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Lilly And Empire – true story

Hello! Lilly here
I’ve been dressing as a girl for many years. I love the feel of thongs, bras, skirts swishing, stockings and anything feminine really. When I’m a girl I am only attracted sexually to men. To be honest, I don’t mind how they look, as my main interest is to please any man, and in any way he wants. I think that makes me a sissy! My aim is to give men what they want and to receive their cum.

Sissies are good at this sort of thing. I have no desire for men to pleasure me, especially as my clit needs to remain as small and feminine as possible.

I love cum, and want men to cum in me or on me wherever they want. Facials are fabulous, and I like to leave the cum on me to dry. However, cum soaked knickers are pretty sexy too. The taste is addictive too.

One of my fantasies is to drink a large glass of cum like they do in some Japanese bukkake movies.

As a good sub sissy, I’ll do whatever men want, including just chatting, drinking coffee, and so on. I love men taking me shopping too!

I do realise that I may need correction sometimes – quite often actually. I think spanking my bottom so it’s bright red makes my arse look quite nice! You may use other implements such as a slipper, ruler, paddle, cane etc but please – no breaking of skin!!

I love groups of men.

I was at the Empire cinema in Huddersfield (Jan 16). It went like this –
1. A lovely guy made me lie back so that he could spend 10 minutes completely opening up my pussy
2. I met another lovely guy and sat chatting to him on the back row of the rear cinema.
3. Another came up for me to suck off, then carried on chatting to my friend
4. We went into the main cinema to watch the stripper, who was actually very good and sexy

The stripper put her head under my skirt and had a good feel, in front of the whole cinema, which was full.
6. My friend took me into a private room – we chatted and he spunked all over my face and blouse
7. My friend told me to go and find more men, so I did.
8. One guy latched on to me. He wanted a private room, but we had to use the sofa in a larger room.

He sat down and I took his cock out of his pants. It wasn’t long, but really thick. I must state here that sissies don’t care about cock size, or age of men. They will please anyone.
9. This guy filled my mouth with spunk and told me to swallow, which was a pleasure.
10. I turned around to see at least 10 real men with their cocks out for me.

All of them spunked onto my face, blouse, skirt, thong and stockings. I think 5 came on my face.
12. I walked past lots of men in the cinema, to the toilets, with cum literally dripping off my chin.
13. You’ll notice that no-one fucked me, which I was upset about. However, a sissy must please her man, and if they want to spunk onto her, then that’s fine of course.

I hope to be at Empire again on 13th Feb

As a sissy, I do go dogging from time to time.

Normally the men will say hello, but I have had a few guys approach me, fuck me, and leave without saying a word! Now you may think that’s rude, but a sissy doesn’t complain, and just hopes that she has pleased the man. I have been gangbanged in bushes, in broad daylight, with guys in my pussy pulling out to shoot over my bum, and guys in my mouth either making me swallow or cumming on my face.

Sweet Wednesday
Lilly has been to SW several times. It is a fantastic place for a sissy because so many men are there wanting a girl to empty their balls. I get groped wherever I go, and of course in return the man gets to use me. The square red beds are best because loads of guys and girls can watch if they want to! I had the longest and deepest fuck I’ve ever received on one of those beds.

It seemed like the guys cock was in me half way to my mouth. Crikey. Lots of men enjoyed watching that. The only place I haven’t been used at SW is in the toilets, but a friend of mine has promised to remedy that on 15th May (2014). He’s going to spunk on my face and tell me to go and get fucked with his cum still covering me. Wow! He says he can cum three times too.


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