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Letter to my GF

I’m addicted to eating shit from men and womens arses. I have been eating shit for over 50 years and love it. I eat my own shit nearly every day and although I enjoy it, nothing is better than someone especially women kneeling over my face and taking a dump straight in my mouth.

I‘ve been eating shit for over 50 years ago since I was about 10 years old and shortly afterwards I ate shit from anybodies arse who would shit in my mouth, of course I would drink piss from a cunt or cock to flush the shit down my toilet throat.

My preference is to eat shit from a woman but shit has the same wonderful taste whichever gender provides it. My first wife (she’s dead now) always said if I was to fuck her arse I would have to eat her shit afterwards, I never argued because I loved it when she shit in my mouth and I would fuck her arse most nights just so I received my ‘punishment’ of having her shit in my mouth.

I eat my own shit whenever I get the opportunity and although I enjoy eating it, theres nothing as nice as eating it straight from someones arse and no matter how much somebody shits in my mouth, I always eat every bit. I also love sucking a cock and swallowing cum while I’ve got a mouthful of shit so I eat shit and cum at the same time – delicious.

I’ve had my arse and mouth fucked by a dog and sometimes even ate dog shit while my arse was being fucked but I admit dog shit really does taste disgusting but I enjoyed it because the person who fucked me and asked me to eat it was really excited watching me but I’ve enjoyed eating horse shit because thats quite nice because all shit is good shit when its in my mouth and I’m eating it and I would love to find a couple of cock hating lesbians who would take turns shitting in my mouth as they tortured my shaved cock and squeezed my bollocks.

Having eating shit for so long I’m very experienced at eating shit and when I meet someone for the first time for sex, I always tell them I will be very disappointed if they don’t shit in my mouth, if they’re not interested I make my excuses to leave. I’ve been fortunate to eat shit from a married couple and had the guy fucking my arse as his wife shit in my mouth, afterwards he shoved his cock in my shit filled mouth and cum, although I couldn’t taste his cum with shit, its exciting to eat shit and cum at the same time.

When I was about 25 I met a shiteating woman in her 70s and she pissed and shit in my mouth, I loved it. When someone wants to shit in my mouth I don’t care if they’re 19 or 90, whether they’re black or white or even if they are slim or very fat (fat people generally produce more shit for me to eat), I just enjoy eating their shit.

I never ask for, expect or require reciprocation, I don’t even require a fuck, all I want to do is eat shit.

I apologize if you find this offensive that is not my intention but remember, everybody shits and there are many dirty cunts like me that enjoy eating it. Does it make you excited thinking about shitting in my mouth? I enjoy talking to other people that are happy to shit in my mouth even if we can’t meet, please write back if you would enjoy shitting in my mouth and watching me eating it and what you would want/make me do.

Do you like eating shit? I appreciate not everyone is like me and because of that I would never shit in or on anyone unless its requested, I just want to eat shit – lots of it. Would you like to exchange experiences?

Alan Shiteater.

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