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Lawn mowed and more

Joe a 6 foot tall marine, with average looks and writing 190 lbs with a 6 to 7 inch dick. He comes home from work early one afternoon. he expected to be able to sit home and relax but instead was met by a letter from his wife telling him, he had to go help their neighbor and her best friend Nikki. The the letter said to head over to Nikki’s and to mow her lawn.

This was the last thing he wanted to be doing this late in June, he looked mournfully at the street why couldn’t she had asked him tomorrow morning. He crumpled up the note and tossed it over his shoulder toward the garbage can and then made his way upstairs and changed into his lawn mowing clothes. His lawn-mowing attire finally assembled, he makes his way downstairs and filled up a large water bottle with tap water from the kitchen sink.

With the heat and humidity being as harsh as it had been over the past few days, he knew that this was going to be a bitch. He exited through the garage so he could pull out his mower, unscrewed the gas cap and poured in some gasoline from the gas can next to the mower. That unpleasantness out of the way, he finally began his short walk to Nikki’s. He hated that fact that his wife and Nikki where so close because every time Nikki need something he had to go help Nikki who lived on the corner of his street.

Plus it was just more lawn to mow which was a tedious task usually took about ninety minutes to complete. Nikki welcomed him meeting him at the door. She. asked “Do you need anything. ” To which he replied “No I am good, thanks for asking though. ” She was wearing her usually lose fitting clothing with a deep drop neck line. She had a flawless, beautiful face, average height, with breast that had to be at least FF’s.

Her tits were practically falling out of her shirt at least she was easily on the eyes. Joe finished off the front of the yard and went to work on the other sides the ones that weren’t exposed to the street. He could get his mind off Nikki’s tits, as he mowed along the side of the house he continued to think about her and those tits. He wasn’t sure what to do it about and while thinking about her tits he got done with the both side yards and now moved to the back yard.

He pushed the mower to the Nikki’s garage and drank half of his water. The sun was beating down hard and his shirt was now heavily beaded with sweat. He took off his shirt and threw it into the driveway. It made a wet slapping sound as it smacked into the pavement. Nobody would care anyway. The k**s were still at school and the parents were at work. Besides, he only had to do the back yard and nobody on the street could see him on that side of the house.

He walked the mower to the back of the house. Tried the gate but then realized that the gate had not been unlocked. He left his lawn mower start back around the front of the house. The only way to the back yard would be thought the garage doorand then thru the house. As he entered the house he noticed the lights were low and cloths on the floor. Thinking normal she keeps a cleaner house then this he walked toward the back door.

As he is about to pass the bedroom before the back door, he notices the door was slightly ajar. He decides to walk a but closer and accidentally peeked in. To his surprise Nikki was laying on the bed naked with her legs spread wide open. She was ribbing clit vigorously, and fingering her pussy hard. He turns away realizing that his cock was starting to harden right up. He tried to ignore the throbbing hard on and walk past the door until I heard her moan something.

He steps back hear the something and to his joy it was a name. Then he heard her clearly say “Oh Joe, oh yeah you now that is how I like it. ” He could believe my ears she was fantasizing about me as she vigorously ribbed her clit and fingered her wet pussy. Then again she moans “Oh Joe, oh yeah you now that is how I like it. ” Then also moans “come on give to me I can take it.

“At this I can no longer control myself it take off all my clothes, push the crack door open just enough for me to slide inside the room. Standing there watching her made my cock so hard it almost hurt. I started slowly stroking my tool waiting for the right time. As she moves her hands to great breast and started playing with her nipples. He makes his move quickly climbing on to the bed and placed myself between her legs.

He dives right into her pussy and began pleasuring it before she even registries anything has happen. Nikki momentarily freezes as his mouth collides with her pussy and a tongue began to pleasure her clit. She is already so wet and horny she did not care who it was. She pushed her hips up and grabs the back the head the head now between her legs. She tries to f***ed it deeper into her hot wet pussy.

She quickly reaches orgsamed and then squirted all over this mystery persons face. He continued eat her pussy and satisfy while she orgasms and then squirts. He then climbed up from her wet pussy so she could see his face. Nikki’s face said it all. She was very, very please it was he that had just pleased her. Now it was her turn to please him and fully both of their fantasies.

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