping out, “Oh yes, make that ass yours baby. ”

I remember her pussy was so wet and warm and how her titties would hop and flop when Tess moved up and down in her lusty exuberance, how those huge honeys felt in their silky softness as they brushed over my face and chest. I remember feeling so strong and powerful in my fucking—taking the wife of Derek and getting all this pleasure from her, thinking, “Yeah, that’s my dick up in there honey.

Yes, my dick fucking that pussy. ”

For quite a while, the only sounds were the creaking of the bed, the moist sounds of her pussy working up and down on my dick, our gasping and moaning. Then, Tess bent low, her boobs bunching up against me, and told me, “Oh fuck, baby, I’m going to cum. ”

Suddenly, as if some internal switch had been turned, Tess began to bang against me, our bodies clapped and slapped together and her titties wobbled around crazily.

“Oh yeah, you big tittied woman don’t stop—I’m so fucking close too. ”

When Tess reached climax I followed within seconds. I gripped her ass cheeks and slammed up into her over and over—her pussy soaked my cock and I shot my load hard—both of us barked out our pleasure with noise I am sure could have been heard throughout the house.

Tess lay out on top of me as we caught our breath. Her breasts were pressed out from between us. I roamed my hands lovingly over her ass and back—cherishing this woman who was letting me fuck her at will, letting me fuck her with abandon. I wanted to own her, I wanted steady and ready access to her pussy, her tits and ass, and I wanted her lip and tongue action on my cock over and over.

I wanted her, I wanted it all, for myself.

She giggled a bit, “Damn. I’ve had more sex this afternoon than I’ve had in the last month—hell, two months. ”

As she rolled off me, Tess added, “How many times can you cum, like, in an afternoon?”

Talk about a great ego boost. I replied, I thought rather wittily, “I’m not sure, but I’m willing to find out.

” That got a laugh.

The next time I entered Tess, half an hour or so later, we launched into long, languid lovemaking—very sweet and soft and tender. I laid out on her, did her missionary style for a while. Then I rolled Tess over, we positioned a pillow beneath her hips and I slipped inside her from behind. I remember roaming my hands lovingly over her ass cheeks, thighs and back—cherishing her body that was giving me such tactile as well as visual pleasure.

I rolled her over again, and we took our time. By the time Tess begged me to go a little faster I too was ready to cum. We again achieved climax within seconds of each other—when I heard her little gasps and moans of ecstatic release, knowing I was the one pleasuring this woman and not her husband, that I was the getting it done, ramming my rod in and out of her pussy, my cock and no one else’s I couldn’t hold my own load any longer.

It was another very, very good fuck. I stayed on top of her, with my cock inside her, for a quite a while afterwards, loving the feel of her hands on me, my back, ass and loving the feel her body beneath me, her tits, her thighs—it was wonderful.

Tess and I cuddled for a while and talked about what good sex we were making together.

Then, we decided to go back outside and play by the pool.

Rolling out of bed, her titties flopping and swinging, Tess said she first had to call her stepdaughter to cancel. We collected the bottles and glasses, the ice bucket and made our way into the kitchen. Tess walked in front of me and I watched her ass sway—felt myself getting hard again.

I re-filled the bucket with ice and prepared our drinks, while Tess made her phone call.

“Steph, this is Tess. Listen honey, I’ve been running a fever all afternoon and I’m going to have to cancel tonight. I’ve really sorry, but I absolutely have to go into the office tomorrow and so I’m just going to stay in tonight. ”

While Tess talked, I watched. And, I jacked off to the sight of her wide hips, her shaved pussy, her huge hanging titties—the memories of all the pleasure I had been getting from that body.

As she was wrapping up her conversation, Tess bent forward a bit, moved her shoulders about to make her titties swing around. I groaned. Then, she turned around and wiggled her ass. I moaned and moved toward her—horses could not have kept me from reaching out for, groping over the object of my need, that gorgeous ass and pussy.

“I got to go Steph, my other phone is ringing—it may be the office.

At this point, I had already roamed over—possessively—those cheeks, reached around and bobbled her boobs. I took my cock and spanked her with it a few times.

“Oh baby,” Tess said, rubbing her ass against me, “You want to do it outside?”

I moaned, slipping quickly into my zone—possessed totally by my lust, my need to fuck this woman’s pussy.

“No,” I groaned out, leering at those cheeks, and gently pressing on her shoulders, bending her forward, “I need to fuck that pussy, and I need to fuck it now. ”

“Oh honey,” Tess breathed, “You are the horniest man I think I’ve ever met. ”

“Oh, fuck,” I said, looking over the expanse of her bare, broad bottom, “Oh baby, you know you can’t wag that ass and wave those tits at me without my doing something about it.

Now where is that pussy?”

“Oooh! Oh, baby there it is—you found it. But I knew you would, you’ve been there so many times today. ”

Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but if not the erstwhile reader surely has surmised that for me one of the great sexual turn-ons is having steady, ready access to tits, tongue and tail. Yes, knowing I can get pussy when and where I want it really gets me going.

I love being able to roll over and mount my woman first thing in the morning to get my first piece of ass of the day right then and there. I love being able to grab my woman when she is walking by, pulling her close, hiking up her skirt, peeling down her panties and slipping inside to take care of my need; or, taking her into a bathroom during a party, or bending her over the hood of my car in the parking lot after an evening of clubbing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. As I know I’ve mentioned, I love pleasing my woman, proud of my staying power and ability to quickly rebound—but I do like to get in my “take what I need” fucks. And Tess seemed to understand and appreciate my approach—fuck, make love, fuck and make love again and so on.

“Oh, yes, baby. Don’t hold back, do what you got to do.

Make yourself happy back there Duke. ” She began to bump against me in time with my increasingly desperate drives into her pleasure place.

Soon, I was really banging her. Our bodies clapped loudly and I relished my access to the pussy, ass, tits and that warm mouth of Derek’s wife. Here I was, fucking her in their kitchen and this sent me into a pussy pumping frenzy.

I had leaned over and saw her titties swinging and swaying, loved hearing her little love grunts.

“Get it, get it, get it baby,” Tess was gasping and her rippling, quivering ass cheeks were turning red from my pummeling action, “Oh, you’re such a good pussy fucker!”

Again, I felt so strong, powerful in the throes my self-serving fuck, “My bitch! You’re my fucking bitch today! It’s mine, mine, mine—oh, you’re mine to fuck!”

“Oh baby, yes, it’s all yours.

Take what you need, baby, get all you want. Fuck your bitch good!”

Yes, I began to hammer her hind end, ram that rump, yes, I began to piston fuck that pussy and when I came, I again went cum-creaming crazy. I was a fucking madman, literally. It felt so damned good. My body jerked and convulsed with the pulses of pleasure, over and over and over.

Oh how I wanted to fill that pussy with my jism, make that woman take my load, give me pleasure, whenever and wherever I wanted.

Spent, we again laughed at our wanton exuberance. Tess stood up and pushed against me and I reached around, cherishing the feel of her hefty hangers. And as I humped and pumped out the last thrusts of cum, I growled, “Oh I want to own your bitch ass!”

“Oh yes, give it to your bitch, baby.

As I drained my balls into her I muttered, “Damn, Tess. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much sex in one afternoon. ”

She turned around, rubbed over my chest with one hand, and fondled my balls with the other, “Hmm, lucky me. ”

When I pulled free of her, Tess and I took our drinks, bottles and ice out beside the pool.

She warned me that about 5:30 or so, we would need to retire back into the house as her next door neighbor Grayson would be coming in from work. “It seems,” Tess laughed, “that both my neighbors like to steal a peek or two at me sunbathing. ”

For the next couple of hours, we drank, swam, fondled and fucked.

First, Tess put a cushion down in front of me, knelt down—her titties swinging so nicely as she did so—and sucked me into a state of readiness.

I sat back, sipping my drink and watching the action, savoring being serviced by this big tittied housewife.

Memories of all the times Derek had been an asshole to me flashed through my mind. In addition to catching him watering his lawn with my water, Derek over the years had been rude, sometimes downright mean. Since Marge and I had moved in next door to him, Derek had complained about me to the homeowners association at least twice a year about some imagined infraction.

I am not sure the source of his animosity but sitting in Derek’s back yard, beside his pool, sipping his bourbon with my dick in his wife’s mouth was compensation enough.

I recalled one night I had bumped into him at Bob’s Big Deck Bar. It was—is—a local hangout with lots of scantily clad waitresses, and what we call bend over girls serving behind the bar. There were several guys—acquaintances—including Derek seated at the “regulars” position, being loud and boisterous.

It was evident they had been there quite a while before I arrived. A couple guys asked me to join them. Derek was typically arrogant and made a point of ignoring me, talking over me, interrupting me. I was about move on to another place along the bar when the conversation took an interesting turn. They began talking about their respective wives’ assets. Bobby Trigg talked about his wife’s great ass. A year later, I would get to find out about that ass for myself, firsthand.

Chuck Foster talked about his wife’s tits—ironically, about the time I got to boff Bobby’s wife for the first time, a couple of weeks later I would get play with Chuck’s wife’s titties.

But the pivotal moment, however, came when Derek leaned over and, somewhat d***kenly, boasted, “Although none of you slugs will ever get to see them, but you should my wife’s big ole titties all out there and naked.

Big ole fucking titties. ”

Sitting there in his back yard, I recalled the scene and I sipped his Knob Creek bourbon, as I lovingly roamed my free hand over his wife’s shoulder, jiggling her jugs as she sucked on my dick I thought, “Yeah, Derek you asshole, you should see your wife’s titties all out there and naked with my cum splattered across them. ”

Tess worked on me for a while, tongue tickling my balls, licking me up and down, gripping me with grips.

It was a very nice, slopping, slurping, saliva soaked sucking. Then, just as I was moaning and groaning, she hand jobbed a while longer and then gave me a wonderful titty fuck. Tess put her huge honeys up on my lap, hugged my cock with them and I gazed, marveled at the sight. Her titties felt so fucking good bobbing up and down on my thighs, softly, sweetly gripping my cock. Tess cooed, “Oh yes baby, give me that big load.

All your shots are for me today, all of them for me baby. You’re cuming over and over for me, baby, give it to me again. ”

Well, it didn’t take long for her to bring me to climax. The scene was too much, they looked so fucking lovely, I lost control. My spunk spewed up and over her big beauties, me moaning out my pleasure.

“Oh, yes baby, look at you go, oh yes, enjoy it. Yes, let’s pump it all out. ”

For my part, I just had to sit there and watch. He beautiful titties glazed over with my jism, my dick leaking out the last of my cum. At that moment, I wanted to own that woman. I wanted her for myself, all for myself.

I wanted to be able to take Tess when and where I wanted, to just fuck her and fuck her and fuck her—I needed those tits in my face, that ass in my hands, that mouth on my cock, those hands all over me. I wanted to use her over and over for my pleasure. I was lost in lust.

“Damn Tess. Fuck you know how to get it out of me.

Tess stood up. Her spunk splotched titties swinging and swaying. We kissed.

“Well, honey, whenever you need some help with that, you let me know. No reason for you to walk around packing all that jism with me around. ”

“Oh honey, what a dream girl you are. ” And, I meant it.

We re-filled our drinks and got into the pool. We frolicked and fondled some more. I played her titties and grabbed her ass. She stroked me. After a while, we pressed together and kissed, necked. I whispered into her ear, “I want to make your pussy hum. I want lick you until you cum. ”

“Oh yes. ”

I jacked on my dick as I watched Tess get out of the pool, the water dr****g off her gorgeous ass.

I laid her out on the lounge and promptly got to work on her clit.

She moaned, and writhed and groaned as I made that pussy mine with my tongue. One thing I had learned about Tess is that she had a lot of built up sexual tension and she could cum repeatedly and quite easily. It didn’t take long before we were drenched with her juices.

After her body had twice shuddered and her thighs had clamped tightly around me, I rose up to look at the length of Tess. Her slight tummy, her big titties graded out to the sides, d****d over her forearms. Her eyes were dilated and her mouth open and slack. Tess’ face was flushed and beautiful in its post coital pose.

“Oh, damn, oh fuck. Duke you are so fucking good at that.

Then, indelicately, unabashedly, Tess took a beach towel and wiped around between her legs, “Baby, you did such a good job down there, I think you deserve a reward. Come here and get yourself some more pussy. ”

I stood and leered at the layout before me—what a great looking spread Tess made. I slipped inside her and laid down on top of her.

She gasped sweetly as I entered her and Tess rubbed her hands softly over me, gently gripping my ass cheeks. Tess whispered in my ear, “Oh baby, you’ve made me your little slut today. ”

“Oh, but honey, what a beautiful little fuck you are—damn you get me up and going so easily. ”

“Oh yes, Duke, I’m your fuck today—take what need baby, do what you have to do—get your pleasure but give me that cock good, do me good.

It’s my dick today and you’re pumping out those loads just for me. ”

And so, for several minutes we humped and pumped. We alternated in uttering our little endearments.

“Oh, that’s such good pussy. ”

“Oh, baby, yes suck those titties. They’re out there for you enjoy. ”

“Oh fuck I love these titties, so fucking big.

“Oh, Duke yes, grab that ass, make it yours honey. ”

When she sensed I was getting close Tess said, “Oh Duke, pump it out for me, give it to me. I told you those loads belong to me, baby. ”

I remember thinking, damn what a great fuck buddy.

I shot my ejaculate into her.

I came hard. I slam fucked that woman. It was another great climax as I was wracked with spasms of pleasure and I nailed her down good with wild thrusts, my dick plunging in and out of her wet and wonderful pussy. Tess took my pummeling with little whoops of glee, “Oh! Oh! Unh! Unh! Oh!”

Spent for the time being, I laid out on Tess, enjoying her hands moving delicately over my body, moving my cock around inside her pussy every so often, loving the feel of a big tittied woman beneath me.

“Damn, Duke you sure can fuck. It’s a wonder Marge doesn’t walk around bow legged. ”

I pulled free of her, stood and replied while still jacking on my dick to the scene before me, her tits splayed out, her legs spread, “Well honey, Marge doesn’t get it out of me the way you do. ”

I helped her up, kissed her, lovingly fondled one of her tits and groped over her ass.

“Damn, baby, you are one hot, wonderful fuck. Damn, like I said before, if you were mine I’d keep you naked and well fucked all the time. ”

Tess looked at me, peering deeply into my eyes, looking for something. It was at that precise moment I believe that we both knew this was going to be prolonged and active affair, that our little romp was a prelude to more and more fucking in the future.

She kissed me, and gasped, “Oh Duke, I want to be naked for you. I want you to fuck me over and over. ” Then, Tess did the sweetest thing: she knelt down and began to suck on my dick.

The scene was so erotic and her tongue and lip work so good that, amazingly, my cock stirred and grew hard again.

I stood there in the sun, in Derek’s backyard, getting my dick worked on by Derek’s wife. Proud of my erection, I looked down at the brunette as her head moved back and forth on my rod. Tess fondled my balls with one hand and rubbed over my thigh and ass with the other. Her titties jiggled and wobbled a bit as Tess rocked along on my cock.

For the first few minutes I did not believe I would be able to cum again, as I had just blown my load into her pussy, but Tess looked so fucking good, and her work on my dick felt so fucking fine that, incredibly, I felt that surge of pure pleasure building and building.

I was helpless in the throes of her attentions, trapped in her mouth. If Derek himself, with Marge in his wake, had walked through that patio door I would not have been able to pull free. All I could mutter was, “Oh baby, oh baby…” But I groaned it out, over and over. I was stupid with lust.

“Oh honey, I’m gonna cum.

Oh shit, I’m gonna cum again. ”

Tess pulled her head back but continued to stroke me with her hand, “Oh baby. Cum on my tits again, mark your territory again, baby. ”

“Bunch them up Sweetness. ” And she did.

I stood there for a time, jacking off to her titties—that deep, rich cleavage those nipples, the rounded, bulging breasts, loving it when she jiggled them, “Oh fuck they’re so beautiful.

Oh my titties, my fucking titties. Oh shit. ”

“Yes, baby, they’re all out there for you—for you baby. Just for you. Cum for me, honey. Put it all out there. I know you can. Oh I want that load on my tits again. ”

And, I obliged. It wasn’t a huge blast as I had indeed pumped it out just a few minutes earlier, but damn.

I splotched and splattered them quite nicely.

“Damn, Tess. Look what you do to me? Fuck! I can’t get enough of you! I can’t stop fucking you!”

And it seemed, at the time, and for a long, long while afterwards, almost two years, that it was true—I simply could not fuck her enough. I stared down at those big titties as I bent a bit at the knees to bury my cock, cum coated, in between her spunk splattered boobs, enjoying a little jug hug.

I used them to pump my dick and savored the scene. Then, we took a sip or two of our drinks and splashed around in the pool. At some point, we both got out of the pool, sitting on the edge, drinking and talking. Suddenly, Tess said, “Oh shit, I just heard Grayson’s garage door go up. He’s home. ”

We quickly gathered up our clothes, towels and drink cups.

But watching Tess, watching her titties flop around and her ass quake as she trotted into the house was such a dick hardening sight. By the time we got inside, I was horned out and hard and ready for some more pussy action.

But her cellphone was buzzing. Tess walked over, “Fuck, it’s Derek. I’ve got to take this in case he is changing his travel plans or there is a problem with the business.

Imagine my disappointment. I certainly didn’t want my play time to be curtailed and besides, I was standing in her kitchen, horny as hell, jacking on my dick and looking at her naked body. Tess returned the call. It was pretty clear Tess was being chastised for not going into the office that day. I could hear Derek’s strident voice. Tess explained, with a slight grin aimed my way, that she had awakened that morning with a fever and had been hot all day.

That she would certainly go in tomorrow. While he was obviously giving her some kind of instructions, Tess motioned me closer. I stepped closer and while she was talking to Derek, she took over the hand action on my cock. For my part, I played with both her boobs, bouncing them, bobbing them about; I enjoyed the sight of them wobbling around. Tess seemed to take a perverse pleasure in the fact her husband was chewing her out while she was pulling on my dick.

Still, when Tess slapped her cellphone shut, she tossed it onto the butcher-block island and yelled out, “Fuck! Just because he isn’t getting his way at the franchise owner’s meeting, he has to call here and unload on me. Fuck him. ”

For several minutes, we drank, standing there naked in the kitchen; me stroking it, looking at her, wanting her anew.

Once more, Tess offered up another rant against husband and concluded with another, emphatic, “Fuck him. ”

I placed my bourbon on the butcher block island and moved toward her, “I’d rather you fuck me. ”

Then, it was my hands all over her lush body. I grabbed ass, fingered pussy, jostled her jugs, gripped ass cheeks and nibbled on her neck, sucked on her nipples.

For her part, Tess stroked me, gripped my ass, and feather stroked her fingers over my balls.

Tess glanced at the cellphone, looked thoughtful for a time, bit her lower lip and looked up at with that mischievous, lascivious grin of hers, “What a good idea. ”

Then Tess led me, literally, by my dick into the den. She pushed me down onto what I knew was Derek’s favorite chair, a lush, mahogany colored leather recliner.

When I looked quizzically at Tess, she told me, “Consider this my revenge fuck. ”

I laughed and leaned back to enjoy the ride. Tess knelt before me, her titties swinging and free and I was happy to reach for them to help contain those huge hooters. Tess commenced to give me another slurping, saliva soaked cock sucking, complimented by hand work and tit fucking.

This went for quite a while. I sat there, sipping my bourbon in Derek’s den, getting my dick sucked, tit-hugged and hand jobbed by his wife. There was a perverse part of me that wanted Derek to know that I had been-was-fucking his woman all afternoon, cuming on her, at her and in her, over and over. And here I was, with my dick once more in her mouth, oh, now her tits were in my lap, now, her tongue was licking my balls, her hands gently stroking my thighs and hip and abdomen—yes, here I was getting all this pleasure out of his wife.

There wasn’t enough space at my side for her climb up on me, but at one point I murmured, “Oh fuck I need your pussy. Oh baby, give me some pussy. ”

Tess stood, again with the tits swinging and wobbling and turned around and aimed her big, broad, beautiful bottom my way for a reverse cowgirl style fucking. I set my drink down onto the side table.

“Yeah, baby, come on down on that dick—oh that ass looks so good. ”

And it did—the tan lines, the plush cheeks; I reached up and smacked each of them. Tess lifted up my dick and I gripped her ass and guided her down onto me. My head fell back and I savored the feel of pussy. We fucked like that for a while, her ass cheeks clapping against me as I rose up to greet her over and over.

We grunted and gasped in our wanton lust.

When Tess came, she came hard. It was her turn to slam fuck me. Her ass hammered me. Her cheeks slapped me with the full f***e of her body and her barks of pleasure echoed against the hardwood floors and the bookshelves and again I was so proud it was my dick making her happy, turning her into a sweet little fuck-crazed housewife.

All the time she was cuming, Tess yelped, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” over and over. Finally, after she had cum, Tess settled down onto me and rolled her ass over me, “Damn, Duke. Fuck! That dick works so good for me. ”

As for me, I just stared at that rolling rump, loving having my cock up in that hot, wet and oh so welcoming pussy. With my hands I roamed freely, lovingly feeling over her cheeks, thighs, hips, back and up and around to cherish her titties with my palms and fingers, taking in as much of that woman as I could.

As Tess pulled free of me, she turned around, “Oh baby, will you cum for me? Here, let me do that. ” And she knelt down and took my cock in hand. With her tits rubbing and brushing against my thighs, her tongue working on my shaft and her hands cupping my balls, I laid my head back and groaned, “Oh what a sweet little fuck you are.

” I reached down with one hand and played with one of her tits. Tess looked up at me, smiled and said, “Oh honey, today I’m your sweet little fuck. Cum for me. Cum on these tits, mark your territory again, baby. ”
And, again, I did. With my right hand I cupped her left titty, bobbled it and wobbled it around. With my left hand, I took over the jerking off action on my dick and as I worked on my cock, I gave her lovely right titty little love punches, making it jiggle as I brought myself to climax.

My cum flew as I blotched her titties, some of it fell over my lap, some of it shot like little white meteors up onto the arms of the chair, all the time I was cuming Tess is oohing and ahhhing, “Oh baby, look at you go. Oh let it out. Oh yes, take that pleasure. ” I thoroughly jacked out my jism, spewed my spunk with a wild aim, moaning and groaning, awash in my release.

Tess rose up, moved her tits close to me, “Oh Duke, look how you came for me. Look what you did to my tits. ”

I stared at her hanging hooters, rubbing my hands lovingly over her hips and tits. Then, I gazed over the entire scene of cum splatter. ‘Fuck. Oh fuck, look at what you do to me.

Damn, you sure do get it out me good. ”

We cleaned up. I went into the kitchen and took a quick shot of bourbon. Tess came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her waist.

“Baby,” she said, patting me on the ass, “if we are going to keep at it like this I am going to need to eat something.

Well, for the next two hours, things returned to normal and we “played house. ” I put on my shirt and pants and snuck next door for a couple bottles of wine. At this time of the early evening my neighborhood came alive with power walkers, joggers, k**s walking their dogs. So I had to be careful lest a neighbor see me sneaking between houses.

When I returned to Tess, she was cooking pasta and making a cream sauce with mushrooms.

More importantly, Tess had donned a pair of cutoff blue jeans from which her ass cheeks were squeezing out and tight t-shirt without a bra. Her tits looked like pillows. At first, I wanted to say to hell with dinner, let’s fuck again, but resisted, barely.

As we ate, we talked about our favorite restaurants, favorite vacations, gossiped a bit about our neighbors. All the while, we were eating with vigor, filling up on carbs—surprised at the appetite we had generated through our frolicking and fucking.

As we were finishing up our second course, I began to watch Tess’ titties wobble and jiggle beneath that thin veil of cotton. I felt my need rise, as did my cock. Tess took notice, moved her plate aside and reached across the table for a bottle of wine. Her tits, mashed upon the table top, the orbs pressed down and pooled there—I moaned and grabbed my cock through my pants.

Tess began to clear the table and I intently watched her ass as she moved toward the sink—the lower quarter of her cheeks showing. As she moved about, I could see her tits bulging from the sides, one would wobble, loll into view, then the other. It was too much for me—I stripped out of my shirt, dropped my pants and, while walking toward her, began to jack on my dick.

She still had her back toward me, and I bent down a bit so I could press my cock against her ass. I reached around and got two handfuls of big titty.
Tess reached back and found I was naked, “Damn Duke, baby, I have to say it again. You are the horniest man I’ve even met. ”

“I hope that isn’t a complaint.

” I breathed into her hair.

Tess turned to face me and reached down for my dick, “Oh honey, not at all. I am just glad I’m on the receiving end of all your horniness. ”

“Well,” I said as I leaned down and kissed her, reached around and grabbed some ass, “It’s difficult to keep a hard man down.

It took her a second or two to appreciate my little play on words. Tess giggled a bit and moved past me, wagging her ass in invitation. My cock followed, with the rest of me in tow.

It was another very, very—very!—good fuck. This time, we christened the living room couch. I sat down, she climbed on, slipped me inside her and we proceeded to fuck.

And, it was another very, very—very!—slow and sweet fuck, up until the very end when we both launched into a cum-creaming frenzy.

For most of the fucking, Tess leaned into me so I could feel her breath on my neck, her tits pressed against me, her thighs against mine. I had a fleshy ass cheek in each hand. It felt so good fucking her pussy; it was so warm and wet with the perfect grip—at the time I felt I could live up that pussy forever.

And those tits, all that female fun flesh pressed against me. For several minutes it was all fondling and feeling and fucking. For my part, my hands were all over her, as if I were trying to memorize by feel every inch of her body.

Again, we climaxed within seconds of each other. Violent spasms of spunk spewing pleasure caused me to lose control and slam up into Tess.

Tess hammered down on me, her cheeks and thighs slapping me. We clung to each other for quite a while, entangled in a sweaty, post-coital calm.

Here, I have to admit; the rest of the evening was a bit, well, anti-climactic—pardon the pun. We had been frolicking for hours, fucking with a vengeance. Plus, we both had been drinking heavily between our sexual romps.

When we uncoupled, we cleaned up once more.

Tess donned her robe, and I put on the pair of gym trunks I had brought over when I had retrieved the bottles of wine.

We took our drinks into the den and, over the course of the next couple of hours, popped some popcorn, and watched a movie, fucked once more.

Around 11:00 pm, Tess turned off all the patio lights, but left the underwater pool lights on.

We took a bottle of wine, got naked and soaked at the shallow end of the pool. I think we both, at this point, were thinking about the next day. Tess had to get into her office as did I.

But the conversation turned serious. Tess flat out asked if I wanted to continue what she termed as an affair. To wit, I perhaps too eagerly replied of course.

We agreed we made great sex together, but acknowledged the logistics of our romping and rutting would be problematic. Tess said she could not, absolutely not, risk discovery; that Derek was making good money and she did not want to be left without any resources. For a moment or two, I thought Tess was going to end our raucous liaison right then and there—but then, she told me to sit on the edge of pool.

She knelt down in the water and proceeded to suck my dick.

We did bed down together. I took her twice more during the night. And, we had that lovely, first-thing-in-the-morning fuck.

I went over to my house for a well needed shower and got into the office early and stayed late. The sale of my company was moving forward at a steady, but slow pace.

Since my partner lived and had his base in London, it took a lot of hands on attention to make sure all the proverbial “I”s were being dotted and “T”s were being crossed.

Although, I have to admit, my randy rounds of rutting with Tess kept creeping into my consciousness throughout the day. Periodically I would close my eyes and picture Tess’ swinging, swaying titties, her wiggling jiggling jugs, her wagging, ample ass.

By nine o’clock on Thursday evening, when I pulled into my driveway, I had a raging hard on.

At ten, my cellphone buzzed. It was Tess.

“Hey baby. Remember me?”

“Honey, I’m out here on my back patio, naked, remembering you right now. ” It was partially true, I was out there with my laptop surfing porn—I think I was jacking off to Tiffany Towers or Letha Weapons—sometimes I get in the mood for huge, outrageously big titties.

“Would you like some help with that?” Tess explained she had come home around 5:30 and had spent the entire evening cleaning up. “The place smelled like an orgy had taken place,” and she had laughed.

I quickly donned a pair of shorts. A few minutes later I heard her come through the side gate, Tess had wanted to avoid the light above my front door.

She had a third of a bottle of Tanqueray gin and a third of a bottle of Knob Creek. Tess explained she had refilled the bottles to the approximate levels of when Derek had left on Tuesday.

“I figured,” she said, when we were both in the kitchen pouring drinks, “that since Derek is coming home tomorrow and Marge is coming home on Saturday, that we would mess up your sheets tonight.

Well, mess up my sheets we did—we did indeed. Yes, by the time my alarm went off at 6:00 am the next morning there were wet spots all over that fucking bed.

I think we went through at least a good third of the Karma Sutra. I had never been much for doing it in the 69 position, until that night.

But since Marge and I had mirrored closet doors, my favorite was doggie style. Yes, several times that night I banged Tess’ ass good and made those titties gallop. We yelped and barked, groaned and moaned and banged away with such abandon.

She woke me up with my dick in her mouth.

What a woman.

Tess and I continued our surreptitious rendezvous over the course of the next several weeks—meeting for a little afternoon delight at a local motel, once at the apartment of a friend of mine, a couple of times in a park.

But we would not have any more opportunities for marathon fucking until a year later, when Marge and I separated. At that time, I moved into a little one bedroom studio apartment not far from my office.

Now, I must confess, once I moved out of the house I was like a colt let out of the corral. I went pussy fucking, titty touching, ass grabbing crazy.

It wasn’t long before I had a couple of steady, big boobed bed buddies and I was banging away like a teenager.

The divorce was relatively painless. Marge got the house and what I thought to be a decent alimony. The month after the settlement, I bought a townhome in a nice neighborhood. Yet, the pace of the sale of the business picked up and when it was finally settled, my partner and I were millionaires.

Not outrageously rich, but neither of us would ever have to work—unless we wanted to—for the rest of our lives so long as we managed our money well. I agreed to stay on as a consultant under a two year contract, working two days a week for a sizeable stipend—for that two year period this would be my pussy money.

Now, during this period I still fucked Tess on a pretty regular basis.

Typically we connected on a Saturday morning, unless I had a stay over fuck at my place. Tess would tell Derek she had errands to run then she would call me. Now, if I was with someone or playing elsewhere I of course would not answer. The nice thing about my townhome was that the entire complex of thirty units was gated. So, she could not surprise me with a knock on the door.

I’m sure Tess knew that at this point she wasn’t my only fuck buddy, but we still made fiery, fierce frenetic sex together. I cannot count the times I, over the last four years or so, have cum on her tits, her ass; cannot count the times she’s titty fucked me, or sucked me, or I’ve licked and dicked her. It’s one for the record books.

Now, there was a period, about two years ago when we broke off our affair for a while.

Tess knew that I would never marry her—so she began to date a guy named Travis. Not a bad fellow. I knew him from the local bars and actually liked him. Tess and I continued to play until about a week before the wedding. Did I feel guilty? I mean, as long as Tess was married to dickhead Derek, no. You might ask, how about as long as she was separated and then divorced? No.

When she was dating Travis? Yes. At least until Tess got naked.

After the wedding, Tess stopped coming by for a while. By this time, my bank account was flush, and I was fucking like crazy. I took a couple of sex tours. In addition to my two steady women, there were a couple of college co-eds who rented a few doors down and they, on occasion, needed help with rent—they liked to get naked and party and so that worked out quite well.

So, about six months after Tess and Travis tied the proverbial knot, I saw them at one of our local watering holes, The Place 2B Bar. Tess gave me a nice little kiss on the cheek in greeting and I congratulated Travis. We had a couple of drinks together, and then one of my bed buddies came in, Cassie. Cassie and I went off to a booth to have a drink and fondle, preparatory to our repairing to my place to play.

I think this must have set something off in Tess—something proprietary. The following Saturday, my cellphone went off. It was Tess.

“Are you alone?” I immediately recognized the voice.

In fact, I was on my way to look at a house out in the suburbs. I wanted a swimming pool, a party pad; yes, I wanted more rooms to fuck in.

“Yes, honey, as a matter of fact, I am. ”

“Would you like some company?”

Needless to say, I called my real estate agent to cancel.

Thus, Tess and I resumed our periodic rounds of rutting.

As I sit down this afternoon to pen the final words of this missive relating some of the highlights of my four year, off again, on again, sexual journey with Tess, I am in a reflective mood.

In fact, I am yet to shower and I can still smell Tess—in fact, the place reeks of sex. Yes, she just left a few minutes ago. It is Saturday afternoon, around 1:30. Tess dropped in early, around 9:00 this morning. We only had three or four hours to romp. Tess is to meet Travis and another couple for drinks at Bob’s Big Deck at 2:00.

My two college co-ed bed buddies are coming over at little later—they need help with their rent again, as well as some help with tuition.

They’ve promised me an afternoon and night of it—“We’ll keep at as long as you can keep cuming” was their sweet little message to me. I have to clean up, change sheets, shower and fire up the grill on the balcony.

Yes, even though I am seriously aroused at the thought of getting naked with these young cuties, I am for the moment sated on sex, I find myself in a reflective mood.

I ponder the dynamic between Tess and me.

While Tess fits one of my favorite physical templates so well, at this point in my life, I am into variety. I love fucking women anywhere between the ages of early twenties to mid-forties. In fact, not long ago I spent a weekend at a beach front cabin and banged away with 55 year old woman with some nice double H titties.

I like to get naked and fuck slim and stack girls and BBWs and everything in between.

The thing about Tess is that I am fine so long as she has clothes on. No k**ding. Even though I’ve tasted and touched all there is to taste and touch about her body, and have fully indulged in all her delights, I can stay relatively calm around her.

But whenever Tess shows me a tit or reveals her ass—I go absolutely crazy with lust. My dick springs alive. It is as if there is a magnetic field around her that just draws cum out of me. I can’t explain it.

Like this morning. Half a dozen times.

But I have a concern or two. I am scheduled to close on my party pad out in the suburbs.

It isn’t a mansion, but it has a very large k**ney shaped swimming pool, a sunken Jacuzzi, both fully enclosed with a screen canopy. Two storied the house backs onto a large city owned park. The backyard has a high privacy fence. No neighboring houses are close enough to allow anyone to view what goes on around my pool. I plan on turning one of the three upstairs bedrooms into an office from which I will manage my money.

The downstairs bedroom looks out on the pool. With this room, I plan on turning it into a fuck den, with a couch, large screen television, surround sound, and a daybed. I’ve already put in an e-bay order for a dozen stand-up, triple paneled mirrors to place strategically throughout the house.

My concern is that for Tess, the drive might be a bit much. The college co-eds are, however, excited about the pool.

They’ve already promised to invite some of their girlfriends to frolic and fuck around the pool.

I had planned on putting my townhome up for sale. But after this morning’s raucous round of rutting—I don’t know. Maybe I will keep it as a little romper room. Allow me to explain.

When Tess called me this morning, she caught me during a dry spell.

I hadn’t been with the co-eds for over two weeks—that’s why I am so excited about them coming over for an overnight stay. One of my bed buddies was off visiting her mother in Dallas—she had been gone all week. My other bed buddy, who happens to be married, had been tied up with renovations to their house all week. Twice during the week I’d had to call in a provider I sometimes engage.

So, I was really horny this morning.

Tess arrived with a bottle of Merlot in one hand and little travel bag in the other. That’s when I knew we were going to get down to some serious fucking. Tess had warned me she had to leave absolutely no later than 1:30pm—as I mentioned earlier she had to be clean and dressed and out my door to meet up with Travis and another couple at the Deck.

While I took her bottle, opened it and mixed a wine cooler for her, poured out some bl**dy Mary for myself, Tess got topless. I came out of my little kitchen and saw those big beauties hanging down and said, “Oh fuck. How I’ve missed those fun bags. ”

“I can tell. ” Yes, the sight of her huge honeys immediately got me going and set down the drinks.

My cock was hard and bulging out in my gym trunks—which I shed quickly and unceremoniously and proceeded to jerk on my cock while moving toward her to get a handful or two of big titty.

Since we had not been together for several weeks, and combined with the knowledge that we only had a few hours to fuck, Tess and I got right down to romping and rutting.

I grabbed tits and ass, Tess grabbed cock and ass.

Right there in middle of my living room floor, Tess knelt down and commenced to lick my balls and suck my dick. My cock was throbbing, my breath was labored, and my heart rate was racing— with all this female flesh so close, available to me, in my hands. I was so excited in the knowledge I was going to get to fuck this big tittied, healthy hipped, ample assed woman—this woman on her knees who was sucking my dick.

But after only a few moments of sucking, I was already close to cuming. I pulled free of her mouth and looked over Tess’ body. I could see the lust in her half closed eyes.

“I need that pussy baby and I need to fuck it now. ”

“Oh, Duke,” she said, getting up, her titties wobbling, “That’s why I’m here, to get my pussy fucked.

I led her to my bedroom, laid her out, jacking on my dick as I looked over the lovely spread, looking down on the pussy I was about to slip inside, those titties I was about to suck on. I moaned.

As she lay there, Tess rubbed her clit with the finger of one hand, and jiggled one of her jugs with the other and I asked her, “Oh baby, is that pussy ready for my cock?”

“Duke, honey, my pussy has been ready for your dick since about 5 o’clock this morning.

Oh baby, oh Duke come here and give me that cock—oh, don’t make me beg. ”

As I climbed on top Tess, I reached out and bobbled her right breast, making it wobble around. Tess raised her head to watch as my cockhead pressed against the folds of her swollen pussy lips, she breathed, “Oh Duke, in fact I walked around wet all day yesterday with the thought of getting you inside me.

I slipped into my zone and I fucked her and I fucked her hard, the bed creaked and the headboard drummed, and I simply became a pussy fucking fool.

Except for our grunts and groans and the bed sounds we both were silent and intent on cuming. Every few strokes or so, however, Tess would breath out, “Oh fuck.

Oh fuck. Oh yes, nail my ass down, baby. ”

For my part, I was grabbing ass and jiggling jugs and pumping pussy. I would, on occasion, grunt out, “Oh that’s such good pussy—oh I’ve missed this pussy. ”

“Oh, Duke, dammit, oh shit! I’ve missed your good fucking. ”

As Tess climaxed her face reddened, contorted in ecstasy and she bucked up beneath me.

The sight of her climaxing, the thought that Tess was on her second marriage, and she still came around for me to work on her pussy, to fuck her, to lick her and to dick her into climax, the sight of her titties rolling and swimming around was all too much.

When I came, it was an exquisite climax that seemed to last forever. I worked my dick in and out, letting her pussy milk me for every drop of spunk.

I spaced out on top of Tess, savorings the feel those big titties beneath me, her thighs pressed against me, her hands on my ass. Eventually, however, I pulled out of her and stood up—still jacking on my cock that was slick with our fluids. However, when Tess got up, she sort of rolled off the couch so that her ass was aimed my way.

I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh Tess, fuck. I’m not finished with that pussy. “

After Tess took a quick glance at my cock—confirming I was indeed still hard—she grinned, put her knees on the edge of the couch, her arms on the back and aimed her ass my way.

“Come and get what you need, baby. ”

Although I had shot my load, I still needed to feel that pussy, to grab her tits and smack that ass.

I slipped inside Tess and moaned out, “Oh fuck that’s good pussy. ”

She moaned out, “Oh shit. ”

I hammered her hind end for time. I paused every few pumps to bobble her boobs or rub over her body and smack her ass cheeks. Then, suddenly, incredibly, I felt a little build up and began to bang that butt, piston fuck that pussy.

The clapping of our bodies was loud in the quiet of the morning. I heard a dog bark, a car engine whine alive, a truck grumble by outside. Everybody was going their Saturday morning business—but me, I was fucking pussy and feeling fine. It took a while, and I can tell Tess is tiring out a bit, “Oh baby, honey, hang in there for me—just about there. ”

“Again, damn Duke,” here Tess emitted a little chuckle, “When’s the last time you fucked?”

But I ignore the question as I slipped into my zone.

Her pussy was really wet, given the effusion of our fluids, but it still felt so damn good in there. I watched my cock slick in and out of her pleasure place, felt her lush cheeks, watched them quake and heard them smack when I pounded against her. “Oh fuck. Oh you fucking bitch. Look what you do to me, you beautiful fucking bitch! Damn when I’m around you I just have to put it to you.

Can’t help myself. ”

I actually did cum again; it wasn’t one of those mind blowing climaxes, but it was nice. There were deep throbs of pleasure pulsing through me as pummeled her rump, gasping out my joy, reveling in my access to her ass, her pussy, her titties and her tongue.

Although I had initially been fond of her second husband Travis, according to various accounts Tess had offered up over the past year, he had become something of a controlling bastard.

Jealous of her friends from before they were married, Travis firmly refused to socialize with them and did all he could to prevent from her doing the same. While he was yet to be physically abusive, he had slipped into the habit of verbally deriding her—complaining that Tess was getting fat. Now, it is true that Tess had gained some weight over in the last few months, but from my perspective—especially while looking down on her tits with my dick in in between them, or looking down on her ass with my cock in her pussy—Tess still looked great when naked.

So, while I gave her rump a few more pumps, enjoying that pussy a little longer, I took added satisfaction at taking my pleasure with the big boobed, ample assed wife of another man.

We both emitted a little sigh when I pulled free of her. Her ass cheeks were red from my eager, crazed attention. I glanced at a clock on my fireplace mantel.

It was 10:20 in the morning. I quickly calculated how many fucks I might get in before 1:30. After cleaning up, we freshened our drinks.

Well, I succeeded in meeting my little quota. We spent the next two and a half hours in a fuck frenzy. I came in Tess. I came at Tess. I came on Tess. After romping and rolling on my bed during the second round, I made my man mess on her ass.

A little later, with Tess on her back, she begged me to pull and cum on her. So, with her watching, I jacked out my jism, shooting my spunk over her thighs, her tummy with one blast making its way up all the way to just beneath her titties.

We finally took a little break around 12:30, poured fresh drinks, got a little snack and went out onto the balcony.

At about ten minutes to one, Tess stood up, her titties wobbled around as she moved in front of me. She tossed a cushion at my feet as I stroked myself to the sight of her, and anticipation of the pleasures to come, “Honey, I am going to have to shower here pretty soon. And,” she wagged finger at me, “I’m going to have to shower alone, otherwise I will be late meeting up with Travis and there will be hell to pay.

We have time for one more fuck. And, I want to make you cum—I want to glaze my tits with your load. ”

And so, I did. Tess proceeded to give my cock some wonderful attention. She alternated between hand jobbing me, sucking me, and tit fucking me. It was a true sensory overload. All that tit flesh in my lap, her hands gently stroking me, her tongue working up and down my shaft was so wonderful to feel, to watch, to savor.

As I grew close, I took over the action on my cock, “Oh Sweetness, fuck I’m so close. ” Tess rose up a bit and dangled her titties over me, so that with my jacking off, I was punching her fun bags, making the wobble and quiver.

“Stand up baby. ” I did, and moaned at the scene beneath me—all that terrific terrain of tits, the roll of those beautiful mounds, hefted up and ready for my spray of spunk.

Tess continued to urge me on, “Oh honey, yes, give it to me. I want you to cum for me, and only for me. Now, boy, now, mark your territory again baby. ” Then, as she jiggled her jugs, Tess said the sweetest, the sexiest thing that tipped me over the top and caused me to cum, ‘Oh Duke, you know you’re the one who really owns me. My tits, my ass, my pussy, my tongue, it’s all yours, baby.

All yours. ”

And right before I shot my load I yelled out, “Oh fuck yeah, my tits, my fucking tits!” Then, the cum flew.

“Oh fuck, baby, yes, put it all out there. ”

Some hit her arms, some flicked up to the base of tits, a drop or two plastered onto her nipples, into her cleavage, onto my thighs.

I jacked it out like crazy.

We both stayed in position for a while, surveying the scene.

“Damn, Tess. Oh how you get it out me. Incredible. ”

Tess stood and pressed her delectable body against me. We kissed and I knew, my play time with her was over.

So, here I sit, naked, with my own cum drying on me, with the smell of Tess and her sexual readiness in my nostrils.

As she was leaving, Tess said she was going to take off Wednesday—we could make a day of it, she offered.

Yes, I ponder Tess and her sexual power over my body. As I stand to ready the place for the two college girls soon to arrive, I decide to keep the townhome. My party house is an hour’s drive from here and I’m afraid that my access to Tess would be severely limited.

No, I’ll keep the
townhome. Yes, as I picture in my mind the last scene of Tess on her knees, offering up her titties for my pleasure, I’ll definitely keep the townhome—I like making a mess with Tess.

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