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This is inspired by a true story. Unfortunately it happened to me…

Watching porn gave Dave such a huge swelling hard-on. Every time he watched hairy men he wished it would happen for himself.

He felt like he has sucked a hundred cocks, given endless hand-jobs, and listened personally as men screamed passionately. He felt he made those men shoot their loads and he loved every fantastical thought about it.

There was one guy he heard was a godly man. His name was Jay. Such silver-touched hair the guy was probably forty but to Dave he was “hot as hell. “

One time when he went to a random picnic retreat, Jay grabbed him out of nowhere knowing Dave liked “guy stuff” and figured he like wrestling.

To be taken by such strong arms and pulled firmly yet not too much to the ground made Dave get red.

When Jay walked away Dave was masking a swelling monster under his shorts.

Being 24 and confused sometimes sucked for Dave. Knowing his pleasures felt so good but weren’t exactly right made him wonder if anyone (or even anyone like a god) would help him!

Then a call happened. On the internet a “sexy male” that was ready for a night sent him constant messages.

“How old are you?” Dave asked

“Yeah. “
“Love guys that are older than me. “
“You fucked men older than u?”
“No. But jerked off constantly to them!”
“lol. “
“Sorry too honest sometimes. “
“Its ok. “
“You are hot. Love ur pics. “
“Haven’t seen pics of your face. “
“Don’t want to. “
“Why not?”
“Ashamed. “
“What’s to be ashamed about?”

He thought it really wasn’t so bad. Maybe just maybe he would post a pic of his face.

Just maybe…..

“Wanna meet?”
“But you r like 5 miles away from me, hardjerker. “
“Nah not too bad. “
“Maybe. “
There was a pause and then hardjerker replied again and again.
“Try it out?”
“Maybe. “
“Come on. “
“I don’t know. “
“I’ll let you jerk me off…”
The thought sent his lusts to the heavenly realms. Never had he dreamed he’d get the chance to jerk another man off.

Probably get to see his whole body. Check out his butt cheeks in person.

The guy wasn’t old enough to be exactly his type but he thought to think about it.

“Don’t know. Gotta sleep. “
“Don’t forget to jerk in your dreams” he joked.

He was tempted. Should he go to this guy and have the first great time of his life? Maybe they could make a “naughty” night of it.

He hoped to God he wasn’t married!

He went to sleep that night with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit.

About 5 hours later he woke up. What was he thinking? Would he really go and see this guy tomorrow? Dave didn’t really have a “sex life” but going out to do it with somebody he didn’t really know (only hear about and see his sweaty bod on vids and pics) was just slightly crazy.

No, he wouldn’t do it. Or could he?

He didn’t get much sleep that night.

The next day he ignored his job and spoke on the site jerking off to porn on a separate tab.

He knew that this guy he thought about while checking out more “daddies” the guy didn’t have grey hair. More like red or possibly blonde (he had trouble distinguishing the two).

As one older daddy was getting pleasured a new message popped in.

“You ready?”
“Um. Not right now. “
hardjerker seemed to be as stubborn as a harsh wind.
“Why not?”
“I’m scared. “

What the hell was Dave scared about? HOW old was he? He actually felt a little afraid that he had shared such a personal thought to someone else like that. He rarely talked about the weather with another human being it seemed to him compared to what he said.

“It’s okay. Nothing will happen. Maybe we can just jerk off together. “
“Doesn’t sound bad. “
“Wish I could watch porn here. Can’t at the moment. “
“Would you be able to watch porn when I come by?”

Dave couldn’t believe he just initiated it. He couldn’t believe he just hit send after that message.

Now it seemed hardjerker didn’t have much to say or didn’t know what words to find.

“Hmm. My daughter goes to sleep by 11:30 sure. “

Shoot, he’s married?! He now wasn’t so sure about it.

“Damn. Didn’t know ur married. “


“Ur Married?”

“No. Just had a girlfriend and a k**. “

“Oh. “

He felt bad he was invasing this guy’s personal life.

“I could still come by maybe 12:00 or so. “

“Hell yeah.

Awesome. You gonna blow me?”

After thinking on it, he was brave to say. “No. “

“What will we do then? Might not be all the bother. “

“Let’s jerk to porn. Have DVD player and porn on movie?”

“Yeah I think so. “

“Cool. We can do that then. “

“alright. “

“What’s address?”

After thinking about it for a good long time Dave got plenty of sleep (just in case the masturbate-a-thon lasted longer and Dave like naturally letting go and keeping his edge) he got on a coat and went out.

He took his car down to where hardjerker said he lived.

He pulled over wondering besides his pure innocence what else he left behind when he went out that door.

It was 1:05. He forgot to tell him he’d knock up. Did this “hardjerker” know?

He knocked on the door. A wonder made him think Would I ever do anal? No I heard some men were aggressive and one interview with a pornstar that was a bottom said he didn’t like this one performer who was so willing to fuck hard he begged him to stop! And meant it.

So the director screamed at him and he finally quit. Wonder how much damage that did to HIS hole?

He only anally explored patiently and in the privacy in his bedroom. The thought this guy would make him do something he didn’t want made him a little scared.

Before he would turn the guy opened the door wearing a dirty tank top and low hanging carpenter pants.

End of part I.

Part II soon….

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