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living the bi dream.

I have a habit of presenting my first time in a way that makes it seem like I was in a mixed up,confused state because I enjoyed sucking mikes cock that much that i allowed myself to be taken upstairs and fucked like a girl cos i wasn’t able to refuse.

Well,it makes for a good story but by the time i tasting mikes come from that first blowjob all i knew was it felt amazingly right n i was already hoping more would follow.

I played it like the stunned and innocent guy hoping it’d encourage him. I wasn’t wrong,i let him take the lead,dictate the pace. As he stripped me naked I made it as easy as possible. When he felt embolden to kiss me my lips parted for him,as did my legs,my buttocks and my anus in the end.

Before we became one even I had no appreciation of how it would feel physically or emotionally,there was literally nothing between us now and I couldn’t hide the how much this meant to me in everyway or how the was way beyond what i’d imagined,he also knew he’d finally got me,body n soul.

I lay there in a state of ecstasy, so at peace n happy to be righr there with him though my anus had started to hurt n anal passage was cramping up. I wasn’t sure if i farted i’d shit the bed instead. lol. I looked at my oldest and closest friend’s organ that had been the cause of my present rectal discomfort and couldn’t help noticing how dirty n stained it look howerer limp n flaccid.

It took a couples of seconds then the cconnection was made. He seriouisly used my damn tight virginal shitter so of course it would be shit stained just as my arsehole was still damp and leaking mikes seed. The dirty rawness,the very personal intimate nature of what we’d done struck me and I was barely aware of what i was doing as i leant over and took his soiled,wrinkled softy in my mouth rolling my tongue over the dried up bodily matter than covered his cock.

He stirred lazily smiling with joy though still more asleep than awake and opening his legs so i could go where i wanted,sighs, moans and sounds of enjoyment came from the man that was rapidly hardening in my mouth. I toyed with the idea of straddling him and sliding down his hard cock but it was too sore and uncomfortable for that so I pulled his now erect penis from out of my mouth and letting it stand upright and proud before deftly popping his skin back,first of all I cleaned his head in my mouth,it was a bit gritty and i could taste my own rear end from him.

Pushing it against his belly allowed me to go down a bit further and get ball to ball level. His scotum stretched tight over a substantial pair. Dark pubic hair sprouted from that rich coloured ballbag but sparsely, very sparsely. Lifting up his sack I could allow my to lap against his crack. Stil half asleep he nonetheless tilted his hips to allow my tongue in there. I’ve never passed on tasting arsehole before and I definitely wasn’t missing out on this my first male rectum.

At the same time I was stroking his cock unaware he was seconds away from coming. When he did we both got splatterd in it.


Mike had come to stay for the odd night till he got a place. In under 24 hours he found it,my bed where he stayed for the next nine months.

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