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Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #3

Lovely looking Leah, my yummy younger sexy sweet s1s, offers me her best friend juicy Lucy
The tasty tight teens are friends at the barre in Leah’s room, where they practise ballet bare
Innocent virgin lovely Lucy doesn’t realise I can follow all their moves on film, hidden camera
Lucy learns a lot about actual love between two teen foxy friends from kisses in 69 position ๐Ÿ˜›

Lucy slowly starts to fall for the trap I set her from Europe, instructing the seduction by Leah
Leah longs for my long Summer break and witnissing the daft defloration by their tasty teacher
Lucy only knows she is up for something very sexy and special, as soon as Peter will be back!
Leah likes to keep our agreement as a sexy secret for her best female friend, bare at the barre

Leah hardly can wait for Whitsum weekend, when I will be back for a week – before my exams
Leah has Lucy tied up by both hands at the barre in exactly the same position she lost virginity
Lucy has no idea I will be back for a short visit before the long Summer holiday to come to us
Leah only told Lucy she should be as juicy as patient, waiting blindfolded and tied to the barre
Lucy is very wet indeed from sexy expectation, Leah doen’t know how often Lucy dreamt about this!

Lucy looks often at the many photos of her b*o Peter at the other three walls of Leah’s bedroom
Leah told her how her Peter covered the wall which separates their bedrooms with their mirrors
Lucy has no idea that those mirrors are one-way screens as well and all her moves are recorded
Leah told her how her Peter had initiated her completely, before he left for his studies abroad

Lucy hardly can wait for Whitsum weekend, longing to lose her virginity finally – to me
Leah tells me that they will be both ready and available for me at Friday when I arrive at them
Lucy and her synchronised their periods from working together every day at the barre in her room
Leah knows from me that the feromones do their job at them – they ‘smell’ each others love juices
Lucy and my little s1s can’t get pregnant from my inseminations of them with warm Whitsum weekend

Lucy offers a sexy sight to my eyes as I silently sneak in to the bedroom with the barre of Leah’s
Leah has tied up Lucy exactly according my secret instructions to her – she made Lucy juicy for me
Lucy has her slender sexy legs wide spread – she trembles a bit in her erotic expectation of me
Leah immediately starts to mouth my member makes my rod feel as hot steel for stealth penetration

Leah longs to witness the defloration of Lucy’s virgin pussy – would she show red drops?
Lucy looks in the mirror to see how hotly and very eager Leah takes all of my member in her mouth
Leah loves to suck me – especially for this special occasion she wants my brown banana to be big
Lucy stares in disbelief: how could that big dick disappear in her unconquered prune as at Leah’s?
Leah loves to take my big brown banana at its full lengh into her hot horny tight tasty teen twat

Lucy gets more wet from what she can’t help to see in the mirror, which doesn’t censor anything
Leah gets very horny from feeling finally my mighty rod inside her again after all those months
Lucy sees how Leah starts to come from feeling only my pole of pleasure diving deep inside her
Leah sees how our secret sexy plan starts to work – Lucy getting big wet eyes from her longing

Lucy loses her virginity finally in her first pole-dancing ballet sexy sweet erotic exercise
Leah firmly grabs my member, wet from her twat, to direct it at the pretty prune of juicy Lucy
Lucy feels how its head enters her and starts to push at her hot hymen for her very first time
Leah firmly hold my balls by one hand, the other one guiding my hot rod in the right direction
Lucy feels how it slowly pushes further inside her – hitting her hymen hurts her quite a bit!

Lucy feels how I hit her bums by my both hands – she starts slowly to moan and to long for more
Leah feels how I can be provoked to take the maidenhood of juicy Lucy by a sexy subtile surprise
Lucy feels how suddenly her hymen gives in to my pokes as Leah squeezes my balls and hits my bums
Leah feels how Lucy’s juicy pussy tightens before her hymen falls to the pleasant pressure of us

Leah licks eagerly all red drops from the love lips of juicy Lucy and my mighty member
Lucy feels how her hymen breaks – she screams! Is it from sheer pleasure, pain of bits of both?
Leah loves to lick all salty red drops from the love lips of juicy Lucy and my mighty member
Lucy loves to feel me inside her once the pain turns to pleasure – Lucy longs to come with us
Leah loves to make sure we will both come hard from our very first time together – and herself!

Leah can’t hold back, as soon she sees her sexy success of us two fresh lovers coming together
Lucy can’t help having her hottest orgasm ever, even with her period starting, just as she comes
Leah can’t help laughing at us, as she sees how red my face got from excitement and Lucy’s juices
Lucy can’t help wishing her pretty Prince of love will be like a b*o to her for ever at the barre.

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