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Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman

Prakash a man around 45 is a bank manager in a nationalized bank. He is well built and very kind. He is appointed since couple of years or so at this place. He is staying alone. People thought that his family staying away from him due to his frequent transfers.

May be they are staying at Mumbai. People of this small town know him as a good and kind person, always ready to help.

After his joining this branch, many new loans were sanctioned and all admired his good work.

Today right at the closing hours of Bank, a young girl came running in the Bank shouting for help. She was running towards cabin of Prakash. Prakash came out of cabin rushing. She rushed towards Prakash and held his hand and started crying and asked for help to save her. Prakash patted her back and said calm down please calm down.

She said she is in trouble. She could not say anything more. She cuddled Prakash and broke out loudly. She had lost all her energy and she was about to fall. Prakash held her tight and pulled her in his cabin like pulling a gunny bag; he signalled other staff to call police.

The police inspector Mr. Bagadia was there in no time. The story was that a young boy has entrapped this girl named Sushma, in his false love and eloped from their native.

He brought her over here to stay with his relative and later to marry her in private.

Sushma first time came to know that she is cheated by the boy by hiding his real identity. He was from some other religion and had concealed his real identity with fake name. When she reached here she found due to the locality. By her luck, his relative had gone out of station.

She came to know about his religion when the neighbour called him with his real name, and said that your BUA (auntie – father’s sister) has gone for pilgrimage.

Hearing this Sushma understood everything and ran to flee from there. The boy ran after her; he was about to caught her when she saw the bank, she rushed inside.

The security person caught the boy outside. He handed over to the police when they came over there. Inspector Bagadia decided to first send this girl to her parents and tried to contact them. However, he could not. Prakash also tried to establish contact with his family but all in vain.

Sushma said that her parents are out of station for relative’s marriage. She had stayed back in the name of forthcoming exams. They were expected to return after couple of days. Mr. Bagadia was very clever and genius person, he knew that he should not prepare case about this otherwise Sushma’s life will be spoiled.

He asked Prakash for a favour. He asked Prakash whether he can keep the girl at your home till her parents are located.

Prakash told Mr. Bagadia that you know well that I stay alone, so there is no question of keeping her with me.

Mr. Bagadia laughed mockingly and said, Prakash, you are forgetting something. I know Madhu is your housemaid and she stays in your outhouse. I also know that after Nagji’s episode now she is alone. Why not keep Madhu with her? Prakash said I don’t have problem if Sushma can stay in such a small place with her.

What about her safety, I doubt he if the boy comes to know about her being with me, he can attack my house and take her away. Prakash don’t worry, he is already arrested and I will not leave him till Sushma is safe in her parents’ home. I will keep the boy in the custody in the name of inquiry for some other crime.

For your satisfaction I will keep two armed constables outside your house, like I kept when the incident of Madhu and Nagji took place.

So forget everything. Call me after banking hours I will drop both of you home in police jeep. Till than let me dig out facts about this boy.

Later after six pm Mr. Bagadia dropped Sushma and Prakash home. After reaching home Prakash called Madhu from house and asked her to take Sushma in her room and told that she will stay with her for few days.

Prakash has employed Madhu as a housemaid who lives in the outhouse of the bungalow.

The outhouse is not a separate place but a nice car parking place attached to bungalow, it has one fold-able front big door, plus one door inside the parking place, through which one can enter the kitchen of bungalow directly. (Readers, remaining part of Sushma’s tale will be published in some other story. )

Madhu is around 35 medium built, fair skinned. Her face is cute and always smiling. She is a hardworking woman.

Her husband was very fat and unable to move properly. They were having good land, but his brothers didn’t give his share because he was unable to work properly in the fields.

They were indebted to Prakash. When they first time came to this place from their native. They had come to bank for some Government Scheme benefits for farmers. Prakash found that they are not eligible for the benefit of that scheme and get money.

They were not ready to go back to their native, which was a remote hilly place of the same district. The land was barren there and they were unable to survive from the land income, the land was also grabbed by their cousins, who were also bent upon killing them if they try to fight over the issue.

Prakash gave them shelter in the same way as he was giving shelter to Sushma today.

Madhu came running hearing the call from Prakash. For Madhu, Prakash was more than her bread provider. Prakash provided a job to her husband Nagji in the bank on daily wages in the beginning.

Madhu was offered good salary for her house hold job. When she first time came for work, she didn’t know even how to broom or mop the floors. Prakash taught her everything. He taught her cooking also. Nagji was basically a d***kard.

Prakash ably converted him from d***kard to an occasional drinker.

In fact, he lost his bank job due to his drinking habit. Due to Prakash, he got job in some factory as night worker, which was a supervisory job. Some time he was getting double shift that kept them happy with lot of earning. Prakash used to mind the studies of their kids.

Today, no one can say that Madhu is uneducated tribal woman.

She is smart now, understands the things fast. Her looks are now changed. Now she is able to read and write. These are all efforts of Prakash. For her, Prakash was a deity, to whom one day, she submitted herself.

It was the day, when she was beaten up merciless by her husband. The kids were in their native and it was raining spree for couple of days. After coming from factory at midnight, he started beating her up, only on one question from Madhu.

She just asked her, why he drank so much and didn’t attend the job? He started beating her with an iron rod.

To save herself she opened the inside door to kitchen and rushed towards bedroom of Prakash. She was crying and shouting in pain. Prakash came out of room. She fell in the arms of Prakash. Who tried to calm down her, but she was shivering with fright.

Keeping her in embrace Prakash looked in the garage for Nagji.

He had already run away from there. Prakash closed main door of garage. He also closed as well as latched the door from where she entered and took her to bed and made her sleep. But, Madhu didn’t break the embrace, and made Prakash to lay himself along with her.

The atmosphere was very cool. Noise of heavy rain and lightening and thunders made Madhu more vulnerable. She was very young compared to Nagji.

She had perfect curves, small boobs, great youthfulness to die for, cute smiling face to add fuel to fire she possess attractive voice.

Those days, she was not accustomed to wear full sari in her house. When Nagji came she was wearing just pretty-coat and blouse, no sari. Prakash was in a difficult situation. He had never thought about Madhu in this way. He had never imagined about her body.

Now a perfect woman body was in his arms pressed and laid in him fully.

All her curves were arousing Prakash. His bleed was rushing fast in his veins. His hormones were fully active and ready to make him commit a sin. He was not ready to commit it. He thought it as an exploitation of a poor woman with his power and position.

She was just in two clothes. Her nipples were felt in his chest. Shape of her legs was felt by his legs which were inter-twined.

Both her clothes were very thin. Her body heat was felt by him. He made up his mind. He was also not wearing anything except two piece night dress. His manhood was at full growth. It was pressed at her pubic area. She can very well feel him.

Prakash unfolded her arms from around him and try to escape. Madhu cried and shouted with fear and held his arm. Please don’t leave me sir.

I will not leave you, I will bring blanket for you, Prakash assured her. When Prakash came back with blanket Madhu was shivering, as if caught in malaria.

Prakash covered her with blanket, went near her and checked her forehead with his palm and than his neck and than her belly. She was not having fever. Prakash thought to give her tablet as preventive for temperature. He brought a tablet and glass of water.

Prakash set in the bed next to her. He uncovered her from blanket, supported her to raise herself a little. She was still shivering, her jaw still moving uncontrollably. Prakash helped her to take tablet with water, put the glass on side table and helped her to lie.

Prakash wanted to let her sleep alone; he thought to sleep some other place. After lying she held his hand, but she was shivering, still she held his hand firmly.

Prakash had no other way but lay next to her. She pulled back the blanket, which covered both of them.

She was still shivering, rather little increased. Prakash was worried a little. He raised himself little on pillow and looked at her with concern. She was on his right. His right hand held by her. He turned little on his right and started caressing her forehead.

She opened her eyes and looked at Prakash.

Two drops of tears dwell from her eyes, she turned on her left, facing Prakash, she held his right hand with both hands, as she turned to her left his hand now pressed under her. This increased the proximity between them.

His hand pressed under her making him unable to go away from there. Prakash continued caress her forehead and head and lowered himself to sleep half hearted. Prakash started to drift to a half sleep condition.

Madhu was still feeling some cold. She had stopped sobbing and her fright was gone due to proximity with Prakash. She felt safe and secure in presence of Prakash next to her in bed.

She knew that Prakash was half a sleep because he was snoring for few minutes and then stops snoring. When he snored, his palm over her head and forehead use to stop moving. When his snores stop his palm starts to move.

She was feeling great to get caresses from Prakash. His hand pressed under her body was like an asset for her today. It was giving her security that at least Prakash will not go away from her, till his hand is pressed like that.

Madhu was just thinking, how much she liked Prakash. Why was she fan of Prakash? She remembered the first day of their visit to his Bank.

How well they were attended. How he managed for their food and stay at Jain Temple. They were tribal people and Jain people may not allow them to stay. Prakash was able to manage it because the trustees were known to him due to their account with Bank.

She also remembered how he offered her house work. How he managed for Nagji’s job. How he taught her all the house hold work.

How he taught her cooking food. She was always in close proximity with him, but he never looked at her in other ways.

She did not know why his wife not coming and stay with him. She knew from someone that his family is staying somewhere near Mumbai. Madhu also thought that how this man is able to suppress his physical needs.

Madhu thought she is finding it difficult herself.

On one hand his husband is unable to fulfil her needs and one of husband’s friends is trying to seduce her. On one side she is wishing to have physical satisfaction, but she is reluctant to go further with him. She doesn’t like that man.

But Prakash is different. She would sure like to surrender to him. She was always looking for an opportunity to have him. She remembered she got an opportunity when Prakash was ill with fever.

She was around him day and night and serving him. She had sponged his body to bring down his temperature as advised by doctor.

She was unable to muster courage at that time. She thought today is the right time, but she found that he is reluctant. She thought she will not do anything from her side. She thought Prakash is a pious man, and she would like him to be like that.

She made her mind, she will not do anything wrong from herself. She thought that his hand, which she was holding is at a wrong place. Her boobs were pressed between his hand and herself. She thought that she will remove his hand. A wave of electricity passed through her spine, she felt a little shiver. She felt the warmth of his hand was good for her.

She thought if she goes near Prakash, she can feel more heat and fight the effect of cold.

When Prakash was snoring she turned herself a little and removed his arm which was pressed under her. Prakash stopped snoring, but he was not awake.

She thought he may leave her, so she went near him. She put her arm on Prakash to make sure that, if he tries to move away she can know it. Her left arm was on the waist of Prakash and her palm on his back.

Right hand of Prakash was free now, in his sleep he raised his hand let it stay it above.

It was his habit to let his hand glide under the pillow. His hand was searching for pillow. Normally the right side pillow of Prakash is empty, so he was having habit to let his right hand glide under the pillow of right side. In his half sleep state he was searching to put his arm under the pillow.

It went through, but today Madhu’s head was over it.

By curiosity, she raised her head. As soon as she raised her head his hand glided softly. She put her head again on pillow. While doing so she went near him. In doing so her head also was now on the pillow of Prakash.

The right hand of Prakash crawled under the right side pillow and now it was around her neck.

Prakash in his sleep curled his arm and now he was holding her head under his arm. She was more than happy. She cuddled in to him without hesitation. They were in the same position now in which they were before bringing blanket.

The difference was that now they were covered with blanket. One leg of Prakash crawled over her. She caressed his leg and pulled the leg more over her thigh.

She hides her face in the chest of Prakash. She tightened the grip with Prakash with her right hand.

She felt that Palm of Prakash was caressing her back. She wanted to reciprocate it by her right palm on his back. She started moving her palm on her back. Left hand of Prakash which was on her head till now, was now on her neck.

There was a big thunder in the sky followed by lightening and with that electricity went off making pitch dark in the house.

The only source of light was streetlights and occasional lightening. Prakash cuddled more involuntarily and Madhu responded positively adjusting herself perfectly.

Mony, Mony, Mony Prakash was murmuring in his sleep. Madhu’s ears became active; she wanted to hear, what Prakash was murmuring. Palm of Prakash started moving further and further. Both his palms were moving freely over her body and he was speaking name of some other woman named Mony.

Madhu raised her face from his chest and looked at his face.

He again said Mony and while he was speaking Mony his lips touched the chick of Madhu. He said, Mony I love you, and kissed again. She let her chic remain in contact with his lips.

Prakash continued kissing her. Left hand of Prakash started to move on her body. Slowly his palm glided from neck to shoulder to her busts. Madhu was wearing just a blouse, nothing inside. Prakash held one of her busts.

Madhu tightened a little and held his leg and pressed more in him. She made more room between their upper bodies and let the lower bodies come closer and pressed. This provided more room to Prakash. He was trying to open the blouse. He said, Mony, I like you.

He was trying to open the blouse but could not open. He let his hand glide completely over busts to shoulders.

Madhu took this opportunity and opened her blouse, her both nice round small boobs fell open. Hand of Prakash was already moving on the busts.

Madhu again adjusted her chic to let it come in contact with his lips. Prakash started kissing her, while moving his hand over her busts like caressing and massaging. These were sending waves and waves of arousal to Madhu.

She was becoming desperate to see Prakash in senses and do it with his open eyes.

Anyway, whatever was being done by Prakash was heart warming for her. She had never felt like this with her husband. This was quite different because she loved Prakash from the bottom of her heart.

Hand of Prakash started moving on her waist and tummy. She removed her blouse without disturbing activities of Prakash. While she was opening her blouse, his palm was caressing curves of her waist. This was sending electrical waves in her spine.

She pulled the string of her pretty-coat and lowered it a lot.

His palm glided southwards and was feeling every curve. She now started to open the shirt of Prakash. There were just two buttons to be opened. She felt that manhood of Prakash was now fully stiffened. After opening buttons of shirt, she also lowered his night pants, which was bound with just elastic.

She looked at the face of Prakash.

She looked at his innocence, she caressed his face. He was having sweat over his face. She tries to wipe his sweat. She let her lips bring closer to his lips. Let her lips come in contact with his lips. She kept it there. He said darling, movements of his lips opened his mouth and took her lips in his mouth. He started sucking them and kissing them.

She pressed herself in him, her boobs pressed in his hairy chest.

She cuddled him tight, touch of her boobs made Prakash more active. He also pressed himself in her. Madhu started pulling down his pants with her feet, her palms started caressing his wide shoulders and while moving her palms on shoulder she let his shirt go off his body.

He was stark naked now. She also pulled down her pretty-coat. She pressed herself more in him. There was a lightening in the sky followed by thunders in the sky.

She shudders with a sudden thunder and that made fall on her back. They were in union. Prakash was now over her. She was crushed under him, she liked it. She widened her legs to let Prakash settle between them with his upper body pressed over her.

She looked at his face, his eyes still closed and his head resting on her shoulder. He was lovable, he was asleep but maybe he was dreaming someone.

She did not know what is name of his wife. Sure, he was speaking name of Mony, may be he loved her. In reality yes, he was in some other world; the world of dreams.

Some time in his life he was in love with Mony. It was his first job and Mony was his colleague. They have joined the bank on the same day. They were to gather in training. They became very close to each other, they were provided separate rooms in company owned training centre.

On some stormy monsoon night, while they were sitting in her room for some project lesions, they have crossed all the limits. It was first time for Mony. It was Prakash who started everything, and she was willing to go all the way.

When Madhu and he were in bed covered with blanket, Prakash recalled their first introduction from there he started thinking every episode of their closeness. He drifted to deep sleep some time and their love making episode was replayed in his dream.

He was re-acting the whole episode. In fact, he was reliving it with Madhu.

She held face of Prakash, brought it in front of her, she took his lips in between her lips and sucked them. She was inexperienced, she had never done like this. She had just seen that in movies. She used to start TV in absence of Prakash and her kids while working in the house of Prakash.

Some time she had seen certain movies in the CD player, which normally Prakash had seen on Sunday and by mistake left the CD in the player.

She would have normally not seen such movies, but being alone in the house she had seen such movies and love making scenes. She had learnt it by looking at them, but never tried with Nagji.

In fact she had minimum of such occasions with Nagji, she can count them. She loved him, liked him in the beginning but dreams vanished after he became d***kard and increased his belly many fold. She had many times complained to Nagji about his overweight and warned about his health, but he never cared about it.

Her kiss played magic over Prakash, he started sucking in response to her kiss. He also kissed her chic and again put his lips on her lips and kissed her lower lip. Madhu started enjoying kisses from Prakash. Prakash pushed his tongue in her mouth and then took her upper lip between his upper lip and tongue, that way he was kissing her upper lip and the same time tasting her saliva from her mouth.

Madhu learnt that art soon. She started sucking his tongue and at the same time sending some saliva for the benefit of Prakash. Prakash was marching towards high pitch due to this. His manhood throbbed and Madhu felt the banging of it around her triangle.

She pushed one of her arm between them. Caressed the shaft and tried to feel the tip of it on her opening. She found herself wet and ready to engulf it.

She guided the head at a perfect place. She raised her lower body to meet the stiffened meat. That was her perfect move. They were in unison now.

She intertwined her legs with legs of Prakash. She was still being licked and sucked by Prakash. She started caressing back of Prakash with one palm and his head back with another palm. Prakash was sucking and kissing her very lovingly.

Her love for Prakash started increasing many fold.

She once again pushed herself upward and came back down. She found Prakash was fully in her and he was twitching inside her. She held his face and started showering kisses over his face.

She was caressing his face, caressing his shoulder, caressing his biceps, caressing his back and kissed his face again and again. Prakash too was not backing up; he reciprocated to every kiss from Madhu and also gave more and more smooching and sucking on her mouth.

His palms were now gliding freely over her naked skin. His palms travelled from shoulders to her arms and from there to her waist, again went upward and caressed her under arms. She raised both her arms upward and let him caress them. He moved her palms in her underarms. She was hairy over there but didn’t have foul smell over there.

He caressed there once twice and thrice. Prakash took his face near her left under arm, sniffed her there, moved his face in and around her under arm and slowly kissed her over there.

She caressed his head back very lovingly. Prakash took his face to another underarm, he kissed there, let his lips remain over there and started caressing there and around with his face.

She continued to caress his head back. She pushed his head towards her busts. His chic was caressing all over her busts. From one side to another side he started caress with left chic than from another side he started caress with right chic.

His palms were also caressing her busts, he was not kneading them he was just moving his palms from one side to another side. His palm was moving from lower side to upper side and from upper side to lower side.

He now started kissing her all over her busts and some time started taking kisses on nipples and also kissed on slopes of her boobs. While he was kissing one of her nipple, she held his head over there and pressed his head not to allow move away.

Her nipple was in his mouth,

Prakash started sucking it. She loved it, she held his head tighter. He started sucking it greedily, after a while he left nipple and started sucking the whole boob. This sent waves and waves of spinal electricity. She started move upward and downward. Soon Prakash started to match her strokes. Prakash kept sucking and also kept moving up and down in between.

Suddenly, Madhu crossed the limit and stiffened, she was reaching her climax.

She tightened the grip of her legs around his legs and embraced him tight. She convulsed. Praksh lost the track and his face moved from boob to her neck and started kissing there. Madhu was in trance. Prakash lay there quite just giving intermittent kisses.

Madhu was coming to her senses slowly. She was highly pleased with what she got just now. She had never felt like this in her life after marriage till date.

She loosened her embrace with Prakash. She let loose his legs around his legs. She started caressing back of Prakash; she also started caressing his face. She let her fingers move in his hair.

Prakash though in sleep was feeling great. Prakash drifted to deep sleep again. He was fully penetrated in her. Madhu was stark awake and caressing her beloved Prakash. Madhu also feel sleeping. Both fell to sleep.

They were cuddled in to each other, Prakash on top and Madhu crushed under him.

They looked like a union, a loving couple, a perfect match to each other. Madhu awaken after some time. She started moving her palm lovingly on his face. She took his face in her palm brought it near her lips and put her lips on his lips. She sucked his lips and pushed her tongue in his mouth.

Prakash responded immediately and started responding to her kisses and sucked her tongue lovingly.

He also held her face lovingly. It was pitch dark around, it seemed the street lights also went off. Prakash sucked her again and started caressing her face. Prakash caressed her lovingly.

Prakash said, Mony I love you. He started caressing her busts; his manhood was again at its stiffest level and was deeply buried in her. He pulled and pushed himself. Madhu was happy to this sudden activity of Prakash. She started responding enthusiastically.

They both started enjoying their love making with each other.

Madhu was caressing and kissing him, in response to his kissing and his movements. Prakash continued calling her Mony and Madhu used to reply to it. She used to say just yes or hmmm or haa. Sometimes she used to say I love you. Prakash increased his intensity and was moving fast.

Madhu guided his mouth to her busts. Prakash got it and started sucking her while keeps moving him in and out.

Prakash had great stamina. He was in great mood today. He was under the effect of dream, in which he see his beloved Mony with him. He thought that he was making love to his lover Mony.

Both were racing towards new height of their arousal and sexual pleasure. Madhu was about to cum. She also started move herself up to meet his strokes. Prakash has also reached to the point of no return.

Pressure was increasing with every thrust from Prakash; and doubles it with every thrust back from Madhu.

He was completely engrossed in sucking her boobs alternatively. And here he comes, wades of love juices being spread in her lovingly. Madhu accepted them in her and she also convulsed. She fainted. Both of them were panting for air. Both holding each other tight and turned on side.

Prakash was still kissing and caressing her.

Madhu was moaning and caressing him with closed eyes. Suddenly the electric supply started and room was lit with night lamp. Lightening was also there in the sky. They were both covered up to their waists.

Prakash was caressing his lover very lovingly, when the room started to shine with light. He looked at the face of woman next to him, to whom he was thinking as Mony, was not Mony, but Madhu.

He held Madhu, and shakes her. With closed eyes she went nearer to him and tries to cuddle him tighter.

Prakash recalled that in dream he was making love to his lover. He try to feel his own body, he was stark naked, he looked at her body she too was fully naked. He tried to feel his own genital, he found all sticky over there. Yes, in dreams he had complete ejaculation and completely emptied himself in her.

He felt something in his spine. Did he commit sin, was the question in his mind. He thought he has degraded himself before her. He was cursing himself; his mind went blank for time being. He had no courage to touch Madhu again and try to wake her up or go away from the place.

He just laid himself over there with his arms raised above and his head resting on his arms.

He lay like that for quite a long. He looked at the naked body of Madhu, partly cuddled in him. Still he was able to look at her curves and beauty. She was looking great, she had perfect figure, how he had never realized it, he thought.

He looked at her bare back, he found marks of beating on her back; and the light was insufficient. Prakash started the tube-light; the switch was on the head board of bed, which he was able to switch on sleeping.

He looked at the bruise-wounds created by beating from Nagji.

He caressed the wound on her back. It was very long line of impression due to impact of iron rod. It was not a simple browse, it was more than that. While caressing he found that there is another line also next to it. He raised himself little more and looked over there.

There was not only one or two there were many lines of impressions on her back.

He caressed everywhere on her back. Madhu opened her eyes and looked at him. She held him from around his waist and looking in his eyes, she said sir you indebted me with your love.

I am very grateful for the love you showered on me. I have not found such an immense love making in my life. You made me feel so nice. I am really feeling great today. No, no, Madhu, I should have not done this.

I have taken undue advantage of your difficult time. I have committed sin. I should have not done this.

Madhu put her palm on his mouth to shut him saying anything. She said, don’t call it sin. Sir, it was not a sin. For you it was love making with Mony, but for me it was love making with me from Prakash, whom I loved too much. Sir, you are like a GOD for me.

You have changed life of me and my family completely.

I can never repay it; today in addition to that you have showered me with lots and lots of love. I am now completely indebted to you. Sir give me little place in your feet, I always wanted to live over there. Saying so, she came out of blanket and fell in the feet of Prakash and put his head over his feet.

Prakash also raised himself and went near her and pulled her saying please don’t do it, you can’t touch my feet. When she was bent near his feet, he looked at her entire back and he found many marks of beating all over her back.

Prakash hissed and said, oh God, how much you were beaten at night by Nagji. Prakash could not see on her back, he caressed her back.

Prakash said how have you been able to bear the pain of this for the whole night?

He went near the table and brought some cream to soothe her back. He sat back near her and started applying cream on her back. While applying he found that her skin has come out and she must be burning.

While applying, he also started blowing her wound marks with air. Sir, please don’t do it, you should not be doing this.

I feel shame, for you serve me like this. I am your servant, I should be serving you. You cannot serve me like this. Prakash said don’t speak anything, let me apply the cream.

Prakash went on applying more and more cream on her back. He went lower and found that the marks are up to her ass too. He asked her to lower herself more. Without any hesitation she spread herself fully on bed.

Prakash gulped air; he found a perfect woman’s body spread on the bed naked. She had great body, he thought. He went on applying more and more cream on her every wound. When he finished applying on her back, he asked, is there any other part where you feel like having wound?

She turned herself and showed her thigh, there were bruises on thigh also. He sat beside her and started applying cream on her smooth thigh.

He was taken aback when he had just a glance at her full body. He thought she had lovely shape and beautiful assets.

He had taken her leg in his lap; he could see her beautiful triangle. She had nicely trimmed all around her triangle. There was no hair on her outer lips. He applied cream on her thigh and also caressed her thigh lovingly. She was looking at his face lovingly.

She was having a flow of love for this man from her heart. She was thinking herself very lucky to have a man like Prakash with her. She covered her triangle with both her palms. Raised from bed and hide herself in Prakash winding her arms around him and saying, I am feeling ashamed like this.

He caressed her back. Caressed her head, caressed her neck and said, Madhu I am really sorry.

She raised her self a little and said sorry for what? You were hurt with this many wounds and bruises are all over your body, and instead of caring for that, I done sin with you.

She raised herself a little and put her palm on her mouth, please never call it a sin. It was a pure love for me, and your love made me forget every wound on my body.

She wound her arms around his neck, and pushed him to lie on the bed.

Let us sleep again it is not dawn yet, we need to sleep. Saying so, she cuddled him more and said I want such love from you every day. Keep making love to me every day. I don’t mind either you call me Mony or Madhu while making love with me. She pulled the blanket back over both of them.

They were in complete union and started smooching and caressing each other.

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