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Lin and Lex a weekend away for free #1

Lin and Lex are girlfriends from first year in basic school – they like each other a lot
Lex and Lin are often out together and at parties, but never away for a full weekend yet
Lin and Lex differ in many things: their characters, looks as well as sexual preferences
Let me introduce both to you: same size, small and slender, so sexy to see them together!

Lex loves lovely looking ladies and lasses – great girls – best with firm big boobs

Lex loves lovely looking ladies and lasses – she is so shy – but born as a lesbian in love
Lex looks a bit boyish: almost no boobies with barely a-size breasts, slim hips, small bums
Lex looks lovely: a blond cute beauty in great shape – flat tummy, muscular legs from runs
Lex loves compliments about her looks – she is so critical herself about any detail of her

Lin loves to make love a lot – she looks similar to Lex at first sight but for her black hair
Lin loves to make love with men mostly – the more the better – a big constrast between them
Lin loves to make love – be in charge of her guy guest in bed – or together in a public toilet
Lin loves to make love a lot – she can easily orgasm with her partner in any possible position

Lex loves to look at the B-size boobs of her best friend – hard to keep her eyes away from them
Lex loves to touch them one day – she hardly dares to express her sexy secret dirty dream to her
Lex loves to touch them so much – she grabs her all courage together to invite Lin into privacy
Lex loves to take those boobs in her hands – her plan is just to try to seduce Lin in that bed

Lin loves to be seduced by her shy sweet sexy best friend – as she never plays hard to get in bed
Lin loves to let Lex have a good time with her – she is sure she will enjoy all her hot attention
Lin loves to let Lex get hot from fondling her breasts – sucking her nipples till they stick out
Lin loves to let Lex lick her hot wet twat – she is sure Lex will let her come first at first time

Lex loves how hot she gets Lin – soon she notices how wet her twat is from her kisses and caresses
Lex loves how easily lusty Lin gives in to her hotly desired dream erotic experimental encounter
Lex loves how hotly Lin explodes in her mouth – she can’t top licking her lovely looking love lips
Lex loves how hotly Lin pays her pussy’s tasty tribute to her sudden unexpected sweet seduction

Lin loves to play sexy games with her best friends – so she can use her intelligence
Lin loves to pay back the favour to her best friend – that is worth another separate sexy story
Lin loves to play their game till they part – she sees Lex texts me while they wait for her bus
Lin loves to be my friend as well – only quite recently we got to know each other a bit better
Lin loves to text me as well as soon as she has her ride back home – both beauties turn me on

Lin loves to tease elder men as well with her cute cunning beauties – she enjoys her hot power
Lin loves to let me know enough of their erotic encounter to keep me interested for more of them
Lin loves to try to get me involved more – Lin likes the idea of a possible 3-some some sexy day
Lin loves to hear my plans, when I invite them two to a secluded Summer house in deserted dunes

Lin loves the idea to be away for a long warm weekend with the three of us together first time
Lin loves the idea of me for first evening together at our terrace – sipping cool white wine
Lin loves the idea that they shall for me not wear any underware underneath their short skirts
Lin loves the idea that Lex shall lick Lin’s slit while I will look how good she is at her clit.

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