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liz and vikki team up

Liz had been married to Tom for two years. They enjoyed a marital sex life which had never lost any of its honeymoon fervor, and had actually become more exciting as they discovered more and more about each other’s physical and emotional needs. Perfectly matched romantically and sensuously, they were almost comically mismatched physically. Tom was fully six feet seven inches tall, and had been a basketball star at a college where that made him a campus hero.

He towered over Liz, who was barely five feet tall and had been on the cheerleading squad that backed Tom’s team to two conference titles in three years. His fraternity brothers joked about the strange way they looked dancing together, saying that Liz could give Tom a blowjob on the dance floor without missing a step.

A freak off-season boating accident had destroyed any hopes Tom might have had for a playing career in the pro game, but an NBA team hired him as a public relations man because he fitted right in with their public image.

His startling good looks and imposing athletic stature, combined with his wife’s petite (but equally athletic) figure and cute-as-a-button face, made them instantly likeable, photogenic, and media favorites.

For those women who believe that a man’s cock size is reflected in his shoe size, and for those men who believe that a woman’s sexual appetite is reflected in the ratio of her bust size to her hip size, Tom and Liz played central roles in hundreds of masturbation fantasies every night.

Such fantasies were, understandably, common in the BDSM ‘community’. Some dreamed of surrendering themselves to Tom’s obvious power and dominance, and of being taken by him facefully, perhaps even brutally. Others dreamed of forcing Liz to surrender to them, making her submit to their raw lust until she begged both for mercy and for more, more, more of the same mistreatment.

But women who fantasized about being Tom’s plaything, and men who fantasized about being Liz’ master, had it all wrong.

In fact they had it exactly backwards. Tom and Liz were indeed secretly and deeply into the BDSM scene in the privacy of their own bedroom but it was Liz, not Tom, who donned the leather and latex and wielded the tools of dominance. Tom usually wore just a facemask and a black silk jockstrap. Liz had learned how to play the role of dominatrix so quickly that she seemed born to it, and to Tom it felt quite natural to offer his nearly naked body for punishment at the hands of his diminutive wife.

Tom and Liz’ secret life changed after Liz met Vicki.

Liz met Vicki, an older and more experienced dominatrix, in an online chatroom. Vicki’s primary sub, Charles, was also her Significant Other, the man Vicki lived with although they remained unmarried. Liz and Vicki discussed their favorite practices in lengthy online chats, and because both of them enjoyed masturbating as they did so they were able to share their feelings as their respective orgasms came and receded.

They chatted about the pleasure they found in the sweet suffering of their totally willing and grateful men.

Eventually they traded revealing pictures of each other in dominatrix clothing, their eyes masked to (at least symbolically) disguise their identities. Vicki was a gorgeous BBW, slightly more than average in height, with flaming red hair that contrasted dramatically with the black of her outfits. Liz found herself staring hungrily at Vicki’s full curves, snugly sheathed in the sexy garments that were her uniform of dominance, and felt a kinship of purpose mixed with an unexpectedly erotic thrill.

Liz discovered a strange new feeling within herself – strong sexual desire for another woman.

Liz envisioned herself being with another domme, working as a team to toy with their men and then pleasuring each other as their men watched helplessly. When she hinted to Vicki that she found that image very exciting, Vicki caught her by surprise by offering to join Liz in such activities, anytime and anywhere, and so prompt was Vicki’s response that it was clear that Vicki had already thought of it herself.

Their geographic separation could easily be overcome. Liz found herself agreeing to make plans for such a joint session to happen. It was also agreed that neither of the two men would be told anything about it in advance, because the men’s shame and humiliation would be heightened by their shock at being punished in full view of strangers, and by a stranger.

The two women exchanged pictures of their men, their identities also concealed by eye masks.

Liz took a long hard look at Vicki’s sub. Charles was a small man. He was decidedly effeminate. The soft curves of his lips appeared to have been slightly reddened, his eyes looked as if they had been cosmetically dramatized, and he was actually wearing women’s panties in one picture. Liz thought how much fun (and how easy) it would be to dominate and subjugate him. She imagined forcing him to eat out her pussy before she donned a strap-on and fucked his tight little asshole as punishment for not doing a good enough job with his tongue.

Vicki explained that when Charles was in drag (as he always was when Vicki was disciplining him), he was to be addressed as Charlene and treated as if he was a girl. Liz didn’t know whether she should laugh at this or be turned on by it. She thought that before long she might be doing both.

Vicki said that she found Tom quite beautiful (a descriptive word that wouldn’t have occurred to Liz but with which she fully agreed) and very fuckable.

To her own surprise, Liz felt only a thrill of excitement — and a sudden rush of warmth and wetness to her pussy — at Vicki’s bold confession of her lustful assessment of Tom’s admittedly spectacular physique. Her brain was flooded with visions of the two women giving Tom and Charlene the working over they deserved (and desired), and then ravishing each other in full view of their bound and powerless men.

* * * * *

The women arranged for both couples to holiday on the same weekend, in separate cottages a short walk from each other, at a resort that offered the unusual facilities they required.

The resort management had guaranteed their privacy, understanding perfectly their need for accommodations that provided both visual and auditory isolation from other guests, even when they might be walking back and forth between the cottages. The men were to know nothing about the presence of the other couple before the women performed the introductions at a suitable moment. It would also be the first time that Liz and Vicki met face to face, although they already considered themselves close friends.

The two couples arrived at the resort office separately, and checked in separately, as arranged. The games would begin soon after the four had unpacked their suitcases and settled into their respective cottages. The women told their men only that they were in for a full weekend of the kind of special activities that they so much loved.

* * * * *

Liz ordered Tom to undress and prepare himself for her as he had been taught to do.

He presented himself to her a few minutes later wearing just a bikini brief with a Velcro panel running through the crotch that could be easily pulled away to expose his privates. In his hands he held a partial head hood, one that effectively blinded him to whatever was happening around him but left his mouth exposed. Liz ordered Tom to lie on his back on the bed, and to blindfold himself with the hood.

She noted that he was nearly too tall for the bed, but she was able to shackle his wrists and ankles to the corners of the headboard and footboard. Tom may have noticed the rings on the bed designed just for this purpose, and similar ones mounted at several points on the walls, but if he did he knew better than to mention them. He knew that he was not to speak at all unless specifically allowed to by his mistress.

Liz let him lie on the bed, silent, in the total darkness provided by the mask

Liz dressed herself in one of her favorite outfits, a black latex catsuit with a hood and a full-length zipper running from throat to the cutout crotch. The suit had cutouts in several places, so that Liz’ nipples and pussy and anus were both visible and touchable. Bra cups were built into it, so that her nicely shaped breasts were lifted, separated, and thrust forward in an unnatural but highly provocative manner.

The crack of her ass disappeared up under the slick material of the suit just inches above her anus, but the suit was so tightly fitted to her curves that the full globes of her buttocks were clearly defined and accentuated all the way to their uppermost slopes. She dressed slowly, admiring herself in a full-length mirror from time to time, touching herself as she hoped Vicki would soon be doing. She completed the outfit with thigh high boots of black leather, laced for much of their considerable length.

She was constantly aware that Tom could hear her movements and knew what she was doing.

Liz took a riding crop from her suitcase, and without a word flicked its tip over the bulge in Tom’s briefs. He gasped in shock, and his whole body tensed against his restraints, but he remained silent. Liz was pleased at his self-control. She dragged the tip of the crop over Tom’s bare flesh, occasionally and without warning using it to give him a sharp spanking slap with it.

She didn’t forget the tender soles of Tom’s feet, or the places around his neck that came frighteningly close to his face. She did not have to lecture him on his misbehavior or disobedience, as she had done in the early stages of their discoveries about each other’s sexual preferences. Both now knew that the punishment and cleverly controlled pain were an end in themselves. Sometimes Tom even thought he was being punished for Liz’ errors, and not his own, for which he knew he was to be suitably grateful.

Tom’s cock had quickly become fully erect as his punishment went on. Liz pulled the crotch panel of his briefs away, freeing his impressive manhood to point toward the ceiling. She usually preferred to watch it grow and stiffen under her practiced ministrations. She’d be sure she got to do that next time.

She felt that Tom was sufficiently prepared. She got onto the bed and knelt astride her husband’s head, facing down his body at his upthrust cock poking insolently from his briefs.

If Tom had not been blindfolded, his field of vision would have been almost entirely occupied by Liz’ provocatively spread bottom cheeks. Even before she lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth, he was fully aware of its presence from its familiar smell and heat. She prodded the base of Tom’s cock with the tip of her riding crop, and sat down onto her husband’s face.

Tom’s lips, tongue, and teeth went to work immediately, searching out the hidden places in his wife’s pussy that needed his attention.

Her clitoris got its share of the action, of course, and soon she shuddered into the first of the several orgasms she would enjoy today. She ground her bottom over Tom’s face, aware that she might be nearly smothering him in the process, and his face glistened with the generous flood of her pussy juices that had thoroughly soaked it.

“I suppose you enjoyed that,” she said, rhetorically, playfully moving his balls from side to side with the tip of the riding crop.

“Yes,” he replied, and by quickly adding, “Thank you”, he successfully avoided further punishment for speaking unnecessarily.

Liz glanced at the bedside clock. She thought that Vicki would be ready by now to have company. She rose off Tom’s face and stepped off the bed. She went to the bedroom door, not even bothering to clean up the wet area between her legs. She said nothing. Tom heard the door open and then close behind her.

He was left alone and helpless on the bed, with no idea where or for what reason she might have gone.

* * * * *

After a short walk along a path that wound through the resort’s dense tropical foliage, Liz silently entered the cottage where Vicki and Charles were staying. She paused in the bedroom doorway for a long moment, taking in the startling scene before her.

Vicki stood in the center of the room, smiling at her, a finger to her lips to remind Liz to remain silent for the moment.

She was dressed in an outfit entirely in varying bright shades of red. She had on a full-length corset with half cups that supported her full (and fully bared) breasts as if on a shelf. The corset had garter straps, to which were clipped thigh length red nylon stockings. She wore no panties. Liz was able to confirm that the carefully sculpted rectangle of dense curls above her pussy lips matched the red of the hair on her head.

She had on long red velvet gloves, and her legs were rendered longer and shapelier by a pair of red pumps with impossibly high spike heels that looked potentially lethal.

Vicki walked to Liz and covered the younger woman’s mouth with her own. They kissed deeply for a long moment, their tongues playing together, and Liz felt the itch in her pussy returning. When the kiss ended, Vicki pointed at Charles, who was obviously now in Charlene mode.

Neither woman had yet said a word to one another.

Liz tore her eyes away from the stunning look of her new friend to look at Vicki’s sub, the pitiful little Charlene. Charlene stood at one side of the room, his arms raised and his wrists shackled to rings on the wall behind him. He was blindfolded, as Tom had been, but he had on more clothes than Tom was allowed to wear.

Charlene was wearing a bra and panties, both of them quite frilly and girlish. He had on just a hint of lipstick. He had on a full blond wig, which framed his sweet face nicely, and his body showed no signs of the hair that men seem to have everywhere. The wimp actually looked quite cute, thought Liz, and felt almost obliged to abuse and fuck the poor dear.

Vicki picked up a long-handled backscratcher from an open toolkit on the bed and began to rake it slowly and firmly over Charlene’s belly and thighs.

It left a pattern of blushing flesh in its wake. The modest bulge in Charlene’s panties grew larger, and a slight groan escaped his pretty lips. Vicki handed the implement to Liz, inviting her to carry on with the sweet teasing. Liz began to move it through Charlene’s crotch and onto the bulge in his panties front. Vicki moved behind Liz and put her arms around the younger woman’s body.

Vicki kissed Liz’ neck and shoulders, nuzzling her nose into Liz’ fragrant hair, and her hands fondled the latex mounds over Liz’ breasts.

The rake-like device in Liz’ hand hesitated for a moment as a rush of raw lust swept through Liz’ body. Vicki took Liz’ hand and returned the backscratcher to its course over Charlene’s explosed flesh. When Vicki took her hand away it returned not to Liz’ breasts but to her belly and pussy mound. Vicki’s lower body ground itself against Liz’ buttocks. Liz pressed her hips backward, inviting more of the delicious contact..

Vicki, feeling that this game had gone on long enough, moved Liz to the side and grasped a handful of Charlene’s genitals through his panties.

Charlene gasped, first in surprise and then in pain, as Vicki’s hands gripped his cock and balls more firmly. She pulled his panties aside and began to masturbate him vigorously. He unsuccessfully tried to hide a smile as pleasure replaced the momentary pain he’d felt.

“You’re almost ready to cum, aren’t you, Charlene!” said Vicki.

“Yes, Mistress,” he managed to say, and indeed his cock did seem to be pulsing a little.

“That’s a shame, Charlene, because you’re not allowed to cum at this time,” said Vicki.

Charlene groaned, and his face revealed his struggle to keep his passions under control.

Vicki stopped stroking Charlene’s cock, and drew Liz close to her, putting an arm casually and affectionately around Liz’ shoulders.

Vicki reached forward and quickly removed Charlene’s blindfold. Charlene blinked for a moment at his sudden exposure to the room lights, and then he stared with dumbstruck amazement at the two women in front of him.

He might have tried to shield himself with his hands, if they hadn’t been immobilized. His face showed a mixture of shame, confusion, and utter disbelief.

“This is Liz, dear,” said Vicki. “She’s here to help me discipline you this weekend. “

Charlene gave Liz a brief and nervous smile, but couldn’t help from staring at her lovely body sheathed tightly in the black catsuit. It wasn’t so much that he lusted after her, but rather that he desperately wanted a suit like that for himself.

Vicki slapped him for his insolence. “Liz isn’t here for your pleasure, you miserable wretch of a man. You are here for her pleasure. And, as always, for mine. “

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Charlene meekly.

Vicki took Liz in her arms and kissed her again, passionately. She guided Liz to the bed, without releasing her from their embrace. Vicki took charge as she sensed that Liz might be a newcomer to sex with another woman.

“Liz and I are going to make love now, Charlene,” said Vicki, hardly taking her mouth from Liz’. “You will watch, in silence, and be happy for the pleasure that we are going to give to each other. The fact that you are watching will add to our pleasure, so you should be very happy for us. “

And with that Vicki mounted her new girlfriend, pinning Liz beneath her and raining kisses over the younger woman’s face and neck.

The zipper in the front of Liz’ catsuit came open down to her navel and Vicki’s hands moved to cup the mounds of Liz’ breasts. Liz felt that she was being assaulted and she loved the feeling. Vicki moved up a bit on Liz’ body, and fed her full breasts to Liz’ eager mouth. Liz’ hands found Vicki’s broad ass cheeks, and after squeezing them for a moment she moved a finger along the crease between them and then slapped them playfully.

“Harder,” panted Vicki. “Spank me as hard as you can”. Liz did as she was told, and Vicki responded with even more carnal hunger in her kisses and an even more rough handling of the younger woman’s breasts.

Vicki moved Liz’ zipper fully down to the suit’s crotch opening, and the suitfront flew open to reveal Liz’ body all the way to her already wet pussy. Vicki’s mouth found it quickly.

She greedily devoured the juices there, succeeding in adding to them with skillful movements of her tongue and a gentle sucking on Liz’ engorged and swollen clit. It seemed to take only a minute for Liz to reach another climax. She cried out in lustful joy at the sensations sweeping over her.

As her orgasm subsided, Liz wondered what might be expected of her next. Vicki knew that much of this was new to Liz, and didn’t want to rush her into acts that might be difficult for Liz the first time she tried them.

She took one of Liz’ hands and guided it to her pussy, encouraging Liz to fingerfuck her to orgasm. The women kissed and rubbed their bodies against one another as Liz masturbated Vicki. Liz was rewarded when a wave of pleasure swept over Vicki and thrust the older woman into an orgasm at least as powerful as her own had been.

Vicki got up, went to Charlene, kissed him lightly on the lips, and then released his wrists from their shackles.

He flexed his arms to get some feeling back into them, and he may have thought he was going to be allowed some of the pleasure he had been denied earlier, but Vicki surprised him yet again by putting a studded collar around his neck and taking its lead chain in her hands. She also put his blindfold back on. He had no idea what this might mean, but he knew that his mistress’ actions were never to be questioned.

“Zip up your suit, Liz darling,” Vicki said with a smile. “I think the three of us should go for a walk. “

* * * * *

They walked, but with some difficulty. This was partly because Charlene was blindfolded and tethered to Vicki, and partly because Vicki was wearing very high heels. They followed the path that led to the cottage where Tom was still alone and lying on the bed.

All three of them felt a little strange, as none of them had ever before been outdoors in brilliant sunshine dressed as they were at the moment, but Vicki and Liz were able to suppress their nervous excitement by kissing and groping each other as they walked.

Liz walked on ahead into the cottage and left the door open behind her. She let Tom know she was back. She said nothing about the others who would soon be joining them.

She turned on the bedside radio, finding a jazz station that would help to cover the sounds of others in the room until it was time for Tom to be made aware of their presence. Liz sat on the edge of the bed and played with Tom’s cock, which had gone soft and needed to be brought back to life. When Vicki and Charlene arrived in the doorway, Tom’s cock was fully erect, ready for action, and only half visible as it was partly within Liz’ mouth..

Vicki stared at Tom’s magnificent body and impressive cock with unveiled hunger.

She put a hand firmly over Charlene’s mouth and then removed her sub’s blindfold. Once again Charlene struggled to make sense of what was going on, but he knew enough to remain silent. Vicki led him to the bedside, gestured to Liz to move aside, and guided Charlene’s mouth down to Tom’s cock. Charlene began to suck Tom off with vigor, and Tom groaned with pleasure at what he must have thought was his wife’s cocksucking.

When Vicki thought this had gone on long enough, she knelt over Tom’s face and lowered her pussy to his mouth. Tom began to lick and suck Vicki’s pussy, but with some confusion because the smell of this pussy wasn’t familiar and the mouth at work on his cock hadn’t stopped sucking him off. What was Liz doing to him?

Liz put her strapon harness on, fitted a large dildo to it, dabbed a bit of lubricating gel on it, and positioned herself to enter Charlene’s asshole from behind him.

She grasped Charlene’s hips, brought the dildo to his anus, and poked the tip into his tight bottom hole. A hard forward thrust of her hips rammed the fake cock into Charlene’s asshole, and even though he knew very well what had been going on behind him he cried out at the sudden shock of being invaded so violently.

Tom paused at his work in Vicki’s pussy, surprised by Charlene’s unfamiliar voice.

Vicki grabbed Tom’s hair and yanked his head hard against her pussy. His mouth went back to work, and Vicki relaxed her hold on him.

For several minutes things went on more or less smoothly, with Tom eating out Vicki’s pussy, Charlene sucking Tom’s cock, and Liz fucking Charlene’s ass with her strapon dildo. Tom had no idea what the hell was going on, but he knew that Liz was somehow part of it all so it must be all right in some way that he had yet to figure out.

Vicki felt it was time to bring Tom fully into the picture. She removed Tom’s hood and smiled down at the wide eyes of the confused and awed man whose mouth was still engaged in eating out her pussy. He had no idea who this woman was, but there was no mistaking her dominatrix gear and the magnificent proportions of her body. And now that he thought about it, the person who was sucking his cock off wasn’t doing it the way his wife did.

Somebody’s doing a great job of it, he thought, but I don’t even know who it is.

“Say hello to Vicki and Charlene, dear,” said Liz from somewhere down by his feet. Vicki moved to one side just far enough to allow Tom to see Charlene, but then she quickly returned her pussy to Tom’s mouth. He was doing a great job of eating her out, she admitted to herself, and she had no intention of letting him stop before he got her to where she wanted to be.

“Hello”, said Tom to Vicki’s pussy lips, trying to avoid thinking too much about the fact that his cock was being sucked by some guy in full drag. And damn, he (she?) was doing it very well. He kept his mouth at Vicki’s pussy because he knew what his duty was and knew that he liked the taste of this new and different cunt.

Vicki felt herself going over the edge of the orgasm cliff, and as ecstasy hit her she fell forward over Tom.

Tom joined her a moment later, filling Charlene’s mouth with his cum. And Charlene came hard too, having been deprived of that release earlier, spurring Liz to even more vigorous pumping of her fake cock into Charlene’s ass.

When some degree of order returned to things, Vicki took charge again. She shackled Tom and Charlene to the wall rings, both of them fully naked now, standing up and facing each other across the room and across the bed.

Then she took Liz’ hand and led her to the bed.

This time Liz felt up to the challenge of this new kind of sex play, and she trailed kisses over Vicki’s beautiful body until her mouth found the pouting lips of the older woman’s pussy. Pushing Vicki’s thighs wide apart, Liz plunged her face down between them and tried to devour the tasty treat spread like a feast before her. Vicki cried out endearments and encouragements, and when she felt her orgasm sneaking up within her she quickly reversed herself so that she and Liz were in the classic sixty-nine position.

Their mutual tonguings went on until both of them reached their climaxes and collapsed in each other’s embrace.

The men watched the women, and each other, in silence. Vicki knew the power of making her subs look into each other’s eyes as they were being punished. The men knew that being fucked to witness the lesbian-style romp of their respective mistresses was intended to be part of their humiliation and debasement. They also suspected that there would be more surprises in store for them.

They were right. The women began to torment their subs in other ways, taking particular pleasure in trading their men so that the punishments were being administered by persons who were essentially still strangers to them.

Liz found a special thrill in verbally and physically abusing the delicate Charlene, as a domineering and mildly sadistic mother might do with a wayward and disobedient daughter. She called Charlene a shameless slut and a mindless cunt.

She put weighted clips onto his nipples, gags into his mouth, and various implements into his rectum. If his eyes revealed the least sign of enjoyment in any of this, she whipped his face with his own panties.

Vicki found pleasure in sexually teasing Tom, an undeniably desirable specimen of his sex. She would move her pussy lips over the tip of his cock as it pointed straight out toward her, but not allow more than just the tip to enter her and that for not more than just a brief tantalizing moment.

If Tom pressed his body forward, as if trying to enter Vicki’s pussy, he received a slap for his misbehavior. He was allowed to mouth her breasts, but only when they were deliberately fed to him.

As the final act in this first session of the weekend, Vicki shackled and bound the men to the bed again, but this time positioning them lying side by side on the bed, facing each other but separated so that their bodies could not touch each other.

She gagged them, but made sure they could breathe comfortably. Then she rigged up rubber tubes from each man’s cock through a butt plug in the other man’s asshole, in such a way that when either of them urinated the piss would flow into the other’s rectal passage. Vicki knew that this would happen in the hours that the men would be left alone, and she wanted the men to be able to look into each other’s eyes as it happened.

She wondered if the men might try to let their eyes signal their apologies to each other, or would their eyes reveal some secret pleasure they were getting by abusing each other.

Liz watched Vicki work, in awe, and learned. She was learning from an expert.

Vicki and Liz returned to the other cottage for a few hours. They sipped a fine wine, made love in a number of ways that brought pleasure to both of them, and discussed ways to make the rest of the weekend memorable for all concerned.

It would be just that.

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