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Lizzie wants to try swinging

“Mike I want to try swinging!” My sweet wife Lizzie said while we were sharing breakfast one day before work

I spit out my coffee.

“WHAT!!!” I yelled

“Now, now Mike don’t get jealous. I just want to try it and see if I like it. Don’t get your dick all twisted about it. ” She said

I guess I was letting my jealousy run away. Just worrying that once she had a bigger cock then mine she might not want me anymore.

She looked into my eyes and knew what I was thinking.

“I love you with all my heart honey; no one can ever replace that. ” Liz said as she patted my hand.

I relaxed a little but I was still a bit ridged about this.

“Amanda and her husband do, and she says its fine. “

“Oh and I suppose if Amanda and her hubby jumped off a bridge into I91 traffic that you have to too? I said mockingly.

Lizzie laughed as I said this. “Oh course darling. “

“And you do know that you can watch or join in if you want dear?” She said with a fliirtous smile.

“Hmm, join in, now there is something I never considered. ” I said with a devilish smile

“Oh you just want to see Amanda naked and in your lap, I know you!” Lizzie said.

“Damn Straight cookie!” I said as I laughed.

So we went off to work and we discussed this swinging a couple of times that week. I overheard Lizzie talking to Amanda one night.

“Yeah and Mike says he wouldn’t mind doing you?” “What?” “Really?” Lizzie laughed into the phone.

“No it’s not that big, a little smaller, really no shit that big huh. ” Okay, okay see you Friday night” Lizzie hung up the phone.

Darlinggg, guess what we are doing Friday night?” Liz said as she came into the living room.

“All you can eat fish night at the Happy hour?” I said

“No silly,” She said and punched my arm “We are going to swing. “

So on Friday evening we went to Amanda and Bills for dinner and some extra marital activity.

Another couple was there Marissa and her husband Don. Marissa had olive skin and dark curly hair that hung down past her shoulders. In the right light and if I squinted hard she looked just like Marissa Tomei.

Don was built like a human cannon ball. Shaved head and stocky.

During Dinner we discovered that Don was a Construction worker and competed in weight lifting compactions.

Amanda’s husband Bill was pharmacist at the local chain d**g store. He wasn’t as big as Don but he was toned. His blonde hair had tinges of gray forming in it.

All through the spaghetti dinner Amanda kept rubbing my leg with her stocking foot.

Every so often Lizzie would place her napkin in her lap and reach over and touch my semi hard cock.

Once dinner was over and the dishes were placed in the dishwasher it was game time…

Amanda came over and sat in my lap. She started to kiss my neck and lick my ear

My cock got nice and hard and it rubbed against her tight ass.

“Ohh!” Was all she said as she felt it against her.

She licked my and then slide down and kneeled between my open legs.

She unzipped my pants got me to lift my hips. She slid off my pants off along with my shorts.

“I’ve wanted to see his cock of yours Mike. ” She said.

Then she went to town on my balls, sucking them one at a time in her mouth.

Damn this woman had a magic tongue.


She moved her head up and slowly licked the under side of the shaft and then started corkscrewing her mouth on my cock. Soon she was on all the way down on my 7 inches of cock.

I took her head and rode that fucking face hard.

Soon she was moaning and I heard her say “Mmmm that is so hot honey!”

I looked and saw that Lizzie was licking her pussy with great gusto.

And I noticed that Bill was behind Lizzie licking her as well

It was too long and Don and Marissa joining in the action. We all ended up on the floor in a daisy chain.

Me sucking Amanda, Amanda lowing g Don, Don sucking Lizzie, Lizzie blowing Bill , Bill sucking Marissa and Her blowing me with her porn star mouth.

The night became a blur after a bit But I came away with a sweet memory of Marissa hot little cunt sucking my cock in deep And I loved how her pert nipples felt in my mouth as I sucked them while fucking her.

Lizzie asked me on the way home

“I think you had a great time honey didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, I did thanks honey “I said as I kissed her on the mouth tasting someone’s cum

The car behind us honked their horn as the light had turned green.

We got home and collapsed on the bed, exhausted from a night of fun

I had such a sweet dream that night of Marissa’s heart shaped birth mark right above her clit.

What a sweet memory….

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