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Lost Virginity To An Older Man

My name is Shakthi. I am female from Chennai, Tamil nadu. I am now 25 years old and I am going to narrate a true story of how I lost my virginity to a 52 year old man when I was 18.

About me, I am based in Chennai, working in an advertising firm. I am short and appear plump and have full boobs. 36E-31-36. I am just 5 feet tall and so my boobs appear hugely disproportionate for my body.

I am interested in older men, bus or train sex and exhibitionism. This happened when I was in school, 12th std, and is mainly the reason why I like older men.

Those were the days when chat rooms were popular. I used to hang out in Yahoo India Chat Room. I started chatting with a man, Raghu uncle, who was 52 years old at that time. He was pleasant and friendly and used to give me advice on a wide range of issues.

But we never chatted sexually at any point of time. He didn’t even try to flirt with me. He was my ‘agony aunt’. I used to tell him all my problems and he used to advice on ways to cope with the board exam stress. He was married and had an 22 year old son and a 19 year old daughter. He had his own glass export business.

So anyway, fast forward- one day he suggested that we meet.

I was scared and refused point blank. But over the next few days he convinced me tactfully. He suggested that we meet in the evening after my school. He would bring his car near my school and we would go for a drive. Eventually, I agreed.

My school uniform was a white shirt and a knee length red and white checked skirt. My skirt was 2 inches well below my knee (not above).

I wear my mid length hair in a ponytail.

D-Day arrived. I was nervously waiting for him. I hadn’t told any of my friends about him, as they would disapprove and I also felt sort of possessive about him. I told my parents that the school was going to have a lot of after school special classes and since I was in 12th std, they didn’t see anything suspicious. Raghu uncle had already given me the car number, make and colour so that I could get in without wasting time.

Soon enough I spotted the red car. It stopped near the bus stand. I had seen Raghu uncle’s picture, but he hadn’t seen mine. So he had no idea how I would look like. I got in the car and he drove off without even giving me a second glance. Driving around the city, we just had normal conversation. He stopped and got me lots of stuff to eat and told a lot of funny stories.

I was enjoying his company to the hilt.

This continued for days. Soon he began to buy me expensive gifts- perfume, earrings, watch and such other stuff. This increased our proximity and I became more trusting, more open, more willing.

One day, he got some snacks and we drove to ECR (East Coast Road), a stretch of road that runs parallel to the sea all the way to Pondicherry from Chennai.

It is a very nice stretch of road and is fairly secluded in certain sections, especially the lanes. We stopped in one of the by-lanes, off the road and began eating. I was full and filled with content and was at peace with the world. He began driving and asked me to lean against him. I was in a great mood and didn’t think otherwise and leaned against his shoulders as he continued driving in the same gear (it’s a fairly homogenous stretch with little traffic owing to the week day odd hour).

He put his left hand around me and was talking. When I lifted my head to answer, he planted a soft lingering deep kiss on my cheek. I blushed. Then he asked me for a kiss and I pecked him hurriedly on his left cheek. We left it at that.

But after this, kissing on the cheek became fairly routine and I was beginning to enjoy his touch. Once, as we got down to stretch, he pulled me closer and hugged me planting kisses on my cheeks.

I didn’t protest as he had just gotten me a beautiful pair of earrings.

Slowly, his touch wasn’t alien to me at all and at times I used to bunk whole days of school just to be with him. One such day, we were sitting in one of the by-lanes again (his car had tinted windows, which were allowed at that time). I was leaning on his chest and he making circles on my left arm.

He lifted my face upto him and began kissing my cheek, slowly, deeply, sucking and licking included. I turned towards him and he put his left hand around my waist and began kissing downward towards my neck.

My neck and shoulder is one of my most erogenous zones and I felt shockwaves through my upper body for the first time. I lost all will to think coherently and submitted to him fully.

He moved his right hand under my skirt and pushed my panty to the side and ran his fingers over my cunt. And now I felt shockwaves for the first time in my lower body. I allowed him to explore my cunt at will. He didn’t push his finger inside but keep rubbing it gently.

Meanwhile, he had removed two upper buttons from my shirt and began kissing and licking the top of my cleavage.

He continued this for 15 minutes but stopped slowly. He kissed me on the cheek and took me back home. On the way back, I held on to him like a teddy bear. He was making me come to him by introducing my body to carnal pleasures that I have never felt before.

I had a disturbed night. We didn’t meet again until a week later. This time, I didn’t even wait for him to reach the outskirts of the city and simply began kissing him all over his face.

He kept pushing me back. Hurt at the rejection, I began sulking. But he pulled me closer and inserted his left hand into my panty once again. However, he couldn’t do much as we were within the city limits and that meant he had to change the gears frequently.

When we reached ECR, he parked the car in one of the by-lanes. By this time I had unbuttoned my shirt fully and removed my panty as I didn’t want him to leave unfinished like last time.

He opened his shirt (he was not wearing any vest) and turned towards me and pulled me to him. He pushed my bra up and pulled me in a tight hug crushing my boobs against his chest. The body touch made me moan. Even as we were in this embrace he began massaging my waist like a dough and kissing my neck. I was losing my senses and began moaning loudly “Aaaahhhhhhhh!”

After sometime we broke apart and he asked me to climb over to the back seat.

He came there too and made to lie in an inclined sort of way with my back towards the left hand side back door. He spread my legs, putting my right leg over the seat and the left on the floor. He looked me in the eye and without breaking eye contact, he inserted his finger into my cunt hole. I moaned louder. He began moving his finger in and out and wiggling it left and right inside, all the while looking at me in the eye.

I was biting my lower lip and moaning “Oooohhhh Aaaaahhhhhh aaahhhh!”

He then bent down and ran his tongue over my cunt. I just burst out with a huge moan. I wanted to build a temple for this guy then and there; such was the pleasure of having my cunt licked! His rough tongue moved over my pussy and he was lapping like a dog. Then he tilted his head to one side, stretched my pussy hole and placed his lips there and began sucking.

This was even better than the licking and I began thrashing around. My nails began clawing the car seat. As he was sucking, he inserted his tongue into the hole and moved it from one side to another. I was in the throes of pleasure. He sensed from my back arching and tense stiff posture that I was about to reach an orgasm and increased the pace and even began biting gently. Although I didn’t squirt any juice, I knew I had reached my orgasm after some 15-20 minutes.

I screamed “Raghu uncleeeeee!” and he unplugged himself from my cunt.

He opened his pant zip and his cock was already stiff and oozing wet. I don’t know how big it was cause I suck at measurements. But it was thick. He pulled back his foreskin and began rubbing the tip of his cock on my pussy lips, teasing me.

“Raghu uncle, please make me all yours” I moaned. He gave one savage push but even the tip didn’t enter my hole.

I hollered at the top of my voice, “Uncle uncleeeee”. He kept rocking to and fro until a little more slipped in. This went on for nearly 10 minutes until I realised his cock was completely buried in me. I didn’t have a hymen (I don’t know if I was born without one or it had torn at some point of time during my active and rowdy childhood), and so I didn’t bleed. But nonetheless, the pain of having a cylindrical object buried in my cunt was very much there.

Raghu uncle did not make any movements for some time. Then he leaned forward, lying over me and began rocking to and fro. I was biting my lips and had closed my eyes. After some time he straightened up and catching hold of the back of my right thigh, began to pull out completely and push back savagely. “Unc…unc…. uncleeeeeeeee” I kept moaning in between thrusts. He kept at this for 15 minutes, stopping for a few seconds in between.

The initial pain had gone away and I enjoyed his deep thrusts. In between, he would keep the cock inside and rattle it around left to right. I started moaning “Faster, faster, faster… please more faster..deeper. Please uncle, just keep fucking me like this for the rest of my life. ”

Soon, he came into me. I felt hot liquid inside me and it felt wonderful. He slumped down. Although I had reached orgasm during oral sex, I have subsequently failed to reach an orgasm during actual penetration (over several sessions, this has been the case, and I have no idea why).

He got up, zipped his pants and got down from the car. I sat up straight and pulled back my bra and hooked it and buttoned my shirt. I scrambled to the front seat and retrieved my panty.

On the drive back, he talked to me about hand jobs and fellatio. Over the next few sessions, I became good at giving blowjobs but I can’t perform a decent handjob. We continued our car sessions till I finished 12th (we had to stop before my exams).

During my 12th std holidays, I had a great time. I would say I was having sleepover and would leave with him to some nearby city. We would romp in a hotel for a couple of days.

While driving on the highways, he would make me unbutton my shirt completely and pull it to my waist. Occasionally drivers in the vehicles coming from the opposite side may notice this. It felt great.

We would also stop to ask for directions when I was in this state from some lone man. Men usually just leered but a couple of times, they have stuck their hand in the car and fondled my breasts.

After 12th, I got admission in a college out of Chennai and we stopped our fuck sessions. We tried to meet up during my semester holidays, but things never fell in place. Later I heard that his wife found out about his cheating ways with one of his employees and this created a huge problem in his family.

So he never tried to meet me after that. Now I have completely lost in touch with my beloved Raghu uncle.

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