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Making Her His

The sweet scent of Sabina’s perfume filled the house. David was getting hard just thinking about his wife getting ready for her first date tonight. Yes, David was a very lucky guy. He met Sabrina straight out of college when she came to work at the insurance office he worked at as an agent. He thought she was so gorgeous the minute he laid eyes on her.

Blonde hair, knockout body with big boobs.

She was his perfect dream wife and he knew it the instant he laid on her that Monday morning. He remembered being kind of shy with her. He figured he’d never stand a chance in hell to get her to go out with him. As they spoke he learned that she was just a down to earth kind of girl. Came from a country family and wanted to make it on her own in the big city.

David paced the living room floor as he tried to imagine what might take place tonight. He put his hands in his pocket and casually strolled down the hallway taking a peek inside the master bedroom. The light was still on in the master bath so David walked into the bedroom taking a peek around the corner and saw his wife applying lipstick to her full sensual lips.

His dick got even harder when he saw the flimsy tight dress she wore.

Topped off with those black 6” spike high heels. Her long blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders. David rubbed his fingers across his hard dick through the pocket of his pants.

“You almost ready, honey?” David asked politely to his lovely wife.

In an almost breathless sexy voice she replied. “In a minute baby. Almost done with my makeup. ”

David was jittery as he stood looking into the bathroom at his wife.

He paced the floor a couple times than made his way back out to the living room again looking at the time on the clock. Charlie would be here soon. David sat down on his favorite chair and stared out the front window remembering how this night got setup.

David and Sabrina just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. That happen last month. David had taken his wife out to dinner and later to a dance club.

They got talking about the subject of opening up their marriage with another man. A subject the talked about off and on for several months. Things were getting a little stale sexually wise and David suggested one night that he’d love to see her make love to another man. He remembers how Sabrina laughed. She thought he was just joking around that night and didn’t take him seriously.

While making love that night, David made a few remarks to Sabrina asking her how she’d love having another man inside her right now.

He remembers how excited she became as their words mingled about another man joining them. Sabrina got so aroused she came several times that night. Nothing was said until the following week when they made love again and Sabrina responded in much the same way having multiple orgasms.

David had been reading stories on the internet about wives becoming hot wives and taking multiple lovers while their husbands became their cuckolds.

David dropped a hint here and their during their love making sessions until Sabrina seemed serious about giving it a try. David was so excited that night when Sabrina began laying out some ground rules if they went through with it.

Their discussion continued at breakfast the next morning. Sabrina was as serious as every as she sat down with David and began discussing and sharing her ideas with him. She agreed that their sex life had diminished over the past couple years and thought that David’s idea of bring another man into their relationship might be fun for both of them.

Sabrina loved her husband very much and David kind of sensed that perhaps she thought he might start looking around at other women. David assured her that wasn’t on his mind at all. He confessed that the idea of seeing another man making love to her got him excited beyond belief. Sabrina laughed doing a little confession of her own that she had wished she had allowed more men to get in her pants when she was still single and dating.

Coming from a strict country family she just wasn’t as open as some women when it came to having sex. David taught her just about everything she knew about sex.

David and Sabrina both agreed the difference in their sex since they’ve been talking and fantasizing about her with another man. There was no denying that Sabrina was actually looking forward to it.

That night when they were out celebrating their anniversary David brought up the idea that Sabrina should sit at the bar and pretend she was by herself.

A couple drinks and a little laughter later, Sabrina was making her way to an empty bar stool and sat down and ordered her first drink.

It didn’t take long for men to start hitting on Sabrina. Sabrina was gorgeous. She had that elegant look and mannerism. David watched as men began chatting with his wife. She’d brush them off one at a time and look back at David silently talking to him.

He could read her lips and laughed every time she got rid of one.

“A real jerk!” She said of one guy. Made him laugh after the third guy was given the He Ho as he read her lips. “d***k!”

After about several men, Sabrina picked up her drink and walked back to the table where David was sitting and said. “Those guys were just awful!”

They had their fun that night but Sabrina wasn’t attracted to any of the men that approached her that night.

It wasn’t until two weeks later when an associate from another office in Chicago called him. It was his friend Charlie. David and Sabrina both knew Charlie since he worked at another insurance firm and met a couple years back at a business convention.

Charlie explained that he’d transferred to a Michigan office not far from where he and Sabrina lived and would like to get together sometime. Charlie was a single black guy.

He was an extremely large man but very fit. Loved to workout in the gym everyday lifting weights and such. Late thirties, 6’7” tall and extremely handsome with a great personality. Sabrina really liked Charlie and he loved flirting with her when they got together.

Charlie always asked about Sabrina when they spoke. At first David replied that she was doing just fine. As their conversation continued David opened up about what was going on in their marriage and asked Charlie if he had any suggestions on where to find single men that might like to join them.

Charlie was a little taken by David’s request at first but replied with a straight out answer that David never saw coming.

“I can’t believe you and the wife are having marital problems. You always look like the perfect couple when we get together. ” Charlie told David.

Charlie began talking about his experiences with married couples. He confessed that he’d been meeting couples in the Chicago area for several years as what he called, “The Black Bull.

David went further explaining to Charlie that’s what they were considering. Charlie was still in shock but continued to ask questions.

“Did you and Sabrina talk this over? I mean is this what both of you want in your relationship?”

David assured Charlie they’d talked about it and Sabrina went as far as laying out the ground rules already.

Charlie replied. “I certainly hope I don’t insult you or piss you off but would you consider having me talk with Sabrina?”

David was surprised but a light bulb went off in his head at the same moment.

He knew Sabrina was attracted to Charlie. She always made comments to him about how handsome she thought he as. A real gentleman with a nice body she always said. David kind of choked up at first but confessed how he thought it sounded like a perfect idea.

“Listen David, I hope you don’t mind me being so blunt but I have a lot of experience in these situations. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you gave me a chance with Sabrina.

David laughed. “I kind of like the idea Charlie. I was kind of worried about having her meet a complete stranger in the first place and figured we were going to have difficulty finding the right man for her. ”

Charlie chuckled. “I’m your man, David. I never wanted to say anything in the past but I think Sabrina and I already had a connection. ”

“Really!” David replied.

Charlie laughed. “Don’t take it the wrong way. It’s just that I felt chemistry flowing when I danced with your wife at the last convention. ”

David laughed. “Sabrina never told me about it. ”

“Didn’t think she would. ” Charlie replied with a laugh.

Turned into a very lengthy conversation by the time they had finished. That night David told Sabrina that he’d talked to Charlie about their plans.

She was upset at first that David would share such an intimate personal subject with someone they had a friendship with. As David went on to explain that Charlie was already into the lifestyle and was very experienced with new couples she opened up to the idea.

Sabrina asked questions at bedtime and David was happy to answer them as best as he could. The next day he gave Charlie a call telling him that Sabrina agreed to give it a try.

Charlie was thrilled. As soon as he got off the phone with David an attachment came across his cell phone from David. Charlie read the short caption. “Sabrina posed for these last night. ”

Charlie opened the file and the first picture of Sabrina appeared. It was a gorgeous shot of Sabrina wearing some sort of white lingerie. She was looking down at the floor but the straps of the outfit she wore were pulled down exposing about eighty percent of her lovely large breasts.

Sabrina was also looking down away from the camera in the second picture. The third picture was the hottest. Sabrina was posing seductively this time looking straight at the camera lens. Her arms were folded under her huge gorgeous breasts holding them up as if offering them to Charlie.

Charlie was rock solid hard. His 10” thick black cock strained against his pants for release. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on Sabrina.

He couldn’t wait for the first meeting and start training this couple. He knew he’s have to take his time and mold them properly.

Sabrina walked out into the living room looking hot and seductive. Wearing a tight fitting black almost transparent dress. Her huge gorgeous tits were practically spilling out. The 6” high heels with long shapely legs. She looked like a goddess. She smelled really good too David thought.

It wasn’t three minutes later that the door bell rang. David stood up to answer the door as Sabrina stood a short distance away. David looked back at his wife seeing that she looked extremely nervous. A turn of the handle and David pulled the open.

After greeting David with a hand shack, Charlie zeroed in on Sabrina taking both her hands as he leaned forward giving her a gentle peek on the lips.

That little peek was enough to get David’s body tingling with excitement.

Charlie couldn’t help but get an eye full of those gorgeous full round tits poking out of the top of her low cut black dress. Charlie kept hold of Sabrina’s left hand as they walked toward the coach and sat down. David asked Charlie what he’d like to drink before making his way to the kitchen. When he returned he found Sabrina and Charlie chatting and laughing sitting next to one another on that coach.

Charlie spoke first. “David. Why don’t you take a seat right over there so we can all talk. ”

Charlie knew what he was doing. The bull always takes charge and he wasn’t wasting anytime with David. Sabrina noticed right away how her husband did what Charlie had asked. After David sat down Charlie began his questions. He began with casual small talk at first than after a few minutes he got down to the nitty gritty questions.

“Tell me David. What are you looking to get out of this. ”

This made David a little uncomfortable and Sabrina took notice how Charlie was making her husband squirm in his chair right away.

“Well, I thought this would be a good idea for both of us. Ugh…..I mean this would be a good opportunity for Sabrina to explore a little. ”

David was being too vague and Charlie was going to have to work it out of him.

“What would you like to see your wife do David?”

David thought for a few seconds and hesitantly replied. “Love to see her make love to another man I guess. ”

“You want to see her get fucked by a black man? Is that it David?”

“Ugh…..Yeah…. That would be nice I guess…”

Charlie heard it al before. Most husbands bring up the idea to their wives in the first place.

The wives go along with the idea because they love their husbands and want to please them.

“Tell me what turns you on the most David?”

“I guess everything. ”

“Do you like the idea of a man putting his seed inside your wife’s belly?”

“Ugh…..Yeah…. I guess that turns me on. ”

“You know there is always a change of pregnancy don’t you David?”

Sabrina interrupted saying.

“I’m on the pill. ”

David added. “Like my wife said, she takes birth control so I don’t see any problem with it. ”

Charlie was sipping his drink than asked another question that was going to make David squirm a little.

“What do you think about creampie David? Do you know what a creampie is?”

David nervously laughed as he replied. “Yes. I know what they are.

“Would it turn you on eating one?”

These questions were really getting to David as he looked nervous looking down at the floor right now. He finally gave a short reply.

“I guess so. ”

Charlie was holding Sabrina’s hand while he asked David these questions and could feel a slight squeeze from her hand during each question he asked her husband.


Have you and Sabrina discussed what you both expect from the relationship?”

“Well. Like I mentioned to you on the phone. Sabrina and I were looking for one guy that she could meet on a regular basis. Perhaps once a week or whenever we can get together. As I told you on the phone. Sabrina was attracted to you and you mentioned you had experience in this type of lifestyle so that’s what got us interested in contacting you.

David gave a little of his thoughts about what he expected. “Sounds good that both of you are in agreement on this. I can be available just about anytime I’m needed. Would you mind if your wife gave me her cell phone number so I can text or call and speak to her directly?”

David looked at his wife and hesitantly replied. “No. I don’t mind at all Charlie.

Is that OK with you honey? If Charlie calls your cell phone?”

Sabrina shook her head with a smile as she looked up at Charlie saying. “I don’t mind. ”

Sabrina was beginning to relax as she held Charlie’s hand. Charlie began telling the couple what he expected out of their relationship and see how they would both respond. Charlie knew it was impotent to include the cuckold in everything at first.

Than he could make an evaluation in the near future about what their limits would be.

Charlie began speaking using some of the things that David had told him when they talked on the phone. He pretty much laid out the ground work for future meetings telling them what he expected which they seemed agreeable to. He was very honest and up from with all his ideas. He certainly made no mistake in pointing out the relationship he’d like to have with Sabrina.

She seemed very agreeable to that as well.

After Charlie had described in detail what he wanted in the relationship he turned to Sabrina and asked her about her thoughts on what she expected. Charlie had put his left around her by this time and was holding her hand with his right hand.

As most wives do she repeated a lot of what Charlie already said what he expected almost word for word.

Charlie has found that it was very unusual for a wife to deviate much from what she has already heard discussed. If he felt he needed some clarification he’d wait until he was alone with Sabrina to ask.

David had gone out to the kitchen to make new drinks. Charlie took the opportunity to cuddle and kiss a little more with Sabrina. She seemed a lot more relaxed now as he held her tight sneaking his right hand up to cup one of her full tits through the material of her dress.

She responded by giving Charlie a more passionate kiss this time but they were interrupted from going further when David walked back into the room with the new drinks.

“Your wife and I were just getting better acquainted. ” Charlie said as David handed him the drink.

As soon as David sat down, Charlie leaned over and planted his lips on Sabrina’s and gave her a more passionate open mouth kiss.

As soon as he stopped he turned his head to make sure David was watching his wife being kissed. Charlie held his drink in one hand while reaching up to cup Sabrina’s big tits again. He gave them a gentle message giving one of her nipples a little squeeze.

Charlie leaned forward giving her another open mouth kiss. Sabrina responded very well and was loosening up even more to him. He gave her a few more gentle kisses and looked over at David and said.

“Is there somewhere we can get more comfortable?”

David hesitated looking around than replied. “The bedroom?”

Charlie gave Sabrina yet another hot wet kiss before standing up and helped her to her feet. David was already headed toward the bedrooms. Charlie waited for Sabrina to walk in front of him. He watched as her nice round full ass swayed with each step on her way back to the bedroom.

David looked back at his wife pointed at the master bedroom. She nodded her approval and David walked in turning on the light. They had a large bedroom with a king size bed. Charlie looked around seeing a nice comfortable chair in the corner.

“David. Why don’t you pull that chair along the edge of the bed here and take a seat. ”

David did as he was told as Charlie wrapped his arms around Sabrina and began with a hot open mouth kiss.

He was working his tongue inside her mouth. She responded as Charlie expected. He focused on Sabrina but saw David in the corner of his eye sitting down in the chair right next to the bed.

Charlie broke the kiss long enough to tell David. “Pull it up closer to the headboard and have a seat. ”

David moved it closer as he was told and sat back down.

Charlie ran his hands all over Sabrina’s ass while he worked his tongue deep inside her mouth. Her arms were around Charlie’s neck as she responded kissing him back. Charlie let go of her and stood back starring at the gorgeous blonde wife.

“Would you like to take your dress off?”

She smiled than grabbed hold of the thin material and started pulling is up over her shoulders. Her smooth white belly was revealing.

Charlie had a thing for sexy belly buttons. Sabrina’s belly button was as sexy as hell. He loved the way her belly bulged out with just a slight little curve to it. The dress came off. Sabrina stood naked except for a little black thong and her black 6” high heels.

Sabrina knew what to do next. She stepped forward grabbing hold of Charlie’s belt and began unbuckling it than zipped his pants down.

She unsnapped the clip letting his pants fall to the floor. His huge cock stuck straight out from his underwear.

Charlie looked over at David who was rubbing his cock through his pants with wife eyes. Charlie wanted to make sure David enjoyed the night. He knew he certainly was going to enjoy breaking in this new HotWife.

Chapter 2
Charlie gave Sabrina another hot kiss making sure David got a good look at his tongue entering his wife’s mouth.

She responded erotically putting on a good show for her husband as she worked on the elastic of Charlie’s underwear and began pulling them down.

Her eyes opened wide as she got her first look at Charlie’s big thick black cock. She pulled the underwear further down until they fell free to the floor below. Charlie kicked his feet tossing the a few feet in David’s direction. Sabrina looked into Charlie’s eyes in a most seductive manor as she reached out with both hands and began stroking that monster size black cock.

“God, your so big!”

“You like it baby?” Charlie asked”
“Yes. Very much. ” She responded as she continued to stroke the massive cock in her hands.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and get acquainted with it baby. ” Charlie said.

Sabrina quickly got down still holding onto his massive shaft as she leaned back until her ass was resting on her legs looking up at the big cock.

“Is it bigger than your husbands cock?”

“Yes. ”

“How much bigger?”

“Much bigger. ”

“Why don’t you give it a little lick and taste it for me honey. ”

Sabrina kept stroking his cock and slowly but carefully leaned up and forward and stuck her tongue out and tasted the head. She teased and played with it a couple times until she took the whole head into her mouth.

She thought Charlie was fully hard but his cock seemed to grow even more now that her mouth was on it.

She worked her tongue along the head licking circles around it as she held it in both hands. Charlie groaned as Sabrina continued to work at his cock. He was surprised that she seemed so skilled at it. He was even more surprised that she reached under to cup his large ball sack with one of her hands.

Charlie looked over at David and saw that his eyes were glued to his wife sucking on his cock. Charlie motioned to David to come join if he wanted and silently indicated for David to take his clothes off. Sabrina kept sucking working mostly on the head as Charlie reached out and put his hand on the back of her head.

“That’s it gorgeous. Your doing so good.

Charlie held her head tight as she worked a little more of his cock down her throat. There was no way the whole cock was going to fit inside her mouth. Even if she took it all the way down to the back of her throat.
David had taken all of his clothes off now and stood next to Charlie and his wife watching her suck that cock.

David got down on his knees next to his wife gently rubbing her smooth round ass while she worked on Charlie’s big black cock.

She seemed to like the attention her husband was giving her which seemed to encourage her to suck even more intensively now.

Charlie played with Sabrina’s hair with his fingers as he held her head with both hands now. David was right there with his head down next to his wife’s head. He started to encourage her.

“That’s it honey. You look so good sucking his cock. ”

She seemed to enjoy the attention David was showing as she stopped briefly to give her husband a wet open mouth kiss.

She then went back to sucking Charlie’s cock with David’s face only inches away taking it all in.

Charlie didn’t have to give her any instructions as she playfully worked herself up under his body spreading his legs apart just enough to take his bal sack into her mouth. She began sucking each ball using her tongue making sucking sounds as David reached out gently messaging her big full tits. He tweaked her nipples having a lot of experience knowing what would turn his wife on as she licked and sucked Charlie’s ball sack.

Charlie moaned as the gorgeous wife worked on his balls. He enjoyed every moment of having this married couple down on their knees on the floor just below him. He knew the key to the wife was the cuckold and he was going to make sure David was having a good time..

Sabrina switched back to sucking his cock now. Her mouth was open as wide as she could handle with Charlie’s door knob size cock head.

“That it honey. Suck his cock. ”

Hearing this made Charlie a happy bull right now. A husband encouraging his wife to suck on another mans cock.. David was rubbing his wife’s ass now looking at her entire body in a lustful fashion as his wife sucked on her first black cock.

Charlie allowed her to suck on him a few more minutes until he reached down grabbing her under her arms and helped her to her feet as David followed standing up next to the couple.

Charlie laid another hot wet open mouth kiss on her working his tongue deep inside her mouth where their tongues mingled for a few moments. Charlie broke the kiss and noticed that David was rubbing his wife’s ass at the same time he was kissing Sabrina.

Charlie backed Sabrina back against the bed and had her lay down with her legs hanging down toward the floor. Charlie motioned for David to take a place between her lets.

“Why don’t you get your wife wet for me David. ”

David wasted no time getting down on his knees and began licking his wife’s pussy. Charlie walked around the end of the bed and reached out to message her big tits leaning down giving her a passionate kiss while her husband licked her pussy in preparation of receiving her first black cock.

Charlie allowed David to lick her pussy for a few minutes before he walked back around and taped David on the shoulder to move out of the way.

Charlie positioned himself at the edge of the bed between Sabrina’s legs. He allowed her high heeled legs to rest up against his chest as he stroked his big thick black cock easing it closer to her wet pink pussy lips.

He looked over making sure David was getting a good look at his wife’s pussy as it was about to receive it’s first black cock. Charlie eased forward touching her pink pussy lips rubbing the giant head up against her pussy lips.

Charlie kept rubbing the head up against her wet pussy lips holding onto his cock with one hand. Her high heeled feet rested against his body on either side of his head. He pushed forward a little seeing the expression on her face as he pushed again until the giant black cock head popped inside her tight married pussy.

Charlie allowed the cock head to adjust to the tightness for a moment than pushed forward again sending another inch of his cock inside her wet pussy.

Sabrina moaned and Charlie feet the tension on her legs as he kept moving his cock slowing in and out getting it inside just a little deeper with each soft stroke.

Sabrina had her eyes closed now as Charlie continued working his huge black cock in the tiny big busted housewife. David’s eyes were wide open watching every move that Charlie made with his cock. Charlie was glad that David was enjoying what he saw.

Charlie kept working his cock until he got about half it’s length buried inside her tight wet pussy. Charlie could feel her grip his cock as he grabbed her legs and began to hammer himself in and out of her pussy.
Sabrina gasped for air as she moaned with pleasure making little sounds as she tried to get works out of her mouth.

“So……Good……. Ugh………God……. Fuck me…”

David was stroking his cock as he watched his wife being fucked for the first time.

It took another minute or so before Charlie worked himself inside her as deep as he could and began a hard driving thrust making slapping sounds with the back of her legs and his thighs.

Sabrina was screaming with please almost uncontrollably now as Charlie stretched that tight white married pussy. The thought of making this housewife his was going through his mind right now. He hoped to get her to a point where she would come to him looking for sex.

Sabrina screamed out. She was having an orgasm. Charlie held onto her legs as her whole body shook. He kept plowing in and out of her pussy feeling it grip his cock. She tightened up even more during a second orgasms than a third followed until Charlie couldn’t hold out any long.

Charlie began to grunt. His strokes became more intense and much slower as his cum built up and let loose shooting deep inside Sabrina’s belly and into her womb.

Charlie held himself deep inside her until every last spurt was ejected inside her womb.

Charlie’s body started to relax as did Sabrina. Charlie held his cock inside looking at David who’s eyes were starring straight at his wife’s pussy waiting to see the cum that Charlie just deposited inside his wife.

“Are you ready David?”

David looked at Charlie as he grabbed hole of one of his wife’s ankles.

Charlie slowly backed out until his cock head popped out making a sucking wet sound. Charlie and David held her ass up so the cum beaded at the entrance of her well fucked pussy.

Charlie backed away about a foot or so still holding onto her other ankle as David got down on his knees between her legs and began licking the cum out of his wife’s pussy. Charlie finally et go of her ankle and stood back watching the husband as he cleaned up his gorgeous wife.

Charlie watched as Sabrina held her husbands head pushing him deeper inside her pussy.

Charlie was happy that he gave them what they wanted. He couldn’t wait for the next meeting. Now that he had her cell phone number he was going to start working on her mind. If everything wet as planned she would be called him everyday wanting to know when they could get together. Charlie smiled as he wiped his cock clean watching the cuck as he cleaned up the mess.

“I live to write stories. I think most of you know I have my own web sites. This story is illustrated in my Karen Kay’s Korner site”.

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