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Magic Panties Ch.03 (sissy story) by nolfon

Magic Panties Ch. 03
This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!


For those just joining us, let me recap, my name is Rachel…er, Roy, yeah let’s go with Rachel, and a few days ago a pair of panties got delivered to my house, I tried them on, and since then I’ve been compelled to crossdress and even allowed a random guy I met online to come over and fuck me hard.

I thought this was all strange enough, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface.

The sun woke me from another erotic dream where I was sandwiched between two big guys. I was sad to have such an exciting dream interrupted. It was now the weekend and I was halfway through my two week vacation from work, and what a vacation it’s been. I haven’t heard from Mark since the night he fucked my ass raw, and yes, I’m still feeling sore from that, but my god I want more of it.

I spent the last few days searching the internet for clues about these panties, which I’m almost positive are the source of my new found obsessions and desires, and I’ve been buying new clothes and toys to suit my new loves.

I pulled myself out of bed and gazed into the mirror. The panties were also having a strange effect on my body, not just my mind. My chest was starting to grow into breasts with visible cup sizes, my hair has been growing faster, and now I don’t need to wear the wigs anymore.

My brown hair is now neck length and I’ve styled it into a descent woman’s cut. None of my body hair has returned, except for a patch above my penis that’s growing in the shape of a heart.

I threw on a pair of jean shorts that came in the mail yesterday. They were so short that you could almost see the bottom of my ass from them. I loved them because they revealed so much of my sexy long legs.

I complimented the shorts with a black tank top. It was a pleasant surprise to see that I had a little bit of cleavage now. I rubbed my nipples through the top and felt my cock stiffen in the shorts. I started to massage my long dick while rubbing my tender nipples.

Soon the panties and shorts were off and I was lying on my bed stroking my cock and rubbing my budding tits.

I was in heaven, but there was room for more pleasure. I went over to the pile of new toys and grabbed a vibrator that came yesterday. I applied a generous amount of lube to the purple vibrator, lied on my back, lifted up my legs, and pushed it up against my ass. The vibrations felt great, and soon I started to work it into me slowly. The vibrations whirled and massaged my prostate until my cock was stiff as a rock.

I left the dildo vibrating in my ass and resumed rubbing my tits and stroking my now raging member.

I arched my back and began to moan intensely before shooting off globs of delicious cum all over my hand. I licked my fingers clean and scooped up whatever was left and smiled. I was such a wonderful slut when I wanted to be, and now I knew how badly I wanted to be one.

I no longer fought the urges. I embraced them, for they felt so good.

It had been such a hassle to accept this new life at first, but I wonder why I fought so hard. I was so much happier now. I put my clothes back on and walked over to my computer. Despite accepting who I was becoming, I still wanted to know why. My research gave little results, but this morning, there was an e-mail that gave promise.

Under the subject: Magic Panties and sent by clovergurl23:

“Hey there Rachel, I think I may know a bit about your situation, if you want to know more, maybe I could swing by and we could exchange notes ;)”

“I’m free all weekend, so hit my up with a reply. You’re friend in panties, Michelle <3 I responded quickly, and made rendezvous plans with Michelle for that afternoon. She was eager to meet me, and claimed that I’ve been giving a pair of Magic Panties, and she’d have more information later.

I was excited! I quickly ran back to my mirror and did my hair and considered trying on new clothes, but figured casual might be better. I pulled off my shirt again and put on a purple and black bra I had purchased, then I grabbed a purple V-Neck long sleeved shirt, but I kept the sexy short shorts. I put on the goth boots I had and began to apply makeup.

I used a bit of eyeliner and purple lipstick to accent my face. I noticed that my face was also beginning to change shape. I’d always been a bit androgynous, but my face was starting to become more feminine. I fixed up my hair into a wonderful short style and smiled at myself, I was becoming so sexy. Even the old me would fuck this sexy trap.

I arrived at a small café by the mall and looked around for Michelle.

She said to look for a short ginger girl wearing a green t-shirt and long hippy skirt. I noticed several guys walking by and turning their heads to look at me, and even caught a few staring at my ass. While watching one guy try hard to appear as if he wasn’t checking me out, I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I turned quickly to see a short red headed girl hugging me.

“Michelle?” I asked as she pulled her arms off me.

“Yep yep, sorry for the intense greeting, but you looked very huggable. ” She smiled at me. She was just over five feet, much shorter than my 5’10” stance, and had long red hair, pale skin, and very nice curves.

“I’m glad you find me huggable,” I hugged her back, and she leaned up and kissed me.

“And for the remainder of the day, you’re my girlfriend.

” She smiled and kissed me again. I couldn’t argue; she was so beautiful. Her green t-shirt was low cut and revealed full C-Cup breasts, and she had wonderful curves.

“I’ve no problem with that. ” I kissed her again, “Shall we get a drink?”

“Oh yes, I’ve got lots to tell you, and then maybe some shopping. ” She smiled, “First time out?”

“Yeah, this is my first time out of the house since I got the panties.

“Met any guy’s yet?”

“Just one, but it was a ride. ” I smiled. Just thinking of that night made my cock jump.

“The first one is always so exciting, but the later encounters are pure pleasure”

We sat down in the restaurant, and she started to tell me about the panties. As far as she could tell, they were either enchanted or contained hormones and d**gs. She had been given her pair of panties, green with a white clover, four months ago, and by the end of the second week, she had felt all the affects of the garment and no longer desired to wear them.

She started off as a short male, 5’4” with red hair and a pretty manly build, but as the panties took over, his shoulders and hips shifted inside. She warned me that in a day or two this would happen and I wouldn’t be able to move. Her chest budded after the second day and reached their current size a week later. Her hair grew out fast, but has stalled to normal speeds. “It’s a rapid change, but by the end of it, you feel so much sexier.

I looked at her, “Does my cock go away?”

“Nope, I still have mine, it’s suffered no affects from all this. “

I felt relieved by this. Despite all the new sexy fem attributes, I still wanted to keep my penis.

“What do your panties look like?”

I smiled, “Black with a pink heart. “

“And is your pubic hair growing in the shape of a heart.

I looked back at her, “Yeah it is. “

“You’re now forever trapped by the panties. I heard a story of a guy who got away from it before the pubic hair grew in. He still doesn’t grow body hair, and has a little bit of a chest, and still has urges to please cock, but he doesn’t wear the panties or got any more of the symptoms. “

“How many of us are out there?”

“I don’t know.

You’re only the fourth person I know who was giving a pair. “

“I don’t even know who gave me mine. “

“That’s also very common, could be someone who you cut off in traffic, a woman you stood up on a date, or just an exgirlfriend still hurt from your antics. “

“I don’t even think anyone even remembers me. I don’t talk to people much, I don’t take risks when driving, and I’ve never stood anyone up.

She just shrugged and grabbed my hand. “Well, who cares, you’re a sexy woman, and we’re going shopping!” She pulled me into the mall, and we started to walk around picking out new clothes.

“I bet you went all the generic routes with school girl outfits and such?”

“I did at first, but I’ve been buying more normal things now. “

She smiled, “That’s good, you got to have the normal and the exciting for all the right occasions.

We walked around stores and picked out tops and pants. I got skin tight jeans, tights, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, revealing lingerie, panties with cute sayings, button down shirts, sexy dresses, cute shoes. Most of everything I got was black, dark purple, pink, or some mix of the three. What could I say? I was a goth chick at heart. I always admired their style and now I got to live it.

We got to the lingerie and underwear store and Michelle stopped me.

“We’re not getting a bra, because you’re breasts will probably fill out over the course of the week. Then you can go out and get some. “

I just nodded, but I still picked out a few corsets and sexy panties.

Near the end of the mall shopping trip, Michelle pulled me into a changing room with her.

She leaned upwards, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I was shocked at first, but quickly wrapped my arms around her. She was so goddamn sexy. Her tongue and mine danced together as we tried to pull each other closer. She was a better kisser than Mark and there was true passion in her. She pulled back and stared me in the eyes. My cock was rock hard, and I could feel hers poking up to me.

She smiled mischievously and kneeled down and started to unbutton my shorts. My erect cock pushed its way out of my pants. “Much bigger than I expected. ” She smiled and began to stroke my member. Her hand felt gentle as it moved up and down the shaft, but I could not take my eyes off of Michelle, who just looked up at me seductively.

Trying hard to not break the gaze, she moved closer to my cock and began to take my raging member into her mouth.

I felt her warm tongue began to lick around my head. I wanted to moan, but stayed quiet, for I didn’t want to get kicked out. She started to stroke the shaft as she sucked and licked my head. Then, she started to take my raging dick farther and farther into her mouth. She was moving up and down my shaft like a maniac now. Slurping away. I was just overwhelmed by how wonderful she was.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and started to lick up and down the shaft, kiss it passionately all over. Then I could feel the pressure building up. I placed my arms on her head, and she dove right back into sucking on my raging member. She then pulled out briefly, stroked my dick and her deep green eyes looked into mine and she said, “Cum for me sexy. “

And I lost it.

My orgasm exploded with pleasure as my cum shot out and covered her face. She caught as much of it in her mouth as she could, and wiped the rest off her face and licked it up. Not a seed was wasted.

She smiled and giggled as she finished licking up the cum. “Saving all that for me?” She got off her knees and began to kiss me some more. I was overwhelmed, but could not stop kissing back.

Then I pulled back, smiled. She pulled me down and whispered into my ear, “if you let me fuck you now, you can fuck me later and twice as hard. “

My cock twitched again, and I graciously accepted her offer. I got down on my knees and lifted up her skirt. Staring back at me was a beautiful six inch cock. I wrapped my hand around it and began pumping away. She smiled down at me, “go ahead, get it ready, love.

I leaned in and began to lick the head, kiss the underside and then moved up and down the shaft. I was getting it as wet and moist as possible, and as soon as it was ready, I stood up and Michelle sat back on the small bench inside the dressing room. I positioned my back towards her and slowly lowered myself onto her stiff member. The cock slid in without problem.

I guess I was still loose from Mark’s massive penis, but it didn’t matter. Michelle’s felt wonderful. I started to move myself up and down on her cock, feeling it go deeper and deeper into me. I felt it tingle throughout my entire body and wanted to go faster, but it was difficult in the position

I stood up and leaned up against the wall, Michelle got behind me and pushed the cock right back into my ass.

I moaned as it pushed its way inside of me, but I had to stay as quiet as possible. Her thrust were strong, steady, and slow, and it was the most pleasurable experience I’ve ever had. With each thrust, I felt my spent cock twitch back to life. Her hands were firmly gripping my hips and she was starting to pant. She moved one arm and softly traced my spine up and down, it felt so good, I leaned up more.

Her hands moved up and down my stomach and up to my breasts. Her thrust never slowing. I felt her one hand reach under my shirt and start to pinch my nipples. I gasped and my cock was hard and erect again.

“This… is… amazing. ” I managed to say between thrust.

“You’re ass is so tight, baby. I think I’m gonna cum soon. “

I looked back as far as I could say, the pleasure from her thrust was overwhelming, “Come on, cum for me baby, fill my ass with so much cum.

I felt her thrust increase. There was sweat moving down my body, and her hands were groping my breasts. I felt like I was going to cum, I started to pant as she did, and then her thrusts got harder and harder until I heard her moan and felt her cock pump loads of cum deep in my ass. At that moment I lost it and my cock twitched and let a few more globs of cum go flying.

We stayed in that position for a few more moments until there was a knock on the door, and then it flew open. We stared at the attendant who had a shocked expression on her face. She steeled herself, “You two have to leave here, now. “

Michelle and I burst into laughter. We cleaned up and got changed and left that particular store. She walked me back to my car, hugged me, and gave me a kiss.

We were still laughing from the rush of the sex, but she managed to say, “My place or yours?”

“Wanna head to mine, sexy?”

“Sure thing, love. “

I smiled as we got into my car. I was still feeling high from the experience in the booth and could not wait to get Michelle home for more fun. I understood a lot was about to happen to me, and was feeling worried for the shifting bones that Michelle talked about, but if I looked as good as her after this, then I would be happy.

I still want to find out who gave these to me, and what I would do once I found them.

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