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Late Night Service

I was driving home late one warm summer night in my little Red Kia, I had been at my office having a small little drink with my work colleagues celebrating the retirement of the office supervisor.
I only had 2 small glasses of wine so wasn’t going to be getting into trouble with any
drink-driving laws!

On a quiet road I noticed a pale ever-so-slightly chubby woman with long strait black hair standing around outside an industrial looking building, approaching any random cars stopped in traffic.

I quickly realised from the way she was dressed, in her white high-heels and a brown coat scarcely covering up her body, that she was a hooker.

I don’t know what came over me, I guess I was just so desperate for female company, but I decided to see if she’d be willing to give me some service. I was more than prepared to be turned down, what with being a woman myself I wouldn’t have blamed her for not wanting to service me.

I pulled my car up by the curb infront of her, unwound my window and asked:

“Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me out?”

“You want directions? Where to?” She asked with her arms folded, chewing a piece of bubblegum.

“Er- no, not quite…” Was my response.

“What do you need then?” She asked, sounding a little impatient. Her amber eyes burned into mine.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but it seems to me like your willing to sell some of your time?”
I tried being subtle.

“What’s it to you? Are you some sort of undercover cop?” She asked looking around nervously.

“No!” I giggled, “If you want, I got some money, I was wondering if you’d be willing to… You know? Help a lady out?” I started to blush.

“Oh, wow, um-” She seemed really surprised, she looked around again, probably thinking it was some sort of wind up.

“Are you serious?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure I am. ” I grinned sheepishly.

“Wow, never had a woman come up to me looking for some action before!” She beamed.

I really didn’t know what I was thinking, I had been going through a dry spell with relationships, I haven’t even had a quickie in a lesbian club for over a couple months at that point.

I was just so desperate to smell the scent of another woman’s body that I’d pay for it. I guess those couple glasses of wine had given me the confidence to take the opportunity to pay for it.

She walked up closer to the driver’s side window of my car.

“So what do you want to do?” She asked, leaning forward resting her arms on the edge of
the window frame.

“Well,” I blushed, suddenly feeling very nervous, “I- er- have this desire to- um- I’d like to smell you…” I looked up at her so sheepishly, I felt like such an idiot for saying it.

“Um, ok, sure, not the first time I’ve had that request. ” She revealed calmly.

“How much for that?” I asked trying to sound confident.

“To smell my bum is £2 a minute, my pussy is £4 a minute.

” She boldly stated.

“Oh ok,” I looked towards me purse, just so happened I had gotten paid that day so was feeling a little flushed with money, “so what, 20 minutes of bum-sniffing would be… £40?”

“Yeah. ” She replied, looking around to see if anyone was watching, she then blew a pink bubble with her gum out of her mouth ’til it popped.

“Ok, I’ll have that please.

” I grinned a little anxiously.

“You want to drive somewhere, or there’s a nice little quiet spot behind that building, your choice?” She inquired, eager to get started.

For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable having her in my car, despite the fact I was about to pay for a very intimate act, so I decided to go behind the building with her. I got out my car and locked it, I had carried my handbag with me which had my purse in it.

We walked through a very dark cramped alleyway, and walked around to the back of the building which gave us a little more space. We stopped and stood under the dim yellow light of the lamppost.

“My policy is I get the money upfront first before we do anything. ” She faced me and stated.

“Oh, sure ok. ” I nervously picked out my purse from my handbag, I pulled out £40 from my wad of cash and handed it to her.

She counted the 2 £10 notes and 1 £20 note, then folded it up and put it into the pocket of her coat.

“Good, ok, get down on your knees. ” She instructed. I eagerly did so, kneeling down with my back against the grey metallic lamppost. She turned around and lifted the bottom of her brown coat up, revealing her gorgeous round bumcheeks that were hardly covered at all by her red sequined miniskirt.

Well it was more of a belt than a skirt!

Without even being told to, I leaned my face towards her smooth buttocks, like a moth to a flame, and gently pressed my nose to the crack of her bum. I took a deep slow inhale through my nose.

“My, my, you are eager!” She giggled to herself. The very slim fabric of her red thong was the only thing separating my nose from touching the fleshy rim of her bumhole.

I took another inhale, the smell was so utterly wonderful to me. It was quite an odd mix of a subtle flowery perfume and the sweetly musky natural scent of a feminine butthole.

“I forgot to mention,” She suddenly said a minute into it, “It’s an extra £1 if you want me to remove my thong during this session. “

“Sure I’ll have that…” I sighed, still breathing in her delightful scent.

She pulled her thong down, the red lace of fabric brushed down against my nose and mouth as she did that, she then resumed the position of having my nose between her bumcheeks.

I thought she smelt really good before that, but now getting the smell of her bumhole without the thin bit of fabric to filter it through gave her odour a more intense sensation.

She bent over just a little bit, causing her smooth yet frim butt cheeks to spread apart slightly, allowing easier access for my nostrils to get real up close and personal with her little dark hole.

She smelt absolutely divine!

With every sniff, I felt my pussy tingle and get a little wetter. My nipples were rock hard as I sniffed at her asshole like a dog.

“You mind if I smoke while we do this?” She asked.

“Sure go ahead…” I sighed and took another sniff. I couldn’t resist putting my hand between my thighs, cupping my pussy in my fingers through my now wet pink knickers.

“Thanks. ” She replied, pulling out a packet of cigarettes from her coat pocket, taking out a single fag, putting it between her cherry-red slightly plump lips and lighting it up.

“Does it smell good?” She turned her head round to ask, blowing out some smoke as she spoke.

“Smells so good…!” I groaned in pleasure, fully enjoying myself.

“I thought so. ” She chuckled, taking another drag from her cigarette.

“Do you like smelling a nice clean butt hole, or do you like it dirty?” She asked after a couple minutes of silence, apart from the sound of my soft sniffing coming from her rump.

“I don’t mind,” I sighed, “as long as its good and smelly like yours…!” This made her giggle.

“If only I had known, I wouldn’t have bothered showering this morning!” She chuckled some more.

“If you’d like to know, I had a good fart a few minutes before you pulled up, maybe you can smell it still lingering around down there now?” She teased with a big grin on her pretty face.

“Hmmm…!” I softly moaned in excitement, the way she said that turning me on all the more.

A few more minutes of pure bliss passed by.

“Are you into light bondage?” She suddenly asked me, dropping the butt of her fag down onto the floor and squishing it under the foot of her high heeled shoe.

“Huh?” I puzzled, pausing for a moment from my sniffing of her asshole before resuming.

“You know, do you like being tied up?” She responded.

“Yeah sure. ” I replied, I noticed as I spoke that the breath coming out of my mouth was warming her shaved pussy up, I couldn’t tell if she liked that or not though.

“Just, I got some handcuffs I could put on you, if you like?” She explained.

“How much is that?” I stopped sniffing to ask.

“Oh, no charge!” She chirped happily, “I like restraining my vict- I mean- customers!”

I didn’t take no notice of what she had meant to say, and eagerly accepted her offer.

She turned around to face me as I stayed kneeling down on the cold concrete ground. She reached into her other pocket on her coat and pulled out some standard steel handcuffs.

She leaned forward, pushing her pussy up close to my face. I got a real good eyeful!
She hooked one cuff onto my wrist and held that arm back behind the lamppost, and then she took my other arm, held it back to the other side of the lamppost and locked the cuff onto that wrist so I was now handcuffed to the lamppost.

“There we go,” She smiled down at me, “where was we?”
She turned around again, and backed her glorious bum up into my face.

“Take a good long sniff. ” She grinned, lighting up another cigarette.

I carried on happily smelling her delightful sweet musky scent, loving every minute of it.

“You are such a dirty slut!” She mocked.

“Ahh yeah I am…!” I groaned as I inhaled.

“Can’t believe you’re actually paying for this!” She giggled.

I was only getting more turned on by her remarks.

“Paying a working girl to sniff her ass, shit that’s so pathetic!” She carried on mocking.
“Wait until I tell the other girls about this, they won’t believe me, a woman actually paying to sniff my ass!” She laughed.

“Aww you like smelling my ass? Does it smell so good?” She cooed.

“Fuck yeah I do…!” I moaned in pleasure. I was certain the juice of my pussy was now dripping from my panties.

“Awww you sniff it all up, you’re nearly out of time. ” She grinned.

Finally, after a few more minutes, she looked at her wristwatch.

“Ok you dirty little bumsniffing slut, you’re time’s up. ” She stated.

“Awww no!” I cried out.

“Tell you what, you’ve been such a good little bumsniffer that I’ll let you have one lick. ” She smiled with her asshole still so close to my nose.

“Oh thank you. ” I sighed.

“You only get one lick of my asshole though, so make the most of it. ” A big grin stretched across her beautiful face.

I held the tip of my tongue out and very very slowly, I ran it up deliberately along her rim.

“That’s it,” She sighed, “just one big… long… lick…!” She then moved away from me, out of reach of my tongue.

“Most people have to pay extra for that privilege. ” She chuckled as she turned to face me.

“Fuck, I really want more now!” I cried out in desperation.

“Oh do you now, well if the price is right…” She coyly returned.

“Shit, I’ll pay ANYTHING just please, give me more!” I called out.

“How much have you got on you?” She asked, walking over to my handbag that’s been laying on the floor beside me.

“Just my pay packet from work. ” I replied.

She bent down and picked it up, pulled out my wallet, letting my bag drop to the floor.
I looked on as she opened it up and pulled out my wad of cash. She dropped my wallet and began counting out my money.

“-60 -80… -20 – 40- 60- 80… -20 -40 -Holy shit there’s more than £800 in here!” She exclaimed, her eyes lit up like bonfires.

I felt nervous about her handling my hard-earned money like that, and suddenly felt very exposed being handcuffed while she was free to do whatever she likes.

“So, how much for more?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh,” She looked down at me, “yeah, about that…” She paused looking back down at my money.

“Well?” I began to get a little impatient, she took a sharp inhale of breath through her teeth.

“Yeah, um, I’m not going to do anything else with you. ” She coldly stated.

“What? Why?” I asked in shock.

“Well, I got your money now, I’ve no need to give you anything in return. ” She suddenly smiled an evil looking grin.

“What? C’mon don’t even joke about that!” I winced.

“Nevermind, you had fun, didn’t you?” She asked, folding my money and putting it into her pocket.

She then straitened her miniskirt a little and adjusted her big boobs in her small little vest-top.

“Please don’t, at least untie me!” I called as she went to turn around and head off.

“Untie yourself!” She suddenly threw a tiny key to the cuffs at me. It bounced off my chest and landed on the ground a couple feet away from me.

“Hey! Don’t go! Please!” I called out in a panic.

“Just think about the smell of my ass, and ask yourself if it was worth it!” She laughed as she walked off away from me. She pulled out my money from her pocket and counted it again.

“Please! Come back!!” I yelled. I could hear her laughing as she disappeared into the darkness of the alleyway. I struggled to get loose but to no avail. I tried dragging the key to the cuffs along the floor towards me with my feet but that was no use.

I was well and truly stuck.

“Ah Sam, you idiot!” I scolded myself. “You just had to pay for a sniff, didn’t you? I’m such a stupid bitch!” I looked around at my surroundings and realised there’s very little chance of anyone finding me here for a while.

An hour slowly and painfully ticked by, when suddenly a loud bang of the backdoor to the building opened up, and out stepped a very portly middle-aged white woman.

She was wearing a cleaner’s outfit, and was holding a wash bucket and mop.

“Oh my, what’s this?” She puzzled looking at me. My cheeks grew red from embarrassment.

“Oh thank god! Please help me. ” I pleaded to her.

“What happened?” She asked, putting down her bucket and mop and walked over to me.
She had a small bob of a haircut, with dark red hair.

She was a very big woman, big and fat.
At least 18 stone.

“Um, I was with a hen party and my girlfriends tied me up as a prank. ” I lied, embarrassed about the truth of what really happened.

“Oh dear, that wasn’t very nice of them. ” She replied with a very friendly demeanour.

“Please untie me, the key is right there infront of me.

” I smiled at her.

She bent down awkwardly to pick it up.

She paused for a few moments, studying me as I sat there on the cold ground.

“What’s with the hold up? Please untie me, I’m getting a cold bum sitting here. ” I grinned trying to mask my impatience.

“What happened exactly?” She asked again.

“Like I said, I was out with my girlfriends for a hen party and they tied me up and left me here as a prank.

” I lied once more.

“Hmm, a hen party, you say?” She replied eyeing me up.

“Yeah, you know how mean d***k friends can be!” I giggled nervously.

“Yeah, or how bad a liar silly little girls can be. ” She replied coldly.

“W-what?” I stuttered.

“You really ought to not lie to someone you want help from, it’s quite rude. ” She scolded,
looking down at me disapprovingly.

“S-sorry…” I bowed my head.

“Look, ma’am, please just untie me, I’ve had a long day, please free me and I’ll be on my way. “
I pleaded.

“Oh I’ll free… Maybe, it depends. ” She responded, a wry little smile appearing on her
chubby face.

“Depends on what?” I asked with panic creeping into my voice.

She lurched closer towards to me, tucking the key into her bra,

“Depends on how bad you want your freedom…!”.

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