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Lads Holiday Chapter 7

I heard a knock at the door behind me and then the sound of it immediately
opening and footsteps coming into the room.

“Don’t dare move” Charlie ordered. He was holding the leash close to my
neck, keeping me in position and his piss started to flow. I was consumed
by the salty test, the need to swallow quickly like I was downing a pint.
I could also feel the jizz drying on my face and the tightness of the tail
plug in my ass.

“What. the. fuck” I heard Dan’s voice saying, but all I could do was
swallow piss. Charlie deserved this from me. He finished and pushed me
back down onto all fours.

“Guys, check out our new dog”.

I glanced around and saw Dan and Rich’s eyes and their look of horror. We
were so close to the end of the holiday. I really thought I was going to
make it without them finding out.

But now I knew this would be the end of
our friendship.

The next thing I heard was Jumbo’s voice. Charlie finished, and I was able
to glance around and see Jumbo with his arms round the other two leading
them out of the room.

“Come on you guys, you look totally wasted on those mushrooms. You’re
probably seeing all sorts. Let’s get you to bed. “

From what I could hear there was no argument from either of them.

Charlie just smiled. He didn’t seem to care even slightly what they saw.
He turned to the others who were all just sitting round on the bottom bunks
of the beds.

“Alright boys. We’ve got a few hours til dawn yet. It’s time to play with
our new puppy slave”.

I was still down on the floor, kneeling and with my hands on the floor in
front of me.

I was being talked about as a pet now, in front of all the
guys i’d come on holiday with.

“So what i’m thinking” Charlie said to the others, “is that we take turns
thinking of games that centres around using the fag, and see who can win
most games. Oh, and there’s no limits. The fag will do anything we order.
Right fag?”

They all looked at me. I saw myself through their eyes.

A naked twenty
year old guy, down on his knees, dog tail up his ass, mouth tasting of piss
and coated in several layers of jizz. It was already pretty well proven
that I wasn’t going to refuse anything they ordered. I nodded my head

By now Jumbo had rejoined the room, so there were five guys there again.
Charlie told him the plan and invited Jumbo to go first.

Jumbo laughed. “Alright, i’ve got one”. He spoke only to the other guys
like I wasn’t in the room. I don’t know why but my dick was still totally
hard. It had been since this all started about an hour ago.

“So someone showed me this video one time where a bunch of guys put this
like fag guy on his knees in the middle of the room with his mouth wide
open, and they took turns to try to spit a wad in the fags mouth.

thought that looked pretty fun”

The other guys laughed, they all seemed up for it.

“Alright, so we start close up then one step away, then two steps, and as
soon as you miss you’re out, yeah?”. This was from Fowls, helping get the
game set up.

“Awesome first game Jumbo” Charlie said and he positioned me facing the
door. “Open up fag”. I obeyed. “Head back”. I tilted it back.

open wider fag, yeah that’s it. Now stay like that throughout the game. No

He stood up over me and dropped a gob of spit in my mouth and then slapped
my cheek.

“Good fag. That’s me past the first round”.

The others then all walked up to me and let a gob of spit drop into my wide
open mouth.

My mouth was quickly filling up with their spit and I could feel it
starting to run to the back of my throat, but I wasn’t allowed to close my
mouth even to swallow.

They took the second round from one step back. Pete went first and fired
his spit straight into the centre of my mouth. Jumbo went again but didn’t
get any f***e behind it and it splattered onto my chest. Ben went next and
hit my right cheek, but the guys agreed some went in my mouth, so it still
counted. Then Fowls and Charlie followed and both hit goal.

The next round from two steps back and this time Fowls missed, his spit
landing right in my eye, which I closed just in time.

Pete also missed but
added to the collection of spit running down my face. Ben and Charlie both
made it through to the final though from three steps back, their gob
accumulating in my mouth.

Charlie told me I could rest my mouth for a second and swallow, but I
wasn’t to touch the spit all over my face. I looked at the two hot guys
psyching up for the final. Both desperate to fill my mouth with their

My cock was like a rock.

In the end they both missed at their first attempt, both hitting my face
and leaving me with more spit dribbling down either cheek. At the second
attempt Charlie missed again, but then Ben again hit the side of my mouth,
getting some in, and was judged the winner.

Charlie went across to his bag and pulled out a thick black pen and walked
across to me.

“Stand up” he ordered, and I stood immediately. My legs hurt from being
down on the floor so long, but I tried not to show it.

He took the pen lid off, then wrote across my chest “FAG GAMES”, then
underneath wrote Master B and wrote a single tally mark. So I was the
scoreboard now as well as the play equipment.

“Alright Fowls, your turn”.

Fowler was sitting on the bed looking down at me.

Up until tonight I always
felt like he was the kinder of my three room-mates, and the most likely to
feel sorry for me. But now he just seemed to look at me like I was a dog.
There was no pity for my humiliation tonight. He grinned.

“Ok, he’s a dog on a leash. Let’s see who dares take him for a walk.
Longest walkies wins. “

The others cracked up, and I dropped back down onto all fours.

Pete went first and then Jumbo. Neither were really up for this that much.
Pete picked up the leash, walked me round the room a couple of times, then
dropped the leash again. Jumbo picked it up next and walked me to the
window. He made me stick my head up high to lean out, so people looking in
would see him with a leash round my neck, but I don’t think anyone was
around to see.

It was early in the morning and not many people were about.

Fowler went next though. He seemed pretty d***k and was clearly up for
more. He opened the door into the corridor, looked up and down to see
no-one was around, then came and picked up the leash and pulled me by the
neck. My hands and knees were starting to hurt from the crawling, but the
beer from earlier masked the pain enough.

“Fuck” Jumbo said, “You’re really taking him out in the corridor?”. The
others watched in the doorway as I was walked quietly up to the end of the
corridor, trailing behind Fowler who was pulling on my lead. Fowls looked
a bit nervous still. He really didn’t want to be caught holding a guy on a
leash. At the end he turned around and we started to walk back. The
others in the doorway were getting plenty photos of this.

We started to
hear voices coming up the stairs and were still maybe 20 metres away from
the room.

“Fuck” Fowls said suddenly, pulling upwards on the collar. “Get up and get
back in the fucking room”. I jumped up and ran back. The two girls just
turned the corner as my naked collared body disappeared back into the room,
Fowls right behind me.

The guys closed the door behind us and fell about laughing.

“Dude that was awesome” Pete said to Fowls, high fiveing him. “Would have
been so funny if those girls had seen you”.

“Fuck man, that would’ve been difficult to explain away. Like ‘oh yeah,
i’m just taking my pet fag for a walk'”

While everyone’s attention was on Fowls, I sat there just trying to get my
breat back. I was so close to total public humiliation there. I just
hoped that was it for this game, and maybe the next game would be confined
to the room.

But Charlie wasn’t through yet. He had been pretty quiet about Fowls’
efforts. He looked like he was ready to win this one.

“Lets see if we can’t go one better eh fag” he said, picking up my lead.

The others looked up at him.

“Just watch out that window” Charlie said smiling, his cocky boyish
controlling smile.

“You’re not gonna take him outside dude?” Pete said laughing.

“You know there’s like a reception downstairs man?” Ben said.

Charlie just kept smiling, grabbed my lead and opened the door.

I didn’t want to go out there again, but it did feel a lot different with
Charlie. He walked along the corridor without any embarassment, me crawling
along the hard carpet, trying to keep up, the lead taut, pulling at my
collar. It was like he was just taking his dog for a walk like any morning.

We got to the lift, and when it arrived I was really relieved to see it was
empty. I guessed he probably was too. We went down to ground floor, me
sitting on all fours at his feet, and he walked me out. The corridor out
was narrow and the reception desk was high, so I couldn’t see over it and I
guess the receptionist guy couldn’t see me either. Charlie didn’t say
anything, so the reception guy was probably either not there or maybe
looking the other way.

He just confidently walked me out, holding the door
for me to crawl through. It was tricky going down the three steps to the
road, but Charlie waited for me to make it down, then marched me round the
pavement. It was cool out at this time, especially being totally naked,
but amazingly there was still nobody about. He marched me round the corner
and across the road, so the guys would see me from the window.

The road
killed me knees as I crawled across, but it was amazing to look up and see
Charlie’s incredible ass moving right in front of me. It felt so good to
be there with him. Anywhere with him.

He stopped and told me to “Sit”, which I obediently did. I looked up and
surely enough the guys were all at the window, laughing and taking photos.
There was no doubt Charlie was alpha male here, not just to me, but to the
whole group.

None of the others would have tried this. And I wasn’t sure
I would have even done this for any of the others.

Once they’d got their photos, Charlie looked down at me and ruffled my

“Fag, I almost wish you’d been born a dog. Then I could keep you as my
own, totally trained obedient dog. C’mon…” and he pulled my lead and I
followed him again, my ass inadvertantly moving side to side and causing my
tail to sway.

We had to buzz to get back in, and this time the receptionist couldn’t help
but see me.

Before he said anything though, Charlie disarmed him with a d***ked
sounding laugh.

“Man, what a night. This is one fucking crazy city!” he said, and then he
walked right on past. The reception guy didn’t even bother replying.

When we got back to the room, Ben happily conceded defeat without even
trying and Charlie was the clear winner.

He came across and marked up one
tally for Master C on my chest.

“Guys, sorry but I think I might head to bed” Ben said after this second
round. “I’m knackered. You guys carry on though. Let me know who wins”

“No way man” Charlie said. “One more game Benny, come on”.

Ben laughed “Oh man, ok, one more then”, Ben agreed.

“Just one more for me too I think” Jumbo agreed.

“We’ve got to be up in
like five hours for the plane”.

“Ok, i’ve got one” Pete said, smiling darkly. Everyone looked at him.

He pulled a pad of paper out his bag. I had no idea what was coming, but I
already knew there were some pretty fucked up things in Pete’s head.

“Ok. We each write down on a sheet of paper a sentence, then hold it up
and the fag has to say it out loud, while we film it.

So you can write
down any nasty confession you want the fag to make or anything you want it
to say to praise how awesome you are compared to the fag, and we’re gonna
have it on video forever”.

Given how much stuff they already had of me on video, maybe this shouldn’t
have worried me so much. But this was kind of different. This would be a
clear undeniable video image of me, admitting anything they wanted me to.

And given how d***k and high they were, it could be anything.

The others all loved the idea though, and even though I really didn’t want
to do this, I knew I was in no position to argue. I was their toy to use
exactly as they chose. I had let them do this, and I couldn’t exactly
stand up now and say no. I would do exactly what my superiors ordered me

Pete had already grabbed the pad and started writing. Charlie lined me up
ready for recording. He got me properly up on all fours, back arched so my
ass stuck up in the air and you would see my tail sticking up, and head
looking straight towards where the guys would film me.

“Got to make sure you’re looking like a good well-trained fag for the

“Ok fag” Pete said.

He turned the pad round so I could see the sentence
written in big letters.

“Can you read it yeah?”. I nodded, but gulped.

“Look straight in the camera and start speaking when I signal fag”. I
nodded again. I watched him get his phone ready to film. My mouth felt
dry. I heard it click on and he signalled for me to speak.

I just couldn’t say the words.

I looked at the pad and my lips moved
trying to say the words but I couldn’t speak. I was just too nervous to
say it to the camera. He clicked the phone off.

“What the fuck was that bitch?” he said, looking angry. He came across and
slapped me across the face. I was suddenly worried but I just took the
slap. He grabbed my face, holding my chin to face up toward him.

“When I give you an order bitch, I expect you to obey. We own you fag.
You’re a piece of shit fag, born to serve real men, and so you do exactly
what we say when we say. Understood fag?”

I nodded, and could feel myself shaking. He slapped my face again. “Good
dog. Now lets try again”.

I arched my back and pushed my ass up getting in perfect position.

He set
up the camera and gave the signal and this time I didn’t hesitate. I
looked directly into the camera and spoke loud and clear.

“My name is Ste and I am an obedient dog who lives to serve real men. I am
available 24/7 for real men to own and use”.

He clicked stop on the film. “Fucking awesome”. He played with his phone
and started the video on his phone.

Everyone watched it and killed
themselves laughing. I cringed at the sound of my voice.

“Fuck, this short clip is gonna go viral around the world. Bitch, you’re
gonna have millions of real men laughing at what a pathetic fag you are”.

My heart sank below the floorboards. They were going to destroy my life.
I couldn’t deal with it. I needed to say something to stop it. I started
to speak, but Charlie came over and put his hand on my mouth.

He had
obviously seen the look on my face.

“No” he said. Pete looked up and his smile dropped slightly. “Ste’s little
secret just stays with the five of us. Nothing goes online. No-one else
gets to know what a nasty little fag he is”.

Pete looked like he was thinking of protesting, but Charlie wasn’t going to
budge on this, so he left it. I just looked up at Charlie with grateful
puppy eyes.

Jumbo grabbed the pad next and started writing. Pete went and sat on the
bed, and seeing how close I was to the bed, still on all fours, he put his
legs up on my back to rest them. I was nothing more than his footrest, and
he wanted to make sure I understood my place.

“Ok, i’m done” Jumbo said smiling. “Like before, wait for the signal then
go” he said, turning the paper so I could see.

Pete took his feet off my
back and Jumbo gave the signal. I looked straight at the camera.

“I’m an expert cocksucker and total cockslut. I’ve sucked over 1,000
different men’s dicks. But your dick is definitely the biggest and best of
them all sir. Thank you so much for letting me suck your awesome dick and
swallow your load”.

He clicked stop and everyone burst out laughing again.

“Jumbo man, you’re so up yourself” Ben said cracking up, then took the pad

We went through the same process for Ben and then for Fowls.

Looking up into Ben’s camera I was recorded saying “Master Ben is my
superior, and I will do anything he orders me to”. It was a short and
sweet one, but then he kept the camera rolling, and I was ordered to crawl
over and kiss his feet and then thank him for it.

Then to Fowls, “Thank you sir for an amazing trip.

Thank you for teaching
me that fags like me are here to serve and worship real men like you. I
will always be here to serve and obey”.

Fowls smiled. “No problem fag. Nice one”.

Charlie came and took the pad, ready for the last message. He stood right
in front of me so his tight jeans were inches away from me, concealing his
incredible cock. Everything that had happened to me in the last few days,
the whole reason I was here and taking everything being thrown at me, was
because of that cock.

I wanted to please and impress him so badly. I
wanted his cock in my mouth, and his hands on my head and the smell of him
all around me.

He stepped back and got his camera ready, then turned the paper around. I
read through it first, as I had with the others. I smiled. Every word of
it was true. I guess he knew that too.

“Master Charlie, you are my superior.

I worship every part of you and wish
I could be your slave. I would love so much to take your dick in my mouth
and swallow down your piss again. “

He smiled and tossed the paper aside, but kept the camera going. He walked
across to me.

“Ok faggot, go for it”.

I quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his boxers enough, then
looked up to check it was ok, before pulling out his soft dick.

“Go ahead bitch. Rest it on your tongue and get ready”. I obeyed.

The warm liquid started to slowly stream out, then built up quickly. He
pulled it out of my mouth so that the camera would see the arc of his piss
stream filling up my mouth. I quickly gulped it down as it was flooding my
mouth. I didn’t even think about the camera, just focused on gulping down
every bit.

As the stream of piss finished I glanced up to see both him and
the camera looking down at me expectantly.

“Thank you master” I said. It was the only thing that came into my head.
It was exactly what he wanted.

“Good little piss fag” he said slapping my cheek “didn’t even spill a
drop”, then he clicked the video off.

By now the other four were looking knackered, and were all lounging on the

I felt equally worn down and just curled up on the floor, while Charlie
went to wash his hands.

“Ok man, I am definitely going to bed now” Ben said.

“Call it a draw yeah” Charlie said.

“Sure, I reckon we all won. ” Ben replied

“Totally man” Jumbo said, getting up too.

“I reckon we had one loser though” Pete said.

Charlie laughed.

“I think our little fag boy was the biggest winner of all.
Getting to serve and obey five real guys is a fag’s dream”

Jumbo and Ben disappeared back to their room, and Fowls and Pete both got
into their beds and were very quickly asleep.

Charlie took my leash and pulled me over so i was on the floor next to his
bed, where he lay down. He spoke to me in whisper, so the others wouldn’t

“So Ste, you like serving me don’t you?”

I just nodded, plain puppydog adoration in my eyes.

“If I asked you to come live in my house and be my new dog. Doing stuff
like this all this time, pushing your limits, training you up as a fully
obedient slave, would you want that?”

I looked in his eyes. This wasn’t how i’d seen my life going. I was doing
a degree.

I would have a decent job. I’d have nice holidays. I didn’t
have everything mapped out, but I had some idea. But then again here I
was, early hours of the morning, being dog trained, drinking piss, serving
a group of hot guys, and kneeling and looking in the eyes of a man who was
like a god to me. All my other plans just seemed to fade away compared
with him.

“Yes master” I replied.

“I want that so much. “

He just nodded. “And you would accept a life as my slave. My property.
Doing anything I ordered you. “

I nodded

“You would take over all house chores – cooking, cleaning, ironing. I would
expect 24/7 service. “

I just nodded without hesitation.

“I’d train you in fag chores too, so you always remembered your
place. You’d get used to some nasty stuff, like cleaning out my toilet with
your tongue”

“Yes master”.

I wanted him so much. Fuck, I think i’d do nearly anything.

He smiled. “That’s fucking awesome fag. A few short days and you’re
completely broken. I don’t need a slave right now. I just wanted to know
if you would”.

My heart felt like it broke.

“Hey, if i’m ever looking for a house fag, i’ll definitely give you a shout
though. Listen, go get yourself cleaned up and get some sleep.

We got to
be up in four hours fagboy”.

After I took out the plug and cleaned my chest of the marker pen, I lay in
bed for at least an hour, replaying those last few exchanges with Charlie.
For a few seconds my life plan unwound and I saw a different future ahead
serving and obeying him. On one level, it was a blissful place. But maybe
I was lucky that he wasn’t serious.

Maybe the reality of it would be a lot

The next morning we all met up at the airport. I was nervous as hell
thinking about what Dan and Rich would remember. They both gave me a funny
look, but I don’t think either of them mentioned what they thought they’d
seen to each other, and I guess both wrote it off as the mushrooms.

After we checked in and got through to departures, Charlie grabbed me and
we went for a quick walk.

“Listen man” he said. “I enjoyed all this shit over the holiday. But I
was serious, yeah. What happens out here, stays out here”

I smiled and nodded.

“And I told you Dan and Rich wouldn’t find out, and they didn’t. So you’re

“What about all the photos and videos?” I asked.

“Man, most will get deleted. My boys might show a couple of mates for a
laugh, but you’re never gonna see any of those guys anyway.

And none of
these guys here wants to look gay anyway, so I promise you, you haven’t got
a problem”

He didn’t have to say all this, but I was grateful for it. It made me want
him even more.

“You’re pretty awesome” I told him. “I mean, you know you could have me
any time and place”.

“Yeah, I know” he said smiling. “You’re not exactly the first fag i’ve

I nodded, slightly sadly.

I don’t know why i’d be surprised.

“Hey” he said and indicated behind me with his eyes. I turned to see we’d
reached the gents bathroom.

“How about you say one last goodbye?”

I smiled. “Yes master”, and in 15 seconds I was on my knees in a cubicle,
having my throat blissfully drilled, and giving everything up again for the
man who would always be able to control me with a click of his fingers.


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