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Kim 3

Life for Kim after the home reunion was she’d go to work at 7am and get the office ready for the day then at 9am her dress came off and in high heels and collar only she would take her place behind Helen’s desk ready to server her at a moments once. The staff were all women that Helen picked all young pretty and lesbian Kim also took care of them too. then at 5pm.

she would go to the home and Sue’s needs her life was one pussy after another in her face and she loved it. After the reunion one of the powerful women she met got her daughter a full ride at the school she wanted so life was great. About 7 months later Kim came in to work and Helen was there her eyes tear stained and the look of fear on her face Kim ran to her What’s wrong Kim? Kim wiped her eyes and explained that one of there biggest clients were dropping them and without them there production would suffer and she didn’t know how to keep them or even why they were leaving.

Kim felt bad she went to work looking for a way to help. Two days later Helen had talked her way into a face to face meeting she was flying there team here Friday and she was going to pled to them for there business.

Friday morning came and out of the plane walked five of the tallest biggest blackest men Helen ever seen. Helen greeted them and in the car on the way to the office they asked many questions Helen answered best she could.

When they pulled up Kim meet them at the door in a very short mini dress cut low and the tops of her tits for all to see and they all looked hard as the meet went on Kim passed out papers as Helen talked and the there eyes followed her by the end the looks on there faces told the story but they said that tomorrow they would give Helen a answer. Helen felt she already knew the answer so she had Kim take them to the hotel and check them in.

Kim also felt beaten as she checked them in there boss asked her to have drinks with them after work Kim thanked him but said I don’t think I should. and left to go back to work then it hit her she called Sue Hey I need your help and explained her plan went into work and told Helen too they hugged and she went to the home.


that night Kim knocked on room 203’s door when the boss answered she said I decided to take you up on those drinks is that ok? The boss looked in the hall were three women with her between 21-24 all big knocker bombshells in almost there dresses he stepped back and welcomed them in the girls came in and soon were paired off leaving Kim with the boss and his right hand man both taller then her they drank a few and the men got handy with her ( Kim had been with men before but not a lot and only her late husband had sex with her it was good but how would she know cause it was her one and only )they kissed her and when one placed her hand on his growing cock her belly flipped it was so big and so long she thought how could I take that then the boss let her feel his it was even bigger just then she heard muffed moans and looked in the next room there was one of the girls sucking a cock like a pro and the other two being fingered watching too facing back to the boss she came eye to eye with his big black cock he pushed it to her lips and she opened her mouth the head leaking pre cum she licked it up to his balls and back then tried to take it in after some time she had about half in and he started to fuck her mouth she gaged but keep going and he explode in her mouth a gallon of cum it was in her nose her eyes on her tits on the floor she was in shock still when he got between her legs and lined up on her cunt before she could say a word the other guy was in her mouth she was being fuck with a cock twice the size of her late husbands and another in her mouth for the next 45 min.

they tore her up making her cum with every up stork then filled her mouth and cunt with so much baby cream regaining her self she looked around the other girls all fucked out too so they left knowing that she couldn’t let her daughter see her she went to Sue’s room and crashed the next morning Sue and her took a bath together and as she told her what happen Sue ground her cunt to cunt Kim went in the office Helen on the phone smiling as the boss tells her they are staying but he will be coming in to check on things a lot…….

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