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Losing My wife (Written by my first ex husband)

I had been married to Anna for four years. Now, at 32, anna still looked like 27. With a very small frame but really large tits and ass, that seemed to defy gravity, she was definitely every man’s dream. Whenever I woke up in the morning, I felt happy to have her as my wife, and I’m sure she felt the same. Stroking her half curly black hair and waiting for her to wake up one morning, my dick was already at full attention.

When I felt her stir, I kissed her and after a few seconds, she responded. This had already become some kind of tradition. The morning-fuck.

it happened once a friend of mine visited us for some work in our city, since he was a friend i requested him to stay with us in home till he have work here, he agreed, we came home, anna welcomed us on door, i introduced them to each other, it was hot day, he changed in shorts and a tshirt, anna served us food as we sit on sofa, anna wear a tight shorts above nearly knees, and v shape lose tshirt, as she bent infront of my friend to serve food, he got eye full of her cleavage, both me and anna noticed the buldge he had, after eating, anna set on sofa between two of us, and we talked about his life, and work, he told us his got divorce and with that he became sad, i showed sympathy, surprisingly anna put her hand on his thigh and one hand on his cheeck she said ” look at you dave, you are handsome man, with strong body anyone can fall in love with you, no need to be sad anymore ok ? “

with that she kissed his forehead, i was shocked but i stayed calm i knew my wife was trying to make my friend feel comfortable and let the past forget,

she went in kitchen to clean plates, dave said to me “your wife is so great b*o”.

dave sl**p in other room,
in bed, anna said “look honey dave is really sad and facing problems mentally about divorce he had”,

i said “yes its true,i wish we could help anything”.

anna kissed my lips and said ” we will make sure he will forget the past, honey i want to care dave till he stay here”

i was little confused i thought she want to care dave so he will feel friendly

i said ” you are so great baby, yes you can “.

next morning dave went to bathroom and had bath, as we sit down, anna bring breakfast and smell dave from close and she said ” you smell so fresh and nice dave “

again i was shocked my wife doing this to other man,

dave smiled and said look straight in her eyes “thanks”

after break fast dave followed anna in kitchen and helped her washing plates, as i watched tv, i heared laughs as they had jokes around

now anna became more comfortable with dave, as they finished in kitchen we all sit on couch and watched tv anna was sitting with dave , i was just in shorts, it was summer and hot day, dave removed his tshirt and stayed in shorts only, anna felt his hard body, his big arms touching her, she felt blushed.

dave said he need to go out for work and will be back later and he left.

anna said to me ” oh honey did you see how big his arms were ? dave is huge”

i saw her an evil smile on her face, whole day i notice anna acted like a deer looking at door again and again and asking me if when dave will come back, were my wife getting out of my hands ? she read my mind she kissed my lips and said “honey i knew you might feel jealous but please lets just get dave out of his bad past accident he had, he deserve to be happy, dont you think so ? “

i said ” i love you, i trust you yes he deserve i am not jealous i am happy you are doing this to him”.

at 6 pm dave came back, he asked if where is anna, anna came hearing him anna came from kitchen, he gave her a red rose and said “its for the most lovely lady” with that he kissed her hand, anna blushed, and said “thanks dave you are very sweet” and they hugged, while hugging anna felt his hard on against her crotch, and her eyes were wide open.

we had dinner and talked a bit, anna was so happy with dave and so was dave,
they really were laughing all the time, in bed at night anna said,

Next day it was off day for dave, he wear shorts all the time and now he dont mind wearing tshirt anymore, and there was reason for it, summer, and it was so hot, anna wear thin cotton shorts showing her beautiful legs and a lose blouse top, revealing her big breast, surely she didnt wear bra, we wathed movie, they sit together, her hands were on his thigh and his hands were around her shoulders, i was having mix emotions of jealousy and lust, anna started to run her hand on his chest and feeling his hard chest with her soft fingers, she caught me looking at them then she said ” honey look how great body dave got, he is such a real man” i had hard on seeing my with sitting with a man on shorts and her hand on his thigh, feeling his chest right infront of her husband, she got up and said she will be back, she brought graps from kitchen, she sit on couch and they were eating graps while watching tv, my wife then said dave, to open her mouth, and he did, she give her grap in her mouth, then again she said him to open his mouth, this time she took grap and eat instead of giving him and stood up with smile and said catch me if u want grap, and dave stood up, anna run around couch and tables, dave behind her, they were having fun, anna tried to run to main hall but dave catch her this time from behind her, he cupped her large breast with his hands and lifted her in his big arms, my wife felt now how small she were in his arms, and he planeted a long passionate kiss on lips of my wife anna, she didnt resist, they look in each other’s eyes and the dave let her go out of his arms, she blushed and bit her lower lip, i was shocked my wife just kissed other man,

they both came, and dave said ” hey buddy i catched your wife and i won, so i got the graps “, with that he moved his eyes on anna and said ” so now feed me anna”

i was so turned on i said ” yes honey he is winner feed him “.

with a evil smile on her face she said ” alright Big boy you deserve,”

the next day anna was cooking in kitchen, dave went with her, he said he will teach her how to cook, with that he went behind her and put his both hands on her hands in pretending to teach, and rubbing his crotch behind her, anna felt his hard dick pressing against her ass, she let our a moan, he kissed her neck on back, and said ” anna you are so beautiful and sexy, my friend is the luckiest man” my wife moan again and said looking in his eyes ” thanks dave, you are handsome bull any woman can dream for “

then they came out again anna invited him to catch her she was loving it when dave grope her, she run to hall this time and he held her again in his arms, dave planetd kiss on her lovely lips again, and she put her hand around his neck and responded back, they kissed for 5 minutes, dave cares her breast with one hand other hand around her back and my wife had her hand on his crotch massaging it thru shorts, they broke the kiss and anna said whispering ” pls lets not do that i am married “
with that dave tried to release himself,
anna stood there confused, they both looking in each other’s eyes, i was watching it all, suddenly anna run toward dave and jump on him and kissed him on lips, dave held her by her ass in hands and her legs around his waiste, they kissed very long and passionate this time, she whisper in his ear ” take me upstair in bedroom ” they both didnt mind me at all if i was exist there,

as they enter dave make her lay on bed and passionatly kissed her lips harder and pressing her breast, i came behind them and the door was half close, she hugged him very tightly, he moved his lips to her neck and start licking her neck she was moaning in pleasure, the he removed her bra, and her shorts, surprisingly she had no panty, he took her one breast in his mouth and sucked it, anna moaned and caring his head with her hand as he licked her nipples, he was sucking all milk out from my wife’s lovely nipples, she was moaning, and loving it, then he moved between her legs, he put his tongue in her pussy and started to lick it, my wife was getting crazy
“oohhh dave pleasse yes oh god aahhhhhhhh ummmm ooohhh baby aahhh dave yes yes ooohh fuck yes suck my pussy real good, ooohh dave i love you”.

i was in state of shock and jealousy, my wife was getting pussy sucking by other man and she was loving it i thought to go and end this all love making, but other side i had a big hard on, so i decided to watch this all how far this could go.

dave continue sucking her pussy, then he removed his tongue from her pussy and he spit on her pussy and started to lick her pussy again, this made my wife go wild, she scream in pleasure

“oh fuck yes oohh dave yes you have magic baby aahhhh aahhh you are the real man”

then dave took off his shorts releasing his big hard dick, it was nearly 10 inch,
my wife got shocked ” oh my god, dave you are twice bigger than my husband, oh god your dick is hypnotizing me baby”

dave stood up far from her and said ” if you love this dick more than your husband then come and take it in your mouth”

without hesitating she walked toward dave and knelt infront of him and took his big dick between her lips, then she started to suck it, then she said “i love this dick more than my husband” and she started to suck back again,

now dave was in heaven as my wife w****d her lips around his big dick and sucking it hard, like a pro, dave said ” aaahhh oohh suck it yes aahhh i was hard for you since i saw you anna, you are a nice dick sucker”

she tried to deep throat his dick and kept sucking him as dave caring her hairs, he said ” show your sucking skill on my balls too baby “.

and then she took his big heavy balls to lick and start sucking them, she said ” your everything is bigger than my husband dave,”. and she put his balls in her mouth again,
dave was moaning so badly, he said ” its time to reward anna”. with that he lifted her in his arms like a doll, and carry her on bed, he made her stand on bed and stood on floor as his face on her tits, he took her one boob in his mouth and start to suck her like a c***d, and fingered her pussy at same time, she jumped in pleasure and moan, then he bite on her nipple and said ” you are the most greatest fuck of my life anna.

he ordered her to be in doggy style, she got in position, he came behind her and kissed on her butt, and then he spank her ass slowly, she let out moan ” oh god dave you are my dream, you are my lover, aahhh, baby please insert your dick slow at start, i never had a big dick”.

with that dave, bent on her, kissed her back and said “dont worry my love, you will never regret of this”.

he got behind her in position, then he point his dick on pussy of my wife, and rub his dick on entrance, my wife screamed ” oh fuck me please my lover”. and as by saying, dave thrusted hard his dick, and it was gone half in her pussy, my wife screamed louder any neighbor could hear her ” aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ” she was about to fall but dave held her by her ass, he started again now slowly, my wife was screaming, ” ohh dave yes oohhh god, aahhhhhh satisfy my hunger, aaaahhhhhh please go slow you are tearing me into two, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh i lo…ve aaahhhh you aaahhhhhhhhhh dave aaaaaahhh yes”.

then dave slap her ass and increased speed, he was spanking lovely ass of my wife and fucking her very hard.

dave moan ” aaahhh yes anna ooohhh you got a very tight pussy baby oohh fuck i love you anna from the time i see you”.

my wife responded ” ohhh dave yes baby yes aaaaahhh yes ohhh please keep fucking me oohhh god yes, ooohhhh you are everything i can dream for baby “.

my wife screamed again ” ohh baby yes yes i am cumming please keep going harder harder please ooohhh fuck i am cumming aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh”
my wife came all over the dick of my friend, but he was still hard he then kissed the back of my wife and fucked her for nearly 15 minutes in that position,

then he made her lay on bed, he wide her legs and went between her legs, he pointed his dick on her pussy and started to fuck her in missionary position
they both were sweating badly, my wife put her arms around his neck and they kissed very long, then they break kiss, she looked in his eyes and said ” aahhh dave you are the best fucker i ever see in my life, and i think i am madly in love with you dave.

” and they kissed again, they explored the mouth of each other with their tongue,

then dave said ” your husband is just downstair while you are screaming in fucking”.

my wife kissed him again and put her arms around his neck and said ” you are wrong dave, my husband is fucking my pussy with his big fucking lovely dick and i am kissing him ” with that she kissed him again, this made dave go wilder, and he started to pound pussy of my wife harder,

with her words about dave as husband i felt so hard on, but other hand dave took my place in home,

then anna said ” aaahhh ooohhh i have a idea baby, aaahh yes today as this great moment we are sharing together, i want you to aaaahhh leave a symbol of love, i am off pills, i want you to make me pregnant”.

dave smiled and said “oh my,,, is it true anna ? with that he squeezed her boobs and kissed her lips,

he started to pound hard again and my wife was moaning again ” oohhh dave i am cumming again hubby, aahhhh yes yes oooohhh fuck i am cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh” my wife cum again,

this time he started to moan and groan and he said ” anna i am gonna cum now, where you want me to cum baby”
my wife said ” withoout a question right in my pussy, make me pregnant baby”

dave groan more louder “oooohhh fuck yes aaahhhhh anna you are hottest woman ever, aahhhh yes ooohhh rhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oohhhh yes aahhh”
my wife was breathing heavy she scream ” yes yes my hubby give it to me, give me your seed, make me pregnant please yes ooohh fuck me”
he started breath heavy and empty his balls in the pussy of the woman that i married.

he didnt pull out his dick from my wife’s pussy then they stayed there for few minutes, i was watching this and jerking, i didnt notice now that the door fullly opened, suddenly anna saw me, she gave me a evil smile and then kissed the lips of dave, then i tried to hide and came downstair, they came out dave was sweating in shorts, and anna just had bra and shorts, she came near me and kissed me on forhead and said ” Johny you dont mind sl**ping in hall since dave and i will sl**p in our bedroom”, i just nobbed, then she turned to dave and said “honey i am tired, i cant walk to bedroom.

” dave bent and kissed my wife on the lips and lifted her on the lips. and carry her in our bedroom, the same bedroom where me and my wife anna used to sl**p, now she sl**p with my friend, i jerked off 4 time that night and fall asl**p,

next morning i wake up i see my wife and my friend both naked in kitchen as he was playing with her boobs.

and she was smiling, they saw me, but didnt mind,
anna said dave to go in bedroom she will bring food for him, she approached me, she kissed my lips, ” i know baby you love to watch me getting fucked,”
i nobbed, she continue ” look i dont want people know that we got divorce, its bad for you, so from now dont mind anything between me and dave, for that i willl favor you that i wont leave you.

” and with that she walked in bedroom to dave. i went to work that day.

in evening i returned, i was hungry i came in kitchen and saw none there, no food, i went near our former bedroom and shouted “anna wheres the dinner. “

i get more close to bedroom, i heared the response of my wife ” ooohh Johny aahhhhhhh Johny order for yourself from hotel aaahhh yes oooohh my yes aahhhh your dick feel so good, fuck me harder aahhhhh, Johny me and my husband dave eat already but nothing left for you aahhhhhh oohhh god i love your fucking dick honey ahhh”

i felt hard on, i stood near the door of bedroom and pull out my dick from my pants, and start jerking off hearing my wife, i hear them

dave said “tell me who i am baby “

my wife said ” ooh aahhh yes you are my husband baby, aahhh you are my one and only husband….

Aaaahhhhhh ooohhh my please fuck me harder,,,,,, you saved my life from that tiny dick aahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

dave again asked ” tell me do you love me ? and who are you ” ?

my wife screamed this time with dave’s big thrust ” aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am your wife, i am your …aaahhhh fucking wife…. and i love you more than anything aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh i am cumming aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooohh fuck you making me aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh cum again and again i feel heavennnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

hearing my wife i cum so much, i put my pant on and came in hall and ordered pizza.

i heared them coming, dave and anna came out naked, cum flowing from her pussy on her thigh, dave sit on couch, and anna came and sit on his lap, he sqeezed her tits infront of me and then squeezed her ass, then he said to me ” johny next month is my birthday, and on that special day, i want to marry anna, so you arrange your divorce paper with her, and arrange my marriege with her, dont worry if you stay obident like you are now, she wont leave this house, i know you love anna so much, she loves you too she told me, but she needed a real man in life and she found me, and trust me i have no hesitation to bang this hot lady and marry her, so just do what i say “

then anna spoke ” keep in mind be obident and follow us, else you will lose respect and job, i wont hesitate to spread that how we got divorce”.

i had no choice i loved my wife anna so much, but was she really my wife now ? i dont know but i loved her also i didnt want to lose job, i got agree,

then dave spoke ” i had love for anna since i saw her first, she really stole my heart and i was logging that i wish anna was my wife johny, and see my pray works, from now anna is not your wife anymore, she is your wife infront of the world, but here in home she is my wife”

anna said ” thats right my honey.

dave continue ” from now she is not your wife, she is my wife, my whore my slut, and she will fuck me anytime anywhere,”

anna kissed dave’s lips and the did it for 2 minutes.

dave continue again “you cant touch her unless she wants you to,”.

anna interrupte ” thanks god no more tiny dick “.

dave said ” she can bring any men in home and fuck them, you wont have any issue with it”

anna said ” oh my god really baby can i my hubby ? oh dave you really love me so much thank you baby “.

and then anna sit on his lap pointing his big dick in her pussy and slid down herself on his dick facing him they kissed passionaty, dave was squeezing anna’s ass, she was riding him cowgirl, then he started to make her jump on his dick, right infront of me, they broke kiss and anna shouted in pleasure ” see how a real man fuck his wife, aaaaahhhhhh ooohh dave you are my husband,”

he stood up by lifting her on his dick as she wrap her legs around his waiste, then anna looked at me and said “understood all the rules ?” i nobbed, and they walked near opened main door, and then dave whispered in the ear of anna, she smiled, then screamed in louder voice that anyone could hear her “aaahhhhh dave yes baby fuck me aahhhh you own me aaahhhh yes yes you are my husband now, i am your slut wife, oooohh fuck me please dave ” then they both laugh and he kissed her lips again and bring her back in his arms to the bedroom, till 3 am they fucked i jerked off again many time hearing them…..

it was till now lets see what happen next

to be continued………

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