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lock the door

Lock the door baby. I promise you’re gonna want to read this with your panties off.



You wanna know something baby? I’m gonna fuck you tonight. I know you want me. You’re feeling naughty on a Saturday night. I know you want to get fucked. So tonight, I’m gonna give you what you want.

I’m gonna fuck you.

I know you’re wet and excited already, babe.

I bet you’re playing with yourself while reading this, thinking about tonight. You’re breathing deep, and your nipples are hardening. Your body knows it’s ready for fucking.

Ready for my cock.

Want to hear about my cock? Oh yeah you do. I’m incredibly hard, babe, and thick. I can barely make a ring around it with my thumb and third finger. Yeah, ten thick inches ready to slide up your tight wet pussy.

You’re gonna have lots of fun with my hard cock, babe. Playing with it, squeezing it. Feel how hard it is in your hand. Scratch my balls with your nails softly, yeah. Can you imagine my cock in front of you? My heavy, erect cock promising you hours and hours of hard fuck pleasure?

Yeah, you like how that sounds? Hours of hard fuck pleasure.

I’m gonna have so much fun sliding my cock in you.

I’m gonna slide my cock in your pussy.

I’m gonna slide my cock in your mouth.

I’m gonna slide my cock in your ass.

I’m gonna slide my cock between your breasts.

I know you’re so wet now. Babe I’m going to give you a hot night of fucking. A whole night of my hard cock. Your pussy’s wet and ready, babe. You’re ready for this dick.

I want you to suck my cock first, babe. I want to see my cock slipping in and out of your pouty lips. I want you to lick it all over, and then suck it as hard as you can, until you are gasping for air. I want you to kiss my dick, then deepthroat it all the way to my balls, because you’re a naughty girl who likes to suck my cock.

I know you want it. You want to suck on the part of me that will fuck your pussy later. You want to be on your knees kissing and deepthroating my dick while you furiously rub your cunt. You want to feel my cock at the back of your throat. You want to suck my long, hard dick until your jaw aches and your knees hurt. You want me to push your head down deep over my cock and hold it down until you’re gasping for air.

You want to feel my dick sliding against your lips as I slowly pull it out from your mouth and then slam it in hard again. You want me to take my hard cock out and tap your swollen lips with it. You want me to hold your head in place and fuck your mouth.

I will baby, wait for tonight.

I’m gonna play with your big, beautiful breasts baby.

I’m gonna squeeze them and feel how soft and heavy they are in my hands. I’m gonna reach down and tease your nipples while you suck my cock. I can’t wait to lick your hard, excited little nipples, sucking and biting softly down on them while I slide my hands inside your panties to finger your pussy.

I want to rip off your panties and look at your pretty little pussy. Your wet, excited little pussy.

I can’t wait to kiss the swollen, pouting lips of your cunt and then suck your clit as hard as I can, making you scream with pleasure. I’m gonna spread apart the moist pussy lips and lick you deep with my tongue, kissing and tickling it until you squirm under my mouth. I’m gonna tickle your clit with my tongue while I fingerfuck you, pulling your clit with my lips and lapping that pussy with my warm, wet tongue.

I’m gonna eat your pussy.

And after all that baby, that’s when the real fun begins. You’re gonna sit back on the couch and spread for me, and I’m gonna kiss your sweet lips until you sigh in my mouth, smiling because you know what happens next.

Don’t you babe?

Yeah, that’s right.





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