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make me want you

Lily was just eighteen but she had been having sex for many years. Her dad began fucking her when she was just a child. Now she pleased him all the time. She began sucking his cock at a very young age. He would come into the room naked and he would strip her and pull her face to his cock and she would suck him till he came in her mouth. Then he would get between her legs and lick and suck her pussy and tongue or finger fuck her making her cum for him.

She loved sucking his cock as much as feeling his tongue enter her cunt and fucking her till she gave him a good dose of her sweet cum. He had a high sex drive and when her mom left he turned to Lily. She was very young when he would strip her and lick her pussy and then put his tongue or finger in her. He taught her to rub his cock and his balls and he loved that she could rub him and make him cum when she was so young.

He loved finger fucking her young hairless pussy and when he could get two fingers in her he then started putting his cock in her tight hole. The first time he filled her with cum was so amazing for him and he then never stopped.

Now Lily kept her pussy shaved like her dad had taught her and stayed mostly naked all the time at home. She loved seeing her naked dad and his long thick cock and she loved to suck him or just massage that hard cock.

She had nice tits and loved them sucked and her dad loved sucking them as he finger fucked her wet cunt till he was ready do push his cock in her fuck hole and really fuck her a long time and very hard. He worked from home and she was home schooled so the sex between them was frequent and she loved going to his desk and sucking his cock as he worked. He loved sitting her on the desk and fingering and licking her pussy till he tongue fucked her then he would bend her over the desk and fuck her cunt hard as he gave her a huge load of his cum.

lily’s mom was fifteen and a street whore when he first met her. He picked her up and told her to get naked as he drove to a remote spot and shoved her face on his cock and she sucked him till he came in her mouth. She had big tits and he then shoved three fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her as he sucked and bit on her big jugs.

He finger fucked her cunt as he cock fucked her ass and then sucked her tits afterwards. He took her back to his house and took her to his bed and first finger fucked her ass then he cock fucked her ass till she screamed. That night he put a leather collar around her neck and attached a chain to it and never let her leave. He kept her bound and naked and the sex was frequent and rough.

He loved spanking her big tits and ass and pussy. She was just what he needed to satisfy his strong sex drive. She was a cheap street whore and nasty. He had his cock in her mouth cunt or ass most of the days and nights. He bought sex toys to use with her and several whips, paddles, crops and canes for the spanking. He used nipple clamps and pussy clamps. He built an X to tie her to it and fuck her.

It kept her arms spread wide and her legs spread wider. It was perfect for a fucking toy. Then one night he fucked her twice as she was strapped to the big X and cum was running down her legs and he then gave her a pill he bought from Asia which made her want to fuck more.

He fucked her again with the cum oozing this time out of her ass and then he surprised her and brought in a man and a woman.

They were both naked and he was hung and she had monster tits and he shoved the woman to her pussy and she sucked the cum out of her cunt and ass. Then he shoved the man with the huge cock to fuck her cunt. When he filled her with cum he had the woman suck it out of her cunt again. His wife was screaming needing more sex because of the pill he gave her so he had the woman lick and suck her clit then tongue fuck her for over an hour.

The man was then needing to fuck her again so he rammed that huge cock in her cunt and fucked her and filled her again and the woman once more cleaned the cum out of her. Then the man and woman each sucked on her big tits as he fucked her himself and filled her ass full of cum. He knew how getting her tits sucked made her so horny and now she was begging for more cock.

They spent the night fucking and making her cum as the other lady kept her cunt and ass clean for the men and she also got her share of cunt to lick too. He loved watching her get fucked by the couple and made this an often event. She was his whore to do as he pleased with her.

One night he had a new toy for her. He attached her wrists to hooks in the ceiling and put nipple clamps on both nipples then he shoved a huge electric dildo into her cunt and also attached chains to the nipple clamps.

He pushed her down tight on the dildo and then fastened the chains to more hooks in the ceiling so if she moved they would tug on the nipples. He gave her a dose of the sex powder and soon she was wanting to fuck. He then turned on the dildo and it began fucking her hot cunt hard and deep. She was cumming fast as he turned it on higher and higher fucking her at an insane speed.

He watched her get fucked for over an hour as the cum ran down and over the huge dildo. As she moaned loving the fucking he then pulled on the nipple clamps and then got the riding crop and whipped her tits and across the clamps. He whipped her tits till she had deep red welts as the machine fucked her hard and fast. He then whipped her ass with the crop making her ass red with deep welts and making sure it was covered in marks from the crop.

He then took away the machine and began fucking her himself as he was so turned on watching her get fucked and her tits and ass beat.

He used her for two more years till she got knocked up. During her pregnancy he only fucked her several times a day and night but no rough sex. Then she gave birth to a baby girl and when the baby was a year old she left leaving the baby with him.

He raised the girl and from a very young age had sex with her and now they had the best sex. He was never rough with her but loved fucking her. He never treated her like her whore mother, he just loved the frequent sex and she was so good at making him feel like a man. She was the best cock sucker and she loved fucking him as much as he wanted. And many times she started the sex between them.

She had a beautiful sexy body with nice big round tits and a great ass and he had always loved her tight cunt. He loved licking and tonguing her sweet pussy that she kept shaved bald and smooth for him. It was a great sex life for the two of them.

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