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little on the side

Well, I already told you, in my first story, about my shy petting with a girl from work. I ussualy dont have any relations with my coworkers, but my experience with that lovely blonde, made me think about other options. So, I got my eyes on a lovely, tall brunette, that works in my departament.

She is very beautifull, tall (6ft, I am little over that), with full lips, medium size tits, and very nice, a bit bigger ass and glorious thighs.

As the only place I saw her was work, I enjoyed seing her in business outfits, that just perfectly sat on her figure.

Being 26, she started working a couple months back, just after graduation. She is from a small place in the countryside, very conservative in any way, so I had to think of a different approach to her.

I found out she has a boyfriend, living in her hometown, to which she will never return, and since the apartament prices in Belgrade are insanely high, I knew that she needed a little boost.

I started calling her to drinks after work, a lunch, took her a couple of times to some nice, luxurious places, where she saw couple of celebrities (that is much easier in Belgrade, than in other parts of Europe – celebrity actors, singers and musicians are acting more like everyday folks), so that got her off her feet.

I was patient, since all of this started at the begining of september, and I wondered, how far can I go with her.

She gave me a first hj, somewhere in the middle of september, after two weeks. She felt bad, for her bf, but she did it. I pressed on than, showering her with nice stuff. That worked, so I got a first bj one week later. I saw that her remorse was supsiding.

Last saturday, it was exactly five weeks, since I have started fucking her, 3 or 4 times a week. She unfroze, but was still very reluctant in doing some things, but I was fine with that.

I understood her, she realised that her relationship with her bf isnt going nowhere, I am there besides her, I can provide her support in her lonely life in a big city, so she was fine with me being married. So I thought.

But, I already mentioned last saturday, we went for a coffee, when she suddenly decided to tell me, that she broke up with her bf, and that I am all she has now.

I blew it. Something that was ment to be an excercise, a bit of fooling around, this girl understood the wrong way(I know, I am the only one to blame), so now I am in trouble. I weighted my options. If I tell her, she will freak out, probably try to find my wife and, shit, anything can happend. On the other hand, I remembered about her shyness in sex, so I got a brilliant idea, to make her sick in bed, so she would leave me.

I know, it sounded better in my head…

So, a couple of hours later, we got to her place, I immediately undressed her, got her on her back, and got my cock inside her. God, she was wet. This girl digs me, I thought, and started fucking her roughly. Little bitch liked it, and started cumming some ten minutes later. I didnt stop, I just got her legs up, and continued to destroy her pussy event though I knew she was tender after first orgasm.

At first, she said nothing, her face was acting to pain, but soon enough, again, I could see signs of pleasure coming back. I was acting like a horny ape, so I just got up, took a glass cup from her bedside table, and nutted inside of a glass. She was looking at me, like I have lost my mind, and beleive me, it was a lot, a thick, gooey load, that could be easier to eat with a spoon, than to drink from a cup.

“Rub your pussy and drink my cum”.

She was shocked. Everytime she blew me, she backed away before the ending, and she didnt even allow me to cum on her belly.

“Rub your pussy and drink my cum. “

She took the glass, and started rubbing her pussy, mechanically, just to please me. She looked at the content of a glass, and I knew that she was disgusted.

Honestly, I often fantasised about degrading women, but in real life, I never had an urge, or did anything like that. I always wanted my girls to feel appreciated, and never did anything that made them feel bad, but there is a first time for everything. I had an alterier motive, but man, this new situation, gave me another, instant boner, so I started wanking, and ordering.

“Cmon slut, show me you love me, swallow my semen.

Eat it. “

So she gulped it in her mouth, but the taste mustve been terrible, or she hasnt been used to it, so when she swallowed, she almost threw it up. Thats when i came closer with an intention to jerk one off onto her face.

“I am gonna cum on your face, now”.

That was to much. She pushed me away and got on the other side of the bed, and I came on her pillow.

“You fucking a****l. “

She screamed and went to the bathroom. I just left, with mixed emotions. Those were the best orgasms I had in years, but on the other hand, I really felt bad for doing that.

Tomorrow morning, I texted her:

“Wanna meet up today? I am not sure if you are angry, but I am ready to serve you breakfast in bed, like yesterday. “


“Go to hell.

Never call me again. “

Am I a genius, or a fucking idiot that got lucky?.

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