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Lost in Translation

Chapter 1: The Eye Opener

I am Ronald Garde 28 years old and I’m an architect. I live a simple life: not much glamour and leisure, just your average Joe. Well I’m a bit “stocky” well imagine the big guys that bully you through high school, imagine them growing up… well that is what I look like.

Big chested, broad arms, thick legs and a hairy body: that is the features of a certain persons in a gay community, a Bear: that is who I am.

When I’m growing up I get beat up a lot. Honestly I kinda like it. Getting up close with your big, strong, sadistic bully is somehow erotic for me. I don’t know if I’m masochistic or anything but I really don’t care.

I found out I was gay when I’m 9 years old and I’m watching straight porn. As I masturbate I focused my attention to the woman, how the huge cock slick down to her pussy, how she moans with pleasure.

I thought to myself “How does it feel to get fucked? Does it feel good?” These are the questions that boggle my mind.

I said to myself “I don’t have a pussy, I’m a guy! I should be the one who fucks not the other way around!” Then suddenly I feel a tingling sensation in my cock. I’m close. I fast-forward the movie to find my cum shot moment. But what I see at the near end of the movie, I shock me to my core.

I guy puts his enormous penis inside the woman’s ass “WHAT THE HELL!” I said to myself. I watched the guy rammed his cock inside her ass stretching it beyond extent, and opening my mind to new sexual pursuits… Anal sex.

After watching that I become more sexually profound to men. I admire their physic, their strengths and wondering what’s under their pants.

I please myself fantasizing about men and their thick cocks.

Their rough abdomen, muscular ass, hard nipples and mostly their thick dicks. How will they ever fit their meat inside me, how will they hold me, and how can I please them. My sexual urges became more and more aggressive through my teen age years.

September 23, 2003 Tuesday. I remember the first day when our substitute teacher first came to our class. He is Mr. Simon Penderghast our temporary teacher for our history class.

He is an early retiree of the military because of his permanent injury, his amputated leg.

Looking at Mr. Simon you will see a fine man, every feature, every demeanour, every move he is perfect, he is a MAN. He always wears fitted clothes and I can clearly see his big chest topped with those hard nipples. He has a caramel like complexion and his gorgeous goatee. “Man I can rub those to my face all day.

” And the sexiest thing about him is his baritone voice… I melt inside every time he calls my name.

I was happy just staring at him, admiring him from a far. Stalking him and taking stolen pictures. Yes I am obsessed and I couldn’t be any happier.

But it was short lived, Mr. Simon left because he is just a substitute and my heart never feels so broken.

After he left, I devote my time studying, getting beat up and balancing my social life for the next five years and now I am now an architect working for an industrial firm.

I worked with a lot and meet new people. I also found the ‘SO CALLED’ love of my life before I found out that he’s cheating me for the past 3 years.

So to get away and start fresh, I was assigned to an international destination to help with the expansion of our company in Hokkaido Japan.
There I will meet the Supervising Manager of the Sapporo branch Mr. Akira Sengoku.


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