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Life in the Gifford Mansion (Fiction)

Frank Gifford awoke suddenly. It was 2am. He looked over on Kathie Lee’s side of the bed and she wasn’t there. He waited awhile thinking that maybe she had just went to the bathroom but that lingering memory of back when he had his affair and she got even with him by spending the night in the guest room with Kevin Costner while he stayed with them as a guest. He remembered standing outside the guest room listening to the bed squeak furiously and hearing his wife’s moans of pleasure as Kevin fucked her brains out.

Then having to listen to her bitch at him about his infidelity when he confronted Kathie Lee about fucking Kevin. But this time there was no one else staying at the mansion. Cassidy had a girlfriend over for a sleep over and Cody was home from college. Frank got up and went out looking for Kathie Lee. The mansion was so big she could almost be anywhere. His first stop was at Cassidy’s room.

He could hear the girls, they were still up, so he knocked on the door lightly. Cassidy opened it and Frank asked, “Have you seen your mother?” She told him she hadn’t then reminded him that sometimes Kathie Lee likes to sit in the study and drink some wine when she can’t sleep. Frank walked to the study. She had been there, drinking wine. The bottle was still out but she was no where to be found.

He walked all over the mansion and still couldn’t find her. As he walked past Cody’s room he could hear his son was still up as well. He stopped at his door and listened. He could hear the familiar sound of a bed squeaking furiously, a woman moaning, and his son’s grunts and groans. Frank got a smile on his face. “My son is fucking some girl in his room”, he thought proudly. “A chip off the old block”, he thought with a huge smile on his face.

Frank hated to do it but he lightly knocked on Cody’s door. The squeaking stopped abruptly and the room fell silent for a few seconds. Then he heard Cody say, “Who’s there?” “Its your dad”, Frank replied and as soon as he said that he could hear the rustling of covers as if someone was trying to hide. Cody’s door slowly opened a crack. “What do you want dad?”, Cody asked. Frank tried to look in the room, in his own perverse way he wanted to see what young girl his son had in his room.

Cody just blocked his view and repeated the question. “What is it you want dad?” Frank looked at his son proudly and said, “Its ok son, I know you have a girl in there. You are a man now and what you do is your business. ” Cody just looked at him a few seconds and then Frank said, “Your mom isn’t in bed and vi was just looking around for her. You haven’t seen her by any chance?” Cody was still silent, he looked back at his bed which was still out of Frank’s sight then looked back at his dad and stammered “Uh no, I uh, well uh, I’ve been kind of busy dad.

” Frank smiled and said “Ok, I’ll get out of your hair and let you get back to what you were doing. One thing though, try to be a little more quiet. You know how your mother feels about premarital sex. ” Cody looked back at the bed once again then turned back and said, “Ok dad, we’ll be more quiet. ” “Oh and one more thing”, Frank continued, “You are using a rubber aren’t you son?”, he asked Cody.

Cody started to reply, stammering once again then Frank interrupted, “We don’t need some girl trying to trap you with a baby. ” Cody looked at Frank and stammered, “I uh well she can’t uh I mean there isn’t any way she can get pregnant. ” “You mean she is on the pill?”, Frank asked quickly then said “Are you sure about it?” Cody told him again, “There is no way I can get her pregnant dad but thanks for the advice.

” Frank smiled again at his son, proud of him. “Ok son, now get in there and fuck her good and hard”, he said softly so the girl couldn’t hear him. Cody shut the door and Frank stood there a few moments. He heard Cody say to the girl, “Dad said to fuck you good and hard”, then both of them started chuckling loud enough that Frank could hear them. Within seconds Frank could hear Cody’s bed start squeaking slow at first but soon it started going at a furious pace.

He heard the girl moan again and as he walked away he thought “Damn, Cody’s girl sounds a lot like his mother. Frank went back to his room.
40 minutes later Cody’s bedroom door opened slowly. He looked out then turned and said, “The coast is clear. ” Kathie Lee walked out still putting her robe back on. She turned back and kissed Cody passionately and then said “Same time tomorrow sweetie, I need a good fuck while you are home.

” She then walked slowly back to her bedroom and Cody went to bed.

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