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LISA #2: Les Love-2

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby – she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

I will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet me
I will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only plus-twenty

Lisa will share my big bed of course, so shy Les the lesbian can take the guestroom in my apartment
Les is still by far my best female friend, measured in mutual messages: between 50.

000 and 100. 000!

Lisa and I just only recently started to intensify our talks which went in ten days up one thousand
Les and I have been writing almost every day for some thousand days – here we stopped at some 15. 500

Later we talked much more in Facebook which works much better and reliable than this badly run site
Les explained me there how to install skype as she wanted to send me some private photos and videos

Lesson of love and sex for Les by Lisa and me to help her overcome her first taboo in lesbian love

Les loves to watch tough and rough sex which reveils her submissive secret side, also anal assaults
Les has a favourite blonde slutty actress who is often getting a double penetration sucking a third

Les private sex life is so very different as she had only a few lovers and mostly not even for free
Les finds the idea of anal sex unattractive, already in receiving – forget about giving it for free

Lesson one for Les is to learn to enjoy the pleasure of a tongue tickling and probing to enter her
Les’ lesson starts so innocently, eagerly she spreads her legs to let Lisa lick her again expertly

Les lets pussy juice drip down her lovely looking love lips to her tight virgin pink sweet sphinxter
Les doesn’t even notice exactly where Lisa licks and fingers her as she too high in seventh heaven!

Les later watches herself in amazement as I show her my video after she regains her breath from coming
Les has to confess to the both of us how it felt so very sexy, how nice and naughty at the same time!

Love lesson two for Les is to learn to love and enjoy seeing her beautiful body in my many mirrors

Les avoids any mirrors at her home, in her room she has none at all as she sees only her imperfections
Les finds the tip of her nose a little bit to thick – but mostly she hates her thighs in that respect

Les is on a permanent diet, runs twice a week for half an hour with her elder b*o and sports at home
Les already has almost no ass, nor big tits which she loves at women, she has a typical boyish figure

Les can no longer avoid any mirrors as I have them everywhere in my small house which looks bigger so
Les likes the main mirror in our living room: standing wooden frame from a former luxury lingerieshop

Les carefully looks when I tell her the secret of the mirror which is slightly bent so hips look slim
Les boyish bums look even smaller in it than in real – finally her thighs look more attractive to her

Lisa and I have our plan ready for this occasion – both are almost always fully nude in our apartment
Lisa grabs her from behind, holds her arms at her back and ties them up, orders Les to spread her legs

Lisa starts caressing Les pussy which is still smelly and wet from the earlier orgasms at our table
Lisa tells Les to took good at herself in the mirror how her nipples get rock hard from her arousal

Lisa orders Les to keep looking at herself: “If you close your eyes I will stop caressing you!”
Lisa and I want Les to look at herself when she will come hard again this time “looking at you”

Like the quote from the famous old movie Casblanca when ‘Bogey’ looks at his later wife Lauren Bacall
Lisa and Les love it: it’s so romantic “Here’s to looking at you” he looks at her sips his wine

Lisa and Les deserve time to relax so we play it again quoting the quote “Play it again, Sam!”
Lisa Les and I sing along with Sam at the piano “A kiss is just a kiss, you must remember this”

Lisa and Les each at their side of my lap watch the full movie at my laptop – also sipping red wine
Lisa and Les each an arm around my back, their heads resting at my shoulders at the end when they cry

Lisa and I seduce Les into her first ever threesome sex with the two of us curled up in my chair

Les has told me in secret bit by tiny bits over many months about a year ago her experience with men
Les tries to forget it as it remembers her how she became depressed, so sad that she cried for weeks

Les later had only one positive experience when she wanted to prove something to herself in curiousity
Les asked a boyfriend she trusted and who had a steady girlfriend to make love with her one time only

Les liked it, as everything happened only on her conditions and she even also orgasmed at the very end
Les let him poke her from behind while she was on her knees and could play with pussy and clit to come

Les liked it but she does not long for more – as she is mainly fond of girls to dominate her in trust
Les love of being dominated offers us an ideal opportunity to seduce her – into giving herself to me!

Les’ lesson in straight sex is the subject of the next installment of this series of lessons to two
Lisa and I will find a way to re-introduce Les in the world of being loved by a trusted man thrust her.

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